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FF MG~Beautifully Flawed~#2...Part 37-56 updated on BLOG, 21,sep '15 (Page 40)

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Waiting ...

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Includes replies of last update too…
Seems u are on mission of reading all my ffs…
Who said love, Geet never said she is in love with Maan, even if she feels something for it she has yet to acknowledge it and it's not easy for her. One more pros are not born but made.
U will get all your answers dearo but u wud have to wait for it a bit... waise I so much loved ur comment
Many of you said why Maan doesn't have cameras in his house. Come on guys who would put a camera in their bed room n as I had mentioned previously that Maan is a very private person. As for his office, it must have CCTVs but as for his cabin not everyone is allowed there n it doesn't need a camera. Again he a private person n behind his back only the people that he trust could come into his cabin.


Part 20

Oh. He said a strange expression on his face that Geet didn't like at all. Did she say something wrong? No matter what she said or did…her words n actions always ended up getting him upset. What was she supposed to do that he wouldn't send her away? It was her fault. He would have discovered that she was jealous of Deepika.

"She wanted Maan just for herself so Maan got himself out."
She should have been more careful. How could she even think that he was hers? No, it was a mistake. Now she would have to go. Gosh! She didn't want to go. This was what she was scared of, to get involved this deep n try to deny her terrible fate which wasn't possible.

