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Mayur. Dil Nay Jisay Apna KaahaCH:22 (12/4) (Page 33)

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 12:52pm | IP Logged
 thank u all for ur amzing respond on this ff...
wedding here.. mayb little disappoting yet from here the stry began,,,

pardon for me irrgular sumthing on personal front has taken a huge tol on me... so need to sort it... yet in two days hopfully will be updating once upon too..

Happy Independence Day of people in IndoPak

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Chapter: 8

It was peace at her mind and his heart after the heart to mind conversations… yes he is saying so cause he pretty well knew tht in them between them.. its his heart and her mind relationship… and her heart is slowly yet it is accepting him in her life… if not as anything else at least as a person who is in her life … there to stay .. and thts forever…

Days were moving on their rapid speed.. where mayank was making himself free from his projects and office issues.. nupur was trying to untangled herself from herself… yet the preparation to her pleasant surprise never let her think about the awkwrds things…

She was the only daughter of her parents and they were not leaving a single stone unturned for the preparations of her wedding… it was all so so grand and with mayank n khala on their side she has no choice to agree with them… to wch she earn a huge grin from mayank … she likes it sumwhere she likes to be okay with such little things for him… they make him so happy …

From mayo(haldi) to mehndi to wedding n valima… everything was done thematically …. With poise n loads of celebration from family n friends… she got to know tht mayank has very very few set of friends…unlike her who has so so many of them … and all of them were dam party people…


It was the wedding day, for her it was finally executing wht she has made herself oky with.. and for mayank it was finally the day when she will be his… and he will not have to face many things… having her beside him 24/7 will b the most amazing thing he knows tht….  Finally he will live his promise of making them forever…

Nikah was done with peace and with all the prayers and wishes being showered on them..  and now it was time to hold his horses… he hasn't seen her till now and now he will …. To his good luck he will be seeing her "alone" as the photographer asked to have couple of pictures of them.. so he was escorted to the brides room there…

And now he was thinking it was good thing or bad thing tht he was meeting her alone but not so alone.. ..

Nupur: tum yaha se nhi jao gi yahin raho gi… pls… she was holding gunjan's hand tightly almost choking her blood circulation…

Gunjan: oye tu mjhy kya ghar bhi lay ker jay gi… dekho nupur abhi tu I can be here… ab raat mein tu nhi hoskti nah./. she said teasingly

Nupur: GUNJAAANnn… plsss….

Gunjan: kya hogaya hia nupur us ny kaha hai na he will give u space phr….

Nupur: khany mein aur hony mein bht farak hota hai… tum us ko janti nhi ho… woh dekhta hi asay hai jasay .. jasay pata hi kya.. aur larko k koi behroosa nhi hota …

Gunjan: aay haay …kasay dekhta hai bol na…

Nupur: gunjan mjhy tang maat ker… OMG woh agaya…

Gunjan: kya baat hai darling ap tu un ki kadamoo ki ahat bhi pechan layti hain… wah..

She received a glare at this… and gunjan sigh and sat infornt of nupur

Gunjan: mein jarahi hoon abhi nupur… shh meri baat suno.. this time ..its ur moment.. him n u… nupur… tu khud hi khati hai k na woh acha insaan hai … tu us ki achi per behrooosa kiya hai … tu ab kya hua…

Nupur: pata ni…

Gunjan: its oky ur just nervous…

Nupur: shayd…

The door open and as a reflex she looked up at the door… and the moment got his breath.. she was looking so beautiful.. she was looking so his… the fact tht she was his bride was making him feel so many things all at the time inside him.. he smiled the way she hurriedly  removed her eyes from… she was dam nervous… ..

Mayank: hi gunjan…

Gunjan: hi bhai.. kasay hain ap…. Galat sawal galat waqt per haina…

Mayank: bulkily nhi mein tu bht acha hoon.. kyun apki dost ny nhi bataya…

Gunjan: ab us ny kiya kiya bataya yeah is waqt kya batao…

Nupur: gunjan

Gunjan: kya jao….

Mayank was suppressing his laugh… and gunjan was teasing her so much…

Gunjan: mein jati hoon photographer ko bhejti hoon… jaldi bhajo k dair se…

Mayank: jaldi… I hate photo sessions..

Gunjan:  han han donot worry mein taakeed(asure) se kah do gi k zayda waqt na lay woh ap dono ka.. jaldi jadli kam khatam kertay hain.. tak ghar war jay .. hai nah

Mayank: kyun tumhain ghar ja ker kiya kerna hai.. dost ki shadi enjoy kerny k bajay ghar janay k soch rahi ho… bari naliaq dost ho…

Gunjan: aray ek tu laiq hon.. ap logo ki help ker rahi hoon

Nupur: han bht.. she said under her breath but mayank n gunjan both heard it… chukled at nupur she left

He move forward yet maintain a distance… there was an awakward silence.. nupur was praying tht the photographer appear pls.. and he was thinking from where to start…

Mayank: hi.. 

