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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

FF MG~Beautifully Flawed~#2...Part 37-56 updated on BLOG, 21,sep '15 (Page 73)

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awesome update
maan ka accident!!

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Finally read it.

Maan gave such a beautiful date to geet.

Oh! Dev planned his accident :-O

nw wat???

Conti soon

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Originally posted by Madhuri53


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hey osheen finally back to IF so will try to give comment soon 
i love this story so much 

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Awesome update
Loved it
Beautifully written
Continue soon
Eagarly waiting...Day Dreaming

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Shaan is a character n its okay if your don't like him. In BF almost every character has two faces. As for the sad ending thingy dear, I can't tell u precisely if it wud be one as I myself don't know but am not denying the possibilityConfused.
Maan was not actually a womanizer. In that case he is a normal guy who has been in several relationships. Reason n circumstances of the intimacy Geet witnessed between Maan n Deepika in office has not been cleared but it wud be in later partsSmile.

Part 24

Hello, I... wanted to know if Maan has come back from Noida? He should have been back by now.

Adi's voice was strained when he spoke. Maan Sir has had an accident. He told Geet the name of the hospital where Maan was admitted.
Geet started to shake. The phone fell from her hand n she stumbled before running out of the house.

This couldn't happen. Her heart raced n she couldn't stop the tears streaming down her face. Drive faster. She told the driver pushing the words out of her choked throat. All moments with Maan flashed before her eyes. Their first meet, his kisses, the passion he arouse in her, the care, him calling her love'.
Geet was out of the car before it actually stopped and then she stood still in her flip flops under the open sky. A lone tear fell on ground. So much did she wanted to believe that he was all right but her heart assumed the worst. Her whole form trembled as she held back the sobs that desperately tried to break free. Looking at the tall building Geet lived the past again. She had lost her everything in a hospital. While god had called her family, she was left alone; to survive n she lost the battle.
She died. Not again she wanted to die. She was not afraid of death's face. She was afraid... of losing him.
In her broken, dark world, Maan had brought the light. He had miraculously pulled her out of that brutal hell hole; somehow he had blown a new, tiny life in her soul. She felt, so clearly. The pain, fear... love. Her heart was attached to him, cemented. She would die again if he did. He couldn't leave her. No. She murmured in the silent night n wiped the tear.
I... I want to see Maan Singh Khurana. She spoke to the woman on counter who gave her a look-over.
Sorry, but Mr. Khurana is in the VIP ward n no one is allowed to meet him-
I am his friend. I need to see him, please.
I am sorry-
Geet. I know her. Adi informed the other woman making an entry. This way.
Geet followed the man, fisting her hands lest she lost the little strength that kept her walking. Her stomach churned seeing the dull pink n cream of the walls. She hated hospitals and she hated Maan in it. What if he was-
Please keep him all right. She prayed when her faith in the almighty was non-existent. He was responsible for her fate; he had denied the last plea of her previous life. And after taking the biggest decision of her new birth, she had stopped wishing for anything. For she was a sinner n god rarely heard the saints then she might just not waste her time. Just once. Only this time.
How is he? Her voice was alien to her ears as she braced herself for the answer.
Maan sir is out of danger, kind of. Doctor said nothing could be clearly said until he regains consciousness. He had lost a lot of blood. They had to transfuse him.
Geet nodded solemnly. Accidents are bad. People get killed. I have... seen, we had one. My family, they... Geet realized she was blabbering. I.. wha..t... what happened?
Adi cleared his throat catching Geet's attention. She noticed the bruises on him. It wasn't really an accident. We were going to the Noida site n some goons attacked us. Obviously their target was Maan sir. We didn't have that much security because the visit and route were confidential. I don't know how the word got out and who could have planned this, Maan sir have so many enemies. Thank god police came there n the goons ran away thinking Maan sir was already-you know. He was just unconscious. Geet blood stopped flowing freezing in her veins.
I want to see him. She said like a zombie n Adi must have felt the gravity of her voice. He strode faster n they reached Maan's room. However, before Geet could go n open the door. Maan's Dadimaa blocked her path. 

