Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Shackles of Love#29#MG Pt 66 Pg 109 new thrd added (Page 104)

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This one is for myself Wacko i am becoming a narcistCool

 Can i get more than a one linerErmm


This update is not complete, but here it is. Continuation would be next week. So if the ending is a little abrupt, bear with me.


Maan had had enough! This silent treatment was getting to him now. He had tried being patient and being the perfect gentleman, but it was hardly getting him anywhere. Geet was still giving him the cold shoulder, except when she was in his arms, where she would melt like butter in sunlight.

Her blowing hot-cold attitude was driving him insane and to top it all, now everyone knew that Geet was not talking to him and he was on the receiving end of quite a few digs by Dev and Annie. They wouldn't leave any chance to pull his leg and would keep giggling at his helplessness.

Just yesterday, they had been having a family dinner at Naintara's place and Geet had been her bubbly self with everyone, talking and giggling with Naintara and Annie. However, she had refused to even look at him, in spite of his repeated attempts to gain her attention.




Geet was in full form, enjoying the congenial atmosphere after nearly a week of silence. This invitation from Naintara had come as a life saver for her. She didn't think she would have been able to bear one more night of silence. She loved to talk and because of that Dusht Danav, she had to keep silent, she cribbed angrily. And if her inner voice told her that it was her own decision to not talk to him, she ruthlessly quelled it.

Today she was going to talk to her heart's content, she sighed blissfully. Only a person who loved to talk would understand her dilemma, how would he know how much it cost her to keep mum, she sniffed glaring at the offender who was busy discussing something with Dev.

However, even Maan was watching her slyly as she enjoyed herself, admiring the way she was waving about her hands as she emphasized some point she was trying to make. He was jealous as hell of his sisters, for being on the receiving end of that beautiful smile. She didn't even look at him nowadays!

They were just sitting around chatting, when Naintara suddenly asked Geet about her job. Maan tensed at the question, but knew that the truth could not remain hidden for long.

Everyone except Dev was shocked when Geet replied casually about working in KC. Naintara looked at Maan for confirmation, when he nodded slightly, motioning that he would talk to them later. The congenial atmosphere suddenly got overbearing, with questions clouding everyone's mind.

Maan had been so against KC, then how could he allow Geet to work there?

How did Geet get a job in KC?

These were the questions running around their minds. And the answers which they came up with were not palatable.

In her distraction, Naintara who came to offer Geet a glass of lassi, lost her balance and spilled it all over Geet.

"OMG. I am so sorry Geet." Naintara said apologetically, "Pata nahi humara dhyan kaha tha…"

"Arre koi baat nahi Di, I will just go and wash it off." Geet reassured her and walked away. But the lassi and gone through and through and she was soaked and felt sticky, so Geet decided to go home to shower and change. "Mai yu gayee aur yu aayee! Mere bina khana start mat karna Di!" she screamed as she ran towards the door. Naintara laughed at her demands, "Arre Geet slow down! Hum wait karenge. Aap aaram se aayiye."

As Geet left, the atmosphere in the small room chilled further with all eyes on Maan. Maan knew that the time to come clean had arrived. Anyways, he wouldn't have been able to keep the fact of taking over at KC a secret much longer.

Naintara and Annie came over to him and knelt down beside his chair, they took his hand in theirs while Naintara looked him in the eye and pleaded, "Veerji just tell us one thing." Maan couldn't meet her eyes as he knew what she would ask him.

"Veerji please, please tell us that your marriage to Geet didn't have anything to do with that will and KC." She whispered. She didn't know what to feel, how to react. Maan's marriage had been such a surprise that they were still reeling under its impact.

Maan blustered, "Ye kya keh rahi ho. Aisa kuch nahi…" but Annie took his hand and kept it over her head. "Abhi jawab dijiye, Veerji." He tried to pull his hand away, "Ye kya pagalpan hai Annie." He said sternly but Annie was not affected.

"Jawab dijiye Naina Di ke sawal ka Veerji. Yes or no."

Maan just looked away not able to say anything.

Annie left his hand immediately, having got her answer, "Kyu kiya aapne aisa Veerji? Kya zaroorat thi ye sab karne ki?" she cried, even Naintara had tears in her eyes as she realized that all her dreams regarding Maan and Geet were just that. Dreams. He hadn't changed at all. He was still the cold cynical businessman he had become after the Sameera fiasco.

Arjun also came over, angry with Maan. "Why did you do this Maan? Mujhe samajh nahi aa raha."

"Kyuke mere paas aur koi option nahi tha!" Maan gritted through clenched teeth.

"What do you mean?" Arjun shot back. Dev tried to come in between, but Maan motioned him to stay away, he didn't want Dev to take any blame for his doings. Maan took in a deep breath to compose himself and answered, not knowing how to put it across. "Tumhe to pata hi hai, the market scenario is so bad right now. A few months back, KRK needed immediate cash inflow if we were to survive, otherwise we would have sunk without trace."

