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Mayur FF:Serendipity of love,Pt16/Pg94 (Page 73)

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Originally posted by sukklover


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Here is update

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Serendipity Of Love

Part 13


Belam Jaani:Ab tumari problem kya hain...

Mayank said whincing out,"Problem ye hain ki..mujhe bahut bura lagta hain jab mein usse ye sach chupata hoon"

Belam Jaani:Lekin tum hi to keh rahe the ki agar tum ye kaam nahi karoge to aur karega..aakhir mein uss community centre ko tutna hi hainvo jaayega hi saath mein tumhari kismat bhi le jaayega

Mayank:Ye hi problem hain jhut mein bol nahi sakta she cuts him in between,To sach bata do..

Mayank:Vo bhi to nahi bata sakta nagetting little frustated he burst out in anger Nupur uss type ki ladki nahi hain jo life ko practical nazariye se dekhe vo nahi hain vesi iss baat ko samjhe ki chahe vo kuch bhi kar levo apne community centre ko nahi bacha sakti vo nahi samjhna chahti she takes things too personal and emotional..vo life mein practical hain hi nahi mein usse nahi bata sakta calming himself down he said vo bahut bahut bahut achi ladki hain she is very very nice girl..aur mujhe iss baat ka dukh hain ki mein itni achi ladki..dil ki saaf uske saath dhoka ker raha hoon 

Belam Jani:Tum uske saath dokha nahi kar rahe ho Mayank..bas apna kaam ker rahe ho..uske bina tumhari kismat nahi chamak sakti..bas uske zariye tum apna kaam ker rahe ho..vo practical nahi hain..but tum to ho..agar ab tumne jaa ker Nupur ko sab sach bata diya tooo

Mayank:Haan jaanta hoon meri bachi kuchi kismat jo chal rahi hain usse bhi haath dhona padega..

Belam Jaani:Kaafi samjhdaar ho gaye ho seeing him tensed she said,"Dekho Mayank abhi jesa chal raha hain na chalne do mat socho iske k baare mein..

Mayank:She is a very very nice Girl..

Jaani:Haan to mein kab kahan she is not nice..achi ladki hain that's why because of her your luck is changing ..

Mayank:Aap samjh nahi rahi hain..


Mayank:Mujhe bahut bura lag raha hain...Mujhe aisa nahi karna chahiye...!!! Mein uska faayeda nahi utha sakta...

Jaani:Tum uska faayda nahi utha rahe ho...bas uski madad le rahe ho...chill ho jao..mein dekh sakti hoon..aage tumhara future bahut bright hain...

Mayank:I Hope so...


Boss Nupur to Mayank se baat hi nahi ker rahi hain..sources se pata chala hain ki..Nupur Mayank se sirf professional terms nikal rahi hain..aur kuch bhi nahiaur haan Mayank itna busy  hain ki usse Nupur se baat kerne ki koi fursat hi nahi hain

HmmMayank ko itna busy karo ki usse time hi mil paaye Nupur ki jhalak dekhne koaur Nupur usske ander Mayank k liye sirf aur sirf nafrat dekhna chahta hoon

Aapka kaam process mein hain Sir

Good very good..


He left from her place and went to his..he sat on his couch lethargically..he dont know what to do..and why not..somewhere his concious wasnt allowing this..he do not want to hurt her but the question his mind asked him leaved him in a quiet thought the question he asked him,Why you don't to hurt's none of your business why you are caring so much of her he tries to give certain excuses but his heart knows what's the real reason..but still he didn't emerges to give the actual reason to Mayank for his this behaviour he wondered what will happen next when suddenly his phone rings it's of Mr.Mehra's from Mr.Frankerz office he instantly caught it and answered the call.

Hello Mr.Mayank..I'm Mr.Mehra speaking

Yes..!! Mr.Mehra..

See now your proposal has been kept under consideration..from the company policy you  have to some amount of money  so to appoint you to  more designs also

Oh..yeah sure Sirhow much!!

Its about around 50,000 dollars..nothing much..

He was shocked but still maintains his tone,Okay Sir..can you tell me kab tak deni hogi ye amount..

Yeah..!!! In 10 days

Okay..Ill arrange thanks for informing..

