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Mayur. Dil Nay Jisay Apna KaahaCH:22 (12/4) (Page 29)

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Pardon errors.. rplyed to u all Smile

Chapter: 7

Mayank was nervous .. are u kidding me… he was hell nervous… he was laughing at himself thinking its just not even a date.., its serious matter talk appointment … no lovey dovey date matters… sigh his life has turned into romantic one in the most unromantic way… wah ..wah mayank wah.. kya dialogue hai…. Shut up he can only say to his mind driving to her home…

Finally reaching and hoping she will open the door… yet wht u thought of ur unromantically romantic life dear… the maid open … had hai…

He was escorted in and heard sumone  talking in the drawing room.. nupur's bua.. phopoo..tht is.. he doesn't like tht woman at all… just once he has meet her tht so for few mins in the diner wch was for relatives meet of Mayank… and dam she is pain in a**…  he knows she has said nothing but the way nupur was little uncomfortable around her make him hates her… how romantic.. that's so romantically ..

Phopoo: aray mayank beta… tum shadi se ek hafta pehly sasural mein kya ker rahy hoo…

NM: woh nupur ko shopping k liyan lay jana hai shilpa ji ny…

He frown at the worried face of NM and then close his eyes assuring he understand…

Phoopo: bus bhai kya waqt tha woh aur kya ab hai.. pehli mangni mein tu mangini mein bhi kitna hungama kiya tha ..ab tu lagta hi nhi shadi k ghar hai…

Mayank was taken back… wht the hell why she brought this topic…

Mayank: woh islayn phopoo k abhi ek hafta hai.. agalay haftay deekhiy ga … kya kya hota hai…

NM: beta chai piyo ga..

Mayank: nhi anty … ap bus nupur ko bol day pls…

Phoopo: sigh nupur ki bhi kya kismet hai phly samrat phr tum dekho agay kya hai

Mayank: woh nupur ki nhi humari kismet hai phoopoo

Nupur just heard this.. and again she was like wht he wants to say … tht he got a oh so hurt broken girl….

Phoopo: wohi tu beta tumhary naseeb mein ek asi larki aai

Mayank: asi kasi… ap galat samjh rahi hai …. Woh samrat ki bad kismati thi aur meri khushnaseebi … tu nupur ki kismet k is se kya layna dayna….

She closed her eyes and cursed herself nth time.. whn she will learn not to judge him… she is afraid now more from herself.. for his well being… nupur mom was really touched the way he shuted her up… he was fuming and praying nupur just cum and they leave and his wish was granted and that so in the most pleasantly surpised way

Nupur: chalein…

She has to stop her smile and chuckles biting her lip… the moment she came in and he looked back.. he raised and his mouth actually is opend since than..he looked at her his anger, his all thoughts about them ..where he is and wht he is taking vanished ..just like tht…

He nevr thought he will see her like this…

A)   Dressed in his gift in wch once he had imgine her… but never thought will look so ravishing on her…. Waoo..

B)   She will chose this dress for there frst date… ya ya he has to make it a date boos.. the girl is seriously expecting sumthing and u have nothing in ur mind… err.. so unromantically unromantic…

C)   She will bit a little effort in dressing up… lossly tied hairs slight makeup.. with three four bangles.. my god she is errr…. I am too bad at vocabulary… screw it..

If she is looking such today and if he is feeling this today wht will happen on ther wedding… he needs loads of prayers to control his heart than.. and so as right now..

Nupur was feeling really odd now.. he was shamelessly staring at her thts so infornt of her mother…

Nupur: mayank hum log chalein

Mayank: han han sure…

She was having so difculting controlling her laugh he is looking so so so cute … and the best way to avoid all the awkwardness was taking him away… where as mayank was thinking no not at all he wasn't thinking at all… his mind was complete shut down …

Opening the car door for her and then taking his place , he started his car.. now when the engine started he thought

Beta mayank … larki tu kuch na kuch expect ker rahi hai.. tu plan kya hai… meray pass tu koi plan nhi aur yeah mera department nhi.. mein hardly dine out kerta hoo .. aur woh bhi is waqt I mean yeah tu coffe tea time hai… mera tu sirf baat kerny k plan tha… tu ullu tu kya sardak per bhaita ker us se baat kerta ….. nhi mein ny socha tha us se hi poch lo ga…. Tu wohi ker lay…

Nupur: kya hua mayank.. koi baat hai..

