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Mayur. Dil Nay Jisay Apna KaahaCH:22 (12/4)

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 12:07pm | IP Logged

Dil Ny Jisay Apna Kaaha

Hi Guys

With so many request from u all to start a new ff, I am here starting one.. I won't be giving any detail about this ff'it is on arrange love marriage but it is a totally different thing from walking with you ' the more u will read the more u will realize it '. Yes in start it seems so much like WWU' as it will have bit of urdu in it' more on front tht is'

Concept credit goes to: Faria..

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 12:07pm | IP Logged

Character Sketch:

Mayank : A mature, shy and introvert to sum and an very fun loving and extravert to people whom he is close to… a very caring person… yet a man of few words.. He is an architect by profession, and runs his own company. Loves to make others dreams cum true hardly believe in his dreams to be reality.

Nupur: life is big fat reality for her, she too loves her family and can go to any extend for them, she believes in herself a lot, and is a very strong head no nonsense person, yet she have her set of fun when she feels like…

Shilpa: Mayank's anty .. his family n all, loves her nephew like anything and has taken care of him  after his mother died.

Ali: Shilpa's husband … a decent and caring person… take mayank as his son.

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 12:10pm | IP Logged

Chapter: 1

It was cold afternoon, sweet breeze touching her hairs, making the flow beautiful on her face..  she didn't bother to remove them it was the best feeling.. a cup of coffee, chilling breeze, and her terrace with soft music… she love this combination… she love it..

The bell rung at the door and she didn't even bother to look back.. her mom will do the honors… but just than her mom called her

NM: nupurr.. beta darwaza kholo… dekho kaun hai..

Stammering her foot on the floor.. she went out of the room ..

Nupur: mom ap nhi dekh sakti…

NM: nupur… ap dekh rahi hain min kam ker rahi hoon jao dekho…

Nupur: oky…

She went open the door and was surprised to see the women…

Nupur: hello rida anty app…

She shouted abit to let her mom know at the unexpected arrival of their family friend… knowing she was in her tracks and t shirt.. she knew she has done a disaster.. she tried to cover her self wth duptata..

Rida: she smile… hello nupur beta.. achank bina batay anay k liyan maafi chahti hoon…

Nupur: aray nhi anty pls ap loog andar aay na…

Shilpa: beta apki ijazaat ho tu hum bhi ajay kya

Now this was time for nupur to frown… who the hell she is… donot tell me mom called sum matrimony person..but if this was the case she would have told her knowing she is a fashion disaster right now…

Nupur: ji anty please ..aya nah…

Rida: sorry beta actually humari car karab hogai.. yeah meri sahili( frnd)  hai shilpa.. tu samny tumahra ghar tha tu hum ny socha k hum yaha ajay… bus aj hum subha subha tumhain takleef dayny agay hain

Nupur: aray anty bht acha kiya.. aya na… mein mechanic ko call ker dayti hoon.. who ajay ga

She was about to shut the door when the person behind it hold himself to get hited.. and he almost shouted and stoped..the door…

Nupur: sorry.. nupur was frozen at her place with a frown and her breath on hold… moving away her hand in still in air

Rida: yeah mayank hai.. shilpa k bhanja (nephew)…

Mayank: its oky… he smiled…

He was more mesmerizing smile, he was stunt to look at her… she was beautiful, not conventionally but dam cute.. dusky face , with nice eys.. hair flicks randomly cuming to her face.. and that so cute expression.. on her face of committing such a big crime of throwing the door on his face… she was frozen thre like sum cartoon character … horrified

NM: aray wah aj humaray ghar kasay bhi… aray beta tum darwaz per kyun kharay ho andar aoo….

