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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

FF MG~Beautifully Flawed~#2...Part 37-56 updated on BLOG, 21,sep '15 (Page 65)

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update please

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Oh Kay so like Maan knew Geet already Shocked that's a revelation . Interesting Star

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waiting for chapter 23...plz update soon...

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Part 23

Light in sky, a period of white
Road full of roses, glittering sunshine
I wait here for it to end
Fading and sad, dark and cold
The passing phase... uncertain
The glow doesn't go, so pure
And you hold it tight
Never lose, unconditionally kind
Going up, I fly high... you paint my wings
I look down and you stare back
Your arms, eyes my ground
For whenever I come back down

Everything was perfect. Geet hadn't thought things would last for so long. It had been four days since they had gone for that disastrous breakfast with Maan's mom n grandmother and in two days they would be leaving to go back to Mumbai.
In two days she would shift back to Maan's house.
Geet sighed. How had her life come to this point she had no clue. After being a prostitute for what felt like a century she was here, living a luxurious, nearly normal life, with a billionaire businessman. She went to office, held a post. And there were people who cared for her, not many but at least two. On the inside, no matter how twisted, she felt the cracks filling, the hope building. Hope for a life which was a little more... respectable... easy... and less brutal.
Her eyes closed n involuntarily mind got back to when she had entered the business. Her first time.
Geet was hell scared. Her whole body was shivering and she couldn't look herself in the mirror. She was dressed like a... s**t. Of course she would be. She was going to sell herself. For a moment she thought about death. There were always knifes available, some building beside the road, kerosene being sold in some store. Only now these people wouldn't let her die. Mr. C wouldn't let her die. She was money n had already given her consent. Geet put her palms over her mascara laden eyes and gritted her teeth.
She couldn't kill herself. Wouldn't. Why should she die? She wasn't a coward n the world never cared for her so why should she care for them. Whatever she got was pain, loads n loads of pain. Now screw it all. She didn't give a damn. Her body was already battered. She was already a murderer. So what... if she was used more and killed her own soul this time. But she wouldn't die to give satisfaction to god. She would live n if having sex for money meant the only way of survival, she was up for it.
Tears fell from her eyes but she wiped her cheeks, tears were useless, weakness. When two skimpily dressed women came to her room, Geet felt nauseous. Drink this. One of them forwarded her hand to offer the glass. Wha-t is... this? They looked at each other n laughed at her stammering. Geet wanted to run n hide under the bed. This is magic, will give you strength. The woman held her face, her fire-red nails digging into Geet's skin, and pushed the glass of to her mouth.
Geet gagged as the dark liquid burned down her throat. She heard the giggles as her head swam then the door slammed. She fell on the bed. The air cold over her, bed swallowing her in. The door opened again and someone walked in, then there were hands all over her. Her foggy mind couldn't comprehend what was happening but she cried, screamed, fought without a sound or movement.
Later, she lay on the bed curled up in a ball, naked from inside out. The man had left a bundle of green bills on the table it was another thing that she didn't even saw his face, didn't know if he was young or old, married or single. She just knew her body ached, stung n she felt a slash from her heart to belly. It had to be the place from where the dead soul of hers would have escaped.
Yeah, she was alive. Alive with no soul. Undead.
Ringing of her cell pulled her out of the horrifying bygone.
Is there a problem?
Geet smiled. How he understood about her internal storms with just her voice was something beyond her. She looked at the modern art painting hanging on the front wall of her cabin which was just besides Maan's. Naah! No problem, everything's good. Where are you?
On my way back. The work's going on good here.
Okay I will wait for you in the office then.
No. I want you to go back.
Geet furrowed her brows. Why?
We are going out for dinner.
Yes. There is a gift in your room at Niki's. Go n have a look, will pick you up in an hour.
Okay. But-
He cut her off. What's your favorite food?
It's... Geet started but her words clogged. Her favorite food? There was a time when she was starved n had nothing to eat, since then she ate whatever she got. She wasn't really allowed to have favorites. I don't know.
There was pause n then Maan spoke. We'll figure it out. The line dropped n Geet felt the fluttering in her heart. She knew dinner was putting it gently. Maan would have planned far more than just a dinner. He was a man who did things with extravagance, simple was just his heart.
With Maan's busy schedule they were going out privately for the first time, just the two of them. A broad smile stretched its way on her face. She was excited. Geet hastily left the office n headed for Niki's place.