His so in thoughts with a huge frown alert her sumwhere… he isn't talkive but when it cums to them he is always have so much to talk.. this was one thing that always surprise mayank too… he was very quiet and introvert person yet when ever its nupur he is nevr lost of words…

He smiled and looked at her… his all apprehensions tht was there when he was planning this Date ya now he will call this a date… are gone.. the moment he saw her dressed for him it was goone.. yet he will talk about that for sure.. as he doesn't want any misunderstanding to be there atleast from his side..knowing the fact that already she has bundle or rather dozens of them…

Mayank: shukriya

Nupur: woh kyun

Mayank: meray sath anay k liyan nhi.. bulkay asay anay k liyan

Nupur: matlab…

She knew wht he means and since when she was getting ready she was praying he should not notice tht… that after ages she has dressed up.. that so not for sumone yet for going with sumone..

Mayank: yeah dress pehny k liyan.. thanku

She just smiled in returned..

Mayank: dekho mjhy yaha k achay restaurants k baray mein zero info hai aur coffe shows tu bulkily nhi pata tu please choose a place.. jo thori quite ho jaha hum aram se bhait ker baat ker saky…..

Nupur: mein . mein tu hardly kahin jati hoo

Mayank: lay tum khabhi dosto k sath tu jati hogi nah

Nupur: woh khamsoh se aram se bhait ker baat kerny wali jagaa hi hoti hai

Mayank: acha tu kya disco jatay thy… he said teasingly and she glared

Nupur: mayankk.. wasy mein disco khabi nhi gai…

She almost pouted like a child… and he was like wao this girl never leaves a chance to left him amaze… so she wants to go to dicso.. wah

Mayank: hay hay kitni barai niyamaat se mahroom rah gai ap…(so sad u have been deprived of such a god's blessing)  he chukled… chaly ga shadi k baad paaka chaly ga…abhi koi shareefo ki jaga chaly.. pls….

Nupur: hmm tu Olivetto  chalein …

Mayank: okay guide me ..kaha hain…

Nupur: ap Clifton k taraf lay than  mein batati hoon…

It was indeed a quite and calm place with a nice ambiance… she has a choice u see unlike him who was still in semi trans of whatever to spoil n ask or to let it go.. but than it might spoil the future than it will be awful

Talking sumthing random placing the order… he has to start the conversation

Mayank: nupur mein ny aj tum se sirf milny k liyan nhi yeah sab kiya tha… mjhy tum se kuch baat krni hai

Nupur: kya baat hai bolo…

She was scared no.. yet she was not even oky with the tone of his.. a little hesitant unlike him.. not to confident

Mayank: dekho mein galat hosakta hoo…

Nupur; come straight mayank pls

Mayank: kya tum abhi shadi k date n all ko lay ker naraz ho ya apprehensive ho.. ya kya mein tum ko abhi nhi samjha paya..

Nupur: asa kuch nhi hai .. mein ny us din hi tum se kaha tha..

Mayank: nupur jab se woh baat hoi hai… tum mjh se baat nhi ker rahi hoo, shoping jany ki bhi tum ny mana kerdiya… kal bhi tum ny sirf text kiya… u never call.. halaky us se pehly tum foran call ker layti thi… mein judge nhi ker raha hoon… mein bus

Nupur: bus kya mayank… mayank mjhy waqt lagay ga… in sab se .. I mean.. tum bht easily meray sath adjust ker rahy ho ya atleast dekha tu rahy ho.. mein ..