Its okay

Their conversation endedleaving Mayank all tensedand in deep thoughthow he is going to manage such a big amount..he dont have this much amount in his account

On the other side in the IInd innings..everyone was enjoying to their fullest when their doorbell ringsa parcel has been send for Nupurshe opened it found a very sexy and short black dress in it..with a note insideshe read the note

Hy Sweet heart be ready at eight..will come to pick you up..!!! There is a party and you have to come anyhow ..please do wear the dress I had send specially for you

Yours Varun

Instead of having a smile on her face frown appearsshe dont know what to do..she picked up her phone and called him..but seems he was not interested in listening any of her talks thats why he didnt picked up her call..she was frustated confused all at the same time..dont know..what to do..the dress was really very short it was off shoulder..and very high from kneesshe had never wore such dress she thought to call Mayank to take suggestionsshe took her phone and was about to punch the numbersbut stoped her fingers in middle,What I am going to ask him..?? hows he is gonna react..? ! kya hum itne ache dost  hain ki mein usse pooch sakti hoon..?? kya ye sahi rahega..?..Nupur tu bhi na bahut soch rahi hain ek baar call kerke ko dekh kya pata sab thik ho jaayee!! Haan ye sahi rahega mein usse ek baar call ker leti hoon

She dialed his number..after several ringswhen she was getting impatient he was all helpless and frustated and was getting more with the constant ringing of phonehe angrily grabbed his  phone and answered the call not seeing the soon as he picked up the phone all she had prepared that she would ask like thisor like that Vanishes off

A..Mayank..Itme Nupur.getting no response ..she thought to continue her talks and askedActually Mayank mujhe Varun ne..ek party mein bulaya hain au..aur uss party ka dress codebahut fashionable ..aur stylish hainbefore she could continue furthur to tell him about the dress..his blood rose up hearing Varuns name from her mouth dragging him back to earth saying that she isnt belongs to him she is someone else..and this thought actually made him quiet furious he angrily said to her,Nupur Varun tumhara fiancee hainto jab usne bulaya tum jao..mujhse kyu pooch rahi ho.She tried to explain him,Mayank..actually...He cut her in between and said,Please Nupur mera aur dimaag kharab mat karo..har ek party ka..dress code hota hainplease jao..uske pass..agar usne bulaya hain.

Saying he cut his callleaving his couch went to the washroom to take a cold bathcalming his nerves downwhile on other side Nupur felt bad..but she was confused why she is feeling bad..she must not felt like this..than why her heart aches when Mayank talked to her like thisshe thought may be he was busy and here she called him for her stupid talks thats why he get little bit frustatedafter lot of thinking she decided to go to the party wearing the dresssomewhere she was too taking her frustation out of how rudely Mayank talked to her

She dressed herself in a really very very sexy black dress gifted my Varun..though she was feeling very uncomfortable wearing itbut still she wore show Mayank..that she can doof her own..she dont need his advice

He was sitting on the dining table thinking how to to arrangethe moneyjust than he received a call from his fellow friend Vishal,Hey Mayankwhats up dude 

Hey Vishal..Im tell itne dino baad kese yaad kiya tume.

Aree..Yaar tujhe ek news deni thi..or should say good newsdeni hain..Yahan Hotel Cassear mein ek party ho rahi hain usme kafi well known construction compinies k owner bhi aayengeunme mein se ek hain Mr.Malhotlrayaar he is searching for an architect..actually unka architect adhaa kaam kerk bhaag gayaso he is looking for another onetune bataya tha na tujhe kaam bhai mere mein kya pata tera kaam ban jaayega..mene tere liye passes bhi le liye hain..

He thought for a while and than decided to go he thanked him,Thanks yaartune  mere liye itna which he replied,Shut Up dost ko thank you  bola nahi kerte tu aathik hain see you there...He said,Bye....

He thought he should go..what if he got the chance and through that pay he could able to deposit the amount..this will be good for his future..he stood up and made himself ready and prepared for the part and also for meeting..This deal is very important for himif he got than a lot of his problems would be solve