There on the bed she found an exquisite gown, the fine fabric was thin, sea blue, the neck a deep cut n down it flowed in several, defined incises. Geet concluded that she liked it. She picked up the card that was placed above the gown.
Wear the gown. A car will pick you up. Come to me.
Your Maan's Waiting.
Geet felt the words which were written in his neat, ideal script with her finger tips. The gown was perfect on her body, wrapping her up in sensuous magnificence. Closing her eyes she imagined his eyes on her. On the cleavage that revealed from the deep neckline, legs that played hide in seek behind the slits of the gown or the hips that were hidden beneath the thin cloth. Current ran through her, just thinking about him. An image of their nude forms entwined together in the sheets fogged her mind turning her face bright red.
She did light make up n let loose her long, wild hairs. He loved it like that.
Out the car was waiting for her. She sat in it and the uniformed driver passed her a satin cloth.
What's this for?
Sir wants you to tie this around your eyes.
Man! Was she thrilled? With anticipation coiling inside her unsteady hands tied the black-satin around her eyes. Wait wasn't long maybe because she found it enthralling. World seemed new so was the magic of the eyes being closed. Ears were all was she depended upon. She tried to concentrate on the noises around n made a game of guessing where she was. Car zoomed pass the busy roads, stopping n then continuing on the traffic signals. Later on the noises diminished. They clearly had reached some less busy part of the city. And then the movements seized.
Geet stepped out. The wind was gusting blowing her hairs n gown. A booming resonance of an aircraft flying was heard in background. Either the airport was nearby or she was in there itself.
His touch was unmistakable. Maan held her elbow in his stable, large palm. She instinctively leaned into him. You look beautiful, love.
The L-word sounded so sweet from his mouth. Geet actually didn't remember when he started using it for her but she somehow felt fixed whenever he addressed her like that. He escorted her n she stopped trying to guess where she was. With him she only wanted to concentrate on his touch, his smell... the complete him.
After a flight of stairs, there were more noises n an announcement. She knew they had boarded a plane.
With fingers that always knew what they were doing, he untied the cloth off her eyes n his mouth claimed hers. Standing on tip toes she ran her tongue over his lips showing her appreciation. His one hand pressed her torso into him while the other petted her hips.
Geet gasped for air as he parted his mouth from hers.
She observed her surrounding to calm her ragging heart n hormones. A private jet with every facility you could think of. Even a pool table. Is there something in the world you don't own?
Maan stretched on the lounge chair n pulled her on his lap. There are things that I want but I don't have.
The heated lips touched her neck n Geet tried to concentrate. I think you have it all.
I don't. But I am stubborn enough to make mine what I don't have already.
The plane landed in 2 hours and meanwhile they made good use of the flight.
Again Maan tied the cloth around her eyes n they set off for some place unknown. Geet didn't even ask where they were because she didn't want to ruin the surprise for herself n with him she didn't doubted for her safety either. Most certainly he was the only man on the planet she was actually safe with.
When she got off the car this time and Maan escorted her to somewhere, she felt cool, heavy breeze hit her, the gentle sound of waves crashing on the shore.
He removed the cloth from her eyes n just as her newly focused vision adjusted to the scene before; she took a long, freshening breath in. Needless to say they were on a beach n there was a table set about a yard ahead, with a shed over it, decorated beautifully with white lilies n bulbs and at a distance a band was playing, the sound indistinct yet awfully melodious.
Geet was shocked n speechless so much so that she had to blink back the tears. To think that a man would do something like this for her was as unbelievable as it was touching.
Maan engulfed her palm in his pulling her ahead in the night, they sat on the chairs and dinner was served on the vast round table, best of all the illustrious Cuisines. Now we will know what your favorite is.
You are spoiling me. What would happen when you won't be with me?
Maan frowned. Who said there would be a time when I won't be with you? He ran his thumb over her knuckles. I will be there with you till my very last breath and am not one of those who break their promises easily.
His words scared her strangely, don't know why. Because she doubted them? Or because she was afraid to believe them? Or because she already believed in them?
She decided she wouldn't let anything-not even her fear-ruin this moment. Once done with the delicious dinner n Geet's tummy almost exploding, Maan took her hand for a dance. She leaned into him, wine-that they had taken-making her mind a little bit tipsy. Music fluttering in air was lovely, some song being sung in another language, magnificent.
What language is it?
Spanish. The song's my most favorite. Maan answered his hands playing over her body knowing every spot.
You know the language.
Yes. I was in Spain for a while. I learned it then.
Will you translate the song for me?
He looked into her chocolaty eyes that held so much, hid so much. I will. The song's for you.
The soft symphony of guitar strings played mystically, softly as he whispered in her ear.

