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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

FF MG~Beautifully Flawed~#2...Part 37-56 updated on BLOG, 21,sep '15 (Page 49)

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Part 22

Her lips trembled as she let the sobs escape. Tears ran down her cheek n for once she wasn't bothered about them because her inside were in a greater mess. Geet believed she had hardened herself but she failed n this blinding ache was her reward.

For the first times he saw the wall breaking. He filled her into his embrace n she didn't protest. That's the most you have ever expressed yourself to me. There was a smile on his face as she buried her face into his chest crying her heart out. It didn't matter that she slapped him what made a difference was she opened up to him.
She raised her head to see into his eyes which were peaceful now. He picked her up n placed her on the bed. She didn't want to fight anymore, her body was tired n so was her mind. Even after whatever he said n she did, all she wanted what to close her eyes n sleep while he cocooned her in his warmth.
Maan fulfilled her wish. He closed the lights n after few moments she heard him climbing into the bed n pulling her close to him. His smell n arms wrapped themselves around her.
I slapped you. She stated unbelievingly. Why aren't you angry?
I am ready to be beaten to death, Geet; if that's the way you are letting me in.

Hope you slept well, little brother? Nikita asked with a knowing look on her face.
Maan who was dressed in just his boxers and vest nodded pulling out juice from the refrigerator. How are you up so early? You came back late at night, I guess.
Yeah so I did. And you took full advantage of that, making hot love to your girl friend.
Maan's lips twitched into a smile. When will you learn to curb your tongue Niki?
Nikita gave a low whistle. Someone's is good mood today. I heard about those papers leaking in party Maan. People were talking about it?
Did they question you? Maan asked. He may seem distant but he was very protective of his sister.
Nikita rolled her eyes. Clam down tiger. Nobody have the guts to question me. But who could have given those papers to police. Do you think Geet-
Geet has nothing to do with this. He said, eyes flickering with fire Nikita was too familiar with but like others wasn't scared of.
You know the reason for Dadimaa's sudden visit?
Of course, she wanted to see the girl with me in newspapers in person n check what's going on.
Hmm... Nikita looked down at her cup of espresso, hot and soothing. I think you should tell Geet.
No. His voice was firm, resolved but she sensed the cloaked fear. Now is not the right time.
But she has the- Nikita started though when she looked up Maan had already left.
Maan entered the room finding Geet sleeping soundly tucked in between the sheets, her face a picture of innocence.
The innocence that had robbed him of his sanity.