She was slight panicking as she didn't knew how to make him know tht she wants sumtime, for evryting.. before the wedding and even after tht..

Mayank: shh.. relax..

he leaned more towards her just trying to comfort her and she was to back out now.. cursing himself knowing here she is asking time and he is agin moving forward he moved alittle back

Mayank: I know.. aur islayn mein tum se yeah baat poch raha hoon

Nupur: ab.. ab .. ab kya faida.. mayank tumhara deemgh thik hai next week shadi hai aur tum mjhy se yeah kah rahy ho k kerni hai k nhi.. koi picnic hai ya date jo cancel hojay asay

She didn't let him complete his words cut him and said all… making him like why she can listen to me man..

Mayank: nupur mein yeah kab kah raha hoon..tum har baar meri baat  suny se pehly hi khud cheesay kyun assume kerlayti hoon… fine u want me to be straight now I will be straight chahy ab woh tum ko kitna hi awkward lagay…  mein tum se srif yeah pochna chahta tha k is baat k yaqqeen tum ko hai k mein khud ko kisi bhi hasiyat se.. ek shohar k roop mein tum per muslat nhi kero ga… na nhi tumharay living style mein na hi physically… na hi emotionally… jab tak tum khud nhi taiyr hoti is rishty ko apny ko…

She has no courage to look back to him… things cuming straight are not good.. they made it awakard a lot more than she has evr thought.. yet this time.. she and him doesn't know here things go n wht went wrong always… she is hiding many things from him does speaking truth infornt of him will be better.. it may be as speaking lies and hiding things has worsen the situation… and he seems to be a reasonable person …

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath….  She collected her courage..

Mayank: kya baat hai nupur.. jo dil mein jo kuch bhi kha do.. mein ny sirf aj tum se milny k waqt islayn manga hai…. Mjhy tumhain smajny k liyan tumhari uljhana samhjny k liyan baato k saaf hona zaroori hai…

She nooded in yes…

Nupur: mayank I donot trust u…

Huh… was the only word he can say..Oh my god why the hell he asked her to be honest .. if honesty is like this… today his amzing beautiful day is gona end in sumthing tht will pain him so much… she can clearly seen the frighten look on his face…

Nupur: mein islyn yeah tum se nhi khati thi k tum hurt hogay…. She can se so much loud n clear on his face the way he lean back to his seat..

Mayank: its oky tum bolo

Nupur: I just . I m not oky with this... I m not…..samrat aur meri engagement 6 months se uper rahi thi.. aur mein ny sach mein us per bht behroos kiya tha.. khabi laga hi nhi k asa kuch hoskta hai.. aur phr… meri liyan us sab se dobara wahi aker wasy hi aetibar kerna assan nhi hai… ek taraf mein chahti hoon mein tum per ateibar kero… per phir lagta hia kya guarantee hai… mein bht ajeeb se…

Mayank: kya tum shadi k rishty per yaqeen rekhti hoon.. kya manti ho k woh hamesha k liyan hota hai…

Nupur: han ..magr

Mayank: agar ya magr nhi.. manti ho tu phir yeah kyun nhi jaanti k mein ny sirf islyan shadi ko itna jaldi kiya tha… kyun k mein janta tha k mein jinta chahy zabaan se yeah kah doo k im there for u… tum nhi mano gi… bus sirf islayn… mein khud ko is rishty ko tum per harghiz muslat nhi kerna chahta hoon… sach mein…. Tumhain meri taraf se pershan hony ki zaroorat nhi hai…. Baqi tumhain yaqeen jab sath raho gi tab hi dila sako ga…

Nupur: mayank huamray beech kya yeah baat khabi aay gi k … k ur not my first man..

She was scared of all the tantrums, all the misunderstanding might be there in mayanks mind..

