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Mayur. Dil Nay Jisay Apna KaahaCH:22 (12/4) (Page 21)

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 July 2013 at 1:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Ruchi--

Nice update diSmile

thanks jani

Originally posted by parul_bansal

nice update...
bt u didn't pmed me...

thanks alot dear
sorry dear
last time i pmed in pretty hurry

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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updating in few mins

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Sorry for being so late.. i promised tht i will update this ff withing two days on ONce upon yet i was so late... actually my grandma passed away last week so i was out of city...

i donot know i have said this before or not

about mayank's  health issue...
mayank doesnt have a sumthing that can be cured.. he has no control over it.. its like gentic.. in his neurons... if he gets sumthing in his head hard to get it out... a fear .. mostly tht cums with people around him.. he hardly gets comfortable with anyone... tht is why shilpa anty was so happy to see him so much comfrotable and so change near nupur...

this chapter i have cut in two as it was going above 12 chapters... its kinda filler... next will be quick... just do remind me... within two days...


and ya rplyied to u all...
Amber pls do see it ...


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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Pls do see the note above.. pardon errors

Chapter: 6

NM: kya socha hai phir apny…. Mjhy kam se kam kal tu unhain phone ker is baat agha kerna hai k hum kya chahty hain

Nupur: ap logo k jo kerna hai keray mein kya bolo..

NM: nupur tum per koi zabaradsti nhi hai beta.. yeah tumhary bahli k liyan hi ker rahy hain…. Aetibar tu kero…

Nupur: tu mein mana ker rahi hoon kya …

His father was standing behind her ask her mom to stop it now.. n just let it happen..

NM: thik hai tu mein SHilpa ko phone kerdayti hoon… kafi tiayrari kerni hai…. Kamar kass layin app samjhi.. she smiled n left the room…

A little worried she was  tht whatever they are doing right or not… yet they know this the only way to make her move on… they she will never be oky ..she is scared like every girl but she this time is more about the fact tth will this happen…. Or not

Mayank didn't knew, he should stop this or let it happen… is he scaring her or wht.. but then she will knew once she will be there with him… he will give her all the space yet will remain with her.. he isn't letting her go away… never..he is gonna keep her to himself.. close closest …. She is the only person he posses … she will be after so long sumone whom he can call his… but he has to be carefull he knew tht… she might be a mighty strong girl apparently but she is fragile princess from insight.. a pretty sensitive one specially when it cums to this matter …

For nupur days were flying and mayank was busy preparing everything for her… his room, her things, make place in his wardrobe, changing things in his room for her, he was doing every bit he can do to make her feel comfortable n wanted..

He wants her to feel so so special and moreover wanted… this all was making nupur more n more nervous about the aftermaths of marriage… where at one side mayank wants her to forget about her previous relationship … his evry step was reminding her of everything associated with it…

Nupur was asked to go on shopping with shilpa, though she has no problem with wht they bought for her, but yet mayank n shilpa both insisted to have her choice in it.. after all it was her big day … feeling that nupur is bit not comfortable with going with them… shilpa was keenly pbserving both of them… mayank n nupur were behaving as if wanted to share so much but than they stop.. they were like walking on the sea and now stoped in between… fearing if anyone will move they will drown… yet hey didn't knew they need to move forward and hold eachother  if they donot want to get drown…. Mayank being the lead has to take the step towards her even if she has stoped mid way…shilpa brought in front an idea she tool ali's help in tht .. so tht it doesn't seems tht she is making mayank go more towards her…

Shilpla: mayank  mein soch rahin hoon k Nupur ko pasay day dain aur woh khudi hi lay lay ….

