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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 2:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anonee

Akaash is wearing a blueberry colored tee in this photo - but you are correct he does have 2 strawberry colored tee-shirts!  LOLLOLLOL

Sorry I mixed up my berries! I need to go to sleep ASAP!!!LOL

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Today I loved first part of the episode especially Yash's words to Bua which sort of gave out the main reasoning why Yash is rushing up with this PV of SP-Radha but I hated the second part of the episode because of the cruelty thats being shown OuchOuch..I know such things still happen in our society today but what pissed me off was that this was actually planned by a woman (Ishita) .. I mean a woman is actually planning this cruelty against another woman .. sighhh OuchOuch

Yash's wants to give this punarvivah more for Radha's security than SP's happiness I feel Ermm

There is something which is very interesting that I noticed in today's episode Ermm... So far I thought Yash wants to get SP and Radha remarried so that SP can get a companion but I guess thats not the only reason ..There is something else going in Yash's mind too about which he may not b very vocal but today some of his words to Bua ji did gave me the feeling  Ermm...

When Buaji abuses Radha and curses her to die , for the first time we see Yash answering back strongly to Bua ji and reminding her that Radha is my mother which she should not forget Ermm... Also Yash's worries for Radha in general gives me the feeling that not only he wants this remarriage for his father but he wants this remarriage so that even Radha ma gets a proper respect and acceptance in this society as a woman Ermm...

Somewhere Yash knows that everyone will always treat Radha like another woman until and unless he as a son takes the initiative to get that acceptance for his mother and this is where I feel Yash is so adamant for this punarvivah because its not just about his father's happiness but also to give that legal acceptance to his biological mother as well  since Yash somewhere do feel that Radha is wronged here by SP  Smile...

In today's episode more than SP , I felt Yash was worried about Radha ma here .. And not only in front of bua but also in front of Pankaj and co , we saw Yash fighting more for his Radha ma's place in the house than SP's happiness Ermm

This is where a question popped up in my mind and mayb someone in the show too should ask this question to Yash-Aarti that if Radha was not Yash's biological mother today , then would Yash still go for SP's punarvivah in such a hurried manner ?? Smile...So I feel the fact that Radha is Yash's mother is playing a very big cruicial part here and this is main reason why we see Yash-Aarti r so adamant to do this punarvivah ...

Today even in car scene , we did see that AarYa r well aware of SP-Radha themselves not in favour of this punarvivah but they still believe that both can convince SP-Radha about it because somewhere Yash-Aarti both knows that Radha holds a soft corner for SP while SP do believe that he wronged Radha and wants to rectify that mistake and this is where AarYa both can play around and convince SP-Radha both for this punarvivah so that both together can rectify their past mistakes by coming together Ermm

So today's episode and every single words or action by Yash confirmed the fact that Yash is rushing with this punarvivah not just for his father's happiness but also to give a legal acceptance to his mother in society which mayb he dint say it from his mouth but his dialogue to Bua ji that Radha is my mother ,so watch out before u say any nonsense said it all Approve

Anyways I can clearly see a divide in the family now with Pankaj-Vidhi , Pratik-Paridi and Bua on one side while AarYa will b on another side of the fence post this punarvivah of SP-Radha and mayb thats why the new symbolic promo shows all r wearing a mask and protesting the punarvivah while its only AarYa who r taking SP-Radha to the mandap OuchOuch... I do see AKash hving fun with this divide and rule policy while Ishita continues to b Lady Mcbeth Ermm...

