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ARIYA FF : Na Na Karte Pyar Kar Baithe pg 2.

M.V.Kohli007 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 10:04am | IP Logged
Surrogacy means replacement. A surrogat mother means another girl carries baby for another person or a couple to give them Parenthood.

will she be able to handel it the emotional rollcoaster will it be sucessful in it Or her life changes in opposite way? is able to accpet the outcome of all this ? or is This decision the wrong one for her happily married life.. ????

This FF is strictly for + 18.

Only Mature Ones'..


roshni rawte 27married to Arjun 5 yrs happliy married until that horrible night 2 yrs back whi forces her to decided to give te biggest scarfuce a wife can

Arjun rawte 30 he is happily married and trying to convince his lovely wife he is happy in their life but he is reluctant to not listen to his wife not her zidd

Riya mukherjee 20 young bubbly party girl of 21st centuryMicro minis clubbing n spoilt brat has a new bf every 2 months carry free bindass

fiza rathore 23 yrs old Arjun sister and sameer 'swife she is willing to help her bro try n convince her bhabi not to do what she think is right when it is wrong . she n sam r will being willing to help her at leaset she is in a other way then what she wants but she isn't listening and neither is her hubby dear

Sameer ratthore 30 loves his wife n is close to Arjun but still not able to get him self to agree with his wife on letting her give a huge sacrifice for them it isn't will to listen . this he will not let happen hell or high water after all its there pyaar ki ishaani he wont let agree no matter wht he does care for roshni but there is always another way and the way is called adoption

Part 1.

She open her eyes & look around & try to understand where sound come from. When she learns sound dirction , she slowly get up & immeadtly hold blanket around her. She sees one bedsheet is already hug her tightly . she hurridly goes to kitchen & founds out her husband making breakfast , she hug him back. He smiles when he sees her hands rested on his chest.

' Uth gyi meri Shona?'


He turn around & look at her , she is still in bedsheet that he wrapped around her after thr loveable & passinote nite. Bedsheet hug her tightly till her knees. He clearly sees love- bites on her sholder . due to her bare shoulders & neck. He have urge to take her in his arms , but he control himself. her hair still messed up. He pick her up& take her to bedroom.

' I Love U , Sam..'

'Ya I know..'

' acha ji and woh kaise bole na my handsome hubby how'

' Fiza , jaan tum kal raat itni desperate jo thi'' he said naughtily & bend down to kiss her. After kissing she still hold him near to him..

' haye rabba badmash main ya tum ..Mat jaao na , Sam''

' Jaan ..'

' Ummm' jaao fine .' She pouted her face.

He smile at that, & frees himself from her hands.

' baby Fiza take rest & and take a bath & then break-fast kar lo , maine tumhara fav dish banaya hai..'

' breakfast aap ki bina kyun jaa re ho acha theek hai jaa ke aao jaldi ...and haan Sammy , call me '.

' Fiza sweethert din mai 10 baar call karta hue tumhe , vo Shree ab mere upper bhi joke banana laga hai' '

Fiza smile at him ,

He about to leave room , when he turn & come back to her,,

' Jaan , take care ok?' and yes take ur food properly & medicines also..'

' Hmm ' ..

' Sam I not child ' suddenely she gets angry.

' But u r going to deliver my baby na and i want a mota hatka cute chubby baby rajput jo hai na ''

' Sam I am only 4 months pregnant itne bade bimare nahi hai uff har latki goes on nromal during this time , for god sake go to office..'im fine

He wink at he and kisses her forehead and her tuumy & goes to ofc. She smile at that & keep her hand on her tummy.

' Dekha baby , Papa bhi na' '

After that she goes to bathroom & freshens herself , she wears yellow colour saree . Suddenely her cell buzzes.

' Ha mere Papa , Mummy abhi break fast hi karne jaa rahi thi..' she says childshishly.

' Thts good , acha ab Papa achi wali kissi do..'

' Just shut Sam tum bhi na har waqt romance ''

' why waise bhi baby sab sun sakta hai kay soche ga huh mama papa ko shut up bolke baat nahi maani ' huh...

' sab kya sochnge?'

' Are koi nahi sirf Arjun hai meri cabin mai , aur vo bhi phone se chipka hua hai'

' zarura Roshni bhabhi se baat kar rahe honge.'

' Ha , baat ko badalo mat , I want my kiss..'

' Ok , & she kiss her cell..'

' Ab mil gyi?'

' Chota sa tha , dn't wry raat ko badiwali le lunga..'

With thaat he off phone & Fiza blushed madly rembering their last night. When they both was mad for each other. kitne lucky hoon aap ki papa kitna pyaar ke humko haan na meri angel she says

At Evening

Arjun & Roshni

She hold one frock in her hands & silently sobbing..

She remembered Dr, words

' I am sry Mrs. Rawte but aap Maa nahi ban sakti..Is Accident aap ka utres per bahut gehere ghaav the , isiliye hame aapka utres remove karna pada. '

She looks at baby frock & hold it tight near her chest. Suddenely she feels someone hold her shoulder.

She turns her face & found him.

' Arjun'. ' she let out a whisper from her mouth & hug his waist tightly.

Arjun just helplessly look at her.

' Kyu kiya aisa mere saath Bhagwan ne , maine to saari pooji ki , vrat bhi kiya , atbhi bhi '' ' with that she again cries.

Arjun bend to face her & wipe her tears with his thumb.

' Roshni maine kaha na , mujhe nahi chaiye baccha , duniya mai kitne aise log hai vo kabhi Maa- Baap nhi ban sakte'

' Arjun , but I want my baby''

' Rosnhi its not possible. '

' But why??? Kitne saare log ye sab karte hai..'

