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Mayur. Dil Nay Jisay Apna KaahaCH:22 (12/4) (Page 16)

Bhatakti_atma IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2013 at 10:49am | IP Logged
awsm and plz plz update karo na jaldi cnt wait

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MyInspirationz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2013 at 9:12pm | IP Logged
Chalo shaadi tay ho gayi.. Nice update Fiza Smile
drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 May 2013 at 1:52pm | IP Logged

Haven't rply.. sorry for being late

Thanks a lot for all your lovely comments n love at this ff..  

This ff has Urdu in it… so frm now on …kuch muskil lag tu u can always pm me


Chapter: 4

Holding his cell he was thinking of pressing call button… he wants to call her thank her… for accepting him in her life.. and to tell her that he can understand her fears… when sumone at time of her life promised to hold her till eternity and left her in between

He knew it will require a bit more effort from his side to her to make her believe …. He isn't gona leave her in mid way…

He dialed the number and waited for the call to get attended.. he was not even sure that she will pick it up… as its an unknown number… but to his luck he heard her vice.. n he realize this is the only voice he want to listen his whole life… mayank sehbah that is so dam cheesy

Nupur: hello… aslamualkium

Mayank: walikum aslam..

Nupur: ji kaun baat ker rahy ahin…

Mayank: mein mayank baat ker raha hoon….

She was stunt she never thought he is gonna call her , not so today…atleast wht she is goona talk to hm

Nupur: ap.. ji..

Mayank:  thanku…

Nupur: ji?... kis baat k liyan

Mayank: … thank u k apny humain moqa diya…. Mein janta hoon yeah itna asna nhi hai tumharay liyan… bulkul bhi asan nhi mjhy per behroosa kerna … per phir bhi tum ny mjhy moqa diya .. thanku ..mein pori khosish kero ga k is ateibar k pass rekh sako

Nupur: ap ko is waqt asa lag raha hai k hum ap ko moqa day rahy hain mayank… per ek asi larki k sath rehna asan nhi hai… jis is ki yaad ki kai goshay kisi aur k wajood se wabasata (belong) hain… mein tu apki tawaqa bharna (expectations increase) chahti hoon aur nahi kisi kism k koi parda rekhna chahti hoon… islyan sach kaho tu mein ny ap ko nhi khud ko ek moqa diya hai…. Mayank ghoma ker baat mein bhi nhi kerna chahti…. Per ek baat kahna chati hoon… kahin nah kahin woh meri soch mein aj bhi hai

Mayank: mein yeah tu nhi kaho ga k is baat se mjhy koi faraq nhi perta …. Per tum ko dekh ker asa laga k shayd yeah itna bari muskil ki hasiayat se hail nah ho..hum dono k beech mein …  magar tum ek baat bhool rahi ho

Nupur: kya

Mayank: tumhary liyan kya yeah asan hoga meray sath rehna…. Nupur jasa tum ko lag raha hai us se zayda hai yeah sab… its genetic… tu tum janti ho k tumharay bacho mein bhi yeah baat hosakti hai… aur shayd zayda ….

Nupur: pata nhi mayank .. kisi ko apni ziandagi k ek ahem hisa ban any k liyan kya khushiyat (qualities) k intikhab kerna chaiy…. Mjhy nhi lagta koi bhi criteria hai koi bhi…

Mayank: nupur phir bhi… mein aj bhi tum se ek baar kahao ga soch layna mjhy us taraha se bhi…. Kami hai mjhy mein aur kafi bari hai …

Nupur: meray tu wajood k ek hisa nhi hai shayad  … aur shayd hi kahbi ho.. tu kami tu mjhy mein bhi hai mayank….

He smiled… he never thought not at all he ever thought that a girl that he will really liked… will say yes for him.. in such a way that it doesn't mattered to her at all.. he wasn't thinking at all abt her previous experience the amount afo attachment she might be having with him… he wants to trust his own feelings on tht front

Mayank: hmm… chalo phir mein tum se aram se kal baat kerta hon.. shayd aj mjhy apny andar bht kuch samaytna(collect) hai….

Nupur: ji?

Mayank: he chukled… baat asal kuch asi hai k ap khala ki nhi meri apni pasand ha… aah.. no.. pls… asa kuch maat sochna k mein tum se kuch mang raha hoon ya phir koi haq jata raha hoon…. Bus yeah k yeah meri khsuhi hai… shayd tum smhjo gi nhi abi… per yeah meri liyan kafi bari baat hai…. I was waiting for this moment… so mein khud k thora sa sambhal lo.. phir hum baat kertay hain.. aur han…. Aj se ek baat agar tum consider kero gi tu  mjhy buhat kshushi hogi….