Where are you going? It's all because of you. Since the time you have entered his life everything has been going wrong. You have brought blackness n nothing.
Get aside. I will leave once I have-
No, you can't meet him. Dadimaa held Geet's hand to guide her away.
Geet jerked her hand back. I won't leave until I meet him.
How dare you? He is my grandson n u are not going to meet him. Security.
Geet wasn't going to let anything come in her way. She just wanted to see him once. While Dadimaa was busy calling security, she ran to Maan's room n stopped dead with her hand on the door knob. He was lying on the bed with Deepika beside him, holding his hand. His companion, support. His lifeline n who was she? The curse he had brought upon himself. She was the cause of his condition. Geet touched the glass. He looked as pale as the white bed sheets, pinned with life support system, an oxygen mask on his badly bruised face. She imagined him getting beaten up, bloodied. All air dried around her. Frantically she tried to take some oxygen in but her lungs seemed incapable of the task. Her eyes slid to Deepika's hand which was holding Maan's. She was smoothening his hairs while he slept.
Guards grabbed Geet n she didn't protest while they dragged her all the way out n left her there. She was looking so pathetic that one of the guards uttered a sorry. Geet smiled, tears blinding her vision. It's okay. She was used to being manhandled, new was getting your heart broken to shreds n the agonizing pain that came with it.
Geet didn't go to the car she had come from. It wasn't hers n time had come to bid goodbye to the momentarily fairy tale. She was responsible for Maan's condition. Her skin prickled n she wished to crawl out of her own form. Vision of Maan on bed cursed her, making her bleed from inside. She clutched her chest where the pain was worst. Her legs were wobbly n became incapable of walking after sometime so she stepped over the sidewalk n sat on the dusty ground. Resting her back against the scrubby trunk of a tree, her hands came up to fist on her head in the messed up mass of hairs.
The pain n guilt nearly killed her. She had allowed him in, let him be incharge of her life. Her curse fell upon him too. He was nave but she knew. She didn't fight hard enough. Although, now the lesson was learned. She was fated to be alone n not let anyone come close. Geet knew she was beyond salvation.
Standing up she tried to subdue the trembles. The night was cold n her blood was colder. She had nearly killed him, didn't she? But he would be fine. He had to be fine, since now she had left him, once n for all. Geet brushed her clothes of all the debris.
Hey J. The Bartender looked at her confused. Oh, you forgot me? Geet flashed him a smile.
Ah, Muskan what has happened? You look out of form n... heartbroken.
Geet frowned and asked in a low voice. Oh, I am that obvious?
Yes. You are babes. Where have you been? Didn't see you around and two guys had come to ask about you.
She sat straighter. Who?
The big ugly guy you work with.
Her eyes widened. Must be their building guard. What did you say?
That I didn't see you around.
If they come again-
My lips are sealed. Don't worry.
You are awesome. Thank you.
As I can see you have enough of trouble in your kitty. But you know how dangerous they are. Where are you staying?
Just here n there. Nowhere particular.
I thought you tried to flee. That's suicide. The man you work for-the bartender's voice dropped in volume-doesn't have a good record with the girls who try leave him and the business. Geet was very well aware of that. I don't want to scare you. Just be careful.
Her throat suddenly was so dry. Can you get me something to drink? I don't have money.
It's some rich brat's pay today. I can slip you free liquid. J winked n Geet was more than thankful.
She drank and danced between the grinding bodies for hours. In darkness nobody knew her n everyone was same, just like her. Yet the ache in her didn't subside, it grew larger.
Back on the road, Geet realized she was too much drunk. The air was heavier, ground so far n sky spinning above making her want to puke. Still, only her mind was foggy... her heart was way too sober. It felt all the same, yearning for Maan, praying for him, wanting to be with him.
A whistle broke her thoughts. She turned to see three guys following her n grinned. Sorry, am out of order.
But why? We'll serve you nicely.
Geet shook her head. Idiots!! Continuing to walk, she hummed an old song. Where would she spend the night n the coming days? For the night a public park would do n then in the morni- The guys surrounded her n she looked at them bored. See, am really in no mood of your petty games. Maybe some other time if you are lucky. So for now, f**k off.
I think I have seen you somewhere. One of the drunkards said ogling her face.
Reallyyy? A bar perhaps considering the condition we all are in.
You are Muskan, right? Mr. C's guys were searching for you. Before another word could be uttered she ran. Go grab her. We would get prize if we supplied her to Mr. C or he could give us some work.
Unfortunately, she couldn't go far n the guys caught her easily.
Let go of me. Dogs. She trashed n clawed while they laughed.
We have got a jackpot for all we know.
A car stopped, its headlight flashing over Geet's face. She closed her eyes.
Leave her.
Who are yo- At the sight of gun, the guys took a step back.
You better run from here or I am calling the police. The man from the fancy car took his phone out from the hand that wasn't holding the gun. We'll see you later. They all ran away.
He held Geet before she fell on the ground. Maan...
Maan is in hospital. He had an accident. Geet focused her vision on her savior.
Shaan. You always come at right time.
Shaan held a swaying Geet close to himself. She was buxom n soft but her face was pale n clothes dirty. He felt a wave of compassion n concern hit him hard. Always attracted to Geet but that was nothing new. Beauty always caught his attention yet something was different about this girl. She intrigued him so strongly n touched more than just his interest.
I am taking you to my house.
Yeah, take me to your house. She repeated closing her eyes as Shaan made her sit in the car.




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