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Mayur. Dil Nay Jisay Apna KaahaCH:22 (12/4) (Page 32)

_Capsicum_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 August 2013 at 2:10pm | IP Logged
The update was really amazing...
I love the way the story is proceeding Heart
Looking forward to the new begining of MayUr's life
Continue soon Smile

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--Ruchi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 9:32pm | IP Logged
Nice going a beautiful MN FF after a long time.
Its refreshing...thanks for regular PMs.

Very well written.Embarrassed

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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2013 at 1:44pm | IP Logged
update plzzz API Unhappy

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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 September 2013 at 2:04pm | IP Logged

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 September 2013 at 5:00am | IP Logged

Hi guys.. extremely late yes I am... don't have any excuse for this just im being lazy and not getting the inspiration ... thanku so much u all fro amzing response...

All of u felt tht it was fast and shadi would have been showed separately .. I told u all this isn't walking with u... the true story is yet to start... already 9 chapters.. and u know I donot write ffs of 40 45 chapters... sum people even 70 chapters phew.. hands down to them...

Hope u like the update... n paka promise will rply to u all this time for sure...

ONCe upon... IA call.. bus just pls do remind me...

Lov ya all

Enjoy ..


Chapter: 9

Morning made him wakeup with loads of pleasant things beside him... The seducing fragrance of hena... the slight fresh breeze with all the scents of flowers in his ...ah correction there room... His sleeping beauty sumhwere in her dreams... just sum thoughts cross his mind... is he part of those dreams ..n even if not.. he will sum day... he looked at their hands wch were lying beside eachother.. not yet enterwinged like there lives... havig beside eachother but stills steps ahead.. but even than its beautiful.. having ur dream lying beside u as reality have u the most amzing feel he can evr think he felt...

Moving her silk fibers away from her face..he was gazing at her and touching the strand of her hair in his hand.. they were soft and playful.. the slight curl at tips of her hair getting tangled with is finger gave him a feeling of her holding on to him... he smiled and  bent down to kiss her forhead.. a feeling he knew not now now he can get in her sense ... she moved a bit with feeling of his lips on her head.. and he moved away... she shouldn't know.. he isn't trying to take use of the time... he was just telling her tht he loves her so much.. spreading his knuckles on her cheeks.. he moved away his hand and himself... not trusting himself at all .. her closeness is a drug and it takes all the strength in him not to express the feelings...

He moved away and opened curtains to welcum the most beautiful morning of his life... and a way to wake her up.. the most comfortable one he can thought she will b oky with..

The scorching sun rays were not letting her sleep peacefully... ah she hates when she forget to place curtains on in night... she opened her eyes than looked around.. stretching her hands on bed.. she felt sumthing soft in her hand when looked at it.. it was a petal... this made her eyes wide n she pulled back her hand n sat up... she hited her head wht the hell... Why she is getting so surprised... thank god he wasn't on the bed else ..  we would have thought she is sacred of him..

She stretched herself and then tied her hairs in bun.. and looked at the petal in her hand and smiled.. she has sumwhere perfectly find the person she always wanted to..  moving out of the bed she made it neat and then took her cloths out.. but then waited for mayank to came out so she can go...

So by the time she sat on the rocking chair... one she love to play with always... and start rocking on it... ahh she love it so much. Sumthing she thought she will miss in this house.. but she has got it...

He smiled at the sight that was infront of him when he came out... she was enjoying it like a kid...

Mayank: subha bakhir..

She looked up to his smiling figure who was as if observing her...

Nupur: morning...  mein tiayar hojao

Mayank: han jasa ap thik samjhay...

She moved quickly by passing him and he chukled... she is mad... in a moment strong no non sense girl and the other moment shy, child like escaper... he moved out side the room to know if everyone is awake .. and move to kitchen hearing the sound...

