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Mayur FF:Serendipity of love,Pt16/Pg94 (Page 79)

shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 11:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pinky_5

awesome update shaffu...
Loved it...
This Varun is so irritating...Please jaldi se unka break up karwa do...
I hate him...
And mayu...uff yeh ladka bhi poor nupur pe frustration nikal raha hai...
Par I am sure woh nupur ko manaa dega...
Lets see kaise woh nupur ko hasaata aur manaata hai...
waiting for the next update...
thanksss for the PM
Love you sweety..

Thanks a lot Pinku...

Varun jaldi hi peecha chod dega don't friend...

even i hate him...

Yaar aur kya kare...aajkal uska dil bekaaboo jo raha hain...

thanks a lot i am updating next update now so no need to wait

shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 July 2010
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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 11:55am | IP Logged
here is the part
shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 July 2010
Posts: 18518

Posted: 25 August 2013 at 11:56am | IP Logged

Serendipity Of Love

Part 14

Varun:Thankssaying her left the place..

But what was hurting Mayank was her puffy eyeswhich she was trying to avoid..and the way Varun was talking to herwas making his eyes red in anger but still he controlled  he called up Vishal saying him he need to leave urgently not saying anything to her he whispered Chalo and moved towards the exit doorHe dont know why but he was very furioussomewhere on Nupur..on himself and also on Varun how he was talking to her..he moved towards the exit door..was followed by Nupur behindhim..her head was low..she was feeling highly embarressed..she do not want Mayank to see her like this..she was feeling guilty standing infront of him like thisshe could sense how much angry he is from her..though there isnt any issue of him to get infuriated on her but still his voice was stiff describing his livid.

They silently walked out of the hotelhe asked her to wait for him till he bring his car..,You wait here Ill bring the car..she want to retort but seeing his wrathful eyes  she just nodded her head in agreementwhen he leftshe hugged herselfas it was chilly outside..and she hasnt wore anythingwarmand in addition her dress was too short to make her feel cozyshe hugged herself..rubbing her arms across to sooth some warmness in her no time he brought his carhe raised the ignition as if ordering her to get in the car.getting what he meant she move and get inside his soon she settle down..he raised the acceleratordrove towards her home

They both were silent..None of them were speaking anything..Mayank wasnt in any mood and Nupur was glancing to him time to timeshe was waiting for an opportunity to talk to him..something her heart said that she need to pacify Mayank she dont want to see his angershe want to remove his each query from her..but couldnt gather up her courage... on the other hand Mayank was just umbrageousmay be on Nupur..and somewhere on let Nupur come in this party

They stopped at the red lightMayank didnt showed any movement to have a discussionthere was a jeep which was coming with a great speed and abruptly stopped just beside their carthere were group of boys..who hooting..shoutingand were insanely drinking in other words could say they were highly drunk and were driving the land crusier at a high speedsomeone from that group of boys saw Nupurwell Nupurs dress was so short..that if someone glance from outside..could see the better view of her legs..and rest her uper body ...its Mayank who was in high anger..that he didnt noticed any such thing..that boy signalled to his glance over the lady sitting in the car of them whistle and said,My God..!!! She is so sexy dude....while others said,You bet dudelooking so spicy..just than another one said,Than what are we waiting for..He raised his brows making everyone understand of what he meansbefore they could come up the signal was green and Mayank drove his car aheadbut he didnt know that someone was following him

Suddenly a land crusier came infront of him blocking his viewenabling him to put the brakes abruptly and jerkly..he shocking looked to them..they were the same group of boys who were beside him during the red lightinstead of being sorry..or apologising they were whistling and hootingas if they had something greatHe knew they wont listen like this..he get down from his car to talk to time polightlyNupur was too shocked seeing such nuisance by these boys..but decided to keep quiet and let Mayank handle him own

Mayank reached upto them..till than they too get down from their vehicle ..he asked him,Please shift you crusier aside..I need to of them said to him with full attitude,What if we dont maintaining his already he was infuriated he said them,See..I am asking you humbly please step your crusier aside..One of them came grabbing his collor and said,No we wont and neither we would allow you poking his hinger on his  get that..

His was already enraged and their behvaiour was still adding fuel to the fire..he removed his hand from his collor seeing the situation getting disable Nupur come out side the carshe ran upto Mayank..holding his shoulder she said,Mayank..I think hume chalna chahiye
Getting no response from as he was furiously..gazing the person who dared to touch his collorshe again said to him little bit in a high tone,Mayankmene kahan chalo yahan lets go.