Nupur: ji…

Mayank: mein hoon… yaha… tumhari liyan bhi…  aur yeah pls porany zamany ki larkiyon ki tarha suniya ji maat bolo pls… ajeeb sa lag rha ahai…. Mjhy apny kisis bhi dost ki tarah treat ker skati hoo

Nupur: soch layin… un se tu mein kafi batemeezi se baat kerti hoon ….ap tu dor ki baat hai mein tu un ko tum bhi nhi bolti…

Mayank: nhi pls meray liyan ab tum per break laga sakti hai… is se zayda mjhy acha nhi lagy ga meri biwi mjhy bolay… thora porany zamany k insaan hon.. acha lagta hai jab biwyan apny shoro ko thori zayda izaat dayti hain

Nupur: tum tu ap k liyan alfaza izzat ko tah kerny k paymana hai ( words are the one wch shows respect)….

Mayank: nhi zarori nhi hai…magar han alfaz un k izhar k ek zariya tu hain… kam se kam itni  ebtaydai (initial) marhaly per humray beech tu ….

Nupur: hmm… hum chalein ab woh

Mayank: han sure…. Khuda hafiz..

Nupur: Allah hafiz…

She kept the phone aside and stod in her room's balcony…  she cant help her self to compare mayank n Samrat . she knew there is no comparison but still… samrat was a happy go lucky person and a very liberal man to…. But sumwhere she knew mayank is orthodox… the way he strictly said he wont like her to call him like a friend destroyed sum hopes.. she need to be carefull n watch her steps… but than if Samrat would have been at mayank's place he wouldn't have tolerated the fact that she thought about sum one else as her husband…

This relationship has came with flaws n no hopes .. but than isn't it wht life is… she was critical unnecessary critical about mayank… she wasn't liking at the facts that he was trying to be natural with her… maybe due to her previous experience this time she wants herself to be very very carefull… she wants to evaluate him very keenly…  but this was unfair with mayank she wasn't looking like that…. There is no comparison between two persons… and he didn't meant it to be stern or sumthing bossy…. He was just causally jokingly saying that… unknow to the fact that she is being extreme critical to him..evry joke he is cracking , evry word he is making will b counted as statement..

He was happy, maybe more than that… the strangest part of all this was she excepted him with such a big flaw in him… he has seen rejections and that never matter…

The matter of his marriage was going on from past an year or so… but evrytime he tell other about his defect… evry parent will have its reservations on it… and he pretty well knew that is right… if this would had happen with his own sister he would have said a big no…

He never showed the slight decline of hope he was losing… he donot want his khala to be in pain or feel hurt… he knew having sumone in his life not for wht he is earning in his life, and how good looks he has … and comprising rather than taking in his defect… having all this a girl will never enter in his life…

Nupur came in to him as a dream, a dream he knew is out of reach… he would have nervr approached her, knowing she deserve much more perfection than him… but her name he just whispered in a sighful manner a got caught… but than lord is sitting up there making things perfect in every imperfect people….

The time when he saw nupur, he fell for her.. she was all, beautiful in her duskyness, her cute eyes .. he chuckled.. ya they sum how get closed when she laugh …. Her smile.. childish… he would love to have that smile inheriting in his daughter or son… he shock his head in where he is going…. He has went to far with her in his imaginations.. he has already given evry right evry respect and all the position she will be having after the will tie the knot…  he knows no matter how much he was non believer of love at frst sight.. believing that its always because of looks…. And he being hundsum havin so nmany girl turn on with a look… but just got away when they get to know he do have social behavior problem…. He hates any thing that starts with look like…

But than he fell, in first sight of her he fell of her… he knew he wanted her.. so badly and when today she is there steping one by one towards him… he just cant imagine his luck.. he knew sumwhere from always that whom he will love will might never be his luck….

He needs to collect himself together… the knock on the door broke his trans…

Shilpa: ya khuda… yeah wala mahool tu log ghum mein apnatay hain.. ap aj khushi mein kyun hain asay janab….

She entered his room and he who was thinking about her and didn't realize it was all dark around him.. look upto his ant siting on the cushion…

Mayank: he look at the lights… mjhy pata nhi chala…

Shilpa who knew he hates darkness, make him restless , was first when entered the room she was scared if he is good or not.. but than when she switch on light having him in a very clam way she was all smiles… she knew that girl can make her forget his fears and that the best thing…

Shilpa: kya baat hai apko pata hi nhi chala… wah wah .. wah wh.. ab tu din aur raat k hisab rekhna bhi muskil horaha hai janab ka…

Mayank: khala ap ko tu kamal k moqa mil gaya meri tang khichny k…  he sat on the floor leaving space for her to sit …

She sat down and spread on his head…

Shilpa: haan mil gaya… shukar hai yeah moqa mjhy mila tu…. Wasy kamal hai .. kuch dino mein hi us ny janab ko kafi badal diya hai… kafi tabtilyan dekh rahi hain mjhy tu….

