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sara1993 Goldie

Joined: 13 April 2013
Posts: 1564

Posted: 15 May 2013 at 6:48pm | IP Logged
Vinnie and Payal, i just can't praise you guys enough. Episode 20 and so far for episode 21, you both have demonstrated  your talents really well. You guys are really doing justice to each character. And Payal don't worry, you did a great job as Ma Saheb. When i read each character's  lines i think to myself that this is actually what Vikram would say or Amrita would say so well done Vinnie and Payal.

And Vinnie thank you so much. I read in episode 21 that you are already hinting on my idea. Remember, the one with little Sugni /Vikram. You made me smile when i read that part.LOL I just hope that we can see more to this part as soon as possible. But keep up the good work guys. . I know that you and Payal have more wonderful surprises in store for us .

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 13 June 2012
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Posted: 16 May 2013 at 4:49am | IP Logged
Thank you  Sara,  for your  kind  words and Support.   What can I  say  ...we here at  PSH 2   do listten  to  our  audience and  what they  want and what not...WinkWink
 We will continue to  strive and make things  better and keep the show entertaining for you  guys...and your  feed back is preciouse  as  it  tells us  if what we are  doing is working or not..SmileSmile

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sara1993 Goldie

Joined: 13 April 2013
Posts: 1564

Posted: 16 May 2013 at 7:54pm | IP Logged
Hi Guys, episode 21 was amazing. Loved each scene. Hope Dhana (Sugni) is okaySmile

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ronshaan IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 May 2006
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Posted: 17 May 2013 at 12:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by payal7

Thank you for your feedback. (I hope you have read the final version of Gulabia's monologue as we have amended it to make her thinking more clearer). The fact that you guys asking questions, expressing opinions on a perticular track is really gratifying because it means you are enjoying the show we are putting up.
I wrote this episode so its my responsibility to try and explain where I am coming from on this.
There was no point in procastinating about Gulabia's acceptance of TVS.
Gulabia wanted to make sure Sugni's dream of being married and having a family came true. It has come true. She may not like TVS but one thing she cannot deny is that he has always taken care of Sugni and Sugni is happy.
Whatever she does at this stage will only hurt her daughter's marriage and her new family. At that stage she may be asked to leave, putting her further away from Sugni which she does not want and in the worst case scenario Sugni's marriage breaks up - would Sugni ever forgive her for that? And if that happened would she, Gulabia, be able to offer Sugni a better life, protect her from sardahkai in the future? No. so what would be the point?
So Gulabia listened and thought:
- that is living in her daughter's sasural
- Sugni chose to marry Vikram knowing everything
- they are married and are living as a couple and she is ectatically happy
- Sugni has been accepted and is being given all the respect due to her as Vikram's wife by the family
- Aditya has told Gulabia that he is not prepared to do anything else for her especially if it involves going against his family and hurting them all again
- part of dislike for TVS stems from what happened in her life
and decided that in the interest of Sugni's happiness she has no choice but like all of them put what happened behind them and move forward.
Gulabia and TVS's relationship is one borne out of necessity because they both love Sugni and want her in their life and for Sugni they are both equally important.
The challenge for Gulabia will be that when SugVi face difficulties she does not let old hostilities make things worse between them.
Also it would be interesting to see how Gulabia will defend sugVi when some of her community cirtisise them.
Please also see Vinnie's comments below which I agree with wholeheartly.