Nupur moved away from the door… and let him cum in… and closed the door and sigh.. man today is a bad day… her mom is gonna scold her for not changing her cloths… ur in soup… be good to guest now…

Rida: bhai kya kera.. aj humri car tumharay ghar k samny karab hoi… aur humain asay hi tumahray ghar ana pera…

NM : tu acha kya ap kaha ati hain… tum na sahi tumhari gari tu mukhlas (sincere) hai hum se..thik huamray ghar hi aai

Shilpa: aur mein bhi agai .. buhat suna hai ap k abray mein

NM: min ny bhi apk baray mein… acha hua ap se bhi mulaqat hogai…  warna inhany tu humary ghar ana hi ni hota tu apko kya lati…

Rida: ab bus bhi kerdo…

Nupur: anty ap kahy tu mein mechanic ko call kerdo

Mayank: pls agar ap asa kerstki hai tu…

Nupur: sure.. anty chai tu piay gi na app..

Shilpa:  han beta bulkily bus yeah frangi (Britisher)  nhi pita…

Nupur: ap coffee piay gay..

Mayank: ji… he glared at his massi… who was chukling at him…


NM: islyan kahti hoon soo  ker uth ker kapray change kerlo… she slapped nupur;s head playfully

Nupur: kya mom… mjhy kya pata asa kcuh hoga… bina baaty humaray ghar aj mehmano ki barish hojay gi …. bell baji hai mechanic hoga..

NM: jao mayank se kahao aur bahar ja ker zara dekh bhi lo.. naya hai ..kuch garbar nah keray…

Nupur: yes ma'am… coffe ko ap hath mat lagan a kuch aur hi ban jay ga.. chai ban gai hai..

NM: ji thik hai…

She smile looking at her daughter true she is the most amzing gift she can ever ask for herself.. and wish she finds her way in her life too…

Nupur: err hmm mayank….

Myank: ji.. he was surprised…almost jumped frm his place  .. he has lost it.. he has certainly lost it… why the hell his name sound so differently when she call him…

Nupur: woh mechanic agaya hai ap dekh lay..

Mayank: thanks… chalein…

He followed her outside and went with her…. But sight outside made him in aww of her..

Nupur: dekhain bhai sehab yeah humraay mehaman hain..koi pershani nhi honi chaiy unko… achi taraha se dekho… kya problem hai…

He couldn't help but to smile… jahsi ki rani…

Ji baji ap ko koi shikyat nhi hogi..

nupur: acha hai… tu mayank ap ki garai mein kya hua…

Mayank: pata nhi jerks k baad band hogi hai aur ab start nhi horahi hai…

Nupur: tu petrol chk kiya tha apny..she said biting her lip

Mayank: ji han.. woh abhi khatam hogaya tha daal bhi tub hi nhi start hoi…

Nupur: hmm… carburetor mein kachara agay hoga… ap check kerlain….good… mayank ap bata dain unko… aur kuch bhi hai tu

Mayank was holding his smile to break on his lips she was dam cute… they she was asking him all tht.. feels like she will do all this herself.. and now after saying all she is asking him to go n tell

Mayank: sure…

He went smilingly to the him and told him whts the problem and when she was satisfied he is doing good she went inside to have ladies chat..goash she hates this,,..


Shilpa: so beta ap kya kerti hain ap..

Nupur: aj kal tu kuch nhi anty… studies complete job bhi kuch dino k break liya hai

Shilpa: good…. Tu aj kal gahr mein chill ker rhi

Nupur: she smiled… ji anty…

Mayank: chlein car thik hogi…

Nupur: apki coffee…

NM: han beta bahito coffee pee kero jao…. Itni bori nhi banti yeah..

Nupur: wht do u mean itni bori…

He chukled..

Mayank: anty woh tu pee ker pata chaly ga k kitni bori..

