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Panthera IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 10:02am | IP Logged
Nikhilageet, my response in this colour below within the body of your reply

Originally posted by nikhilageet

@ TM nice post. I agree on most of your points. And you are right if we truly look around we will find many RK s around us.  In fact I can honestly say that I know a couple myself. But speaking as a viewer its precisely because its fiction and fantasy why most of us love it. I love RK as a character but in real life would I want a man like that -NO is the answer.

Nobody WANTS a man like that. The point is that girls end up with men like this before they realise it.

 In real life I think most of us have enough common sense to realise that a bad seed remains a bad seed- they never change.

I disagree, just consider. What if the influence on you regarding romance, what is sexy, the total blurring of lines between what is manly, masculine, etc and control, jealously, lack of respect, boundries is EVERY DAY in the likes of soaps like this one, and IPKKND? And everyday they show, the girl putting up with it, still loving the guy, the guy changing and it all ends happy.

Do you really think that girls coming across a funny, charming, v intelligent,  whom they find sexy, handsome, a guy who gives them attention initially, is good to them and then once she is in too deep, shows his true colours and everytime she considers leaving, he "shows remorse, redemption" and then back to his old ways, is not going to be sub consciously influenced by what she has watched EVERYDAY for months and years???!!

Bear in mind that IPKKND was the first and more and more soaps will jump on the bandwagon. of the "dark hero" And there is nothing wrong with showing dark heros. WHAT IS WRONG IS IF THEY SHOW THE USUAL HAPPY ENDINGS.

But the desire to see such a man being converted to goodness, and reforming himself is something that most of us would love to see. And we are well aware that it will happen only in fiction.
Plenty of girls/women already think it will happen in real life, unfortunately. Esp Indian women. Its one of the many reasons Indian females are some of the worst treated in the world.

 As human beings we see so much of unhappiness and misery around us, for some in their marriages or relationships that we would like to see something good happening even after strife - as in a show.
Oh I agree with you there!! But good happening can be shown without sending out the horrendous message that psychopaths change! There are SOOO many options and avenues open for this serial! The production house, channel and CVs have to be brave, and groundbreaking!

I am not sure if I am making my POV clear, You are!! Smile but this is why I atleast watch this. I would have had no objection if the CV s had brought in a businessman or a dr and so on as a parallel lead for madhu. But a gangster is somehow not the right right choice. If we really want to see s a fiction show , we just want reality and give the right message wouldn t we want madhu to find a good guy. The question is raised that if Dawood ( cant remember other namesConfused) or some other mafia guy came upto us and treated us like queens would we go happily with them just because they are niceShocked. I guess when it is  a fiction show , its just something meant for temporary enjoyment.  And somehow as human beings we would all like to believe that people can change for the better Smile
The argument is endless and I dont mean to offend anyone. Liked your post and thought I would pen down my thoughts too Smile

Like I said there are so many options available. CVs don't have to follow the formula that just coz the jodi started with Vivian and Dhrashti, it has to end that way as them as the lead pair. My concern is that our temporary enjoyment has influence on us esp when its everyday and esp when its young naive girls.

On a final note, in real life gangsters are more likely to change their ways. Shocked Pyschopaths are incurable.Confused However like I said in my original post, I don't mind who Madhu ends up with so long as it isn't psychopath RK.

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k.atrina75 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 10:21am | IP Logged
very true post!!i must say WOW..m toatally agree with u..i stopped thinking what happened in the show...yess madhu shud not forgive rk sooo easily..that rk say sorry n she forgive him..she shud not forgive until rk rubbed his nose(zyada ho gaya but okROFL)...very true indian women r treated the worst in all over the world...

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niya_s Senior Member

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 10:24am | IP Logged
I am sending a prayer of thanks to the Heavens above for reading a sensible and mature post after a VERY long time. Clap With all the sincerity I could muster from my end of the screen, Thank You Big smile

RK needs to be locked up

Madhubala needs to go far away from these men in her life and simply realize who she is and come to terms with her identity and most importantly, her self respect.

Sultan and Aryan need to have some father-son time 

And CVs need to be taught on what is called a "dark love story/abuse" and what is deemed as "passion and love"

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Panthera IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 10:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by lovely_lady

Originally posted by Oh_No_Soaps

Originally posted by lovely_lady

THANK YOU!   I'm actually so appalled to see that so many members are rooting for Madhu and RK to get back together right away. It's disgusting. 

I'm a fan of RK, not gonna lie. I appreciate that he's a grey character and doesn't shy away from admitting that he's an asshole. But if the CV's show him getting back with Madhu without a redemption track, I'm going to be mightily angry. RK needs a redemption track in order to justify him getting back with Madhu. 

And on another note (I know this is unrelated lol but have to get this off my chest) I'm so pissed off with everyone glorifying RK and in the process bringing Sultan down. Both guys aren't perfect, but only pointing out the good things while highlighting the bad things in another person is not fair at all. Yes Sultan is a Don, but he's shown  to have somewhat of a moral code which I appreciate. He's rude and abusive but does respect Madhu enough to not man handle her. I loved it when he appeared to be interfering when RK was manhandling Madhu during holy but stopped out of respect. It was so wonderfully done. 