' But I said no''

' Tum kabhi mujhe khush nahi dekhna chahte na,, Plz Arjun mujhe aapka baby chayie , Mera bhi Dil karta hai koi mujhe Maa bulaye , Mai kisi per apni Mamata luta du.. Arjun pata hai jab Fiza yaha aati hai na , aur bacche ke bare mai baat karti hai tab mai bahut jelous ho jaati hue , mai bhi chahti hue mai uski tarah baat shre karu sab ke saath..'

' kyun fiza bhi na main use baat kar na padga kyun aise baatein kar thi woh uff and Jaan , Fiza ka baby hamara hi ghar ka baby hoga , tum use pyar do..'

' uski galati nahi hai baby kick kya aaj usko tho jab i felt it muhje bhi dil kar yeh sab feel karne ko kuch nahi bolo usko ...and Nahi aap nhi samaz rahe hai , vo baby Sameer aur Fiza ka hoga , hame sirf uske Mama ' Mami honge, mujhe Maa banana hai. '

With that Roshni runs into their bedroom , and Arjun worriedly follow her , but both did not see a person who standing at their door & heard all.


Roshni roshni rako jaan baat tho suno door open karo jaan

Sam & Fiza home


he walks in with her favorite pastries

'mommy dear yeh aap dono ki liye your favorite' he sunndely he puts box dwon

He sees Fiza silently seat on bed thinking something ,

' Jaan are u fine na?' Sam ask her worridly.

Fiza hug him

' Kyu hua hai?' he ask baffeled.

' I just want to hug you' she says

' Aaj kal tumhara baby bahut kuch chahne laga hai..' Wink

' Ha bure phal ka bura beej' LOL

' OH , to mai bura phal ha'.LOL

 He parted from her & give quick kiss on her lips. & goes to freshens up.

After dinner  in the hall

' Sam '

' ha'

' I want to tell u something..'

' ya , tel me..'

' Vo mai,,,, nahi vo maine socha ki' hamara baby hum vo'. Mai vo''

' Fiza dn't fear , tel me easily..'kya baat hai jaan bol na

She close her eyes & takes deep breath..

' Maine decided kiya hai ki mai hamara baby Arjun & Roshni ko dungi''


he was standing shell shcoked as her word sunlk in his ears


 Just shut up Fiza'

' Par he is my brother..'

Sam pin her wall & angrily look at her, ' Ye hamara baby hai , aur mai ise kisi ko nahi dunga , u got it'

sam please hum na we are blessed yeh baby de do na maan jao phir iss ke baaad hum phir se try kar the and ek aur baby hoga but yeh



she was shocked aap ne mere upper haath how dare you sam she ran in to the room

Damn it yeh kya kar diya maineAngry

he goes in her room

jaan im sorry but why suddenly

no sam jaao yahaan seCry

he sat in front of her on his knees jaaan yeh baby is our pyaar ki ishaani

shaadi se pheli hum dono ... yeh humare pyaar hai jo bhi hua us raat and tum kis aur ko no i will not allow it jaan im sorry yeh nahi ho sak tha


a hot girl in a short shorts and deep halter top and high heels walks into the the mall holding a cute um jiju ki saaath enjoy om take care of simran bye aysha di

arre arre rona nahi masi hai na di fikar nahi karo i love babies

aww meri simi bhooko hai huh yeh lo dodo pe lo she fee her with bottel


ya liza god how do woman go through all the pain for these cuteis i cant

liza pagal ho i wopuld love to ek din but i want lots of kids but not of now im a model and my body is my job with fit body i have a job or else jobless


all this was being watched and heard by a woman from far

im sure yeh larki theek hoge she thought


mr rathore she is fine congrats twins hne wale hai

ab tho maan jaao na do hoge wqe are blessed

pagal hoge ho kya bass enough how many times do i have say it no no no no its my final answer yeh mere bache hai i will not give it to your bhaiya nad bahai got that


ihe tne selfiish kaise ho sak the ho aap you kno what sam agar she stops suddenly...bhaiya babhi aap ? yahaan? sam turns

THIS FF WRITTEN BY Fiza28 AND M.V.Kohli007. Concept is fully ours. plz do not copy on other sites.

Edited by M.V.Kohli007 - 03 May 2013 at 11:55am

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kunchu IF-Dazzler

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nice start girls.. go for it..

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Payal_156 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 11:12am | IP Logged
awesum wala start
lov it
all d best
love u
gud title
thanx fr d pm..

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vidya.anand IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 11:15am | IP Logged
yes bohat bold concept toh hai...
bohat emotional bhi hai...
being childless is the most miserable state! poor Roshni!
well written!

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ll_piya_ll IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
Manu n fiza very good start..
feel bad for rosh..
ohh twins..
i understad feeza what she wanna to do...
but sam is also right..
update soon..

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life93 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 1:29am | IP Logged
hi manali n fizaHug...awesome concept...ClapClapClapClapClap...loved it...
feeling reaaly bad for roshaniCryCryCryCry...well she is right at her place ...
 sam slapped her wifeShockedShockedShocked...dats not doneAngry...sarogacy is always a tpoic which is avoided ...nice iniatiative ...go ahead

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jumbo_dumbo Groupbie

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 8:33am | IP Logged
Unusual concept..
Though bold but its reality of the modern day society..
Nice start..
prava55663 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 April 2013 at 12:39am | IP Logged
I am really sorry for late...

Mannu and Fiza that's great start...
Rathore being so adamant and he hit his wife...

Waiting for arjun and ria..

Roshni can't how will Arjun hadle roshni...

update it soon..

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