He reaches the party venue a lot of businessmen and marketing people were thereit was get togetherso that new talent could interact with new peopleof this construction and market worldworld..He and Vishal were intracting with different people when the spotted Mr.MalhotraHe dragged Mayank with himm,Mayankvo rahe Mr.Malhotrachal..He just nodded his head and went with him..Vishal greeted Mr.Malhotra and introduced hin to Mayank,Hello..Mr.Malhotra meet my friend Mayank..Mayank Sharma..he is an architectI told you about him..remember...It seems this bald headed man took few seconds to recall that and exclaimed,Oh..Yes..!!! Mr.Mayank Sharma,The architect..where have you been young man!!! I was so looking for you.He He shook his hand with him and greeted him,Hello..!! SirHow can I help you?.Mr.Malhotra sadly said,See..Vishal must have told you everythingso coming to the point I just wanna ask..if you are free..will you devote your one week to me..see..there is small apartment which needed to be designed..and since my older architect has left the work..I want you too..complete itwill give you..30,000 dollars for thatand is for about a week or two  duration work..I hope I had my self clear

It seems Mayanks biggest problem has been solved..he was looking for this..if he could able to manage to get 30,000 ..hell surely easily would manage rest twenty..thats not problem..that time Mr.Malhotra was like a god to himhe shook his head..and took his offer..whole heartedlylater Mr.Malhotra excused himself..letting the the two friends to celeberate his short success

He wondered for the first time without help of Nupurs presencehe could able to have a dealhe and Vishal were near bar and were enjoying to their fullestdrinking..not hard drinks..but mind itand glancing to the candies came with these people

Vishal said to Mayank,Mayank tujhe kya lagta hain yahan jitni ladkiyaan aayi hainsab k sab in saare logo jin k saath aayi hain unke saaath relation mein hain..

Mayank:Haan yaar almost sabhi hongitu aisa kyu keh raha hain..

Vishal:Pagal hain kya ..aisa kuch nahi hain..some of them..are thosejahan per tu kabhi jana pasand nahi karta...

Getting of what his friend is pointing,Are you serious..

Vishal:Haan.yaar..isse kya hota hain.. more people approach them..they uses these girls as for their businessdekhglancing to the party he pointed towards a girldekh uss ladki ko soon as Mayank looked..she turned her face facing back to himusse clearly shows..vo jiske saath aayi hainis just for making his business..he clearly looked at the girl and realises she was the same girl..who was standing..behind Mr.Malhotra..not showing her face to him.. he was wondering when Vishal nuged him,Kya soch raha hain..Mayank said Still in thoughts,yaar aisa lag raha hain jese kahin dekha hainshrugging his thoughts off chal chod mera vehem bhi to ho sakta hain....leaving they were enjoying their drinkwhen Vishal excused himself..leaving Mayank there.

Mayank was glanicng to the partyto the couples..and the bunch of peoplehow there were talking when he glanced at a corner..a familiar facehe moved a little to that place..he could clearly see his face..he was none other than Varunhe moved towards him to greet him..he saw he was kinda scolding someoneit seems..he a moved a little..a bit hiding himself he listened to whom he was scolding..he tilted his head a bit to see she was the same girlto whom Varun was pointing this time also he couldnt able to see her face

Varun:Tumhe kahin bhi le jaa naa bekar haintumhe kyu lagta hainki usski inyat gandi thi..c'mon ye high profile party hain yahan per ladikyon se aise hi greet kerte hain..baaki sab ko problem nahi bas tumhe hain..tumhe to bas apne ghar jana haiagar itni hi problem hi thi to fir ye dress bhi pehen kr hi kyu aayihar party mein tumhara yahi natak rehta hainsab kuch tumhari marzi se nahi chal saktaab aise muh latkaane ki zarurat nahi hain..abhi to party shuru hui hain..mere kitne saare clients hain yahan per..mere business k liye kitna important hain..I hope tum itna to samjh sakti ho

He was frustated with her when he  spotted Mayank..he called him,Hey Mayank..Mayank was starlted abit but reached to him when he called him out,Hey Varun..

Varun:So..kesa chal raha hain..sab


Still the girl was back facing him

Varun:Nupur ne bataya mujhe..I hope everything went well..

Mayank:Hope so..

Varun:Mayank..Kya tum meri ek help karoge

Mayank:Haan bolo..

Varun:Nupur ko please comnumity centre chod do


Varun:Haan Nupursaying to the girl turning her towards Mayank so that she could face..him leaving him all the girl was none other than Nupur..though her eyes were lowered but still he could able to sense that she is when she turned she was wiping her eyesA slight whisper escape his mouth,Nupur..than without removing his eyes from hers he said to Varun haan mein chod doonga.

Hope you like it..

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Originally posted by Roses-khushi


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superb dear..

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nice update

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