Overall today I m feeling a bit relieved because CVs indirectly sort of justified why Yash-Aart in such hurry to give this punarvivah even though SP-Radha themselves r not convinced about it ... I got the answer today .. Yash wants to give proper security and respect to his biological mother too along with his father's happiness ... He mayb wrong still but I find his decision human here because its only natural to see your biological parents together staying under one roof in a secure environment Smile

Aakash and Ishita ... Stop confusing the viewers by going in circles D'oh

CVs need to stop flip-flopping around with AKash-Ishita's character if they really want general viewers to actually accept both these characters or understand them Ermm

I feel CVs r going flip-flop with Akash and Ishita's character because in one episode Akash shows concern for Vedika by blasting his friends off when they speak nonsense about her and today in this episode Akash does the same in a way by himself abusing Radha's character when he talks about how Radha and SP might b hving fun somewhere together DeadDead ... SP and Radha both were not even present there , that we can argue on how AKash wanted attention or reaction from them and so he said al lthat nonsense ... In fact he says all this behind SP-Radha's back OuchOuch... So this much he could know his mother Radha in all these 30 years ??  Confused... I know people r still going to defend AKash here LOLD'oh but to a general viewer , Akash will once again come out looking senseless and heartless with no emotions or humanity once again Ouch...

Today to b honest AKash once again makes no sense to me .. he is acting like a kathputli to Ishita ... ..Ishita asks him to play divide and rule , and so he goes on and on to a point where even Pankaj and co finds him irritating and asks him to shut up Ouch ... He is coming out looking like those jokers in the circus who can never b taken seriously and this is where CVs got to work with Akash's character to show him sensitive enough Smile...

He can oppose SP-Radha's punarvivah but why not give a valid argument on it like Pankaj or Paridi did with Yash today instead of stooping down to those same old abuses and taunts and this time hitting a new low by saying SP-Radha r hving fun somewhere OuchOuch...

Coming to Ishita , what she did today was beyond disgusting ... Hiring Goons and getting Radha married to a mental .. yuckk ... is she a woman ?? DeadDead.. Again my question is to the CVs ... Where is Ishita's character going here ?? What will she achieve by all this ??? Ok she succeeded in cornering AarYa and now both AarYa r in minority whether SP-Radha PV happens or not ... So her main mission to corner AarYa is succesfful here .. So then why go to this extent with Radha ?? Does she hv personal enemity with Radha too ?? Confused...Her enemity is only with AarYa na and she did manage to corner AarYa from the rest .. So why did she asked her goons and those ladies to torture Radha here ?? Confused...  Here I was hoping Ishita to concentrate creating issues between AarYa for a AarYa centric track but I see she is more interested in torturing Radha as if she is secretly eying on SP ConfusedLOLLOL

So overall I feel its high time CVs get their acts right and stop flip-flopping with Akash and Ishita's character or else it will go above the head for a general viewer Ouch...

I hv no issues with Ishita and AKash holding their respective grudges against AarYa and family .. But I hv issues with the way their characters r showing extreme inhumanity off late Smile

AarYa gets a reality chk from their family

Pankaj and Paridi gives good reality chk to AarYa and teaches them a lesson which can help AarYa in future Smile

I liked the whole starting scene where Pankaj and Paridi both debate it out with AarYa regarding why they cannot support this PV of SP-Radha .. At least they r being genuine and honest enough to confess that they cannot go against the society to support them in this mission Smile

Actually Paridi is quite a straight forward girl that way .. she is right or wrong but she is always on your face LOLLOL .. she is actually genuine about how all this PV will result in them hving to face embarassment in society and she is not ready for it ... she actually admits that yes she is selfish enough not to help out AarYa  here but thats how she is .. u like it or hate it Ermm...

AarYa did help Paridi during her messed up time with producer case but I guess this is where AarYa needs to learn a lesson that not all r like them .. U got to b selsfish at times for your own betterment ..mayb learn from the likes of Paridi ErmmLOL

In fact AarYa helped Pankaj too when Vidhi was trapped in necklace fiasco but today Pankaj is not with AarYa because for them their reputation comes over these emotional decisions Ouch

Pratik is as usual spineless while Vidi does not hv much power even if she wants to support AarYa Sleepy,...