Mayank: kyun.. ap kyun nhi jarahin

Shilpa: mjhy lagraha hai humaray sath woh taklauf ker rahi hai… thori ghabra bhi rahi hai…

Ali: tu mayank aur nupur ko behj dain

He was like wht…

Mayank: ji nhi mein akelay kasay jao ga

Shilpa: idea acha hai…. Aur ap akelay kaha hain nupur jarahi hai nah apk sath..she said with a smirk …

Mayank: mjhy nhi lagta k itna munasib hai yeah sab…. Khala k idea zayda better hai

Ali: majra kya hai janab…. Kuch din pehly tu ap bahnay dhoond rahy thy.. aur ab khud hi moqa chor rahy hoo….

Mayank: khalo mjhy lagta hai woh yeah sab sun ker yeah na sochay k mein kuch zayda hi khud ko us per musalat ker raha hoon….

Ali: mayank yeah kya baat hai… asa kyun kah rahy hain ap

Mayank: aray ap pershan kyun horahain …. Dekhin mein ny khud is baat per razamandi ki hai k im okay with … jo kuch bhi hoa us k sath .. tu phir mjhy us ko waqt bhi dayna chaiy…. Mana mein ny hi shadi k liyan jaldi ki hai… magar

Shilpa: yeah itni agar maagr kyun hain apk deemgh … mayank asay nay rishty nhi bantay

Mayank: uffu… ap log bhi nah yeah kyun soch rahy hain k humain kisi kisam k koi aetiraz hai yah koi masala hai…. Bus mein ap sab se itna kah raha hoon k us ko thora waqt dain..bus… bar bar mjhy us per musalat na kerain…. Us mjhy khud apna ny dain….

Shilpa: kyun ap us ko apna chukay hain mayank… hnmm…

Mayank: lo ap phir shoro hogai khala….

Shilpa: abhi tu beta tum dekhny jao … agay agay dekhain ap….. wasy abhi koi kah raha hai k mein khud ko musalat nhi kerna chahta us per… aur valima k subha… kisi ny flight book kerli hai …

He cough as the food he was eating choked…

Ali: mjhy maat dekh … aj ap k travel agent ny ghar per call kiya …

Shilpa: kyun apka kya chuph ker faarar k irada hai …. Hum kaun sa mana kerny waly thy.. ab shadi ki raat hi chaly jay ..valima bad mein kerlay ga..

Mayank no matter how much try to stop the smile n blush he cant… and he knew his khala is having ample time making things such for him

Mayank: asa kuch nhi hai ….

Shilpa: tu phir kasa hai ..barai jaldi hai bhi.. shadi ek mahinay mein… us ko baad hum se faarar foran… irada kya hai..

He couldn't help to blush.. and shilpa was having an ample time pulling his leg

Mayank: ap ny hi tu kaha tha k dair nhi kertay

Shilpa: acha per itni jaldi bhi nhi kertay….

Ali: shilpa bus kerain…. Aur kitna tang keray gi… wasay apko nupur se bhi pochna chaiy tha k us ko kaha jana hain

Mayank: ji haan bulkily… taky woh yeah sun ker shadi se hi bhag jati….  

Shilpa: she laughed… kinta darta hai na tu us se…

Ali: aqalmand shoor hai.. abhi se practice ker raha hai.. biwi se darny ki..

Mayank: yeahi tu na khalo… ab apki halat tu mein dekhi hi chukka

Shilpa: aay haay .. sadqay jao mein tum dono bichary shohoro per… anay do meri bahu k hum ek union banay ga…

Mayank: islyan ..islyan farar horaha hoon us k lay ker… mein pehly hi apni side per kerlo ga…

Dinner passed yet shilpa really wanted to talk to him .. she wants to know whether they are doing fine as a couple or not.. or rather there is any such thing like a copule inbetween them… she netered his room without knocking and hse smiled wholehearted.. he was definetly talking to nupur the smile gracing his face was showing tht… she winder whether she is tht happy or not… the way her son has fallen for her she wish one day nupur too realize and love him equally back…

Shilpa: mayank…oho galat time per agai lagta hai

He hurdely said bye to her.. who was trying to ask if she wants anything in the room or things or any changes and she was just saying no no n no….