"If we needed money we could have approached for some loans..." Naintara spoke furiously, "Why did you do this?

"Do you think I didn't try all possible options? I myself spoke to a lot of banks, but seeing the market, none were willing to take the risk of such a huge investment."

"Par phir bhi. Hum kuch aur sochte. We had managed before; we would have managed something again. Why did you have to touch that tainted money Maan?" alleged Arjun.

"Because that tainted money is what the need of the hour was. This money was the reason why my mother had to suffer her whole life. I was damned if I would have doomed you all to the same fate. I know you guys. You would have stood by me, but to what effect?" His heart clenched as he remembered his mother and the life they had led because Virman Khurana had placed this same wealth above his mother and him.

"Me? It would have mattered a damn to me had I lost even the roof over my head. But what about you guys? You have all started a new phase of your lives, which has been on hold for quite some time because of me."

"That's enough Veerji!" Naintara shouted. "Ek hi pal me aapne humko itna paraya kar diya…" she whispered. Maan tried protesting but she backed off, "Nahi. Aaj aapne sabit kar diya, ke aap hume apna samjhte hi nahi hai." She spat.

"Tum log samajh kyu nahi rahe ho. Meri wajah se pehle hi you guys have sacrificed so much. I didn't want you guys to suffer more because of me and my battle with my identity…." He cried in frustration.

"Agar tum humko apna samjahte to ye sab nahi karte. Ya kam se kam humse ek baar poochte." Arjun said in defeat.

"Tum meri baton ka galat matlab nikal raho ho." Maan pleaded, "I just did what I felt was right. And if I had to do it all over again, I would do it!" he said firmly.

Dev, who had been silently watching all this from a distance, decided that it was time to interfere. However, Naintara commanded, "Tell us everything. And this time don't leave out any details."

Maan looked at Dev who nodded, and he recounted all that had happened, leaving aside his and Geet's private moments.

He told them about his meeting Darji, expressing his helplessness, Darji's encouragement and advice, his offering Geet and their marriage, his expectancy of a contract marriage and Geet's disclosure about her obliviousness.

Annie cried hearing what Geet had been put through, "Is me Geet ki kya galti thi? How could Darji do this to his own grandchild?" Annie wept while Naintara whispered, "Us ke saath itna sab hua aur usne kabhi humko bataya bhi nahi…." Arjun came to calm them down.

Maan went to Naintara and tried holding her hand, "Naintara mai wo…" he started, but she freed her hands. "Aage kahiye. Aapne Geet se shadi ki…fir?"

"What do you mean?" Maan asked.

 "At least tell me this marriage is not a joke now. It's more than just about that contract. Aapne shaadi jis bhi wajah se ki, tell me you really love Geet now! Because I know Geet loves you. I have seen it in her eyes. I don't want her to suffer more than she has because of your mistake." she half-pleaded half-demanded with fire emanating from her eyes.

Now this was something he could answer, he caught her again and this time looked her straight in the eye and replied without any hesitation, "I do. I love her with all my heart." Whatever was there in his eyes must have convinced her as Naintara visibly relaxed and hugged him, crying softly.

Dev came over to them and retorted, "Naintara tum bhi kya paglo jaise sawaal karti ho. Maan Singh Khurrana ke haathon me phool dekhkar hi tumko samajh jana chahiye tha ki ye banda to gaya kaam se."

His comment made everyone laugh and Maan blushed, while Annie stared at him shocked, "Veerji phool laye the? Geet ke liye? Ye kab hua? Aur mujhe kisi ne bataya kyu nahi! Golden chance choot gaya mera." She whined while Maan glared at her to shut up.

"Arre Annie tu ghabra mat, aage tere Veerji tujhe bahoot mauke denge. Ishqwala love to abhi start hua hai, chidhanewala time bhi aayega." Dev cracked, trying to lighten the atmosphere in the room.

Everyone laughed and both sisters hugged Maan.

"Aap humko promise karo, you will give Geet all the happiness she deserves. Her family seems not to value her, but I know, she is one in a million." Annie demanded, to which he vowed, "I promise!"



Geet talking about her job and boss during dinner ( after she comes back from changingLOL)

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Can maan 'shut' her mouth in the time old way Blushing

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I am joining Annie ki teamROFL

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Originally posted by Hina.khanxxx

aashu done?
kabka done Confused
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aashu i read sol regularly along with other stories here but comment on only few storiesonly 
sorry for this 
now will comment for sol too

waise i want to kill u for this updateAngry plz  koi maneet moment u must have put ..but u just left that Ouch
plz next update let it be maneet style love 

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