So overall I guess AarYa did get a reality check that not all hv the same beliefs , temperament ,positivity and patience like them .. so stop Expecting Smile... They actually got help from least expected people like Vedika and outsiders like Ram Dulare which is another lesson of how at times your most closed relatives might end up betraying or embarasisng u but its the outsiders who might come to your rescue Tongue

About Precap and What happens next Ermm

So Akash gets his 200th slap from Yash in precap .. I guess its deserving the way Akash said that SP-Radha might b doing muh kala somewhere ...errr Ermm...

And I hv a feeling SP will stop the whole marriage sham of Radha and save her and might also announce to all that he is ready to do PV with Radha ..so now Radha is legally a Scindia Smile

SP's other sons like Pankaj and Pratik might misunderstand SP here because they wont know what really happened outside with Radha Ouch

But grrr Ishita .. u r truely a lady Mcbeth AngryAngry

Aarti-Yash in thier own little fantasy world LOL...dunno what to do with them D'oh

AarYa  r like small babies .. we r getting pissed off with all this rush of SP-Radha PV but look at that innocent smile of Aarti when she thinks of dividing into 2 grps ladke and ladki walas for SP's marriage with Radha LOLLOL

It might look insensitive but that innocence on Aarti's face says it all .. they just want that same smile on everyone's face and feel PV is the only way to get that happiness back in SM Ermm... Sighhh they know they r different from the rest but still wants to make a difference with their positive thinking Smile

Overall a mixed epi for me .. Liked first half but disgusted with second half and so dint even analyse that part Smile... But anyone saw Anari movie starring Venkatesh .. I think whole Radha scene was taken from that movie Smile

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A good episode where it shows the double standards of the society Clap Clap Clap Angry 

It commences with Pankaj who is in the living room w/ PraDi, Vidhi and buaji...he is telling buaji that she was right and that Yash will have to ask forgiveness from the society to which buaji says that she is always right but no one never listens, Pari agrees with Pankaj and tells them that even her parents are embarrassed with the happenings...her mom can't go anywhere and that she doesn't know what will happen when her friends come to know about the situation...Seriously Pari your parents are embarrassed and here I thought you guys were open-minded, I guess it is all a show...They can talk about you working and being a modern woman but when it comes to real standing up for something that could be of help to them someday they fell embarrassed...Wow talk about having double standards Shocked Ouch 

Yash and Aarti come into the living room and tells them that they should be afraid when they are doing something wrong and is marriage is wrong then everything is, he proceeds to tell them that he and Aarti will get SP and Radha married today in a court marriage, he asks if someone is with them or not and he tells them that he doesn't need anyone with double standards...Pankaj shouts at Yash to shut up and asks him if he wants them to roam in shame in the society, Aakash comes there and Pankaj asks him to stop...Thank you Yash, who needs such a society with their double standards...uh oh Pankaj was really mad at Yash the way he raised his voice at him...well it is great to see him finally speaking up Clap Clap 

Aakash tells Pankaj that he is on his side even with the line there and asks Pankaj not to shout as it isn't good for his BP (blood pressure) as it may go up, the former goes on to tell the latter that for a court marriage they will need five witnesses...he then turns to Yash and asks him if anyone in the family will go, ask them...Pari tells Yash that she is sorry, he doesn't care about the society but she does and that she doesn't know if the rest of the family will say something but she isn't, the rest of the doesn't say anything will AarYa look at them...Ishita says in self thought that it feels nice to see aarYa alone...Well AarYa shouldn't be surprised that the rest of the family doesn't support them, they don't like to put their necks on the line...they just like to stay in their cocoon and hope that everything will always stay the same Ouch Ouch Ouch 

Aakash tells Pari that good for her and that they are all with her, he taunts Yash by calling him pandit ji and asks him how will he get SP remarried now...he goes on to say that even today his wife and their sister-in-law won't be able to help them, so what will he do now just then Vedika comes and tells them that she will go with Yash to get SP-Radha married...Pankaj asks her to shut and nto go inside, Aakash asks Pankaj not to shout at Vedika and to explain to her nicely as she is young to which Vedika retorts that she isn't small and that she is 18...Pankaj asks her if she will go against her parents now because she is 18, Vidhi asks her who told her to speak amount the elders....Aakash loves to taunt AarYa the same ones that brought him into the house despite the fact that Yash could have lost everything but then again he holds Yash responsible for the hell he went through so why would he care about taunting them Ermm...Way to go Vedika standing for your dadaji's happiness Clapif only your parents were as open minded as you. 