Nupur: hi…

Mayank: tum thik ho…

Nupur: haan… it was such a lie and mayank can guess it…

He sat beside her…and she looked at him… and he rasied his eyebrows in wht… she nodded in no…. he placed his hand on her and was like OMG looking at her… they were dam cold… but before he can say anything the photographer came and the were than doing sumthing mayank was not at all comfortable.. he doesn't like the camera.. posing … he just not comfortable with this is all..

The family came to be part of all this and he has to leave… sigh maybe he will talk to her later.. and tht later gods knows whn will came.. he was cursing people who has created so many rituals… and hindrance … jin ki shadi hai wohi baat nhi kersakty had hai…huh…

It was time for bidai… and her family was meeting him and her… he was meeting her father and assuring him that he will take care of her he donot have to b worried… just when his father moved away and mayank saw nupurs mother taken aside crying …mayank sigh and looked up to God.. man its seems he is the biggest culprit who is taking away their daughter …but wht his eyes caught made his breath stopped… he looked down at nupur who was meeting her grand mother.. oh freak .. he was numb.. he was dam scarred…. He doesn't know wht to do… but he has to do sumthing… he thought of calling nupur but words doesn't cum from his mouth… but just than moment came wch made his move his legs

He almost run towards her .. and pulled her towards him… crushing her on his chest… and than there was a huge screams…. The Chandeliers that was hanging in the air dropped inches away from nupur and mayank… and if it wasn't of mayank it would have landed on nupur..

Mayank: tum thik ho nupur.. he cuped her faced and make her look at him…

She was scarily looking at the place where she was just standing a min ago…and he was fanatically looking at her to find any traces of hurt … everyone rushed to them asking them if they are alright…

Nupur: han thik hoon…

Mayank side hugged her and rubed her arms to make her clam down…. Yet she was pulled away from him in her mother's embrace who was now cry hysterically…  the moment she was detached he was with a worse feeling of fear…

He was feeling dam scared… restless.. not at all good..his fear for accidents suddenly was cuming on surface… he was almost sweating in the AC environment.. wht would have happen… if he was not on the time… wht has just happened.. he just want hear her from her mouth she is fine… but he knew he cant just now… shilpa pretty well knowing the fact how he must be feeling place her hand on his shoulder squeezing it…

Shilpa: woh thik hai kuch nhi hoa..

Mayank: khala per yeah asay..

Shilpa: she placed her hand on his cheek…. Kuch nhi hoa beta.. sab thik hai… abhi dekh nupur kitni dari hoi gi… u have to take care of her… hain na…he nooded … ghar chalty hain bus ab…

Its was hard for maaynk and sumwhere for all family to just forget the disaster just have happen… he was just reminding himself tht nothing happened…

The ritual of moo dekhay were done.. rapidly as harldy they had any relatives… nupur was made comfortable in her room… yet the moment brought her all fears related to wedding back,…

Ali: mayank

Mayank: ji khalo..

Ali: dekho beto mjhy pata abhi kuch dair pehly hua woh kafi zayda tha… per beta chota sa hadsa tha… is ko sir per itna sawar maat kero… k tumhari zindagi sab se achy lamho per havi hojay..

He nooded in yes and spread his hand on his face.. trying to remove things tht were running in his mind..

Ali: jao shabash… aram kero tumbhi..

He move towards his room and entered there.. and found nupur looking out side the window… he closed the door and nupur clutch the railing tightly… mayank was all in a different world… finding her here in his room… all to himself was peace.. he knew khalo was right these moment and this time will never cum back and the moment he has so waited he is not gonna  ruin it…

He took his step towards her…

Mayank: nupur… tum thik ho…

He has to ask her that he has to… he placed his hand on her shoulder.. and she turned around to face him… it might had taken her all courage to turn around and look straight in his eyes… knowing her fears and everything,… he knew she did tht for him to make him sure she is fine..

Nupur: hmm..


He couldn't hold himself to move forward and emabrce her in his arms…he has to feel her near him.. he has to be sure tht she is there and again lord has not been cruel to him tht he has taken his most precious possession…  he felt her shivers.. ans sigh… how he wish tht she would have been peaceful here they way he feels a strange feeling, feeling of connected peace… tranquility  when just her finger tips her feathery touched on his back… more than that when he can feel her near…. It has taken all his fear away .. wht was left was feeling of bliss… she being here.. with him forever..

The feeling of  her being in his arms was really great.. greater than wht he has ever imagine… But one thing he knew she isn't prepared for all this… n he will give her time… but he wants to tell her one thing too that he is her husband n he will show his affection like tht too… else the distance will only increase will never get over…

He moved away n felt her bit relaxed now.. h cupped her face n looked at her closely..

