Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

|*|VirIka OS: The last few moments... |*|

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Hey all! 

For the first time, I am not here with a funny post. ROFL I am not! LOL I am here with an OS on VirIka:) Well, I had this idea long time back but I only took the time out to write now. This may be not appealing enough for all you readers but this is what I wanted to write..This is just my feelings and my words. It was not intended to hurt anyone. I am deeply sorry if you are hurt at any point of time. This is specially dedicated to the many fans of VirIka out there. Embarrassed

Stopping by rubbish talk now. ROFL Sit back, relax, read it and enjoy. Big smile

OS: The last few moments 

" Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to Mrs Vadhera.. Happy Birthday to you.. " He sang, placing his soft kiss on his beloved's head..

It was 12am. It was only a few days after Jeevika Choudhry became Jeevika Vadhera. She was about to celebrate her first birthday in her in laws. But, no one, including her knew that it would be her last birthday for the life time.

After hearing Viren's voice and feeling his touch, Jeevika opened her eyes slowly. Tears trickled down as she realised Viren remembered her birthday.

" Thank you Viren Ji, Thank you." Jeevika said, hugging Viren.

Viren, who was waiting for that one hug for a long long time, hugged her back. Love blossomed between them as they passed the early morning as one.

-- 7 am --

" Bhabhi! Bhai! Its 7 am! Breakfast is at 8am! " Virat knocked on the door, breaking their sweet moment.

Hearing that, Jeevika jumped out of her bed. Seeing Viren beside her caressing her soft, silky hair, a smile arose on her face. 

" Happy Birthday! "

The wide smile on Jeevika's face told Viren what she wanted to say to him.

" Tha.."

" Chup! " He said placing his finger on her lips.

Viren just wanted to take her into a hug but Jeevika pushed him away. She got up from the bed, pointing to the alarm that showed 7.10 am.

-- 8 am --

Viren and Jeevika were dressed up in their best and went to the breakfast's table. Every Vadhera was gathered there.

" Happy Birthday Jeevika!! "

*shocked* " I didn't even expect this! Thank you so much! "

" Jeevika! Get ready in the evening! We have arranged a Party especially for you! " Swamini said, excited.

" For me? No.. Please..."

" Haan! You have to be here! Bas! " Vanshika Maa demanded Jeevika.

After giving some thought, Jeevika agreed and everyone got their mansion decorated for the birthday party! :D

** Evening **

-- 6 p.m --

All the preparations were done and the Vadhera Mansion was lit up with beautiful lights. Virat, Maanvi and the whole Vadhera family was gathered at the hall, waiting for the princess to come. Viren and Jeevika came out of their room in their best costume. Viren was wearing a while shirt and a Jeans and was looking as stunning as always. Jeevika was wearing a shimmering red anarkali and was as beautiful as the moon.

The angel arrived at the hall with her hubby. After meeting some of the guests there, as the guests and the family sang the birthday song, Jeevika cut the cake. Everyone was happy feeding each other the cake, partying, but none knew what Jeevika was going through.

Jeevika was feeling uneasy and uncomfortable right from the start of the party. She was not at all good. She was feeling very weak and wanted to just shout out but didn't want to. As always, as a perfect wife, sister and a daughter-in-law, she didn't want their happiness to end. Jeevika was trying to call out to Viren to tell about her feeling but she couldn't. The pain was just too harsh. 

Unbearable of the pain, Jeevika sat on a sofa that was in the hall. She was trying to control her agony. That harsh pain was too painful for her. She just couldn't anymore. She called out to Viren with so much of difficulty. After excusing himself from the guests, Viren went towards Jeevika.

" Vir..Vir..Viren Ji.." Jeevika said, as she stammered. A tear drop came from her eye.

" What happened Jeevika? Are you okay? You look so pale! What happened? " Viren asked, in concern.

" Viren Ji..." Jeevika stuttered and she fell on top of Viren.

" Jeevika! Jeevika! Are you okay?? Someone bring water!! "

Everyone garnered around Jeevika while Virat brought a cup of water. Viren splashed the water on Jeevika. There was no response from her. She was lying helplessly in his arms.

-- 7 p.m --

 Viren acted fast. He carried her in his arms and rushed to the nearby hospital. 

** Hospital **

Viren made her lie on the stretcher and held her hand as tightly as possible.

