Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

NT#41 : Mere Rang Me Rangne Wali

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Aanchal : He's going back to his ex BIWI Broken Heart

Dimple : and so? 

Aanchal : I will left be alone again Broken Heart

Dimple : Dont worry, I am here with you Big smile

Aanchal : How's your sultan? 

Dimple : He is not MY sultan Aanchal Angry

Aanchal : Oh, is he single? Day Dreaming

Dimple : cant say! Shivangi might be a road blocker Stern Smile

Aanchal : Huh!! this is not fair... NO RK NO SULTAN.. what am I supposed to do Broken Heart

Dimple : NL post kar nalayak! Star

Aanchal : Yo! Cool

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Ishqian Moment of the Week : M.Hurr
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Dialogue of the week : -Dimple- 
Picture of the Week : Armu4eva 
Superstar of the Week : M.Hurr
Most Active Post [Sticky] : -Deepali-
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Nailed It Scene of the Week : jnawaz
Fashion Sense Needs to be Trashed : Phoenix.Xeelan
Bakra of the Week : Phoenix.Xeelan
Icon of the Week [ANIMATED] : Sunshine Girl
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OS/SS/FF of the Week : Silentpromises
VM of the Week : bubblygal1711

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Rang de ni odhani

RK enters the scene and seeing him claiming his right on madhu sultaan leaves the scene and RK makes madhu dance with him forcefully,madhu goes week during the dance,because RK touches her gets close to her in the end of the song when he twirls her madhu feels dizzzy and RK picks her up and takes her upstairs ,madhu tells RK to put her down and he does with a smirk she's leaving when he pins her into a wall and colors her starting with her forhead,her arms,shoulders and madhu has tears in her eyes and he tells her that only he can color her like that and only she can tremble like that when he touches her,RK asks madhu to wish him holi,madhu forgetting all the pain and bitter memories is about to color RK when Bhujang's goons come looking for sultan and madhu leaves RK without coloring him and put gulaal on sultan's face instead inorder to hide his face,an angry RK leaves and is heartbroken too.

1. RK: Iss Tarhan Tumhe rang lagane ka haq sirf mera hai, 
Aur mere chute he yun kampne ka haq sirf tumhara.

Finally RK back with full swing. Day Dreamingwoww I mean wowwDay Dreaming What a true dialogue. ClapONLY RK has the right on Madhu(Though he had confessed that this HAQ not being is HAQ is Only His HAQ to put Color on Madhu firstDeadLOL) And he knows himself and BIWI very much. WinkHe knows his HAQ, and with that HAQ how will his BIWI react and yes she reacted.LOLTongue it was like a shiver going through her bodyBlushingHeart which RK knows that BIWI always goes out of control when RK touches herDay DreamingBlushingHeart

2. Madhu: Mein tumse kuch pooch rahi hoon,mujhe jawab do, mujhe jawab chahiye

OMG those lines were killer which came straight from Madhu's heart mind and soul. Big smileShe knows that RK loves her more then he loves his own life.WinkHeart But apart from that she also knows that there is a fig fat ego which is coming between themAngryAngry. This scene and dialogue were emotional. It reflected how much Madhu wants to be with Rk and RK only, How much she wanted to hear from RK that he tried hating her but he knows that the more he hates her the more he loves her.BlushingHeart But RK remained SilentConfused. Though I am happy that he was silent. Didint really wanted him to say anything so soon. He needs a big time redemption. He needs to realize his mistake first. Then only he can get back her Madhu back.Day Dreaming

3 Sultan: Mujhe alvida kehna nahi aata

Swagat Nahi Karogi Hamara BIWI .. - RK Wink

Oye balle balle ... seriously .. this guy Embarrassed jab bhi muh kholta hai.. Madhu aur hamara dil dolta hai Tongue .. the way he carried Madhu to a corner..[to get some privacy ofcourse Wink LOL] and then asked her if she wont greet her baby ..just made me swoon ...!! Day Dreaming Sadly though Madhu (rightfully) broke my swoon dream she reminded RK of .. being his EX-biwi Smile

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So i was confused in what to do about Scene of the Week this week...obviously since there are clearly 2 camps now (Rishbala and Sulbala) people will consider different scenes to be the scene of the came up with a solution...a scene of the week for each jodi...because, lets be honest, regardless of which jodi you prefer you have to admit that each jodi had a few scenes that were moving and a scene that you found yourself watching over and over it goes...

