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Zoe&Humzie: Hai dil ko teri aarzoo..

MoronsKiMallika IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 11:14am | IP Logged
...Par main tujhe na pa sakoon. 
Tu itna badaa emotional khacchar hai,
Aakhir main karoon bhi to kya karoon?AngryOuchLOL


She lies to herself and the world - the only thing, the only person, the only power who kept her back in India is Asad. Her attachment to Asad stopped her from returning to her beloved Aapi and Jiju. She chose Asad over her foster but bound-in-love family. She is happy, she is glowing and she is slipping into a fairytale - very slowly but very firmly. When she sees his number flash on her phone, the erstwhile abrasive and sarcastic Zoe goes out and an in-love , blushing , bashful coy Zoe walks in. The girl who used to hop around the whole house while talking on phone in a loud voice , now 'excuses' herself from the crowd and finds a corner so that she can hear Asad's voice in peace. And then, Asad breaks her heart by asking her in a cold-cut-restrained voice that when should he pack her off to New York- Zoe's babyheart droops and tears well up in her eyes.The anger of a woman scorned rises and she emotionally vents on Asad - pack and send me now! What are you waiting for? New Year? She walks back to her room, cries, rages and rants as she does physical attyaachaar on her clothes and suitcase - how can Jahaanpanah send me back? What a show off he is! If he could he would drop me personally in New York. Unke dil mein seena nahiin... an awwable flashback of Asad... unke seene mein dil nahiin patthar hai. 

Zoe doesn't want to leave Asad. She cannot leave Asad and go back to her Big Apple life. And since the kiddo has no realization that she is truly, deeply and madly in love with Asad, the dense and intense emotions come out in form of unexplained tears, cranky anger, impulsive reactions. Often happens when we are unable to comprehend 'what' we are feeling - even though we know exactly 'how' we are feeling in that moment. Infact, if you see all of Zoe's scenes today , she was in the Asad bubble. From talking to Dilshie-Tamaatar-Salwaar Kameez  to being coy and blushing while talking to Asad , to cribbing and ranting over Asad to tearfully taking the tickets from Asad's hands.

We have always said this, haven't we? Gaffur was and is just a roadmap with its share of hurdles , turns and gorges. Zoe's home, her destination and her destiny is Asad. So, if your home asks you to leave and shuts its door , you will feel as if life has abandoned you. That is exactly how Zoe felt at the end of today's episode and how she felt in the precap- life, not Asad ,seems to have abandoned her. Zoe could never stand being rejected by Asad even in initial days. And where she has come today , she cannot live with the thought that Asad can reject or abandon her. She cannot leave her home - even when she feels she is being pushed out of her house, she has a flicker of hope. That she will turn to leave and Asad will say - Mutt jaao, Zoya. 


Does Humzie deserve what is happening with her? Is it ethically and emotionally okay that Razia and in a twisted manner , even Ayaan have turned her into a limited edition commodity who has been sold by the latter and bought by the latter for Rs.1 crore? NO. I want Humzie and Ayaan to be together because they are soulmates but like this? Where Ayaan is swallowing her like a bone in his throat and Razia is writing her destiny? Where her pristine and flawless love is being shuttled like a shuttlecock between Razia and Ayaan? NO.

Humeira has been Ayaan's best friend, his confidante, his support , his moral guide. If nothing else, at least that beautiful soul deserves to know that Ayaan and Razia bartered her for 1 crore and Rashid's freedom. That girl deserves at least that much of respect. Today, when you see her cry in tears of happiness that Ayaan has proposed marriage to her , you feel even worse. Such innocence and transparency of heart and soul. Its better if she lives with the truth of Ayaan and Razia instead of a fairytale that doesn't even exist. 

Humzie was always  a woman of honour, dignity, self respect , pride. She could live with Ayaan's indifference of love and her feelings - she had it in her because her love is selfless and unconditional. She can still deal with Ayaan's refusal and rejection. But to betray a heart of that kind of valour and yet sensitivity, is a sin. 