And RK, he's one of my favourite characters due to his grey nature, but he acts like a villain half the time! And all these young girls glorifying him for acting like a villian, with his psychological mind games, manhandling, etc, is ridiculous! He doesn't respect women that much at all, he used to even disrespect his mother who unconditionally loved him! People need to separate RK from Vivian. I really really hope the CV's have a redemption track in plan for him.

Im afraid I disagree with you. This is EXACTLY what is dangerous and should not be done. I think most of the young naive girls who are rooting for the RK/Madhu jodi or think that awww...RK is so sexy so hot, ohhh how much he loves Madhu just look at the way he looks at her, look how possesive he is etc etc, all ALL agree that he has treated her badly.

The SCARY thing I find is that you all think that  after a"redemption track" where he says sorry and feels remorse, and suffers a bit, its all ok for the CVs to write off Madhu and RK as ending happily.  THAT IS WRONG. THAT IS THE WRONG MESSAGE and grooming girls for emotional abuse and control. Men (and some women) who show even 50% of the characteristics shown by RK SHOW NO REDEMPTION. IF THEY DO its an ACT. THEY NEVER NEVER CHANGE!

I want CVs not to show that LIE. The lie that they change because it influences young and impressionable people.

My response in this colour within the body or your reply:
Personally, I don't think of a redemption track as just one scene or two where he says sorry to Madhu and they live happily ever after. Heck no. I want RK to feel the same pain he inflicted on Madhu. I want him to grovel in her feet. And as rude as this sounds, I want him to suffer terribly before he can get back with her.

I feel no amount of remorse or suffering on RKs part should mean Madhu chooses him at the end. However, if they show him suffering, grovelling and then showing that yet again it was all an act on RKs part, or that it was merely coz he wanted her back  then yes. Because this would continue in line with the RK characterization ie that of a psychopath.

And I have to disagree on the no remorse part. I think RK can possibly change. I think his relationship with his mother is proof of that.
Fair point. So far his "change" seems genuine.

He changed from being a disrespectful twat to a somewhat respectable twat. His entire character is based off his asshole traits.
Trouble is twats with psychopathy KNOW how to behave, know what is appropriate and what is not but its an act as shown by RK. They will act appropriately to get what they want. He knows his mother wants him back with Madhu. He is not going to alienate her.

Of course he isn't going to become the stereotypical "perfect husband." The entire show is based off a "dark love story." Those are rarely ever healthy. Like the show's title says, he's obsessed with her. And likewise, she can't help but be enticed by him. But at the end of the day, it's fiction. It'll all be over within a few years. 
Agreed. When it IS over and if it is shown as ending with Madhu being happy ever after with RK, think of the msg sent 5 days a week for years to kids, young girls, teenagers...

And regarding the whole social message aspect. I definitely do agree with you in the fact that these soaps do lie to the general media. But at the same time, soaps aren't real. Look at all of Ekta Kapoor's drama's, those things are just beyond ridiculous. Who is their right mind would believe that crap? And I do understand the point you make with these shows making an impact to impressionable people, but even if you take Madhubala out of the equation, there's other shows that promote the same messages. To take an example, Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Do. That show was unbelievable huge and its fan following was amazing. But the main lead, Arnav, constantly manhandled the other lead Khushi. He'd always blow up at her for trivial things and she put up with his shit. In the end, they remained happily married to each other. The show and its fan glorified Arnav's character to the skies, despite his faults. It doesn't matter if the CV's tell the truth of such relationships or not, there's always going to be other shows out there that promote similar or worse messages.

This is EXACTLY what is worrying! The grooming of girls and women to have no self respect and to put up with abuse. Not to be able to differentiate between masculinity and control/abuse has been going on for years already. Now there is a new trend started by IPKKND, -the sexy, handsome controlling and abusive hero and the abused loving heroine who makes token gesture protests but at the end stays with him, which is so dangerous. Serials will put this crap out, coz shown as sexy, naive girls lap it up, and therefore glorify it. Cos they make the show a hit, channels will churn out more abusive heros and on viewer pressure, end it showing "happy ever after". Result serial after serial , girls shown to remain in abusive relationships.

Then all will wonder why women are disrespected and mistreated the most India.
why men and boys do it, why girls put up with it.

 I wonder if there is any channel, production house, writer brave and talented enough to break this viscous trend while its still in its relative infancy

Regarding Madhubala, honestly speaking, I won't mind if the CV's decide to end this in a "tragic" way with Madhu and RK not reuniting. It would be refreshing to see and the storm that would erupt in the forum would be amazing lol.
Hear  hear!!! Clap not just refreshing but the strong signal and groundbreaking move that just coz a jodi starts out togather, it doesn't have to end that way. It will make girls stop and think next similar serial they watch; That instead of finding ANY which way to justify how the initial jodi should remain togather at the end AND happy, that they what is being shown right? Does the girl have a choice? What should she choose? Why? After all they are all making yogurt of their dimaag trying to justify keeping an abusive relationship togather. A little thought in the other direction will do them and Indian soap world and Indian society A WORLD OF GOOD.