" Doctor.. Jeevika.. Is Jeevika alright?? " Asked Viren.

" Sir. Please give us some time. We will check on her and will inform you. " The Doctor said.

Jeevika was moved to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Jeevika's fingers left Viren's as tears trickled down his cheeks. The doctors did many tests to ensure Jeevika was hale and hearty.

 Maanvi could not bear to see her Di in that condition. She let her heart out and cried. Virat sat beside her comfortingly. Vanshika Maa who has never seen her beta in that condition, went near him and patted his shoulders in love. No one in the family expected Jeevika to be like that. Everyone was gloomy, thinking about her.

-- 8 p.m --

The doctors came out of the ICU. The chief doctor asked Viren to come to his room to discuss about Jeevika's health. Maanvi, who was concerned about her Di, followed Viren.

** In the Doctor's room **

" Mr Viren and Mrs Maanvi Vadhera, we have conducted some tests on Mrs Jeevika Vadhera. We were actually suspicious about her health and hence we had to take some tests. According to the reports of the different tests conducted, I am sorry to say but your wife..."

" What happened Doctor? Is my wife alright? "

" Is Di alright? "

" I am sorry to say but Jeevika is suffering from a heart problem. She has a block in her artery. She has been aware of her condition when we asked her if she knew about it."

Viren was startled! Maanvi was speechless! How can someone like Jeevika have a block in her artery? And she.. She didn't tell anyone! She just hid everything. Maanvi was broken and she went out of the room. 

" Doctor! Will..Will..Will Jeevika be alright doctor? "

" Its hard to say Mr Viren. She is really weak. I promise we will try our best to save your wife. "

Viren was depressed. He was in despair. He went out of the room with a heavy heart. The family who was around Maanvi moved to Viren and asked him about what the doctor said.

" What happened beta? What happened to Jeevika? " All asked in a chorus.

Viren could not tell anything. He was flooded with sadness. Tonnes of questions ran in his mind. He could not speak a single word. Tears were flushing out from his eyes as he sat on the chair with a thud.

" What happened beta? Tell us! "

Everyone was pestering Viren to tell them the truth, but, there was not even a slight nod. Viren was in shock. He was in tears. One side Maanvi and the other side Viren. Their silence was deafening. No one can take that, or maybe, only Virat. Virat stomped into the Doctor's room to know the truth.

He asked the doctor what had happened to his bhabhi and the doctor told him whatever that happened. Virat's heart broke like a mirror. He came out of the Doctor's room and saw everyone. The doctor who came along with Virat, went to the ICU, where Jeevika was kept. The Vadheras asked Virat if he can at least tell them what had happened.

Unbearable of the pain, " Bhabhi...Bhabhi..Bhabhi has a block in her artery! There..There is only a slim chance of her survival! " Virat said.

This was a shock to all the people there. They were astonished! Tears flowed from their eyes.

Tears gushed out from Viren's eyes when he heard the last few words. 

" There..There is only a slim chance of her survival! " These words echoed in Viren. 

Viren cannot imagine a life without his beloved! A life that will only have cries and sadness. He cannot live a life without her. Maanvi, on the other hand was in tears. 

" How can my Di have such a problem? And she hid from me? Di.. Why?.. Why Di? " Maanvi thought to herself as here eyes became red from crying.

No one could imagine Jeevika in that condition, All were extremely helpless. The only thing that they could do was to pray to the god that Jeevika will be back. 

** 9.30 p.m **

The group of doctors who treated Jeevika came out of the ICU. They all looked sad and disheartened.

" What happened doctor? Is Jeevika alright? Is she okay? Please tell us! " Everyone asked except Viren who was still down.

" We..We..We are sorry to tell you this. We have tried our best but..but.. its too late. Her body is really weak and its difficult for us to save her. She herself knows this and she wants to meet all of you before she leaves. We are extremely sorry.." The doctors said, apologetically.

Everyone trembled in fear. They started shivering and beads of perspiration flowed down their spine. They could feel their nerves. Viren was white. He looked at the doctor with a helpless look.

The family moved into the ICU except Viren. Jeevika was ONLY longing for him. The family tried to control their tears as they saw her.

" Maa! Bua! Dadha Ji, Chachu, Chachi aur Shlok! I am sorry for not telling you all about it. I am really sorry. I didn't want to hurt anyone of you. I am sorry! " Jeevika said, while crying.