Vedika tells Pankaj that he isn't with his father so why should she be with him, he is about to slap her when Aarti stops him just then Ramdulare and other servants come and he tells Yash that they are with them cause one needs a life partner at this age...Aarti turns to Aakash and tells him that he said that they wouldn't find anyone in the whole of Bhopal to stand up for SP-Radha's wedding and they found them at home itself, Pari asks Aarti what is wrong with them as SP never said he wanted to get married...Aarti tells her that yes probably like they all afraid of the society, SP-Radha are against it but they need a partner and they want them to be happy so to please to think about their Punar Vivaah...Pankaj leave follow by the rest of the family as well as AkShita who are pissed...Oh my Ramdulare and the rest of the servants are with Yash, I guess you know who has your back in your time of need...even the servants know that SP needs a life partner, thank you Vedika and RD for being so supportive Clap Clap Hug ...haha AkShita they just don't understand the meaning of togetherness, yes they were able to divide AarYa and the rest of the family members but they forgot about the servants who are considered to be family as well especially in SM...they stick up for their bosses Tongue Big smile. Thank you Pari for asking that question and for AarYa to finally admit that their parents are not ready for the PV but they want them to get married for their happiness Thumbs Up

SP is traveling in his car when he remembers what happened at the Holi Sneh Milan, he calls up the retirement home when the person on the other side says that he was about to call SP to honor him for all the years he have donated to their faculty...SP tells the man that he doesn't want  anything he just wanna stay there leaving the man shocked, SP tells him not to ask any questions and that he is on his way...SP in self thought says that AarYa won't give up so it is best that he leave so the family doesn't bear humiliation so he has to do this...Aww my poor sly broken fox, he thinks that by running away it will solve the problem no my love it would only make it worse Ouch plus you can't run from what has been what's about to happen Wink 

AarYa are in the car with Palak and Ansh when the latter asks Yash if they are going to get a new grandmother, Yash smiles...Aarti tells Yash that they should be apart resulting in ash stopping the car abruptly, Aarti tells him not way they should make teams for SP's PV and that they will have fun to which Yash tells her that SP-Radha haven't agreed yet and she is already planning the wedding...Aarti tells him that they will agree as they are going to get their PV done so they will agree, Yash says ok...the kids are very happy about their grandparents getting married but I missed Payal Cry haha I loved the little lite moment in the car and when Yash stopped the car when Aarti said they should be apart Tongue LOL and I'm very happy that they at least said that SP-Radha haven't given their approval YET Clap Clap 

Radha is at home sewing and cooking when someone comes knocking at the door, she thinks that it is Yash and excitedly goes to open the door when she is met with a man who tells her that Aaksh had an accident, she runs out with the man just as AarYa arrive she leave in an auto...AarYa push open the door and they see that she isn't there while the stove is on, they wonder how Radha could go out leaving the stone on...they decide to go look outside....I really hope they turned off the gas even though it isn't shown cause that woul be awful if they left the gas on Ermm ...Radha left everything to go and check on Aakash, they knew that she would dropped everything to go to one of her children and they used it against her like she told Aarti...that children are a mother's weakness as well as her strength Ouch Cry 