Mayank: Aasalamu alikum khala.. he hugged her side way

Shilpa: walikum aslam .. and she smiled... Nupur uth gai... Bahar hai kya

Mayank: nhi uper hai.. he moved to pour himself a glass of water... taiyar horahi hai

Shilpa: tu ap barakhudar yaha kya ker rahy hain

So wht are u doing here

Mayank: shesshay ek is khubsoorat payaly mein khuda ki takhleeq ko halak se utarny ki khosih ker raha hon... pani pee raha hoo khala...

Trying to pore god's blessing in this beautiful glass.. in short drinking water...


Shilpa: khuda reham ker us bachi per.. ap aur apky kahlo per jab jab yeah Urdu k bija istmal k bhoot ata hai nah... asa lagta hai mein kis musharay mein agai hoon... aur ap ki itla k liya aarz hai

" pity on that little girl ..when u and ur uncle gets in a mood to use too much strong urdu.. I feel like im in mid of poetic summit.. btw hai.. for ur kind information..

Mayank: irshad.. he chukled at her glares...

Shilpa: janab apni zooja-e-mahtarab ( wife)  k sath aj ap dekhy..

Mayank: kyun kal se na dekho

Shilpa: mayank naya ghar hai .. kam se kam us ki neechy any k rasta tu dekh do

Mayank: khala ap tu asay bool rahi hai jasay yeah ghar nhi bhool bholiya(maze) hai... aray is mein kya hai

Shilpa: mayank foran uper jay aur apny sath lay ker aay hony... make her comfortable.. na ky us ko maidan mein chor do khud larny k liyan

Mayank: ghar na hua mahaz(war) hogaya.. he said moving out of the kitchen... and moved in his room...

He loved his khala for sending him up.. cause she saw a frowning princess biting her lip and standing in front of wardrobe as if she is in huge trouble...

He move inside to the dressing room and stood there..

Mayank: kya mein kisi kam asakta hoon... 

His words shocked her to wits.. and she droped the dress she was holding

Nupur: kya mayank apny dara diya...

Mayank: aray mein tu madat kerny aya tha... wasy kya majara hai.. asa lag raha hai kis ghamgir (big problem)  muskil mein hai ap...

Nupur: mein kya pehno... ami ny kaha tu kuch acha pehna... ab yeah acha kya hota hai

Mayank: he chukled... jo apko acha lagay woh...

Nupur: nhi nah... actually humara pehla din hai aur humain yaha k mutabiq kuch pehna hai...

Mayank: nupur.. kapray moqay k munasibat( accordingly) se pehnay ja tay  hai... ghar k munasibat se pehna... yeah kya baat hoi... jo ap ko sahi lagy pehno lo yaar

Nupur: bhi suasural mein pehla din hai .. kuch bikar maat pehna layna abhi itna bara lecture suna hai...

Mayank: apk jo dil chahy woh pehn lay.. koi farq hi parta hai... han is track suit k elwa.. she glared... Nhi am dino mein koi masla nnhi hai ..aj pehla din hai

Nupur: see..yeah yeahi baat ...light color maat pehno,... kuch halka maat pehno.. acha nhi pehna hai tu kuch barkila ( goody ) maat pehano.. per kuch acha pehno.. tu bacha kya ..kuch na pehno..huh...

She was saying all in flow with utterly cute expression but last line made him grin.. till now he was not pulling her leg but this he get let go away...

Mayank: nhi nhi pls.. yeah option nhi kya hai nah nein taaab( baradhst) nhi la pao ga... pink wala acha hai.. chaly ga..

First she looked at him in wht he is saying.. and  the she saw tht particular smile .. the mischievous glint he always have when he is having fun... The moment she relize wht she said she was turned all red with embarrassment  more than shyness..

He loves her this way... when she remove her eyes and turn shades of red ... And then find words to answer back opening n closing her mouth like a fish.. yet her shyness and cursing herself takes over... so many moments she gives him in just sum flicks

Mayank: yeah dekho ap tu tum khud bhi is se 100% match ker rahi hoon.. perfect rahy gay yeah

Nupur: very funny...

