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FF MG~Beautifully Flawed~#2...Part 37-56 updated on BLOG, 21,sep '15 (Page 48)

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Originally posted by heytal

Originally posted by OsheenDGr8

Originally posted by heytal

Originally posted by OsheenDGr8

Originally posted by Shruthe

am waiting for this too

Di first u decide wat u wantTongue

What are the optionsEmbarrassedWink

Lol for now... nothing Confused

Broken Heart

aww I updated milanWink

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What is this Osheen u r having weird thoughts n not sure of a happy ending of BF? I know this is a dark FF Maaneet's journey is not going to be smooth here every update is a prove of thatCry. Each time u update i master the courage to read it only in hope of a better tomorrow for Maaneet. Make them suffer, separate them but bring them together in the end. U r doing it in Milan why not here? 

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Maan will b hurt to knw d truth

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nice updates dear...
I was just wondering.. like if Maan knows Geet from past and that why he is so bent into this relation...
or else why suddenly he has fallen in love with a pr*****... not that she have even shown any sign on a very promising partner.. so if past is not the case then I can only see Maan being attracted to her due to her beauty...
and also if past is not the case, then how a person can MSK trust a wh***. Ok he loves her but she does not.. she is typical professional of her type and is also betraying Maan for whatever reason be and then like typical other, she lied to him so that he does not get angry and she has to go back to that dirt...
so why is Maan trusting her so much...
I am loving the story and presentation dear.. its going grewat but this is the only query hovering over my mind...

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Milan is completely different dear... there to be together is their fate while BF is not like that. The plot is not same neither are the characters so u n I, both, have to wait n see how it turns out to beSmile.
Ur accessment is logical n yes there is something I can't reveal that abhi now 'cause that wud kill the entire mystery... It wud be out soonBig smileWink

Thnx for everyone who commented n pressed like... I truly love you guys...HeartHug



Part 21

They hung up n Geet wiped her eyes before Maan could notice anything. Niks had called. Who was it with you?

Deepika. Maan said rubbing his forehead tiredly. For the casino work that is starting, she has thrown a good luck party today. Was asking me to come.
We should go. Geet said. She didn't want to stay with him inside these four walls more n was ready to attend even Deepika's party. It was suffocating n Geet was fearsome if she didn't step out she would go insane or die probably. I want to go to the party.
Maan smiled. Always ready to party. He teased and Geet gave him a fake smile in return. Okay anything you want. Get ready. I will ask someone to drop clothes for me too.