No one responded to her. Everyone was speechless.

" Mannu! Won't you talk to me too? I am sorry.. " She said.

Maanvi hugged Jeevika. The whole family hugged Jeevika. They were worried. They could not say anything to her. Confusion struck them on what to tell her-- whether to give her confidence or tell her that she is going to leave them.

" No Jeevika. Nothing will happen to you. You will come back to us.! Be confident. " Bua said.

Jeevika just smiled.

" We will wait outside for you. You will b back!" Vanshika Maa said as they moved outside.

" Virat! Can you please ask Viren Ji to come in? I want to talk to him.. " 

Virat came out of the ICU and told Viren. Viren did not want to go in. He cannot see his wife in that condition! He just can't! However, due to the persistent pestering of the family, Viren moved in to the ICU.

** 10.00 pm **

Upon seeing Viren, Jeevika felt happy. Memories of their first meeting, marriage, honeymoon.. Everything flashed through both their minds. Viren went and sat beside Jeevika on the bed, holding her hand as tightly as possible.

" Viren Ji.. I..I..I am really sorry. I know you are angry with me for not telling you but, I couldn't. I know you will be upset and worried about me. So, I didn't want to tell you.. I am sorry Viren Ji.. I am really sorry.. I didn't meant to hurt you"

Viren was just silent. He was in tears.

" Viren Ji.. Please don't cry. You want me to leave the world crying?? Please don't! I want to go away happily...Ple.." Viren stopped her.

" Chup! You are NOT going anywhere! You are NEVER going anywhere! Just..Just stay beside me! Please Jeevika. Please don't leave me! Please.." Viren cried as he hugged Jeevika as tightly as he can. Jeevika also hugged him back. The only place where she found safe in the whole world is Viren's arms.

" I Love You, Jeevika.. Please don't leave me."

" I Love You too Viren Ji.." Jeevika said. 

The hug was so passionate that Viren didn't even realise his life left the world.

" Jeevika! Jeevika! Jee.." He stammered as he saw Jeevika. There was a wide smile on Jeevika's face.

" J-E-E-V-I-K-A!!! " Viren shouted! He couldn't believe his eyes. He remembered the moment when Jeevika said she should die in his arms. His world seemed dark. He was shattered! He became so weak! He couldn't imagine a life without her. And she passed away on the same day as she was born. What could be more saddening for him? The first time he celebrated his wife's birthday with her and that was also the last one. Viren could not control his tears. He spent the whole night crying , crying and crying. 

His family did try to comfort him but... the pain was just too painful. Maanvi was also suffering inside.. She was broken. Her Di just passed away. She cried her heart out. The family was incomplete with Jeevika. They just hoped her soul rest in peace. Viren was in despair and he just left the ICU with tears and memories of Jeevika. 

Those last few moments spent with Jeevika will always be rooted in him. The miserable death separated VirIka into Viren and Jeevika. The last few moments... will always be within them, both Viren and Jeevika, all their lifetime..

---------------------******************** END ********************----------------------

So yeah, this was for what I reserved a post for. Thank you so much everyone for reading this OS:) I am really sorry if it isn't nice to read. Thank you and Sorry! Hug


P.S: Unres it ASAP all those who res-ed it! Thanks! :P

Thank you everyone for making this reach 50 likes.. :D Loads of hugs! Hug

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Wohooo i am first!Party
Let me have the victory dance first!Dancing
Lol but the credit for me being first goes to my ritz baby! Hug

I am really very sorry for unresing so late! Was stuck with classes and all! Unhappy

Coming to the story now!

This was way way beyond words! It leaves me dumbstruck each time i read it!
Aww the beginning was so sweet!
Viren kissing jeevika!  Their hug! Embarrassed Love blossomed! Blushing
Wohoo a b'day party for jeevs! hope i am invited!ROFL
How can she say no for he b'day party? Shocked She is so innocent! 

Loved the way you described the decorations and the way they had dressed up! It made me imagine the whole setup! brilliant!

Viren's care and pain seeing jeevika in that position! Jeevika struggling to take viren's name! Viren was so worried! I felt so bad for him! I was just wishing for jeevika to be fine when reading that part! 