Hey  guys,
   Thank you  so much  for your participation... I  am  glad   to get your feed back.   I  see you  think it was two  fast...but  there was a reason  for that.
 See  this is not a  saas-bahu  drama  were the  MIL  ill cause  problems  and  get away  with it.  Up until  this  point  Gulabiya  has  been  whispering her  doubts  to Sugni ...which  was observed  by  her  Maa  Sahib,  she  tried  to  take  Adi  to task.
  Vickram  is not some one who would  stand  by  and  let that happen...Remember  he never  allowed his own  sister to  abuse  Sugnii, and even after the factory  burnt down when his  family  was blaming Sugni  he  steped  in (even with claims of hating her)  and says  why  dose every  one blame her.
 So it stands  to reason  he will not allow  Gulabiy to cause much  trouble now that he  saw  the way  she talked and it would have turned  nasty   because he would have  put her out... which  would cause  disquiet  between him and Sugni...
 Vickram  is not a man to  shy away  from saying sorry  so he did. And Gulabiya  has not the sense, money  or power to keep causing trouble in the end she would loos her daughter again which  is not  really what  I  wanted to happen.
  So I  am sorry  if you  thought it  was a bit to fast ...but given  the strength  of the  two characters i can see no other way.

Originally posted by ronshaan


it was not your fault it was mine
because I my self felt it was fast I did not understand your view of that part of the story sand I felt the way all other felt
for me it was difficult to show her feelings and this might be the real reason why all others did not get the point
so it was not the bug in the story its me who did that part and did not get it correctly

any ways now i got it
apologize with all our fans ...
Please don't apologies. This is a team effort. If something is not conveyed correctly then we, writers and actors, have all made a mistake somewhere.
I am more than happy to take on board feedback provided and explain where we are coming from. Afer all that was one of the grips we had with Season 1 writers that they did not explain what they were trying to do, so we will not make the same mistake.
But may I please make a humble request - can we please restrict all feedback positive or negative to this thread only rather than several threads and polls etc.
I have a very demanding job so have limited time (and I know Vinnie is also short of time) and responding to several threads is very time consuming and occassionally we may miss one such thread.
If you can all restrict all your comments to this thread Vinnie and I promise to respond to your comments, queries etc but please do bear with us as we may NOT be able to respond immediately.
Thank you all very much for giving up your precious time to read and comment on the show. Please continue

Okay .. then we will discuss those things here !!1
yes u r rite agreed with u
ronshaan IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 May 2006
Posts: 24859

Posted: 17 May 2013 at 12:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by payal7

Thank you Ronit.
Lets see how the rest of audiance feels - hopefully I won't get rotten eggs thrown at me!!!!

DO not worry you were very good !!! i liked it !!

As to MS apologising to TVS, if an occassion arose she would definately admit her error but I do not see her actually going to seek TVS out and apologise.

yes agreed with u .. do u think vikram will let her say sorry to him ?? i dont think so he wont let her do that..Big smile
MS is old school. There relationship is very conservative. If you look back at season 1 they we never tactile with each other because a mother does not hug her grown son and vice versa.

Thats true !!! i like it u see things with her eyes I must say they look different from our eyes and hers Wink
She is very proud of her son (you can see it in her face - when TVS smartly answered TJS and made sure she did puja at Diwali, when TVS pulled out the loan papers to secure Kuhu's safety, when she thought that because of his absence she would not be able to do Maha shivratri puja, all the other times she lemented that all that was happending was because of his absence).  He is her rock. She loves him and cares very deeply for him but she does not demonstrate how she feels except in the way she treats him - so you see she generally goes along with the decisions he makes, prays for him, even when she is not happy with him she does not critise him but explains what she expets him to do, so in that car scene she said "you need to change your preception of Sugni and accept her as Aditya's wife" She did not say forget Sugni, go back to your marriage, equally after the warehouse burning scene when she was talking TVS she said "in this game you are playing be careful that the outcome is not that Sugni survives and we lose Aditya or I lose you. You, who are very precious to me.

well said payal .. hmmm really now u look with her eyes and some where she was not wrong too .. Wink mean we can say our grand parents might say she was rite .. her actions were okay .. what\s wrong with them ... nothing.. may be we see it with different angel
Equally I don't think TVS would expect or would be comfortable if she sought him out and apologied to him. When he came back with Sugni, his first concern was her reaction and when she asked if she should be happy or sad at his return, he responded firmly that let me tell you what happened and then you decide but then he softened his tone and said I may be a bad human being but I am not a bad son and the pride in her face told him that she knew that to be true.