Next day Geet sat in Nikita's living room gloomily. She hadn't gone to the office because she didn't feel good also there was Maan n she had no wish to see him after he had thrown her out of his house. May be she should have been more difficult every time he came to her for his needs then he wouldn't have lost interest so soon. That was too his own fault only. Whenever he was near she just forgot everything n become a person she had forgotten existed in her.
The truth was she could never deny him n the time had come to pay for that.
Stop sulking Geet. Nikita said coming into the living room. She was going for some party n was dressing up for that only till now. She turned left and right to show Geet. How am I looking?
A shimmering golden dress on her small yet curvy frame was a killer. Nikita had brushed her black hair to one side while small shinning clips adorned the other side of her head. Her makeup shimmering too consisted of golden eye shadow n light blush, little liner n pink gloss on lips. Down, her feet were inside 4 inch heels n the straps wrapped up till the mid of her calves. You look like gold ambassador, a very gorgeous one at that n cute too.
Nikita winked happy with her comment. Geet I want to tell you a very important thing if you want to remain my friend… never call me cute. You get that?
I would have to think.
You think?
Shut up or I will ruin your hairs.
No way. It took the stylist 4 hours to achieve this. Nikita pointed at her head. But I like this wild Geet not the love sick one who was mourning a few moments ago like her lover died of cancer or something.
I am not love sick… and I wasn't mourning either.
Two lies in one sentence. Very talented. Geet made a face unknowingly going into her sulking mode again.
Why can't I come to the party with you? I would get bored here.
Nikita saw Geet's fallen face, sighed n sat beside her. Geet, Maa n Dadimaa always stays at Maan's place. That house was our grandfather's, the first home that he had built with his own money. That's why Maan lives there; of course he has done some changes to the house. She grinned and continued. And like Maan it holds a special value to Dadimaa also so she stays at that place whenever she comes to Delhi. With them you can't stay there. Those two ladies mean a lot to Maan n he respects their values. Dadimaa has been like a god mother n Maa practically has raised him up. And moreover Dadimaa would have made your life hell in there so this arrangement is in your favor only.
It was true his house wasn't small and though it was classy n very posh with all the luxuries it wasn't that apt looking at Maan's status. He handled a business empire that worth billions or even more than that n should be living in some palace but only because that house was his grandpa's first, he was living there. Can a guy have such strong emotions towards his family to sacrifice his own wishes n lavishness… that too for someone who had already died? Then Maan always preferred privacy the house had that, in one corner of the city it was like Geet's dream house, a place where a couple could live without any disturbance and have a small family.
Don't have any wrong ideas in your mind, okay?
Geet snapped out of her thoughts. You… you didn't answer me. Why can't I come?
Because darls someone is coming for you.
Maan? A big grin spread across her face, Geet quickly smoothed it to not seem so idiotic.
Nikita laughed. Who else? I have kept a gift for you in your room. Nikita leaned in towards Geet's ear. Wear that Maan would loveee it.
Nikita stood up n picked her clutch. See ya babes. Have fun.
Geet went to her room n found Nikita's gift lying on her bed… lingerie. It was very skimpy n well… let's just say the thing was only for formality made to seduce n arouse. Geet imagined Maan's reaction if he would see her in this cloth that hid just about nothing. Her cheeks turned red. He wouldn't be able to control even for a second.
She smiled naughtily in her own dream world n changed into the lingerie. She had just knotted a robe around herself when two arms encircled her waist.
Geet felt so much at peace, forgot all the insecurities n fuzz in her life. The only thing she wanted was to feel him so she closed her eyes n took in his familiar scent, felt his warm security, let his calming touch surround her entirely.
Maan nuzzled her neck his hands tightening just below her breast and fingers grazing teasingly the swollen sides.
You know I trust you, right? His voice was husky and Geet uttered a labored 'yes'.
When I trust someone, Geet, I don't like to be betrayed.
He kissed her neck n Geet opened her eyes. A fear crept into her with lightening speed. Maan left her n turned on the flat screen, switching it to a news channel. Breaking news was flashing below in big bold letters while the reporter was speaking in haste words.
Police has pressed charges against The Khurana Constructions and has seized the construction on their Noida site. While the details have not been revealed, apparently the land where KC had already started construction for posh apartments belongs to the government and the ownership hadn't been transferred. It is still not clear if the company or the client is liable for the scam but as well known it is the first time KC's name has been found involved in litigation like this. It would surely affect its all-white reputation.
Maan switched the television off n the voice died.
All the documents were in a confidential file. Now police have that file. Geet stared hard at him. She knew where he was getting at. At the moment fear in her covered everything so much so that she didn't even feel the guilt rising in her to mighty heights. That file was in my room.
What do you want to say?
I want to know, if you took that file from my room? Maan asked, his eyes were no less stoic but internally he was praying that she would say no. She fulfilled his wish.
You are saying that I stole that file from your room n gave it to the police. She asked in raised voice filled with anger n incredulity. Now when you have asked Maan, let me tell you… That I have nothing to benefit from stealing some file from your room that I didn't even know was in there to start with…
Words flew out of her mouth as Maan squeezed her into the tightest hug ever. He buried his face into her neck n Geet had no idea what was happening. He parted to cup her cheeks n it was then when he looked into her eyes that she felt someone had kicked her in the stomach. His eyes shined bright with happiness n he looked her with so much of something which Geet knew she didn't deserved at all. I was so scared Geet. You wiped away all my worry. He kissed her forehead.
Taking her in his arms Maan took in a long relief breath, his hands rubbing her back.
Geet wrapped her arms around him when he placed a gentle kiss on her shoulder. He believed her, just like that. Was she to be happy or to cry at her fate? And why Maan was behaving like this… he had to be the stupidest person to believe a wh**e, to believe her. Did he actually mean that he trust her?
He grabbed the knot of her robe to set it free. Just as he opened the robe his eyes glazed over. The poor article of clothing that she was wearing barely covered her. Her plump breast peaked in good quantity n when he grabbed at her hips they too were nearly exposed completely. For me? He asked placing impatient wet kisses along her jaw. Just like she had expected, couldn't even wait for a second. He pushed her head down and locked his lips with hers. She could never match him; he brought the passion from some place unknown. May be she had no standing because of who she was…. a traitor.
And she felt so sick in that moment, almost like when for the first time she had lost her innocence, her virginity. That time she had cried, a lot. Today she couldn't even do that. As Maan ripped away her lingerie she opened his shirt buttons, brushing n stroking her hands over his chest n abs, feeling his muscles contract under her touch. He pushed her on the bed n loosened his belt to remove the pants.
Maan why aren't you worried? She asked in between rugged breaths when his mouth attached with her neck again.
You mean the land and file? He pinched her nipple n she arched her back. It's nothing that MSK couldn't deal with.
Everything that happened next was beyond her control. It never was. His mouth latched onto her craving bud n she wriggled with desire. He pushed his straining manhood inside her firm wetness. She squashed her legs around his waist digging her heals into his hips matching his each thrust, hard for hard, slow for slow.
They lay in silence afterwards where Maan played with the pierced ring on her belly button n she stared into nothingness. Her phone vibrated again n she reached to take it. No. Maan stopped her taking her hand into his n kissing the tips of her fingers.
Maan it's been ringing for a while now.
I know. Let it be.
He pulled her closer n she again felt the heat flaring. They had already done it three times, how can she still feel so unsatisfied. Because you are not seeking this. Her mind answered instantly.
Maan entwined his fingers with hers n pulled her up over him. He pushed her back so they could start again but his phone also started ringing.
You should take that. Geet suggested n Maan glared at her. It could be something important.
He sighed and Geet climbed down from him to see her own cell while Maan checked his.
Nikita sounded worried on the other side. Geet is everything fine there? I mean I had talked to Maan in the morning n it was all okay. Then news broke out, I heard about it in the party… how is he??
He is good Niks. Geet assured don't why her eyes filled up. She controlled her voice from breaking. Everything is fine. You don't worry.
Are you sure? I can come home. That's not going to help much but…
Niki everything is fine. You enjoy the party. I will talk to you later.
They hung up n Geet wiped her eyes before Maan could notice anything. Niks had called. Who was it with you?
Deepika. Maan said rubbing his forehead tiredly. For the casino work that is starting, she has thrown a good luck party today. Was asking me to come.
We should go. Geet said. She didn't want to stay with him inside these four walls more n was ready to attend even Deepika's party. It was suffocating n Geet was fearsome if she didn't step out she would go insane or die probably. I want to go to the party.
Maan smiled. Always ready to party. He teased and Geet gave him a fake smile in return. Okay anything you want. Get ready. I will ask someone to drop clothes for me too.