Remember Humzie had haughtily and playfully told Ayaan once - " Jaaiye Ayaan Miyaa. Hum kya paagal hain jo aapse Nikaah karenge? "... I hope she tells the same to Ayaan again. 

The day Ayaan marries Humzie should be the day when he truly loves her and realizes that just why he used to call her 'Humeira Begum' all the time, 

For the rest of the episode:

1. I don't think Razia is wrong in arm twisting Ayaan ( strictly the deal and not the layer of buying Ayaan for Humzie). Razia kept her honesty in her villainy and gave him the money he wanted. Business is business. If you make a deal, you keep it. If you don't, action will follow. 

2. Shireen raised a valid point today when Badi Bi wanted to question Razia.Don't play behind so many masks that you come to a point that you get caught in your own game. Razia is an ace but you are not. 

3. The way Ayaan aggressively proposed or rather declared his Nikaah to Humzie was frustration unlimited. I hope Humzie reads it and tells both Razia and Ayaan to get lost. 

4. Asad's face lit up like a night lamp as a smile spread on his face when he heard from Dilshie that Zoe doesn't want to leave. It was like life returned to his face. Rest assured, this man will always find tickets to New York very disturbing all his life. 

5. If Tanveer makes Kheer one more time, i will  put her in the garnishing instead of almonds and cardamom. Abbe! Koi kitni kheer khaa sakta hai ek din mein? 

Precap: Abb agar Asad keh de- Mutt jaao, Zoya, toh apni Zoe kaise jaa sakti hai? She is tied to him. He just has to pull the thread a little and she will explode into him. Wink

P.S- Oh, how i loved Razia's expression when Gaffur looked in her direction during the Ayaan-Humzie Nikah show. She was like - "Baby, am perfection. Deal with it!"CoolLOL

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MisHumptyDumpty IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 11:18am | IP Logged

#Word of the day week 

Vicky Maam's backko and i can enjoy QH to the fullest. Woh little khich khich no more tonight Embarrassed 

I can blabber on that later. now back to the episode and the post.

1# all i felt was the vamps trying to provoke the 'meant to be (s) ' to express their real feelings out, throughout the episode. 
Tanveer provoking Asad, then Zoya, and Razia provoking Ayaan.

The old symbolic episodes were proved right today. [Ref : Tujahan/Mangalpur where AsYa and ArYa help each other] 

Asad was 'How the hell can i stop her now?! She has to leave, jaa tu chalii jaa! Did you ever care for me?!' 
Zoya goes back into the same mode like her Jahanpana after her Jahanpana calls ROFL 

Roles interchange! And this is the cutest thing to watch.

They aready are in a relation. But then the ego, they cant realize that they are.
Zoya affects Asad soo much. Asad affects Zoya soo much, neither of then can sleep at night lost in their thoughts, nor can they be happy if the other is sad. 

Ego ka battle.

This whole thing is soo much needed. 

Ego is a very big part of the human nature, being in love or in relations, helps to realize that the ego should be curbed or else the relation is curbed. Its an important lesson of life, which these two are learning. 

And then this is the preparation for the battles yet to come ahead. 
Battle vs War is yet to begin. 
If they dont let each other know their feelings, or verbally make an attempt to let each other know, their relation cannot move ahead, and haddis like Tanveer will pungi marofy ROFL 

I didnt feel anything for Humera. Cause its AyRa meant to be. She has cried a lot, let her feel a bit of an ecstatic happiness for sometimes. :P Yesh i am emotionally challenged towards people whom i dont really bother about much ROFL 

Raizia, i second her. not cause i love her ROFL but cause she is doing this for her daughter. 
A mother can do anything for her child's happiness, i dont blame her from this point of view. 