He smiled and placed his head on her lap…

Shilpa; itna nhi sochty mayank…. Har waqt itna  nhi sochty … apni soch ko apni girft mein rekho… asay kyun khud ko doobo rekha hai …bahar niklo

Mayank: mein sochna nhi chahta … magar kuch ajeeb sa lagraha hai

Shilpa: dekho beta achi wali excitement hona qudarti baat hai… magr yeah sochna k tum us se buhat neechy ho… aur yeah us per kahin na kahin us k sath na insaffi hoi hai… yeah thik nhi hai mayank…. Is se agay ja ker tum us ki taraf buhat insure hojao gay …kahin tumhari khud per beaiteibari usko tum se be atebar na kerday…

Mayank: asi baat nhi hai bus mjhy umeed nhi thi shayd…. Meri tawaqa se bht uper hai yeah sab

Shilpa: yeahi tu tumhara sab se bara masla hai … tumhain khud apny baray mein koi umeed nhi hai…. Aur ap mjhy yeah tumhary tareeqay nhi chaiy…. Samjhy janab

Mayank: jo huqam ap ka…. Khala..  …. Acha ap kuch khany aai thi

Shilpa: kya baat hai pehly ap kahin …. Asay muskura muskura ker mjhy nah dekhin…. Hum ap ko jab ap itny se thy nah jab se janty hain …. Aur hameha ki tarah tumhari yeahi addat mjhy bht daarti thi…. Jo tum ko chaiy hota hai woh mangty nhi ho

Mayank: magny ki zaroort nhi hai…. Allah  sab janta hai.. agar humain is kabil samjhy gay tu woh day daygay….

Shilpa: tu ab mila hai tu us ko achay se mahoos tu kero..

Mayank: kerto rahy hain…. Abhi agar us per khood gay tu woh tu bhag jay gi….

Shilpa: she laughed… wasy is jumlay k ainda kisi aur k samny maat kahna

Mayank: kahlaaa…apka na koi jawab nhi

Shipla: mera tu aj tak swal nhi paida hoa jawab kaha se lao ga ….. acha baat maat paltyain bato kya hua….

Mayank: un k shaid k kab tak irada hai…

Shilpa: unhony kuch nhi kaha is baray mein…. Aur mein tum se yeahi pochny aai thi…. Tumhara kam tak irada hai

Mayank: khala is waqt mein thora selfish ho tu chaly ga

Shilpa: matlab

Mayank: jitna jaldi woh many…

She chukled..

Shilpa: aray wah…. Thik hai phir tu mein agaly mehinay k hi tareeq lay layti hoon…

Saying so she left him. kissing his forehead blessing him… if it would not have been mayank she would have asked to make it slow… but she knew he will take her slow n carefully and the reason too of making ths wedding quick

Mayank: sorry nupur… mein janta hoon shayd tum is baat se pershan hojao.. per yeah risk mein nhi laysakta… jab yaha aao gi tu tumhain har tarah ki space doon ga… per abhi…. Is se behtar tareeqa nhi meray pass tum ko yaqeen dilny k …k mein tumhari zindagi mein hamehsa k liyan hoon …




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kheya-mayur IF-Dazzler

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oye yar language kuch jada diff horaha hai.bohot muskil se m reading it though but failing to feel it.

n ya m not understanding mayanks prb.
i mean he keeps quite,he is shy in socializing dese things to bohot sare logo mai hai.
even i have.why he is so serious?

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 May 2013 at 2:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kheya-mayur

oye yar language kuch jada diff horaha hai.bohot muskil se m reading it though but failing to feel it.

n ya m not understanding mayanks prb.
i mean he keeps quite,he is shy in socializing dese things to bohot sare logo mai hai.
even i have.why he is so serious?

sorry yaar...
nect time se kayal rekho gi

social fear tum jis ki baat ker rhai ho woh disease nhi hota...
yeah learning n behavioral hai...  like autism ..yet not to tht extend... its abt brain
islyn he kept feeling like this...

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clustersofstar Goldie

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nice update what is mayank problemConfused

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gopi06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 May 2013 at 8:55pm | IP Logged
nice updt fiza
cont soon
thanks for the pm

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parul_bansal Goldie

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nice update

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