Nupur was dam nervous she didn't expected him to move so rapid… is he going to claim her.. this question was making her more n more nervous more scared ….. she isn't ready for this she isn't…

She felt him removing the distance between them… n he saw her forehead having a huge scary frown.. he stoped there.. n moved back..he cant be so selfish just to make him peaceful he cant make her scared…  his voice made her open her eyes

Mayank: tum change kerlo… aur phir aram kerlo…kafi thak gai hoo… tumhary sary kapray mein ny arrange kerdyan hain… andar almari mein hain…

She took the opportunity and moved in and closed the door behind… this is difficult more than she thought it was difficult… she knew made her ready for all this.. but still… she is so thankful to Mayank for reading her fears n so easily letting her have all that she want.. when she knew how much passion was inside him… how much he wants this….  She can never thank him enough for being so self less..

Mayank didn't knew why he was feeling abit hurt and disappointed he knew it was like that than why…. Atleast she didn't pushed him away… ya why he isn't thinking tht why.. she might not be ready for the big step.. but yes she didn't even made him stop to show his affection… taking his cloths he went to study to change…

She opned the cupboard and smiled… he is an organized man just like her… more than that he has made so much of space for her in his life.. and has planned …changing herself she went out… and look around to find him no where…. Its doesn't felt good… sumwhere it made her feel a stranger here… having him around means he will understand all.. sumwhere is there whom she doesn't need to give explanation …she saw him cuming out if another door that opens in there room…she was relieved but . N frowned

He always love her change facial expressions… they are daam cute and quite easy to read..

Mayank: he chukled… kya hua.. booth bangle nhi hai yeah… is taraf study hai.. tu us k do entrance hain… ek yaha se ek bahar se.. subha tumhain ghar dekhao ga thik hai.. tu phir itni ajnaabi nhi lagy gi yeah jaga… hmm

She smiled and nooded in yes… and he felt really good to see her relaxed now…

Mayank: tu so jao nah… thaki nhi ho kya.. kuch chaiy..

Nupur: nhi.. bus woh…

Mayank: itna kab se sochny lagi tum bolny se pehly… mein jis nupur ko janta hoon woh tu kafi bebaak hai… tu relax… soojao.. subha phir se sab ny jaldi utha dayna hai aur phir sham mein dawat … tu phir se kafi taveel din hai k kal.. he yawn saying the last part…

And she hold her giggled n moved to the bed .. she was fine now.. not scared not nervous… she was feeling good..

She moved n spread the comforter and lyed dwon… to catch sum sleep it has been really hectic days for her too…

When she felt he has lye down she felt and strange arg to say sumthing… may just a wish…to let him know she is fine… sumwhere she felt he is seeking it… seeking anything out of her to be sure she is oky around him…

Nupur: good nite mayank…

Mayank: he opend his eyes.. and looked at his back.. watching her head slightly tilet to him waiting for his answer..  good nite.. he smiled turning to her side facng her back …. It doesn't seems to be an awkward weird start now… its seems to be just the happy beginning ..





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Faria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Finallyyy main yaha agayi comment karne k liye

yeeesss i read this update. and u know what in this update the story goes super fast. i mean i dint expect ki u'll show mayur update in this update. i thot it wil take some more aprts. lekin tune tou is update main he bahut kuch dekha diya... i really loved the whole part..
it was superb
Nupur was still in dilemma - she was confused whether mayank will give her space or not. and she had discuss with gunjan abt it. gunjan was trying to make her understand but some how she was not ready to accept it.

OMG nupur ki accidnet hote hote baj gayi- Thanx GOD mayank saved her- agar maynk waha nehi hota tou pata nehi kya hota...mayank ne akhir main apna pyaar ko bacha liya. but he was scared like hell. uski andar main koi daar beith gaya hai...

awww loved the first night scene- the way mayank HUGGED her to assure that she was fine was damn cute. i loved it to the core...brilliant update. nupurs fear , maynks attempt to made her comfort everything was just beautiful...

simply awesome

a new beginning of their life...
Keep it up

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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Awesome update
loved it lodsss 
loved it coreee API
i mean itna kuch ek hi update mein wah!!!
bt kya yaar maine toh socha tha ke mayoon ki ek n shadi ki ek n walima ki ek alag alag badi wali updates milenge WWU ki tarha bt kher...Unhappy
areyyy yeh kya!!! accident!!! thank god ke apna hero a gaya sahi time par
ay hayeee pic clicking wala part was awesome han
loved it lodsss
loved the wishing part a lottt
so a very good beginning han
waiting for a very good morning scene Day Dreaming
loved it lodsss
love u lodsss APIHugHugHug

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hasiniangel Senior Member

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finally shaadi hogaye... yuipeee

and superb update...

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Bhatakti_atma IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 7:21pm | IP Logged
very nice update...
plzzz updt soon

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gopi06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 10:09pm | IP Logged
awesome updt fiza
loved mayur happy beginning after marriage
cont soon
thanks for the pm

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Roses-khushi IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 10:15pm | IP Logged
superb update...

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