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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Episode 240 Discussion: 8th April 2013

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Episode 240 Discussion: 8th April 2013

Welcome to the Episode discussion thread which we call as Viewer's and Reader's Respite.  That's very apt, don't you think ? Wink. And that proves our objective.

Objective behind the thread is 
  1. It helps in keeping the forum clean without much litter. People just need to fall in a habit.
  2. We can have it like breathers at first followed by analysis. 
  3. It also helps like-minded souls and pals bond and gel together to drop in their thoughts for themselves as breathers and for their friends as a peep into the episode and for others to post their reviews. 
  4. And those from different time-zones, who do not get to watch the episode at this time of telecast (Indian 8:30 PM), without any worry to trace or keep track of all their buddy's posts, they can come here, read with leisure and later post their analysis after watching it from their Time zones. 
  5. Do not litter the thread with chit-chat conversations. A little is permitted to have the friendly atmosphere, but when you feel like chatting more, it is desired you take your conversation with your buddies to alternate venues like chat clubs, pm mode etc.
  6. Quoting Policy: It is desired that people refrain from single, double, triple and multiple quoting of posts on a repetitive basis. They can pick out the parts that they like to quote as opposed to quoting the entire post. It is often seen that we have  to scroll through the pages when all they have done is quoting and more quoting with one line response to the actual post. IF has a rule that more than three times quoting is not allowed. But nowadays as people read IF posts over phone, it is preferred that people do not quote longer posts and just extract the portions of the post that they like to respond to and if they still find it relevant to their thought process then get the entire quoted text.

For those who cannot watch can have the Live/Written Updates.
Today's LU from : Armu4eva
  • There are various other threads all over the forum. Please check out those as well. This is just one choice out of so many.
  • Readers are encouraged to post links of other members posts which had been "delightful read" towards analysis of episodic event/s or character analysis. It becomes an easy navigation in the myriad of posts and pages and can easily be overlooked.
  • The link to present day ED thread is always provided in the previous one discussed.Those who participated in previous thread can go to my posts and check the previous thread to get access to new link. 


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Episode 240 Discussion - EOD Summary

The Bermuda's triangle established. RK and Sultan messed up over Madhu and Madhu doesn't care for either. 

Events of the episode
  1. The Love triange, which I call Bermuda's Triangle is established. RK has started getting excessively possessive over Madhu and scared that he will lose Madhu to Sultan. Sultan has fallen in love with Madhu. And Madhu is not inclined to oblige to either of them, though she flames up all their passions the wrong way. She does not want to respond to RK in any manner and She does not love Sultan at all.  However; Madhu is knowingly challenging RK why if she is interested in Sultan, she cannot move on, when he himself left her. This has convinced him that things have really gone wrong more than he imagined to be. Madhu is also unknowingly airing Sultan's feelings for her by further advices and kind words to him. Sultan solicits Madhu to be Aryan's caretaker in the event he dies and Madhu agrees, gives her word. When Sultan leaves Madhu remembers.
  2. RK- Radha scene had growing bonding with him asking forgivness of her for yelling on her before when she asked why he wanted to color Madhu first. He is also able to share with her how things between him and Madhu have soured beyond his imagination. Rk- Dips was a very good scene with Dipali showing him the mirror and asking him to see how his actions are no less disgusting as he thinks of her betrayal to him. He too has deceived Madhu by spurning her love. RK next day cancels his shoot when his day goes wrong with him caught and clogged too much in Madhu's memories.
  3. Sultan while going on work, driving his car, remembers his wife, how she died. He then remembers Madhu's kind words to take care of his life. He remembers all Madhu's kind gestures towards him and his son. He goes home and sleeps with Aryan. Next day, he is seen chatting with his son, asking him to study. Aryan, now is shown as no longer to be scared of his father and instead teases him about Holi color that Madhu applied. Further Aryan becomes the Matchmaker and places a call to Madhu and gives to Sultan. Madhu and Sultan have an awkward Hello and Silence. Episode ends.

Episode Reviews
Page 1 - Angeena, AreYaar, Charu, Soundarya22
Page 2 - MarathiMulgi, anastasia21, SD, i-me-myself
Page 3 - ennishet, pnars
Page 4 - i-me-myself, ennishet, dramacrazy12, river123, AreYaar
Page 5 - Red_Opium, sangeet6690, AreYaar

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Angeena IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 9:30am | IP Logged
She has only heard "Alvida", never said it .. not even to RK. Give life another chance? Hmm .. life or RK, Madhu?