Mayank: he giigle.. acha pls jaldi kerlo... mjhy bht bhool lagi hai.. aru khala k strick order hain k hum ap ko akelay chor ker nah aay

Nupur: han tu mein kya neechy akelay jao gi...

Mayank: yaar nechy koi utbalo bhaita hai kya...  acha jao jaldi kero...

He hold her shoulders and made her turn and she quickly left...

She was hating herself .. kya bolti hai nupur tu .. socha tu kera ker... asay hi .. woh kuch aur smajhta tu... she didn't knew how to react and how to handle things... to be herself will make things like tht.. she is a dam casual person and mayank always make her such tht she cant hold her natural self around... she knew its not right ... She was holding the pink dress in her hand ..she loves pinks evry shade of tht.. but since ages she hasn't wore pink.. Samrat use to hate pink... he was very dominate at saying u should take care of his choice and tht possessiveness of him was the major thing she loved about him...but at times it makes her loss herself... he was dam liberal.. yet authorities too... Mayaank is not authoritative but at time he just announce things...but he always as if tries to bring her actual self out.. and tht so easily   she shrugged it off.. she can't compare bth of them she should not ...

Quickly dressing her up .. and just having slight jeweler she came out ..asking mayank to go down

Mayank: chalein...

Nupur: han...

Mayank: aoo tumhain uper k ghar dekha do... was yaha uper koi zayda nhi ata islyan zayda tar meray hi style mein decore hai...

he showed her all around the first floor of the house...

Maayank: so if u want u can change wht evr u want to here...ab se yeah ap k hawaly... ajao nechy

Nupur: ASA anty..

Shilpa: aray tumhain Ali anty nazar arha hai hai... Had hogi ali apki tu islyn kahti itni dark colour k kurtay nah pehny (referring to nupur who calls her anty not khala)

Ali: ap bachi k arr mein humari na khichy yeah apny hi la ker diya tha...

Shilpa: jab hi for a change kuch acha lag rha hai

Nupur chukled looking at them

Nupur: cute.. though she said in pretty low voice.. yet it made mayank smile

Mayank: han so tu hain yeah dono... mein asa copule aj tak nhi dekha .. asa lagta hi nhi hai k in k shadi ko 30 years hogay hain..

Nupur: wao.. Mashallah..its a life time..phew

Mayank: it is about lifetime...

His statement or rather a silent confession made her look at him... the intense look the pure love... and so many hopes for 2morow always make nupur guilty and restless.. she has a strange feeling abt wht she has got in her heart for him... Wht he expect and how silently he is okay with almost getting nothing from her... she was called on earth when mayank realized tht his confession has sumwhere made her a little nervous... he smiled and than told her the reason of wht khala is saying

Mayank: wasy khala ko anty maat khao pls... khala khao gi tu un k acha lagy ga... she nodded in yes and he stoped... Nupur they mean the world to me.. ami aba k baad they never let me miss them.. mjhy bht acha lagay aur mein bht thankful honga agar tum indono k kayal rekho gi tu... pls...

She was surprised the way he was extra humble and always so requesting...pleading almost

Nupur: tum nhi bhi kahty tu mein kerti...

He smiled.. and she just cant hold to think about samrat... who once quite sternly said tht she needs not to say a word against his parents.. he will not tolerate tht.. he was rude tht time unlike him..

Shilpa: ajao neechy.. koi masla wali baat nhi hai.. seeri tooti hoi nhi hai... she said mischievously  as both of them were standing in mid talking and than she was staring.. she removed her gaze abrupty from mayank and couldn't help to blush.. she needs to hold herself warna she is dead...

This habit of pleading and been thankful to wht he gets, life has taught him this way before he learn any thing in his life.. losing his parent quite early in his life.. he knew pretty well he has no authority to ask anyone to do sumthing for him... he has never shown his right on anyone...