And Ayaan. Dude, u need serious major help ROFL Even Bhaijan cannot help you out this time :P 

And the biggest of all. AsYa are behaving like Husband and Wify! That is soo cute to watch Embarrassed

and Mallika-e-Elizabeth, you know i was stalking your profile ever since the show the ended. Killed f9 for your post to show in the first page! 

And here Cool #1st like 1st page 1 comment Wink Cool

#stalker hona kissey kehtey hai ROFL 

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friendsall Goldie

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 11:21am | IP Logged

unres...woh kya hein na Vikcy...aadat si ho gayi first page res karna...!!!!!!Wink

Newayz...hope u had a wonderful WinkVacation ...

coming to our epi...I nn to and ll see d epi agn...but i was confused as to Dilshie andn Najma!!! Do dey have a clue abt asya and d reason for zoe's change of mind????? I cudnt capture Dilshaad's expression correctly!!! Really loved Najma yaar!!!! How cute she was...really a tamatar!!!! D way dey wr planng der vac...!!!!! sooo sweet...Big smile

Humeira s really a pure soul jus like her sister!!!!! I hope she cums to know of what she s been put thru and dat too frm Ayaan's mouth itself which wud save d wrath for Ayaan!!!! Hope he musters courage or his loveguru helps him in dat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Embarrassed

The looks Shireen gave Badi B...was...too much,...but for d first time she was giving smart looks to sum1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like...i know wats up wid u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

Hope ASYA start gettn hints abt BCA s intentions!!!! Atleast Zoe knows abt her appi-jiju anniversary part and Asad knows its Tanu who told abt Zoe's intention to leave for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When they first cum of der LALLALALA land and start puttg d cards together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BCA ...tu gin le apna dinAngry

ASYA don nn dialogues ...they both cn act wid der EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Embarrassed...amazing actors KABHI r!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dey jus behaved like MIYA-BIWI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Precap was too good.,...chalo Asad miya ko CD dene yah vdo msg dene ka tho plan aaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ONE SYMBOLISM I NOTED IS ASYA's LOVE STORY HIGHLY DEPEND ON D TECHNOLOGY DEVICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  alws it has helped dem !!!! even in BCA s truth cumg out...it ll play a major part!!!!!

The new promo ...wat do i say!!!!@least Asad is clear wid Zoe wat he s upto n not confuse her agn!!!!! she mite thk he s really sayg it and suddenly BCA ll play sum tunes and thgs go haywire!!!!! I Hope not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Big smile

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blueflames IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 11:21am | IP Logged

I knw i know you go ROFL when you see the res LOL . But hum adat se majboor hain, aur app ka post meethi khajoor hai Big smile

As usual a fan-freaking-tastic analysis. Are you doing some thesis on Qh n its character Embarrassed

Anyways yes zoya showed severe symptoms of Asad " k ishq ka rang" ..she wants to admit that she is staying back just because Asad said so.. but her big fat ego is sitting likw a snake still.. her ego is also not at fault actually , she doesnt have anything to hold on to..
Her unconscious n now conscious is also attracted toward asad but she is a woman of substand..she might have lost her heart but her pride is still there . She cnt let asad enjoy her tears

As for humera..my heart went out to her when she cried with joy
She has got her wish fulfilled but its a trade hidden in facade of proposal.
I wonder what will happen to her when she gets to know k uska sauda hua tha ...

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MoronsKiMallika IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 11:22am | IP Logged


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FhatTheWuck. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 11:29am | IP Logged

Weird that the eye catcher of this post is "Baby, am perfection. Deal with it"

REST OF THE POST :Clap Clap Clap Star

Superb Vicky! Beautifully said everything regarding Zoe and Humzie and the rest of the epi!!!

I have lost words to describe haha

But Lovethat Zoya too is shown to have certain amount of Denial and ego but in a nice way , that's novel !

Loving this ;)

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xxMATSxx IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 11:31am | IP Logged
Just loved loved loved ur zoya and humz analysis! Loved ur thoughts! Tfs!

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sam. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 11:32am | IP Logged
Victoria wonderful post Smile

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