RK is so angry at himself, so confused, and yet so subdued.  Dipali, for the first time applauseapplause Incredible! You left RK with no choice but to say "OUT! OUT!". Brilliant dialogues & their delivery,  brilliant expressions by Seema Mishra. Loved this scene. star

Sultan is taking Madhu's words quite seriously. And Kaka's reactions to Sultan's change is rather similar to Radhaji's when RK accepted her back. Sultan remembering hMadhu so happily. phbbbt This is why I am irritated with Madhu. frustrated But, damn it Sultan ko toh samaj honi chahiye. angry RK tho bhul hi jao. at wits' end Woh tho full psycho hai. 

Madhu's actions are and will  be misconstrued by both RK and Sultan. She is helping Sultan for Aryan, and everyone but the Malik family, thinks that it for Sultan. Big disaster .. RK was right in a way sabne apni haaton se apne aakhon mein dhul dal diya hai. But, gosh that Aryan! If RK and Madhu have Bittooji & Radhaji then Sultan and Madhu have him! straight face Kuch zayada hi shararthi ho gaya hai. d'oh

And RK ko aayi Madhubala ki yaad! Wherever you go, wherever you see, whatever you do .. you will see the girl you wronged RK. That mansion is your prison, your haunted house filled with evocative memories, unforgettable, lingering, lasting.. Song selection is thumbs up Aur shooting ka "Pack Up"! ROFL Ek alag andaas main. Bechare producers ki tho long distance BBB ho gayi.

But the precap .. RK on a mission to get Madhu back. But I thought she is going to Shirdi? RK lies to get her to set most likely .. Bad start RK. Besides, Madhu will need all the divine help she can get. praying Padmini, Trishna had better pray hard.

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leelaa9 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 10:08am | IP Logged
Thanks very much for the review, Angeena.Smile

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AreYaar IF-Achieverz

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Seema was SUPERBB in the RK-Dips scene today...she got very good dialogues and the FLAIR with which she plays Deepali...kudos.

RK just fumed and FUMED in the entire epiLOL...but interesting choice of FBs today for the Woh Lamhe sequence...Finally RK missed Madhu in his bedLOL...and the very last one with Madhu telling him she loves him calling her Biwi with think that's the one that really hit home and is gonna make RK bring his BIWI back in full nautanki style.

The RK-Bittuji scene on the staircase was THE most hilarious moment of the epi...hilarious dialogues..."Lekin Chief aap toh set pe jaake Pack Up bolte hain naa?" ROFLROFL

Sultan is in major ishq wala lowe mode with Aryan playing cupid b/w him and Madhu...I guess they are using this character for the "softer" love story now while RK goes further off the deep end in his junoon.

Regardless, looking forward to tomorrow's epi...the sbb segment promises a howlarious scene with RK ki dialogue-baazi when he brings Madhu home...

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_charu_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Officially I've started my de-addiction process from today..Dead at least till this track is over LOGICALLY...

so Sultan chapter is not over yet , he's changing, all thanks to Madhu's rimjhim baarish, lecture , gulal and pyar ! if they're gonna show these many boring scenes of Sultan, i'll rather switch channels Sleepy now he's not a bhai , bhujang doesn't remember him, police is not looking for him, he's back in his house (then why was he in the chawl? madhu se patti karani thi?)Angry

RK-Dips scene was useless to me...but both the actors acted well Clap in a way i'm happy that Dips didn't say more than what she said...but is it rocket science? really? RK needed to be TOLD by Dips that he ditched Madhu?? and he wouldn't have done it if he loved Madhu?

RK morning scene and him remembering Madhu with the helpless and frustrated reaction was not cool..i'm sorry to sound pessimistic today..what was so good about it? was he remembering her lovingly? or bec. she was intruding in his thoughts and he was not liking it? his dialogues to Bittuji and Dips are always good..Clap

Mommy Padmini is headed to, apne shrap ka prayaschit kar lena...Dead

RK's short scene with Radha was nice..He'll be needing Radha ..Radha was longing for her son's affection but looks like tables have turned now..more than Radha, he needs her and he'll be needing her...