Rishbala Scene- i had a hard time choosing between the scene where he comes to check on Madhu after the shoot out Embarrassed...or the Holi scene when he puts color on her Embarrassed...while the first one i mentioned was good...he at least admitted to himself and Madhu that he isnt sure why he cant stand to see her with anyone else ( waiting for his lightbulb moment LOL) has to be the Holi scene that stole it for me...why you ask? well...simple...because it was RK at his best...and by best i mean his awesome dialogues...i loved...just LOVED how he said that only he has haq to put color on Madhu first...and that after he does so...she has the haq to quiver under his touch...Shocked...anyone else feel the HEAT?! was smoldering...his eyes...the intensity...the body on RK mode...and of course...all Rishbala-ians were uber happy that Hero finally put holi ka rang on his Heroine Big smile

Sulbala Scene- hands down...their last scene of the week was the kicker...i was amazing! so on saturday, not only did we get insight into Sultans background (which, in its own right, was an amazing scene) ...but but but...he opened up...i him, love him or hate have to agree with the fact that Sultan doesnt come off as an emotional or open person...he's very cold and is needed for the life he leads...but...OMG...when he came to say "alvida" to Madhu and to thank her...omgShocked...i have to say...the cv's continue to surprise me with Sultan's character...he realizes his mistakes and apologizes and he appreciates what people do for him...not everyone can say that about themselves...Wink...he was so matter-of-fact about his nonexistent skills to say goodbye because its just not something he does...he wasnt afraid to admit that to Madhu...i love that she bring the humanity out in him...and when he asked her to promise that she'd watch after Aryan WHEN something happens to him Shocked...i nearly fell out of my bed! i had a 9am nail appointment which i missed because i couldnt stop the video Embarrassed...but oh wells...totally worth it...amazing scene that showed a new, trusting, side of Sultan...that on its own is paisa vasool for the week! Tongue 

Special Mention- MADHU STANDING UP FOR HERSELF!! gosh that was nice to was nice to see Madhubala Samsher Malik as herself...she wasnt RK's ex biwi who he's still in love with...she wasnt Aryans nanny...she wasnt Sultans reality check...she was just Madhu...i hope we get to see more of her in the coming episodes/days/weeks! Big smile

RK and Madhu both are the stars,love thier passionate and sensual romance,love how RK enters the scene and dances with madhu and colored his biwi madhu for confronting RK that why cant she move on and RK again left her shattered and madhu breaksdown,so both are the stars of the week.

It wont be particularly trashy fashion sense but yes wrong for sure. Dipali Bhatia. Dipali usually wears gorgeous trendy and sexy sarees apt for her vamp image but on the Holi Day she was wearing a bottle green chiffon saree. Now who wears such dark bottle green sarees on Holi day Geek It was inappropriate dressing on Holi so her fashion sense needs to be improved. 

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Holas.. sistahs.. n their bruthars Cool ... well quite a colorful week it was.. Wink with all the MB leads looking .. RED hot.. n literally LOL Pesh-e-khidmat the pics of the WEEK ...

>> Rang Deeni 

Haila Shocked jana tha japan ..pahuch gaye chin Shocked oye ki kitta.. RK boy ke dreams pe laal laal gulaal pher ditta.. Sulbala Angry LOL What an EPIC moment...just as RK boy came to put color on Madhu.. Sulu boi tripped n put color on Madhu first.. n just as Madhu was about to put color on RK ...she found Sulu boi in trouble n rushed to paint his face.. RED! 

>> Tere jism pe bas haq hai ek mera..

No matter.. how many fights.. how many insults.. . how many I HATE Us.. how many Sultans... RK n Madhu are so addicted to each other ..that the moment RK gets a chance.. he jumps on Madhu n paint her in the color of his LOVE-LUST ..! Wink Embarrassed

>> Kyun ...

The eternal Question for RK... the answer of which evades Madhu .. forever..! Ouch What a heartbreaking moment again ... to see Madhu so distraught n beyond herself in pain.. n misery ... as RK left her .. yet AGAIN ..without any answers..! 

Madhu - Kyun RK ?
RK - Mujhe nahi pata !! 

M sorry.. but this is hands down going to this RK-Madhu moment.. Madhu keeps asking WHY [RK first breaks her heart then comes back to claim her] and RK keeps replying WHY NOT Confused  I mean seriously ..its been too long and too often ...CVs need to end this n let us know.. IF RK LOVES MADHU or NOT ..Angry Confused Cry

This week Bakra would be Padminiji for her dialogue to Madhu, "Tu meri hi beti hai" Dear padminiji, along with being a wonderful human you are her mother too so just because she lost her senses temporarily doesn"t mean you have to as well and support her. The fact she said that Madhu's relationship with Aryan is beyond right and wrong is acceptable but she is comparing Madhus act with her own which is not. She tried to save her own child from a criminal - her own husband and she fought with the whole world for that and madhu while fighting for a child also supporting a criminal and not saving him from one. so both the cases are different. Expected more sensibility from Padmini.

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OS-What do they lack by palindrome

your gift

SS : Angel Mine! by dilnasheen

your gift

FF: Forbidden Love by Tia.Saigal2002

your gift

by PrittB

your gift 


by -Pooja-

your gift

by chakku_dyaan

your gift


by Sano88

your gift 


by MarshP

your gift 

Sultan's character - A big let down!


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we have a vacancy for SUMMARY OF THE WEEK, interested people can volunteer Big smile

edit : SUMMARY OF THE WEEK : -sweetgal19-

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Grrr AanchalAngryAngry
I will not leave you huh!Stern Smile I am not road-blockerAngry

The NL looks fab! Good job teamHug

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Shivu i just Knew that you are Road Blocker between Anchu and SultanShockedOuch
are you Loves HimShockedStern SmileROFL
Please Leave him for Anchu else I will Kill youAngry
Excellient NL AnchuStar..don't Leave naaAngry

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