He had been on one his many visits to a college. It was the same college where he had studied n got his degree from two years ago. Two years had passed n many things had changed. From no one he had become The Maan Singh Khurana, a rapidly rising name in the business world. In last two years he had taken the complete reigns of Khurana Construction n since then all business gurus were predicting him to be the next business king. He was shrewd yet polite, grown up in between the tactics of business. With his sweet tongue n sharp mind, he bagged deals like no other. No one could tell he was new. He wasn't new. He had been in this world for too long, being formed to take over, control and rule.
He was invited to his own college as a guest lecturer. He had been giving lectures for a while now n everywhere he went, the crowd adored him. He had a way of connecting with people, inspiring them with his ways, words n success tales.
When Maan had entered his familiar college, the best in country, he hadn't known his life was going to change forever. He had been coming out of auditorium his guards surrounding him while a lot of students followed him asking questions n for autographs.
That was when he caught her sight. She was like a mist of color in between the blacks and whites. Her hairs were open dancing around her face while she held a mountain of books in her hands. The first thought Maan had in his head was how she was able to see before her. Unlike all the young girls around she wasn't wearing anything extraordinary n that was extraordinary in itself. Clad in a conservative traditional kurti and jeans, she looked ready to have a family picnic but was here in between the trendy lot of dazzling youth. And she was wearing cartoon flip flops in her foot. Maan smiled following her hurried steps from ground towards the corridor.
He didn't even realize his eyes were transfixed on her. Ouch... Maan winced inwardly when she bumped into a guy; all the books fell from her hands. She bent down collecting all books so hastily like she would miss some train if spent a minute extra. Muttering something to the confused guy with lowered eyes she started walking again.
Maan instructed his guards to wait for him. He walked in the direction where the girl had gone. Shit! He had lost her. Disappointment rose in him like a tidal wave. He walked ahead searching some random corridors but didn't find her anywhere. The feeling was so bad. He wanted to know if she reached her destination in one piece with that huge bundle of books. When he spun around to go back dejectedly she collided into him.
Phir se nai Babaji. She whined making a baby face. Her voice was like sweet hum of a flute. Did she call him babaji? Maan wondered.
The girl knelt down to pick the books up. The messy heap of her curly hairs fell over her face disturbing her rescue mission of the stranded books. Maan had this crazy urge to pull back those lose curl in his hand n raise her face up to his scrutiny. The girl slid the hair band from around her wrist n shyly tied the wild mass. Not once she looked up at him.
Suddenly aware how indecent he must be appearing Maan crouched down before her n helped her in collecting the books. They simultaneously held one book. Her hand was baby soft under his large one that completely engulfed hers. Time seemed to freeze but she snatched the book n her hand back the next second.
I... I am sorry. Her pink, full lips formed the words n she adjusted the glasses on her cute, small nose hiding herself behind the books. Maan knew he must be looking like a big lunatic gaping at her openly without a word. He started to speak but she hurried past in a whoosh leaving her sweet, innocent aroma behind. Maan looked down at the floor. Apparently the scent wasn't just the only thing she had left. He picked the book up.
The bold letters Romeo n Juliet' stared back at him n Maan discovered his heart was beating fast.
Maan caressed Geet's forehead. She opened her eyes, her body shivered with his touch, the warm hand sliding into her hair as he lowered his face n covered her mouth with his. The kiss was like never before. Something unknown, unusual lingered on the edge of the soft, deep cuddles of his lips on hers.
Umm... she moaned into his mouth floating in bliss. She wanted every morning to be like this, to wake up in his safety, in his care, with his kisses... that stole her breath away.
Geet realized she was ready. She was ready to let go of all the inhibitions, the past, the pain... The pain that she buried in her chest, that lingered beneath her skin. No more. She would give herself a chance. Even when she was too damaged for happiness Geet was willing to look out for the lost pieces n join them back.
Get ready. Maan whispered pulling back. We are going to have breakfast with Dadimaa n Maa.
She sat up. What should I wear?
Anything. He pecked her forehead. You make everything look good.
When Geet came downstairs she found Nikita there. The other girl smiled at her but Geet didn't miss the momentarily sadness that had flashed in Nikita's eyes like a torchlight in darkness. All set for the breakfast.
Yes. Maan joined them dressed casually in jeans n button down shirt. Geet herself was dressed in jeans n a peach colored top which she thought looked decent. Maybe now Dadimaa would like her.
How do I look? She asked Nikita as Maan walked out.
Eager to please my grandmum, huh?
Ah, I was jus-
You don't need to Geet. You have a man who glows in your presence. There is absolutely no requirement to please any other x, y n z.
Like always straight n blunt. Nikita's word hit her hard. Geet almost walked out in a daze. She actually blushed like a teenager when Maan opened the rear door for her, the giddy feeling in her stomach back.
They reached Maan's house n Dadimaa's condemning scrutiny of her appearance didn't accomplish to make her feel like shit. She was too happy for that. Yet it would have been nice if Dadimaa would have liked her attire.
Some of her happy mood flied out of the window when at the table Deepika joined them. She was wearing a beautiful sky blue chudidaar suit that flowed down on her perfect body. Geet's stomach twisted, maybe she was supposed to dress like that. When was the last time she wore suit? Prostitutes just didn't go out in search of customers in these kinds of clothes. So yeah it has been a long-long time.
Deepika touched Maan's mother feet then Dadimaa's. Thanks for coming beta on my invitation. Dadimaa said as they settled to have breakfast.
Maan looked positively irked but she passed a small smile to relieve him of the tension. As the dinner proceeded she found it hard to swallow each bite. There were questions thrown at her about education, family background etc. She lied n Maan had to too. The curious n mocking glances of Deepika were somehow bearable but she couldn't take the sympathetic, pitiable looks of Maan's mother. It didn't stop at that. There were tales discussed of Deepika's achievements. How she handled a business so big on her own? How capable she was? Of course, Geet knew the sole purpose was to show her down.
Dadimaa asked for water. The jug was before Geet but as Geet passed a glass of water forward, Dadimaa disregarded it n took the one from Deepika's hand. Maan glared at Dadimaa but she ignored that too.
When Maan went to attend a call, Dadimaa's glare n remarks became crueler. It went on like that for a bit more until Maan found it unable to stand. I am done. He stood up n took Geet's hand pulling her up. She was more than happy to oblige. I will see you later. They walked out n misery surrounded her like a black cloud.
It was a bad idea to bring you here. Maan ran a hand through his hairs. I thought it would work out but I should have known.
I am sorry. She said her head lowered. A tear dropped from her eyes at her failure. God, she wasn't made for this. What was she thinking? She was good for sex, not for family meals. I am the black ship. I mean... I don't deserve-
You deserve respect. Maan held her shoulders n she looked up into his fierce eyes. And much more.
She doubted it. What she deserved was loath, may be pity... but mainly disgust. Dadimaa hated her and she didn't even know she was a wh**e, yet.
Maan's mother approached them. Ah, I brought this for you. She hesitantly took Geet's hand in hers n slipped two gold kangans in her wrist. We would be leaving soon n so I wanted to give this to you. Couldn't do it inside. Hope you like it.
With blurred vision Geet couldn't see the kangans clearly but that wasn't important. Th..ank you. These are lovely.
The elder women smiled warmly, squeezing her hand. She turned to Maan. Did you hear from Dev? He didn't come to meet us. Sadness n disappointment marked her face. I don't know if he knows we are here, I couldn't contact him.
Maa... Maan held her face tenderly in his hands. You don't worry. I will get through to him n send him to you.
While they were in the car Geet couldn't help admiring the ornament in her hand. They were beautiful. The best gift ever.
You have a thing for gold? Maan asked looked at her smiling face lost in the gold bangles.
I have a thing for mothers.

PRECAP- Maan's surprise for Geet postponed in next...Tongue n accident... Ouch

NEXT- Part 23


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So it was like love at first sight for Maan

gosh he had seen her in college

And wat did Nikita means tat geet must know.. wat is Maan and Nikita hiding from Geet.

Is it something related to her past.. Maan was really angry and even warned Nikita not to tell Maan.

I did not like the way dadima treated geet.. and deepika she is trying to get her chance by adding to this insult.

and right now they dont even know who geet is actually wat will happen when they will know the truth

but happy tat his mother is having a liking towards geet.. and she made her smile even after those cruel words by dadima gifting her those bangles..

ab yeh kiska accident karnewali hain tu..

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amazing dear
it mean mk knew geet before 2 years and he fell fr her
wht happens once mk learns geet leaked d papers dear...
and dadima ignored geet
so poor dear...
and cant gt the last lines i hv mothers things
wht it means dear

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amazing update
loved it

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da last line was touchy...loved da update

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the last line made me speechless! bravo :)

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amazing part... n the last line I have thing for mothers is really touchy...

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