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anny_bemused Newbie

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 11:04am | IP Logged

so rightly said!! I love this show just becoz the way madhu get back to him...I'm a big fan of rishbala coz of their amazing chemistrySmile...but not at the cost of madhubala's self respect...if I am watching this serial it's just becoz I waiting for madhu to take her revenge...n if they show madhu has forgiven RK , i'll quitAngryAngry!!

well!! im started to like sultan's characterSmile...even though he is a don n a murderer, he knows how to atleast talk to a lady, how to say sorry or thank you, n respect a femaleSmile!!
i don't really like them together but i would rather see him with madhu than RK!!
if ask 2 choose btw d 2,i wish madhu choose him in the end!!

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GirijaM Senior Member

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 11:27am | IP Logged
Today's episode was totally disgusting. Madhu I thought was a strong woman and I cannot imagine why she was quite and taking all that abuse. Is this what the creative team wants the viewers to see how women are abused and forced by men. I am sad to say things will never change in India for women if this is what youngsters see they will think this kind of behavior is fine.

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Panthera IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 11:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by FeistySoul

My response in this colour in the body of your reply below:

I will sound like a complete hypocrite when I say this but in my defence all I can say is I am mighty confused about RK.
You are not the only one confused and no, you are not a hypocrite. The characterization of RK, whether deliberate or unintentional thus far showing him to be a psychopath is so superb that just as such people in real life leave people confused. So does RK leave other characters within the soap and viewers confused.

One thing I guaranteed dislike is Madhu giving into RK's touch every time.
The catching hand - pulling back game they play every time is annoying.
For heavens sake Madhu can raise her voice enough to ask him to let go ( even then I doubt he would)
It is still possible to be physically attracted to someone even though you don't trust them. They are showing Madhu as weak...hopefully just as temporary.  I am personally ok with that. So long as they show her triumph at the end. So many in IPKKND wanted that for Khushi too. That she truly stands up for herself and kicks ASR's behind. Look how it ended and what msg it sent out. Now the glorification and romanticisation of abuse is even stronger with this serial.

For long I have wanted Madhu to have a track free of any men.
Why be RK's or Sultan's?
Can't she lead a life of her own?
The woman is young and still has a lot of life to face.

RK's redemption I wish to see for I am a staunch believer of second chances and forgiving ( when God can forgive our sins on daily basis, why can't we humans forgive)
Madhu has choice to forgive RK in future if she wishes to , that will help her in moving forward truly.
On whether she should trust RK and go back to him , personally put in her place I wouldn't.
RK has protected her, saved her life etc.
But he did also play big time with her emotions.
And yes , his past maybe a reason for his actions.
But that's no justification for hurting others now.
Madhu should go a different way in my opinion.
Lead a life free of any man for a while.
As for being influenced.
I think partly you maybe right but it also depend on the viewers dear.
Imagine this serial being shown/ie running for not very long...ummm...lets say for a total of 18 months only. That will be a total of approx 312 episodes, if shown 5 days a week. For all that time, for each episode they will show abuse, control, humiliation and heroine putting up with it. Think:
How many households watching everyday.
How many childern, young girls, boys watching and this is their main idea of love and romance. They are seeing everyday remember. Take eg of how quickly do multiplication tables stick in our minds if we do them everyday? Would it take 312 days? In 312 days what do you think will be the idea of romance, love, what is love and respect.

It has already happened with IPKKND, its been lapped up. That is not the problem. Problem will be if it is shown to END like IPKKND. If Indian TV can show dark heroes, they can't show  girls with SELF RESPECT??!! Why do they always have to be shown as either:

a) Changing the guy coz he repents or she loves him so much he realises he loves her etc etc. -never happens in real life.
b)Kills him in the end(pls don't forget the DeviMaa related words and music in the background) -again...never happens in real life.

Plenty of posts are telling proof that there are plenty of boys/men out there with the characteristics portrayed by RK.


Reel and real are never exactly same.
No agreed. But the daily influence on young minds is ENORMOUS. Look at the HUGE number of member of this forum, who even though the agree Madhu is being abused by RK still want her to be with him coz they think he will change!!! Do they think a gangster can change? Or that a gangter is a suitable life partner for a girl like Madhu? Has Indian media EVER shown a reformed gangster? How have blatantly bad men been repeatedly shown? And does not the public's thinking and sentiment agree with what has always been shown?

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ankita66 Goldie

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 11:30am | IP Logged
this is why lots of women are treated like crap by their spouses because they think its hott if they force u to do what they want you to , when men talk down to women they see it as a good thing , as a woman I would be disgusted if someone spoke or treated me that wayAngry

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