Ishita is talking to someone on the phone in mute, she hugs up and says that you wanna get Radha married but not to SP but someone else...Radha reaches a location and comes out the auto calling for Aakash, Radha asks the man where is Aakash as he told her that he was hurt...the man tells her to look there when we see a gang on women dressed in red approaching, they come close to radha and tells her that she is scared for her son and wanna get married at this age ...Radha asks her what nonsense they are speaking, they tell her that she is a bride so she should look like one she asks them to leave her alone and they start bullying her...awww poor Radha my heart broke for her and when she called out for Yash, I just couldn't hold it anymore Cry Cry Cry...those women harassing her like that was really cruel damn that Ishita I really ca't stand how low and cheap she is Angry Angry Angry

Aarti and Yash are back at SM, they are both very worried about Radha when Aarti says that her neighbors said that she was home...Buaji comes there and says that good for her, she has done something good for once and that she should die Aarti tells buaji to stop her nonsense and asks her what is wrong with her. Yash asks her why is she talking such things about Radha and asks her what wrong has Radha done to her, he tells her if she can't say anything good about her not to say anything at all...Buaji tells him that one think good about about good people but not for women like Radha, Yash tells her that she is her mother after all and folds his hands, he tells buaji that he won't hear a word against her and that he has been hearing all about her nonsense for years but not anymore Buaji leaves, Yash tells Aarti that he hopes that Radha is alright...they are both very worried about Radha and rightfully so, I loved what he told buaji and from his dialogue...he really  was worried about Radha but why didn't anyone ask where SP was Confused...I can just say that this is the first time Yash really stood up for Radha liek a son from his heart and not out of obligation Clap Cry...Seriously buaji was just being cruel to wish death on someone like that is just nit done especially by another woman Ouch Angry  

Radha is forcibly dragged to the mandap by those evil and ignorant women while Radha protests, they make her sit down while ishita's goons and some idiots (bystanders) are watching, some old dirty man comes there dancing and they tell him that he is getting married and there is is bride pointing at Radha...the pandit does the rituals and the dirty man puts the mangalsutra around Radha's neck while the old bleep are holding her hands, the pandit gives the old dirty man the sindoor and he is about toe apply it while Radha is crying....I've never seen such despicable act in my life, the bystanders were worse that those ignorant women who where forcing Radha to get married to that old dirty man and don't me started on the pandit what kind of priest is he??  If you can't trust a man of God who ca you trust?? I'm sorry to say this put the Gods are sure gonna punish them all for they part in this cruel act...How can women treat another woman like that???  Angry Angry Angry Angry 

PRECAP: The entire family are gathered in the living room when Aakash says that SP must be having fun with Radha somewhere, Yash goes and gives Aakash a tight slap leaving everyone shocked...Well done Yash Clap Clap...Seriously Aakash talking like that abut Radha, he knows that she never would do something like that and yes she was wrong fro what she did years ago but for thirty years he has seen how she never did any inappropriate act and now he is defaming her ike that Angry Ouch Ouch 

Gurmeet Choudhary and Kratika Sengar were phenomenal Star Star Star as well as Dolly Minhas, Leena Jumani, Akshay Dogra, Rakesh kuketri, Samragyi Nema and the actress who plays Vedika Clap Clap Clap

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Where did I hope to see sensitivity and where Aarti and Yash come in and say we are going to do the PV today itself? D'oh

Anyway, Jyo, I think you are absolutely right about the other reason for rushing the PV - Radha being in danger from society. In fact Aarti articulated this today in the episode when she said that it would be terrible if Radha or SP's loneliness drove them to take a step like Radha had taken, which I assume meant her suicide attempt. Yash too knows how suicidal he was after Arpita's death and perhaps sees that in SP when he refuses to eat and take his medicine. Radha was the only person who could come up with ways to make him do the above without making him feel put upon so it is quite natural that this whole plan occurred to AarYa to solve both of their parents problems; the really issue here remains their approach. Not everyone ls like them, paying no need to society and doing what gives them personal happiness and self satisfaction. In that way it is interesting how alike Paridhi and SP are. It is also why they don't get along... they are both stubborn about two different ways of impressing society: SP through the strict observance of traditions and Paridhi through being "progressive," independent and not a "lowly housewife."