Precap..well I was really very happy to watch the SBB video but i guess it's not gonna play out the way I thought...frm where i'm looking at it, RK is heading for a nervous breakdown...nothing is normal...spells doom...

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hansa22 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 10:30am | IP Logged
After all the exciting spoilers, I'm waiting for the drama to begin. And the bigger drama which is going to be played out in sometime , I'm guessing, go figureLOL. SO this episode was a 'laying the foundation' episode.

Chawl Scene - Sultan & Madhu
Madhu promises to take care of Aryan, she also says she does'nt know how to say Alvida, she has only heard itOuch. Her mind is still on RK, she feels his touch on her cheeks, and gets upset. 

RK Mansion -
RK returns in a huff, apologises to Radhaji for his rude behaviour and runs up.. (when will he get this kind of normalcy with Madhu, will he ever??) Dips is waiting, with a glass of drink. Don't want to dwell too much except that Dipali reminds him that if he loved Madhu, he would not have cheated her so badly. In the final analysis, they are similar. RK gets perturbed and asks her to leave. 

Sultan - 
No Alvida and all, he is now lost in Madhu's thoughts.He gets back home, kaka is surprised to see him. He goes to Aryan, and decided to sleep in his room! 
 I  am sort of beginning to understand how madhu attracts these really unstable men. Apart from her beauty, she is an extremely simple person, content with very 'choti choti baatein' in life as Malik once said. She makes these men see the simplicity in life, contentment in basic relationships, she makes them see the happiness in small things in life...for eg, relationship between RK-Radhaji.. such a lovely relationship it has evolved into, and now Sultan-Aryan, their relationship is also evolving into a more loving one, Aryan is so much more carefree, childlike in front of Sultan, and Sultan in turn is gaining so much peace from his son. 

Good Morning RK..!!
RK wakes up, thinks of Madhu next to him. For some reason, he relives so many memories of Madhu, presumably, memories made pleasant because those moments must have been genuine despite himself. He is flustered, and cancels shooting. 

Good Morning Madhu..! 
Shooting cancelled,  Madhu and family are planning to go to Shirdi. 

Good Morning Sultan-Aryan..!
Aryan is amused at Sultan's Holi colour...itna pakka rang hai na??!! And Sultan blushes!!Angry
Aryan is getting bolder by the minute...he calls Madhu and gives the phone to his dad. Madhu picks up, presuming it is Aryan. Sultan says, Madhu and is not able to talk, Madhu looks confused!! 

I loved:
  • RK-Dips convo..mainly because it made RK realise he is now at Dipali's level. But what did he think he was doing with this revenge thingie anyway?? Samaj Seva?? 
  • RK-Radhaji's comfort level
I am uncomfortable with Angry
  • Sultan can he not think about RK? RK has told him he loves Madhu, he has seen them together at Holi. In fact, any normal person would imagine all kinds of things, observing their disappearance together, and let things be on that front. As usual, one more character showing traits of layeringAngryROFL
  • Aryan're getting over smart, bachcha. Trying for a new momma? Please bring your own mom, Neha Mehta, I heard she is a strong character. Where is she??? RK uncle is going through one of his temporary insanity phases, very dangerous to even look at Madhu when he is in this frame of mind.LOL

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AreYaar IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 10:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by _charu_

Precap..well I was really very happy to watch the SBB video but i guess it's not gonna play out the way I thought...frm where i'm looking at it, RK is heading for a nervous breakdown...nothing is normal...spells doom...

Normal and RK don't go together anywaysLOL...I agree that nothing was really resolved in the epi...and RK is too frustrated his memories of Madhu, everything around him reminding him of Madhu is frustrating him even more...all his expressions were about fuming today...fuming at her, fuming at his mind and heart which refuse to stop remembering her in everything he does.

I think RK needs to get to a breakdown...It is only once he REALLY hits rock bottom that he can start to realize...right now he's basically acting out in frustration...lashing out crazily.

And the makers of the show for some reason think that pitting both fangroups against each other will mean more is not on their triangles usually just convolute and DOOM a show.

I'm watching this for the entertainment factor that is RK...otherwise it remains to be seen if they take the Rishbala story towards the logical redemption it needs.

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