well said !!!
Sorry for the long response but MS is a very difficult character to understand as she is not a like today's mothers. Hopefully it makes sense.

well .. I must say she is old type woman .. and i must say u r seeing this story with her eyes that\s what allow u come into this role .. for her divorce is bad word .. even behdni is a bad word but in kuhu\s marriage just to keep her in laws happy she allowed champa to dance Big smile i guess from that point she wanted 2 change just for the kids but it was not an easy taks .. can we change in a min ? NO its a hard way to go .. old people do not change so fast .. we have 2 think about their feelings .. right or wrong but that was the world with their eyes

find my comments in brown colorWink

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ronshaan IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 May 2006
Posts: 24859

Posted: 17 May 2013 at 12:51am | IP Logged
hey all
episodes 20-21 were great

scene b/w amu and ma saheb was great - i must say .. amrita is hard to deal with LOL today maa saheb too felt it hard to deal with amrita's questions LOLWink

scene b/w vikram and amrita.. vikram u always know how to win her heart LOL

scene b/w sugni and ma saheb - that was good

scene b/w vikram and ma saheb - awesome .. well done scene !!! (some one might be happy .. baby topic came outLOL)

last and not the least .. vikram sugni scene .. awesome well done scene !!!

hats of well written scenes !!!!

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payal7 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 14 August 2012
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Posted: 17 May 2013 at 4:27am | IP Logged
Thank you Ronit
MS - TVS was a tough scene to do. vinnie and I were as uncomfortable as those two were (it probably comes across in the posts).
The problem is  unlike with anyone else TVS does not say what he thinks to her and equally she is not as expressive with him as she is with Sugni, Aditya and Kuhu.
Although she is trying to change that its not easy and the fact that he is uncomfortable will always mean that their relationship will be more formal where there is less said and shown but more unsaid understanding and support
Would be great to get your thoughts on this Vinnie

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 13 June 2012
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Posted: 17 May 2013 at 7:40am | IP Logged
Based  on what  we gathered  from the show ...these  are the  facts. 
1. Vickram  was the third  child  (Both  Bhushan and  GIGI  )   are older than  him.
2. Kuhu  is younger than Adi( Probably 19/20) I  am guessing  Adi  is  24/25
3. Vickram is the one  who  always  saw about the  business  side of things , while his brother  saw to  the  accounts.

 They  live in a society  where men  are given  more  importance than after the  father  died I  am  thinking  MS.  was  having a tough  time  dealing with   the thakurs  who would not pay  her much  mind.  So naturally  Vickram  Stepped in...Just for the  fact  he was a male  made him better herd  by  these  people.   So  pretty  soon  he became  much  more of her  equal  than her son.
I  always  felt that  whenever they  are in the same room together   there is always that awkwardness. It was glaringly  apparent after his accident when  he asked her to  sleep  on her lap.   She was very  uncomfortable...but in that  I think  what she was seeing was  her  strong  son  in  pain for the 1st time  and  she  has no idea how to take care of that since he was always  the  strong one.
 No doubt she loves him...but she has come to expect alot  out of to her she expected him to  put aside his emotions and pull the  family  back together.  as he always  did...(he never  let  his mariage problems affect him  before.  and she  knew  very  well  that Reva was no  saint either.)
 In short  she will never  come out  and out and say  sorry  to him , and he  won't expect her to.  At the same time  He is not one she can  order about ...because ultimately  he will do as he pleases..but she will make suggestions and  he will  take it into consideration.  I also  have a feeling they  disagree alot on stuff..but somehow always try  to meet in the middle...
 Film wis  this  mother Son relationship  is more  realistic than   where  the mother says  "Do it , becasue I  said so!"  and the son replies "Yes maa, I  will!"  It dose not mean that he  dose not respect or love means he will do what he thinks is best ..and if  wrong admit it and try  to fix it. 

 That is  my  view on this relationship/

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