(do play the song, its beautiful)

Let me be your hero.
Would you dance if I asked you to dance?
Or would you run and never look back?
Would you cry if you saw me crying? 

And would you save my soul tonight?
Her eyes widened, his voice was soulful, deep, heartfelt. She never knew he could sing... so well. Twirling her around like a puppet in its master's control in his capable, strong arms he held her from behind.
With his thumb Maan caressed her lips. His touch so tender Geet smiled.
Would you tremble if I touched your lips?
Or would you laugh? Oh, please tell me this. 
Now would you die for the one you love? 
Oh hold me in your arms tonight.
She held him turning around, the shackles of her arms tight. He held her back. On the soft, dull beats of Spanish music they swayed. When Geet looked over her shoulders the singer of the band had stopped singing n now the instruments accompanied Maan's voice.
I can kiss away the pain 
I will stand by you forever 
You can take my breath away
Slowly but surely his hands moved down the waist to clasp over her hips where he touched n fondled her. She basked in the heavens of his passion and the thing that was coming out his mouth. It didn't feel like just a song. So expressive, loving, gentle couldn't be a mere piece of art, it was something way more than that.
Maan cupped her face looking into her eyes, staring deep down where she allowed no one for the weaknesses she held in there.
Or would you lie? Would you run and hide? 
Am I in too deep? Have I lost my mind? 
I don't care. You're here tonight

I can be your hero baby 
I can kiss away the pain 
I will stand by you forever 
You can take my breath away
He hoisted her up a little n placed her feet over his so they moved as one. Geet rested her head on his chest, her hand over where his heart must be.
Oh, I just wanna hold you. I just wanna hold you.
Oh yeah.
well, I don't care. You're here tonight

Maan pulled her further towards the sea more far from the band. Their hands entwined. The water touched their bare feet as they both had removed their footwear. She stayed glued to him in the cold wind while walking along the shoreline.
Their table n band faded from sight behind them leaving them alone with the sea n stars. Geet spotted a canopied bed all creamy beauty. Curtains around the bed flew in wind. Everything appeared like a dream.
I can kiss away the pain 
I will stand by you forever 
You can take my breath away 
Maan pulled her closer to the bed n slipped the thin cloth down her shoulder. They didn't spoke anything n let actions take place of words. With no cloth left to hide them from each other, Maan lowered her body on the plush bed. She pulled him over her body, their lips dueling, hands meddling. This was one of their most beautiful union n Maan was astounded how gently she gave herself to him. She might say she didn't trust him but he knew somewhere she did. From the deepest corner of her heart, she did.

I can be your hero baby 
I can kiss away the pain 
I will stand by you forever 
You can take my breath away
You can take my breath away.
I can be... Your hero.
Geet had actually started to believe that everything would remain same. That they would be together... forever? She wished it from every ounce of herself. But of course her fate was cursed. Hell had to break upon for, she was darkness in herself. She was his doom no matter how much she tried to think otherwise.
Her phone rang a day later after their one night trip to Mumbai. Geet's stomach twisted as she saw the unknown number on her screen. She received the call n the devil's voice sounded on the line. God she hated him with such passion. Like the bas***d he was, he wanted to know if Maan was going to Noida that day. I don't know anything about it. It's some confidential meeting there and I don't know anything. And also I am not going with him.
Calm down darling. I am not asking you to go there.
Even if you did am not going. I have decided that am not working for you anymore. She told him sharply. It's all over. You can do whatever you want.
Only because I am being nice to you doesn't me you would sit on my head. Remember the photographs I gave you in that envelop. Just my one word n they would be there in the newspaper the very next morning.
I don't care.
Oh you do baby. You do. Now shut the crap n tell me. Is Maan going to Noida today?
I want to know the exact time he is leaving.
I don't-
Don't play games with me. Dev barked. Tell me the time.
This is the last time, Dev.
She could hear him laugh n it make her sick. I promise you. This is the last time. Now my answer?
Geet hung up after telling him time when Maan was to leave. This was the last time. She swore to herself n Dev promised her too. Naturally his promise couldn't be trusted but never again she was going to supply Dev with any information. Not anymore. She won't betray Maan anymore. And this time too she had just told him the time of Maan's departure. There wasn't a big deal in it. Thank god he didn't ask for anything else.
Night had fallen still Maan hadn't come back. He should have been back by now. Maan had told to meet her after coming back. He never broke his promises or at least informed if something came up. He wasn't even picking up his phone.
Geet had called at his house to see if he had reached but Neena said he hadn't. There was no sign of him in the office too. Don't know why she felt so restless. Nikita was out of town so there was no one who she could talk to about her silly trepidation.
Her insides trembled with fear. There was something wrong. She felt the buzzing in her heart, sweat rolling down her forehead in full AC. Why did it seem that the world was about to end? Geet frantically picked up her phone n scrolled through her contacts. Adi must know where Maan was. She called him.
Hello, I... wanted to know if Maan has come back from Noida? He should have been back by now.
Adi's voice was strained when he spoke. Maan Sir has had an accident. He told Geet the name of the hospital where Maan was admitted.
Geet started to shake. The phone fell from her hand n she stumbled before running out of the house.

Dadimaa not allowing Geet to meet MaanOuchAngry.

NEXT- Part 24



Sorry for not updating for like agesConfused. But I promise to give regular updates soon. This xxxtra big part to make up for the wait you all had to endure. Hope you liked it. Please do like n leave a comment if u didSmile.

I need all your support so please... making baby faceEmbarrassed
Please LIKE n COMMENT, if you liked the update...Star

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w8 dear
lv it
oh god mk met with accident dear

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