PRECAP- Maan angry n Geet tooOuchOuch



I need all your support so please guys press like n comment, making baby faceEmbarrassed
Please LIKE n COMMENT, if you liked the update...Star


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Thanks for the update Osheen..was waiting eagerly...


Awesome update Osheen...
Maan really trusts Geet...she said no and he believed her...
Waiing for the next one.! Update soon...

Precap is scary, sad n interesting.! Smile 

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Awesome update Osheen
Big smile

Geet ko kuch kuch hone laga but doesn't know whatConfused
A series of emotions gushing through her doubt, pain, fear, guilt and hatred for self maybe for hurting and betraying a man who trusts her so muchOuch

Niks easing Geet's dilemma and disclosing the reason why Maan asked her shift out of KM for time being
Geet happy to have Maan homeSmile

The repercussions of her deeds stands out and how
Geet scared and guilty
Maan hoping she hasn't betrayed his trust
But Alas! She indeeed has!
But Geet lied to Maan and feeling sick for itDisapprove

I felt a pang in my heart for Maan today 
He trusts her blindly and she just lied
How his he gonna bear the bitter truth when it surfaces out
That his own people have stabbed his backBroken Heart

Will Geet ever be able to make amends for the disloyalty
Will she redeem her deedsUnhappy

Thanks so much Osheen for the wonderful update 
Its getting more interesting!
Positivity v/s negativity 
Love v/s betrayal
Maan v/s Muskan
Stern Smile

Eagerly awaiting the next
Continue soon 
Big smile

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nice dearSmile

maan trust geetClap

maan has no effect of newsShocked

precap is interestingStar

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amazing dear
maan trusting her
bt i feel geet shuld say abt deb dear
it would be better

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maan trusting geet
what will happen when he will come to knoiw it was geet who gave the fileOuch
wonder if he could be able to take the betrayal

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