He was taken back.. god she is stupid how much she is thinking and tht so all weird… he with really fearful thoughts move forward and hold her hands tightly..though she almost jumped and moved her hands abit away.. yet his grip was firm

Mayank: khabi bhi nhi… nupur I know u must have really liked him.. or maybe loved him…(sumthing really wished she say she has never) I know this all… aur yeah sab mein ny socha tha har lihaz se.. per phir bhi mein khud k kadam pichy nhi hata saka tha is rishty se… yeah sab kuch tu meray sath bhi hosakta tha nah..  may tu m ko khabi is baat k na tu tana do ga… na hi tum per shak kero ga… mjhy itna gira hua tu maat samjho yaar

Nupur: mayank pls… mein tum per ya tumahray tareeqay per shak nhi ker rahi its just.. mein nhi samjha pao gi

Mayank: tumhain daar lag raha hai k mein tum ko bar bar is tootay hoay rishty k tana doo ga.. aur jasa k sab k mana hai k yeah tumhari kismet karab thi  ya tum is baat ki zimdar ho yeah kaho ga…. Ya yeah bhi nhi tu shayd back of my mind yeah baat aay gi k tumhara aur us k rishta kis had tak tha…  hai  nah..

She was silent… and he smiled..

Mayank: dekho kismet tumhari karab kasay hosakti hai tum tu bach gai asay insaan se jis ko rishto ki value nhi thi… reason kuch bhi ho..jaha tak mein tumhain jan paya hon tum rishta nibhany walo mein se hoo… acha hua shadi se pehly us ny chor diya us k baat tang kerta tu…. Jaha tak rahi tany ki baat tu yaar pls mein tumhari pophoo nhi hoo… she is such a pain in… he stoped wht kinda langaugae he is using

Nupur: she is actually more than tht.. mera bus chalta tu un k ana band kerdo ghar mein ….

Mayank:  hain na… koi baat nhi tum khao tu uthwalay ya bolti band keradain..

She laughed at the way he said it all..

Mayank: see its not tht difficult to let it go… itna maat socha kero..

Tumhain ek baat batao..  he now slightly let her hand go.. he wish he can hold them but than the way they were turing cold.. he doesn't want to make her run away

Mayank: I have seen so many rejections.. on my face.. mjhy bulkily yaqeen nhi tha k tum ya tumahray ghar waly haan khay ga… phr us k agay shayd koi baat bari nhi lgai..

Nupur always feeling like running away when he so easily confess his feelings for her…. She feels like guilty…

Nupur: tumhain daar nhi lagta..agar mein yeah feelings khabi reciprocate nhi ker paai tu…

Mayank: lagta hai bhi aur nhi bhi…. Is baat ki kya guarantee thi k koi bhi larki mera liyan koi feelings rekhy… per kam se kam mjhy itna pata hai k mein ek asay insaan k sath rishta banay ja raha hoon … jis k liyan meray dil mein tu feelings hain… baqi  I donot think se anybody can resist me…

She laughed and he joined to..thanking god that finally things are towards oky ..sumtime it shock both of them how much the argue… but wht more shock them is tht they donot fear to argue… there is a believe tht other will nevr walk away …

Mayank: mjhy pata hai u will not back out from all this.. islyan daar nhi lagta… pata nhi strange hai hain na… hum agar apni life mein kuch saal pichay jay tu shayd hum any khabi nhi socha hoga asa kuch hoga… hai na

Nupur:  nhi.khabi bhi nhi…. Mjhy cheesay saaf saaf achi lagti hain… itni uljhan

Mayank: aur uljaha dayti hai…. Life mein hum ny jasa socha tha k is k baghir tu zindagi aur relationship chal hi nhi saktay.. aj woh cheesay ho na ho itna matter nhi kerta.. aur jin k sath hum ny socha tha .. no way I can never except it…

Nupur: they doesn't matter at all

Mayank: exactly … tu jo jasa arahai wasy hi handle kerty hain….

There was a pause and she so want to ask him this… he is making things appear so much easy so so so easy .. Doesn't he has thoughts about all this..