He left his hand and turned to move with her..when again one of them exclaimed,Coward....He was crossing each limit of sore Mayank he turned to themand walked to them.and furiously asked him,What did you said

He smirks to him and said,I said....but before he could continue Nupur interrupted in between and asked Mayank,Mayank chalo yahan seMayanklets go..leave it..Nupurs words werent effecting him nowas now he want to smash his head just than another one from their group came and holds Nupurs wrist and pulled her towards him and said lustly,As you say Baby..well leave himonly if youwhispering to her youll come with us..Saying he laughed evily..where Nupur was dumb shockthe action was so sudden that she didnt have time to react..and in addition her uncomfortable dress..and the way he was putting his eyes on her was making her more uncomfortable and disgusting

This was all Limit for Mayank..his anger has reached to seventh cloudhow on earth they dared to touch her he warned him,Leave her..but his words didnt have effect on  him..he dragged his hand from her wrist to her shoulder. She was feeling  disgust of him ..and pleaded to him,Please leave me.. not paying attention to her plea he moved a bit closer to her and before he could move furthur..a hand come up..and hold his wristwhich was on her shoulder ..he looked up to see Mayank was staring him deadlywith eyes full the time Nupurs eyes were full of tears and few of them even made their way out from her eyes

His pressure was so high on his hand that  that man has to withdrew his hand from  her shouldernot saying anything..he holds Nupur from her shoulder..led to near carmake her wore his coat..he saw her sobbingnot saying anything but was just sobbingmaking him to eager so much to beat those man in blues and black he handed her his wrist watchwalked upto them..folding his slevesand  without any sort of talking or giving indication to them of what he is upto he staright away give a powerfull punch to the person who dared to touch his Nupuryeah His Nupur..that time his heart was saying this only and for a time being while beating them he had shut off his brainwho is always ought to give logical reasons of everything as for now he was in no mood to give himself any sort of logical  reasons

Soon he beated each one of themsimultaneouslywhile Nupur was just seeing him ..was just a spectator to watchshe tried to stop but she knew she canthearing the police siren everyone started running..but Mayank caught the man who had touched Nupur and tried to misbehave with herwhile his friends had already left  himhe was beating him  like anythingseeing him getting unconsious Nupur shouted on her top of her voice,Mayank..chod do usse..Mayank..chod do usse.. and finally she screamed,MAYANK..which stopped his hands in middle..he left him..while he ran there..saving his life from him..she looked him quiet shocked while he saw her  standing there face was full of fear and tearsbut his anger was so much that her tears werent soothing it

Not saying anything..he grabbed her hand and forcefully made her sit in the car..and furiously drove towards the community centresensing his anger to crossed every limit she said in order to calm him down,Mayank..please slow..chalaoMayank mujhe darr lag raha hain her fearher trembling voice wasnt effecting him..what was flashing infront of his face was the man..who tried to have this much guts to touch Nupurand her sobbing facethis Image was just not leaving his heart and mind.

He stopped the car infront of the IInd Innings and came out of the car..came to Nupurs side and opened her gatehold her wrist and made her out from car..and turned around to go..when she holds his hand.,MayankThank you....but his anger was too much to even take her thank youhe turned to her and infuriatedly,Mujhe tumhara koi Thank you nahi chahiye..he again about to go when she again holds his hand and said,with eyes full of tears,Tum mujhse naraaz hoplease aise mat behave karo mere saath..I am sorrymujhe pata hain tum kyu naraaz hobut please mujh per gussa karo aise naraaaz mat ho....with that she started cryingseeing her so vunreable his all anger vanishedhe cupped her face and said,Its okay..actually unhone tumahre saath aisa kiya namujhe bahut gussa aaya..aur mein.. cutting him in between she said,Aur tum apne gusse per control nahi ker paaye hain na He nodded his head in agreement..she continued,Thank you Mayank..Thanks a lot.Tum nahi hote to before she could even continue furthur..he shushed her by keeping his finger on her lips and whispered,Aisa mein kabhi hone nahi deta Nupur..with that he silentlyrubbed his thumb over her skin..wiping her tears off..while she closed her eyes..with his touch he inched closer to herand kissed her eyes..stopping more tears to stop flowingshe opened her eyesputting her hand on his which was lingering on her face..she neared a bit kissing him on his cheekdont know what happenedthey dont happenhe closed the distance between them..and slowly and gradually inched closer to her..while keeping his eyes on her lipsshe closed her eyes..allowing himhis hot breath was falling on her lips making them more tempting and tremblingwithout wasting any second he placed his lips on hers.

Just than flash of light falls on them and a horn came from a side..


H e came out of his thoughts and realize a truck coming from other side..he quickly turned his car to other side and put brakes on ittaking deep breaths he realized he was dreamingwhile Nupur jitters seeing him like thisshe put her hand on his shoulder and asked,Mayank tum thik to ho naHe looked at herseeing her red eyes..dried tear and she was wearing his coat..reminds him..the incident took few minutes  before..all that anger which had gone in his thought came and shrugging her hands from his shoulder he drove the car towards the community centre..seeing him still angry from her she didnt collected much courage to talk to himhe stopped his car infront of the  IInd innings ..she get down from car..and before she could turned aroundand thanked him..he was far away from her eyestears brimmed in her eyesand she walked inside

Hope you like it

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
nice ...
MJHt fight part ki yaad aagai

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Irum. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
Nice update.
I just want to slap that varun.
How could he do this to Nupur.Angry

Thnx for pm.

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sreevijayan IF-Rockerz

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awesome update dear...loved it sooo much...

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Roses-khushi IF-Stunnerz

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Nice update.

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-Paulomi- IF-Sizzlerz

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nice update

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