Shilpa: aray bhi bhool gai thi wasy tu lock kerny ki addat daal lay… warna khud ko hi pershani hogi… mein knock ker k any ki addat nhi daal rahi hoon ..

Mayank: khala.. koi kam tha kya…

Shilpa: han bht zaroori….  Sab thik hai na mayank tum dono k becch..

She sat beside him and he smiled…and lye down in her lap..

Mayank: khala mein yeah tu nhi khao ga k sab perfect hai…. Per woh dil se khosish ker rahi hai .i can see tht… khabi ek dam se khul ker baat kerti hai phr pata nhi asa lagta hai k kuch ruk layta hai us ko… bulil formal hojati hai…

Shilpa: thora tu daaray gi nah

Mayank: hmm I know…                

Shilpa: tu khush hia

Mayank: haan .. ap ko asa kyun lag raha hai..

Shilpa: asay hi sirf poch rahi thi..

Mayank: ap fikar maat kero… sab thik hai

He did said tht to his khala but sumwhere he knows tht after this wedding fisco things aren't same.. maybe he is feeling to much.. yet he is feeling there are things she has in herself…. And she isn't letting go. Tht they are like a wall between them…. Not letting him even see her…clearly


Shilpa: hum kal soch rahy hain baari day aay

Ali: 10 din pehly..

Shilpa: ha tu acha hai… dekho shadi k waqt kitny mehman hotay hain ..uper se hum bhi jay phir woh takulfaat(formalities)  mein paray.. aur muskil ho.. woh alag baat hia k agar unko dekhni ho sab ko tu..phr bhi ek bar poch layti hoon….


Mayank: ji khala..

Shilpa: idhar aay

Mayank: ji kya hua…

Shilpa: ek kam keray nupur se pochy k agar hum bari day ny kal parsoo mein ajay tu ko muskil tu nhi hai…

Mayank: abhi…

Shilpa: phone per poch lay …ghar ap humaray sath chaly.. abhi jany ki zaroorat nhi hai…

Mayank: mein ja bhi nhi raha hoon… waqt dekha hai ap ny… 11 baj rahy hain

Shilpa: kitny unromantic insaan ho… log apni fianc se raat raat bahr baatein kerty hain aur ek tum mein moqa day rahi aur tum gawa rahy hoo…

Mayank: khala sach mein ur impossible… text kero ga sirf agar jag rahi hogi tu baat kero ga..

Shilpa: ja ja… thk hai…

" nupur ap jag rahi hoo… actually khala ko kam tha"

" ji ami tu so rahi hai.. kya baat hai"

" woh actually khala poch rahi thi k agar hum ek do din mein baari dayna ajay tu … koi muskil tu nhi hogi… "

" mein subha ami se poch ker batao gi …thik hai"

He frowned a bit..

" ji thik hai… GN"

Shilpa: kya hoa..

Mayank: woh saogai hai shayd no rply…

Shilpa: bad luck..tich tich…

When he didn't rply she saw her with a frown in thought..

Shilpa: kya hua… pershan kyun horahy ho..sogai ho gi nhi dekha…

Mayank: khala agar mein usko khain thori dair k liyan bahar lya ker jana chaho tu koi bori baat hai kya…

She smiled.. he is dam cute..

Shilpa: koi bori baat nhi hai is mein..bulkay kafi achi baat hai..

Mayank: ap anty se poch lay gi…

Shilpa: thik hai… mein subha baat kerti hoon …wasy date per kaha jany k program hai

Mayank: khalaaa….