Nupur: tum ny khabi nhi socha tha na k trust k baghir tum relationship bano gi..

He was sipping his coffe when he paused and smile..

Mayank: tum waqi mjhy per yaqeen nhi kerti..phir bhi itna sara sach bol gai…

She removed her eyes from his scrutinizing gaze… she has no answer to all this… …. She doesn't knew the fact tht she has nevr been so much of herself infront of anyone not even samrat… so truthful.. the kinda space he gives her no one has ever…they way he listen to hear make her say everything…  but her fear of getting hurt made her not to agree the fact tht she belives firmly tht he is here to stay ..forever..

Mayank: aur wasy bhi.. sach se daar nhi lagta sehab dhokay se lagta hai….

The both broke in to laughter..

Nupur: tum college life mein kafi baray flirt hoga..

Mayank: are u kidding me… no way…. Ek bhi girl friend nhi thi meri..

Nupur: ek hi honi chaiy … she said so irritated…

Mayank: ab flirt ki tu ek nhi hosakti nah….  Sach sach bolo ga I have been in dating.. two three times…

Nupur: oho.. really..

Mayank: wht do u mean really.. han but it never went well.. pata nhi maza nhi aya

Nupur: MAZA NHI AYA.. wht do u mean by tht.. she was dumbstruck mayank using such language…

Mayank: matlab I never felt anything…. Zayda din I just cant take it.. god knows look time pass kasay kerty hain…

Nupur: jab tak un ko maza nhi ata… hain nah

Mayank: exactly…

Nupur: wasy Mr mayank kya definition hai apki having fun with girls…

She said so sarcastically   and tht was when he realizes whty she has taken his maza nhi ata in…  he coughed to get the choked coffee down and then smirked at her

Mayank: kyun tumhair kya… he raised his eyebrows in wht… u r thinking girl

And she was like why she always does tht with him.. her smile suddenly disappear and he was alert now..

Mayank: don't worry u r marrying a clean man…

The whole ride to her home was now again in silent.. she was in strange thoughts can she be so comfortable and forgets everything around him.. she almost forgets the person she is teasing is her would be husband .. and he can take things in different way.. like she is claiming her rights and more… its gods blessing or he is  abit simple man tht he always take them all in friendly way… else she has to control her self around him… else time she need she herself will made it look like she is over it… and than ..god why she is so confused.. she has to tell him to start there walk as friends.. so tht herself tht cums so automatically infront of him .. doesn't make things look sumthing else…

He stop the car and look at her waiting for her to step down she open the door and than stop and looked back

Nupur: thank u mayank…

Mayank: he smiled… wasy jaga tum ny pasand ki … order bhi tum ny kiya tu thanks kis baat k

Nupur: mjhy samjhny k .. aur thanks for being a friend more than anything else… thanku …

Mayank: if tht makes u be urself around me… I m always going to be ur friend first than anything else… take care of urself..

Nupur: allah hafiz..

Mayank: all hafiz..





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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Res in advance
Now i m going to sleep
inshllah i'll read tomorrow


Fiza awesome update
there was a healthy conversation of Mayur- and loved the way mayank make it easy for Nupur.
she was so comfortable with him. hmm at first i was lil bit angry on nuour that she said she doesn't trust mayank. poor mayank- .lekin i was surprised that mayank took it easilty and mkae her understand that she is worth of trust. Nupur was open up to maaynk. and loved this fact
very nice update
keep it up
take care

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mayuloveu IF-Rockerz

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amazing update. mayank is a amazing pertner

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crazymayurian IF-Dazzler

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Roses-khushi IF-Stunnerz

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gopi06 IF-Dazzler

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amazing updt fiza
loving this mayank...he is soo understanding  but in his view  he is unromantically unromantic ROFL
cont soon
thanks for the pm

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sonuluvsmayur Senior Member

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amazing upd8 fiza di...plzzz jaldi se ek aur upd8..!!!

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rai-kishori. IF-Sizzlerz

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Loved The Update !!!

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