For nupur he wants to enjoy tht... Form his heart.. he knew she is his, yet still she isn't.. he doesn't know she has accepted him from her heart or not.. she is a very straight forward person and unlike normal girls she is balanced bold... she will not show much of her hesitation or apprehension sumwhere it will show her weakness and she doesn't like tht... but sumhwere her last nite and today moring behavior has made him feel.. they will over cum this distance..

Soon nupur's mom and her frnds arrived and brought breakfast for all... having it he let the women party to have there chit hcat when suddenly he realized he has told one thing to nupur and he doesn't know how to tell her...

He text her th he wants to talk to her on sumthing and she little worried excused herself wch interned earned her loads of teasing...

Nupur: ji mayank kya hua ..

Mayank: nupur meray deemgh se nikal gaya ... actually woh hum subha Muzafarabad(Kashmir)  ja rahy hain.. 10-15 din k liyan... tu raat ko tu tum ko packing k moqa kaha milay ga... tum sirf apni chesay alag nikal ker chali jao mein tu faltu hi hoon mein packing kerlo ga

Nupur: ji? Kal

Mayank: han... thik hai tum nikal do..

Nupur: itni jaldi kasay ...

Mayank: dekho raat ko dair hojay gi aur subha early morning ki flight hai... tum sirf nikaldo mein arrange kerdo ga thik.. mein anty uncle ko dekhta hoon.. akley hain acha nhi lagy ga..

He just escaped from there as he doesn't want her to say she is not planning to go... he wants this.. this trip is wht will making them learn about eachother...





He doesn't gave her anytime to protest.. he hasn't gave her any thought of it.. he just disappear almost announcing it that they are going on honeymoon alone.. alone..

Nupur: ullu HM log alone hi jatay hain... suddenly she felt her eveyr nerve fling .. she was no more nervous ... she was worried ...

She looked around for sumtime when she heard a knock on the door...

Nupur: she was surprised ... ajaain... Gunjan

Gunjan: kya hua.. tu ny bolaya

Nupur: mein ny

Gunjan: haan mayank bhai ny kaha tum ny bolaya

Nupur: mjhy muskil mein daal ker ap tumhain bhej diya

Gunjan: kya hua asaky kyun bol rahi hoo

Nupur: hum kal subha muzafrabad ja rahy hain

Gunjan: ohoo really.. tu tujhy kya hua...sigh she moved to her... kya hua nupur...

Nupur: pata nhi gunjan mjhy ajeeb lag raha hai bus...

Gunjan: kyun bhai ny kya

Nupur: nhi asa kuch nhi hai ... bus

Gunjan: dekh aram se... acha hai yeah waqt tum dono sath mein jao ga..kuch waqt sath guzaro ga.. tu acha hi hai na... tujhy kya bhai se daar lag raha hai

Nupur:  nhi..mjhy us se daar nhi lagta.. acha baatein choro meri maadat kero... packing k liyan ek jaga saman tu kero

Gunjan: tu packing k kya zaroorat hai HM per in sab k kya kam

Nupur: gunjan... mera deemegh wasy hi kam nhi ker raha hai aur tang maat kern a plss

Gunjan; acha sorry .. tu bag nikal do na packing her day tay...

Nupur: pata nhi khaha hai ... woh ker lay ga... tum yaha aao... aur yeah bhi nhi pocha mein ny kitny dino k liyan 10-15..ab 10 aur 15 k bheej kitna farak hai

Gunjan chukled

Nupur: zayda badtessi dekhny k zaroort nhi hai..

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Roses-khushi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 September 2013 at 5:26am | IP Logged
nice update dear 

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rai-kishori. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 September 2013 at 5:27am | IP Logged
Awesome Update !!

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shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 September 2013 at 6:43am | IP Logged
that was really sweet update..
loving both Mayank and Nupur prespection

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