Jeevika has a block in a artery! She has slim chances of survival! ShockedCry
I was feeling feeling so so bad for viren! Poor fellow! How i was jeevika would become fine! Cry
I was beyond shocked when the doctors came out and said its too late! CryCryCry

"The only place where she found safe in the whole world is Viren's arms.

" I Love You, Jeevika.. Please don't leave me."

" I Love You too Viren Ji.." Jeevika said. 

The hug was so passionate that Viren didn't even realise his life left the world.

" Jeevika! Jeevika! Jee.." He stammered as he saw Jeevika. There was a wide smile on Jeevika's face.

" J-E-E-V-I-K-A!!! " Viren shouted! He couldn't believe his eyes. He remembered the moment when Jeevika said she should die in his arms. His world seemed dark. He was shattered! He became so weak! He couldn't imagine a life without her. And she passed away on the same day as she was born."


I dont even have words to express how touched i am after reading this! She passed away!Shocked  
Viren! CryCryCry

Your story moved me to tears! I am speechless! I found it so difficult to express what i am feeling through words! Its probably touched me more because i know the back-story and what you took inspiration from for this OS! I know what you tried hinting on by this story! But this is not gonna happen with you! God will never do something so cruel! I wont let anything happen! Dare you even think about anything bad happening to you!

 I will never be able to do just to this story by my comment! How much ever i praise it is going to be less only! 
Beyond perfect!

Big and tight hug!Hug
I love you lots ritz baby! Heart

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Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug 

PIYU...Hug Hug

What a mind blowing os!! Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

it was so different from your usual self!! LOL

i really thought it was again your crazy mind working on virika and we are getting a post on them... LOL  this really came as a surprise!! Tongue

every time i remember you, your funny and romantic posts on virika click in my mind Smile...and now you have totally astonished me or to be more precise and clear, you made me speechless by this story of yours...Sleepy Smile

And you should surely surprise us like this more often!! Big smile

Believe me it literally gave me goosebumps while reading this!! The story seemed so real...the pain of losing the loved one was described so beautifully..!! Clap Clap Clap

Everything was too close to reality...i really had tears while reading this especially the end..Cry Cry

loved how you described each and everything...Clap

from the way viren wished jeevika Embarrassed. to the pain viren suffered from when he was confronted by the harsh reality that his life is going way Cry and not to forget their last moment together..Cry Cry really no words to express!!

u really made me cry by this story of yours...Cry Cry Cry

Ok enough of crying now LOL...heres a big smile from me for you for writing such a masterpiece for all of us...Big smile 

Love u Loads Piyu...do continue to surprise us like that..Wink
Waiting for another one soon..Wink Tongue LOL

Lots of hugs Hug Hug
Liya Heart

Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug 

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I'm third. This is so not fair. :(
Anyway, coming the OS.
This was freaking amazing Preetz. Seriously. So well written. Feelings beautifully expressed.  But how I wish.. Jeevika could be saved. :(
But loved each and every bit of it. 
I had tears in my eyes when I read the ending. It was truly truly amazing. Great job. 

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mariarauf48 Goldie

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unreservedd Smile

prettha omg i had goosebumps while reading Clap

it was so different and uniqueThumbs Up

the way u described everything was just perfect Thumbs Up

from the night to the morning Heart

everyone wishing her Heart

their costume

her easiness

just perfect

viren worl shattered knewing the news

she died i his arms omg

i literally had tears while reading it

great work do write more ClapClap

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Saba_Pari IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 5:49am | IP Logged
Omg such an brilliant updates and hreat wrenching jeevi died on her birthday in viren's arms and u described each and every thing so perfectly u r a awesome preetz thank u so much for great updates love u

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..Amrita.. IF-Rockerz

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it was so heart wrenching...jeevs died in viren's arms on her bday...god seriously m soeechless...dont hav a single word to describe it...awesome...lud it...will miss u preetz...love u

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I'll toh res! ROFL
Res!:( Cry
Who told you to res when i was offline? Disapprove
First of all i wanna know when will you update next?EmbarrassedLOL
P-R-E-E-T-H-A!! Such a brillliant OS! Clap *I'm clapping LOLLOL*
It can not get better than it!
It was an IMAGERY! Could imagine everything!Embarrassed
Full of emotions-Happy Sad Pain Love Bonding Trust!Big smile
Each and everything's briliantly fabulously expressed!
Want an update soon! And I wanna be FIRST!WinkLOL

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