Shilpa: kyun kya top secret hai…

She laughed and rufled his hair and he chukled too.. and left to her room… yet he was worried now …that so pretty much… she knew he doesn't like to text chat..he always call.. but she didn't called back this time… after their fight on marriage there have been hardly any time they have detail talked on phone… he is the one who always call and ask and took suggestions from her…she just answer it.. does it mean she is still stuck there… he needs to talk to her in person.. face to face….things when now he is looking at..doesnt appear to be too simple.. he has to clear them all before the wedding…  And ya shadi se pehly ek date tu banti hai boss…. He chuckled.. god knows wht nupur will take all this into…


NM:  ji yeah tu acha hi hai… wasy is ki koi khas zaroorat bhi nhi hai.. nupur ny ap k ghar hi tu ana hai wahi dekh layti

Shilpa: nhi nhi..atleast woh shadi valima k jhora try tu kerly na.. aur koi bhi chees usko pasand ho tu bol sakti hai… acha mjhy ap se ek baat kerni thi

NM: ji zaroror

Nupur's mother was really worried now… wht is cuming up.. hope not sumthing tht is gonna ruined everything

Shilpa: ap galat maat layna… actually mayank nupur ko thori dair k liyan bahar lay jana chah raha tha.. agar ap ko thik lagay…

NM: aray ap ny tu mjhy daara hi diya… is mein bora lagnya wali kya baat hai zaroor lay ker jay… mein nupur se poch layti hoon… aur kab k kahao us ko….

Shilpa: aj sham mein.. zayda dair k liyan nhi lay ker jay ga.. ap behroosa rekhy

NM: beti day rahi hoo usko… itna tu  behroosa hoga na us per.. mein nupur se bol do gi taiyar rahy gi…


Nupur: aj sham ko.. per mjh se tu kal kuch nhi kaha

NM: woh humari ijazat layna chahta hoga pehly..

Nupur: ami sham ko papa ki behan ghar arahi hain.. aur un k samany agar mayank aya tu..

NM: hay Allah yeah tu hum ny socha hi nhi… woh tu ek hungama kerday gi…

Nupur: was yap phoopo se itna kyun darti hai… jo kahna hai unko khany dain… kaun sa woh hunmari khir chahny walo mein se hain…

NM: phr bhi beta khadan walo k baatein kerny k ek aur moqa mil jay ga… khosih keray ga k mayank tum ko bahar se hi lay ker chala jay … per muskil hai … woh acha bacha hai andar tu salam kerny zaroor aayga..

Nupur: wah wah bht acha bacha hai… apki beti ko date per lay jany ki baatein ker rah hai…

Nupur's mom chukled hitting her playfully left… but nupur went to deep thought of why he didn't ask her straight … rather than this way… uff understanding his ways is a task.. but going on a date is a much more bigger one….

She is scared apprehensive and wht not.. she is having a happy cheerful face in front of her parents so tht they who were little guilty of making everything rush … will feel good.. and tht has helped so much she can see her mom's and dad face since when she has started to taek part in her wedding… she knew they want good for her…. And they have chosen good.. but she will take time.. and she will be needing it… hopefully just mayank understand it … in all aspects..

Right now for wht he wants to take her out… she needs to get ready.. god knows wht came in her mind tht as soon as she opend the wardrobe her eyes fall on the dress tht he gifted her.. the one which cause the fight… and she brought it out… she can do atleast this much for him… who is doing everything for her..


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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Awesome update
loved it lods
it was really nice to see Nupur give it a try i just hope they both cud open up a lil more
i always love Shilpa aunty n u know that Wink
she is such a sweet heart here i just love her
all the teasing and everything
ohhh-hoo 1st date haain very good Mayank keep it up
i want to know what was that occasion they were talking abt mujhe matlab samjh mein nhi aya Unhappy
n i just hope this time wapas behess na hoon
n i hope ke nhi hoga warna sara romantic mahol kharab ho jayega lol LOL
i m really looking forward for the next part
love u lods API HugHugHug
waiting for the update

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parul_bansal Goldie

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nice update
thanx 4 the pm

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Coolioqueen IF-Dazzler

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Nice update! Thanks 4 d pm!

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kheya-mayur IF-Dazzler

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dat was beautifull.
cute n awsm

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