A good part of their car ride to the party was spent by Geet drowned in her thoughts. There were a number of matters that were swirling in her brain, questions n emotions she had no answers or explanation for. When Maan played with her hairs n nuzzled her neck, nipping n licking the base like a candy she wanted to ask him for the reasons. The various things that were happening around and inside her was something she couldn't comprehend on her own.
The biggest question that lurked in her mind was how could he believe her? Did he really think that all the words escaping her mouth would be true? She felt her gut twisted in an ugly knot. If death wasn't so painful she would have killed herself long back and spare everyone the nuisance including her own self.
It didn't help even a bit when Maan raised his head to stare intently at her face, his dark eyes boring into her. What's the matter? He asked in his husky voice and felt her shiver against him.
Nothing. She stated turning her head but he, holding her chin, made her look into his eyes. She held herself still not even breathing as if her breath would conspire against her and tell all that she hid in her heart, was doing to him... her betrayals, her fears, her feelings. She had so much to hide that speaking another word without the dread of blurting something out was a task. It's really nothing that important. I would be fine once we are in the party.
Hmm... He said hoarsely n dropped the subject like he always did and sat straight.
They reached the party and just as they entered. Deepika sauntered her sexy body towards them with grace n Geet grimaced at the s**tty dress draped around her generous frame.
You are finally here.She said to Maan giving him a slight hug n passing Geet an obligatory smile not waiting for her to smile back n took Maan's hand in hers. Come I want you to meet some associates.
Maan passed Geet an apologetic smile n she thought she heard him groan when Deepika pulled him away with her. Business parties especially like this one were a bore there was nothing much apart from alcohol that Geet could enjoy, even on the dance floor there was just couples swaying monotonously on the dull, plain music. Where was all the fun? She sighed wondering if it was a bad idea to come here as her eyes fixated on Maan who was talking to someone with Deepika practically hanging on his arm. Bitch!!
A black-hole pierced her heart n grew in size, corrupting her blood then whole body. It felt her body was on fire n it stung all over. She felt tears burning her eyes. What was happening to her? Okay, she was attracted to him and she didn't want to go back to what she did before but this was way too much for her. Give her physical pain, she would take it all with hardly a snivel but this emotional havoc that he was creating inside her was as unbearable for her as it was forbidden. She was just a wh**e, today or tomorrow, he would shoo her away from his life. Marry someone-probably Deepika-even if he let her stay with him it would be as his mistress, secretly coming to her once or twice in a month or so for a change.
What difference would it be from her previous life, maybe she wouldn't in bed with a new male body every night but she would become a house breaker in a way. She diverted her watery eyes from the perfect couple that were walking towards the dance floor now n paced out, almost running, stopped only when she banged into someone in the corridor.
Woah... Geet. He held her instable body n Shaan's sweet, soothing voice entered her ears. His usual smile vanished as he saw her face n something akin to concern marred his features. Did someone say something to you? His voice was hard n expressions stoic.
No. She said her face falling n then she smiled unexpectedly. I think alcohol is doing funny things to me.
Shaan stared at the beautiful girl before him n his heart warmed up. He wrapped his hands around her guiding her ahead.
Where are you taking me?
First, to the washroom, that running mascara is ruining your allure.
Sweet talks. Geet commented giggling.
Once having her normal appearance back she came out of the washroom where Shaan was waiting like a gentleman. Now you look great. He said pushing a strand of her straight hairs back.
She couldn't help but feel affection coil inside for him. He was nice n didn't hid anything. He flirted openly with her n she didn't have to give a damn of what he would think or take her words for. Shaan must be only the man she talked this much to n wasn't physically involved with. It was a refreshing change. Why are you so sweet? Tilting her head she asked.
Umm... It's a born talent, darling. He stated with one of those charming smile of his which she found to be incredibly adorable.
You are very cute. She ruffled his hairs n Shaan frowned, looking left n right. 