Paridhi asked all the right "face value" questions today. When Radha and SP don't want to get married, why force them? And she told AarYa to their faces that nobody would support them, with a very formal apology. It is not that she distrusts their intentions, much like any of us, but she doesn't understand why they are putting so much on the line when SP and Radha themselves have not agreed to it. It is a valid question and one that Aarti and Yash answered to the best of their ability. There are those who believe in it and those who don't.

Despite their bull-headedness, I found myself sympathising with AarYa. The one thing I did not appreciate was how they accepted Vedika as a signatory witness. I know she is 18 years old, but that does not necessarily make her an adult emotionally, though it might legally. It was quite out of character for Aarti and Yash in that sense to allow her to go against her parents and speak to them the way she did. Who knows why she wants to be a witness; maybe it is just to rebel against her parents, or maybe it is to feel grown up and cool. Does she know the implications?  I can understand Yash going against his family for this but to take Vedika along is sort of uncomfortable for me when she does not fully understand the price she might be paying. Yash defying the hierarchies of the family and going against his father has validated the same behaviour in Vedika and it might be important for Yash and Aarti to think about how soon that might trickle down to their own children. Also, she is under Yash and Aarti's supervision in this particular instance but this attitude of defying her parents might continue, inspired by this incident and who knows where it could land her up?

I agree with all those who said Aarti and Yash are a pair of kids. It's so true! They are most comfortable talking and planning with their own kids! Such is the degree of their innocence and naivete. I just hope that the whole "alag ho jaate hain" dialogue is not foreboding at this point.

Ishita is pure chaos. Wherever she sees the potential for resolution she mounts a further obstacle in the path. With the 5 witnesses, she saw Aarti and Yash still succeeding against all odds and she had to put an even bigger wrench in their plans, hence her treatment of Radha. Basically, she has no feelings, only the desire for power and control. Akash is a little more understandable on the other hand, understandable in the sense of why he is doing what he is doing. He has never had a high opinion of SP given that all he knows is that SP used and threw Radha and refused to ever acknowledge him. Now I imagine he is disgusted with Radha too because she clearly has a soft spot for the man who mistreated her all those years ago. Interested to see the outcome of that slap tomorrow...

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@Zetter : Loved your take ClapClap.. I guess on one hand CVs did right by showing the double standards of a society .. Radha had to go through all the possible tortures but SP goes scotfree ... even though it was Ishita's men and women but still the attack was done on Radha and not SP because Ishita too knows that Radha is a easy target compared to SP ... and its such a pathetic thing that Ishita being a woman herself does this instead of understanding the pain of another woman ..sighhh Ouch ... whatever little sympathy I had for Ishita is lost today AngryAngry

@Samana :  AarYa r on a PV mission .. so they r not stopping until and unless SP-Radha get hitched LOLLOL,... did u see the spl promo being aired .. after ages u hv a symbolic promo and that too on THIS LOL .. see we actually guessed it right .. channel wants to promote this in big way ..so AarYa r in a way bali ka bakra-bakri for the channel who will hv to give this SP-Radha PV by hook or by crook LOLLOLLOL...

About AarYa not opposing to Vedika's decision , I guess that point of time they were desperately looking for support ..so whether its RD or Vedika , they just felt happy to see we r not alone Ermm... but I just hope this does not make Vedika a rebel against her parents in future .. Ouch...