Nupur: how rude tht is…

Mayank: sorry I was just joking… is waqt tu shidaat se  I need one cup…

She forward him and he thanked her… it has never been so difficult for him to start a conversation ever ..the way it has been with her…really no starting conversations has always been a problem with him…. He is not a talking person specially infront of stranger yet the desperation is making him to talk to her know her….  he wants to but wht to talk to…

Mayank: thanks ap ny itni help ki

Nupur: its oky.. wasy car mein ny thik nhi ki

Mayank: mechanic k sath ap ko dekh ker tu mjh asa hi laga… k ab ap hi thik kerny wali hai

Nupur: wasy yeah dosri bar hai ap mera mazak ura rahy hain

Mayank: nhi pheli bara wala waps layta hoon… cause coffe is really good..

Nupur: thanku…

Mayank: so ap kya kerti hai

Nupur: aj kal sirf sorahi hoon… wasy  by profession I am software engineer

Mayank: oh that's really cool.. kafi creative hai yeah tu

Nupur: yes kafi zayda… degree se zayda apk ki creativity mani rekti hai…

Mayank: that is so ture.. plus kuch new create kerny k maza kafi amzing hai….

Nupur: so tu hai.. per yeah baat apko kasay pata..kuch takliq ( create) kerny k maza kasa hota hai,,,

Mayank: im an architec … tu kuch new create kerna kitna haseen aur baias –e- taskeen hota  hai..yeah mein buhat achy se janta hoon…

( how much ceating sumthing new is azming I know tht)

Nupur: oh great… yeah tu dosray k khwab pora kerny wali job hai.. kitna acha lagata hoga kisi aur k kwaub ko haqeeqat kerna

Mayank: sach hai jab bhi ap kisi k zindagi bhar k khuwab pora ker k us k samny pash kertay hain aur us k chehra per jo woh na aetibar kerny wali khsuhi hoti hai… its wonderful .. ek ajeeb se khushi hoti hai

Nupur: she smiled…. so tu hai…

Shilpa: mayank chalna hai ya kuch dair aur rekhy

Mayank: apki baatein hogi hoon tu chalein….

Shipa: humari batein ….ahaaa……han han pori hogi… thanku beta .. for al ur help

Nupur: aray anty ap sharimnda ker rahi hai….

NM: bulkily ap k hi ghar hai… agar help kerdi tu kya bhi…

Rida: oky tu hum chaltein… Allah hafiz



Dropping Rida at her home,  mayank n shilpa were moving to there home…

Shilpa: hmm tu

Mayank: kya tu

Shilpa: car thik chal rahi hai nah

Mayank: abhi tak tu.. ap kya chah rahi hain…

Shilpa mein ny kuch kaha kiya

Mayank: khala apka kuch nah kahan zayda khatarnak hota hai..

Cuming to his home dropping himself on the bed… he can't just imagine why.. but he kept thinking about her… she was beautiful, amzing .. naughty and witty…  he chuckled at the way she was handling everything.. and her attire..

He has never seen sumone so care free about her looks… that she wasn't even bother about how she is looking.. she was confident in herself..and down to earth on the other hand..  her smile her eyes when she listen to u.. makes u say everything in ur heart… they have strange care n believe tht they give tht no matter wht they will listen to u…. was wao…


Stop it mayank.. why ur lost there in her…. No matter how much he tried he wasn't able to shut his mind to think about her…


Pardon error

if u find urdu diffcult let me know wasy i even haven't start using it properly

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Bhatakti_atma IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
Wow sis awsm...
plz plz jaldi update kerna..m loving it...
aj to ffs ki barish hogyi maza agya..pehle shafy sis ka and now urs...
waise m 1st to cmnt..

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-DreamzGirl- IF-Sizzlerz

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shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 12:33pm | IP Logged
Fiza Di...

congo for your new ff...
I am sooo Happy...
Loved the first part...

great concept...

loving it...

and same pinch in my new ff Mayank is also architect...

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--Sanchu-- IF-Stunnerz

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nice start Partner...concept is niceWink
waiting for the story to unfurl as you write it further...

this last line is so apt for us too...only i have modified it to fit my situation 

"Stop it Sanchu.. why ur lost there in him(mayank)…. No matter how much she tried she wasn't able to shut her mind to think about him…"ROFL

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