Geet, you can do that when we are alone but not around someone, okay?
Okay. She gave a mock salute.
Let's go join the party.
Nah' I don't want to. It's boring as hell.
Shaan nodded, what else could be expected of Deepika. Don't worry; now that I am here it won't be that boring anymore. He winked offering Geet his arm n she looped her own around his.
And he was right, it wasn't that bad now. When they reached the party hall, Shaan assistant joined them. The short girl Geet didn't know the name of until now. Geet remembered Priya from the first party-hosted by Shaan-that she had attended with Maan. She was the only girl who had smiled genuinely at her n Geet could tell she was shy by the way she spoke to everyone apart from Shaan. After that first time Geet didn't met her again. But now when she was there Geet got along well with her.
Both Priya n Shaan chatted freely-not forgetting to involve Geet in the conversation-n by first glance nobody could say that they were actually boss n assistant.
Priya excused herself to leave Shaan n Geet alone. How about a dance?
Geet searched the dance floor, Maan n Deepika were no more there. She found them standing with a group of people, Deepika still fastened around Maan's arm like a bracelet. Her slightly uplifted mood went down. Shaan followed her gaze and looked back seriously at Geet as she spoke sullenly. I can't. I don't feel very good.
They were standing in a corner beside the bar n Shaan rested his glass on it. He brushed his knuckles against her cheek making her look at him with mild surprise in her eyes. May be you are searching the wrong place for what you want.
He inched closer n she knew what was coming. As he leaned in placing his lips below her ear, she took a breath in, her voice sounding hesitant. You don't know anything. I am... not what you think.
She felt his lips curve against her skin as they moved along her jaw. Or it's possible that what you are doesn't bother me.
She opened her eyes n her vision zeroed upon the person standing behind Shaan. An involuntary gasp escaped her lips as she saw the heated look of pure fury in Maan's eyes.
Shaan moved back and stared right ahead at the person practically shaking with anger. But Maan didn't even spare Shaan a glance; his blazing eyes were just glued to Geet before he marched out. Maan' She called n ran behind him.
Several times she called him almost tripping n falling on concrete ground of the parking yet Maan halted only after reaching his car. He opened the door for her and his voice was distant while he spoke... Sit inside. She obeyed n the journey back to Nikita's place was a slow agony hanging on top of her head like sharp blade.
Again he walked inside n she followed him to the room. Maan please listen to me.
Suffocation filled him, Maan felt cramped in his own body. He removed his coat n threw it on the chair n loosened his tie turning around; she took a step back seeing his eyes red with naked anger. She had always seen him calm n composed, rarely he lost control n not once did she see him this much angry n despite her effort his words sent a scary chill down her spine.
Why? Why should I listen to you, so that you can walk all over me in front of my very eyes?
It's not like you are thinking.
Oh yes. He said in artificial surprise. Now you think I am blind too. He was kissing you dammit. Don't try to make it something else.
Her heart twisted for some reason n she felt the strike of anger with it. So it's justified if you leave me n do whatever you want with anyone.
What do you mean?
Please don't try to act innocent. I know what's going on between you n Deepika. Whole f**king city knows it. She was there to hang on your arm, why did you take me? To discard me in a corner n have fun with her. What do you think I will stand where you left me like an obedient bitch while you f**ked with someone else? If you think that, you are hugely mistaken. Two can play the game.
Her breathing was heavy as she gave him her back. Maan twisted her around his nails biting into the skin of her shoulder.
You are implying that am sleeping with Deepika while I am with you.
Bingo. Finally you got what I mean. How much more foolish a person can be Maan. All you men have the same problem. Whatever you do is right but you think just because you have a girl with you, she should stick to you and shouldn't even talk to anybody like a good-old-slave. You can sleep with everyone n anyone you want then why can't I?
Maan gritted his teeth. What he felt couldn't be described as anger n a white cloud of something new blurred his sanity while a sarcastic smiled etched itself on his face turning into a nasty snarl.
I am not sleeping with anyone. For someone who appeared to be about to burst she was surprised by the calmness of his voice. His next set words surprised her even more. Because that's your skill. You have slept with many men and because of who you are, you think everyone to be the same.
There he said it. She knew someday it would come but she hadn't expected it to hurt so very much. The words coming from his mouth were far more painful than from any other's. He thought her to be just the same as everyone else did. Bravely she swallowed the heavy lump down her throat. She was no different to him. The respect n care she never got, she saw it in his eyes but that was just a mere illusion. While her inside cried, on surrounding she was infuriated. She walked up to him n looked into his mocking eyes. Next she raised her hand n slapped him with all her might.
Maan held his cheek in shock n she jerked him by the collar. I have not slept with any man. You hear that? I had sex while I slept just with YOU. Nobody held me after the act was done. Nobody cuddled with me, bringing me to sleep. No man kissed me so tenderly; no man pecked my forehead like they cared. What others say doesn't affect me but what you think does. How f**ked up is that? They used me and being the idiot I am, I thought you were different.
Her lips trembled as she let the sobs escape. Tears ran down her cheek n for once she wasn't bothered about them because her inside were in a greater mess. Geet believed she had hardened herself but she failed n this blinding ache was her reward.
For the first times he saw the wall breaking. He filled her into his embrace n she didn't protest. That's the most you have ever expressed yourself to me. There was a smile on his face as she buried her face into his chest crying her heart out. It didn't matter that she slapped him what made a difference was she opened up to him.
She raised her head to see into his eyes which were peaceful now. He picked her up n placed her on the bed. She didn't want to fight anymore, her body was tired n so was her mind. Even after whatever he said n she did, all she wanted what to close her eyes n sleep while he cocooned her in his warmth.
Maan fulfilled her wish. He closed the lights n after few moments she heard him climbing into the bed n pulling her close to him. His smell n arms wrapped themselves around her.
I slapped you. She stated unbelievingly. Why aren't you angry?
I am ready to be beaten to death Geet, if that's the way you are letting me in.

PRECAP- Maan's surprise for Geet...Embarrassed And a peek in the pastShocked



I need all your support so please guys press like n comment... making baby faceEmbarrassed
Please LIKE n COMMENT, if you liked the update...Star

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nice dearSmile

maan hurt geet Angry

geet burst out the truth Big smile

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I want Geet to open up to Maan
He will solve all her problems im sure

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Nyc part.
Cnt soon.
Waiting 4 nxt updt.

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