Coming to Akash , I m sure this another slap by Akash will actually decide where his character is going ..either he will go all the way negative now or he might actually realise that he spoke a bit too much .. no matter how much vengence u hold against your parents , but u cannot really ridicule the character of your mother who brought u up for 30 long years Ermm...And on other hand they showed Radha getting into this mess because she ran out of the house like crazy on hearing AKash met with an accident .. its not Yash but Akash .. so CVs definitely gave a smart hint here of how they r putting Radha in positive light and AKash in negative light here Wink

I guess more than the character its the actor who wants to fulfill his desire of playing a negative role as he goes al lday tweeting about how he wants to b the Shyam of this show LOLLOL(Shyam character from IPK ..Akshay's prev show)

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@Jyo: Wonderful take Hun Clap Clap Clap...Yup I saw that too regarding Yash's other motive why he wanna have the PV, he is doing what Aakash sought out to do when he came to find out that SP was his father but the moment Aakash found out that Radha wasn't his mother he didn't fight for her rights so Yash being her son is doing it and today his love for her came out when buaji was talking ill about her.

Aww how cute were AarYa in the car with the kids but they have to realize that not everyone is like them, I so loved that smile on their faces it was as if they were in their own little world Big smile 

ha I love the reality check that Pankaj and Pari gave AarYa it was about time they got one from the family and not outsiders Approve

(Reply to my take): Thank you Dear! Smile...I'm done analyzing Ishita she is stoned cold to do that to a woman plus an elderly one who could be her mother Angry 

Yeah the double standards of the society were evident today and I applaud the CVs for  always bringing real issues to PV Thumbs Up

@Samana: Fab analys Sweetie Clap Clap...Same here despite AarYa charging and going full throttle with this PV I was with them today and yes Vedika is 18 and emotionally I think she knows what aarYa wants to achieve with this PV or maybe I am giving her too much credit Ermm

As for Ishita well I can't be on her side sympathize with her after what she did today, she is a woman and I know she wants to stop AarYa from succeeding but she could have used another means...she is just despicable Angry

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@Jyo: The moment I heard about the new promo, my suspicion that this whole PV business was the channel's idea was totally confirmed. What was the last thing they promoted? Gayatri's death. Obviously before ZP said she had to leave, this PV business was not the plan and that saga-sauthela themed track was progressing beautifully with a clear vision from our CVs. I have a feeling they would have preferred to give some other excuse for ZP's absence, they way they did with Gayatri's knee surgery last time, or at least keep her in a coma until they could find a replacement. Heck, she could have gone to her maika, giving some ultimatum that she wouldn't come back until SP acknowledged Akash etc etc. But they chose to kill her and that was so heavily promoted. Channel is the one who handles promotions and "special episodes" so it was pretty clearly their idea for the sake of this PV... so that the title of the show could be relevant again.

The reason I am waiting patiently for the end of this track is becuase I have full sympathy for our CVs who despite all odds are trying to make sense of this silliness. I have a feeling they want to do something specific with the pregnancy, but were ordered to do this PV immediately, which is why they took only one month leap and are finishing this off in such haste. Anyway, I am just glad everything will be over by Friday and we can hopefully move on with the story the CVs had originally intended for Akash and Ishita in Aarti and Yash's lives, hopefully with a throwback of Aarti's emotions when Prashant left her pregnant and a full closure there. Back to the basics, I say!

I did see their clever ploy of Radha's worry for Akash today. They are trying to make her seem all good now after introducing her with some grey shades. Still, until she apologises to Akash for the baby swap she will stay grey in my books, whatever else happens. As for the slap, to be honest, I hate violence and I hate that Yash is slapping Akash yet again. I don't know about whether Akash "deserved" it or not, but it lowers Yash's esteem in my eyes. Also, when he can lecture the Ps about how Akash just wants to irritate them and take away their happiness and they should ignore him, why is it okay for him to go into a rage and "teach Akash a lesson" whenever he sees fit? That is what has always irritated me about the way Yash handles Akash. It's the inconsistency. It has nothing to do with Akash or how he feels about it, that is a separate topic, but I hate the inconsistency that Yash shows without acknowledging it as inconsistency.

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@Zet: Wonderful take! I dunno about Vedika... when a teenager rebels against her parents for "what is right" my panic button starts blinking like crazy! I really don't think she knows what she is getting into; she just wants to be cool and seem independent, as most teenagers do. Encouraging this is maybe not the best idea. Confused

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