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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

FF MG~Beautifully Flawed~#2...Part 37-56 updated on BLOG, 21,sep '15 (Page 18)

HeytzMaaneet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2013 at 12:33pm | IP Logged
Truly poignant update
So much pain 
Two individuals from entirely different backgrounds coming together challenging the society norms 
progressing fairly but...
Stern Smile

Maan who handled her insecurity, doubts, fear with patience and when he was convinced that now nothing can go wrong 
All his hopes came crashing downDisapprove

She mistook his concern, worry and love as his order
I really hated Geet's behavior in this update 
to hide her folly she really hurt himOuch

Maan in his vulnerable state of mind and to confirm that their relation did hold some importance in her life inquired about that box 
but she masked herself and broke all his hope

Geet Disapprove
Osheen I can't digest the fact that Maan is oblivious of Dev's intentions and if Maan is playing along after knowing everything just waiting for the right time then that would be interesting but I detest the fact that  Maan is being cheatedBroken Heart

Fantastic update yet again
perfectly balancing both their inner turmoil
their guilt and fear
and their love...

Please am waiting for some happywale moments
Continue soon
Big smile

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OsheenDGr8 Goldie

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A huge thnx to all those who pressed like n commented, its really motivatingApprove

Part 17

My daughter will top again this year.

Papa ji please' Don't be so sure. What if she failed this time? It would be innovative in fact, she is so boring. At least something new would happen.
Sorry mama.
Geet stuck her tongue out at her sis who was sitting beside her on the back seat of the car while her parents were sitting in the front. They were going to drop Geet to her college after vacations. Geet, who was her parent's favorite amongst the two children they had, took no pain in hiding the fact from her big sister every time given a chance.
Poor Di' That is what happens when you mess up with the favorite child.
You brat. Geet shrieked when Divya pinched her hard.
Divya' Divya' Divya' Everyone always takes her side no one loves me. She made a face. I hate you.
Geet made puppy face. But I love you di. She adjusted her glasses over her eyes feeling bad.
Divya instantly softened n hugged her sister. My baby, I was kidding. I can never hate you. Their parents smiled seeing the sappy scene.
Geet started crying. I will miss you di. I don't want to go. Everyone in college teased n made fun of her. She was classic example of a nerd. Nervous in talking with everyone n always buried deep in her books. Her family, however, loved her n every time while leaving them she felt sick to the stomach. It was so hard to spend the months away from her family and live in between people who didn't like her n a place where she didn't fit in.
Oh god. Grow up. No wonder everyone bullies you in college. You are eighteen now n still wailing like a 5 year old on her first day of school.
Geet wiped her nose into her sister's dupatta. Ew' that's just limit. Papa ji are you sure she is my sister?
Not sure about you but she is definitely my daughter. He said looking back.
Gosh! There you go again bragging about your perfect chil-
Look ahead'. It was the frantic scream of her mother that jolted Geet to look up. She didn't even have time to react. A truck in fast speed was just about to crash into their car. In an attempt to avoid the crash; Geet's father turned the wheel in rapid succession, he applied breaks and the car skidded along the road. Somehow the door at her side opened n she was pushed out by her sister. Her head stung as it harshly hit the concert road n she only heard the sound of a blast as the car banged into something. She looked back to see the car burning before fainting.

The beeping sound woke her up. There was nothing inside her. No pain, no loss. She sat up calmly as what had happened earlier hit her hard but her weak body didn't had the energy n complete consciousness to react. Where is my family? How is everyone? She asked confused why they weren't there with her. May be they were also hurt badly.
The nurse exchanged a knowing glance with the doctor n Geet stared at him expectantly.
I am sorry they couldn't make it. Your parents died on the spot n your sister while coming to hospital.
Geet looked at herself. A concussion on her head n few cuts here n there; that was the only proof that she was part of an accident. How' it couldn't be happening. She pulled her eyes up to see the doctor as first salty drop slid down her cheek. Tell me you are lying? They couldn't die' all of them.
Her voice was straight just shrill. Doctor understood her condition n indicated the nurse to give her the injection. No'. Geet screamed n screeched, kicking her legs n hands. They couldn't die.
As her eyes opened she kept a hand on her chest. Her breathing was rugged like there wasn't any oxygen in the room. She glanced around, it wasn't the hospital. The wall weren't white, no beeping sound n no sick smell. She heaved a sigh of relief wiping the sweat off her forehead and then she cried. It was luxury she seldom allowed herself to take benefit of. Why they left? They died more than that the verity that she was left alone to fend for herself in ugly face of world slaughtered her, killed her a little more.
Who would have thought then that she would end up being a prostitute, trading her body every night to a new man? How ashamed her parents would be if they knew about her. She wished that if there was some kind of afterlife, her family would be far-far away. She didn't want them to see her horrible condition.
Maan was in his bed when his room door opened, revealing her form clad in a little nighty. She had being avoiding him after that night n regardless of how much it pained n irritated him, he didn't sought out for her. So far he had become so used to her, hardly a night went without them making love and now this sudden distancing was building up the frustration inside him that made him wonder how long he would last. May be not long, but he wanted to prove that it was not just sex that he wanted from her, it was to reach her soul n make it his own.
Can I sleep here? She said with her usual air of confidence though something was off about her. He didn't want her to be in the same bed as him but he couldn't deny her request.
Hmm' She closed the door blocking the light making the room dark again n slipped into the bed.
Despite the fact that she was betraying him including the confidential file she had stolen from his room n handed to Dev, she couldn't take this distance. She would never accept that she felt something because someone for the first time showed some real, warm feelings towards her but she credited it to the fact that she didn't like receiving all this luxury without catering to the services she was being payed for in the first place.
He was sleeping shirtless like always on the other side of the bed. His heat touched her skin n unable to stop she shifted closer to him. Slipping her hand over him she caressed his chest.
Maan closed his eyes. What did she want now?
She wanted to ask if he was angry. Of course he was but asking, perhaps, could improve the situation between them although it was too personal of a question so she gave up on that idea. How was she supposed cajole him without showing that she wasn't bothered. She placed her lips at the nape of his neck and felt the sharp release of his breath. Thinking that he was liking it; she started placing butterfly kisses along the length of his shoulder and that was when he snapped.
Why are you doing all this? He screamed on her face wrench her away from his body like she was contaminated. She flinched hearing his generally unused loud voice. He looked scary in that moment; his jaw set tightly n eyes glowing with fury. Can't you leave me alone? You didn't want to be tied to me, right? He held her hand pulling her closer. Don't play with me Geet, you will regret it.
Momentarily stunned she erased the look of pure horror on her face. It wouldn't be wrong to say that she was scared of showing someone her fear. Yes. She scooted back away from him. I.. am sorry. That won't happen again. She lay down; her back to him n pulled the covers up. Tears filled her eyes. How pathetically she behaved, she only wanted to please him but her action ended up making her feel rotten n foolish. Men didn't reject her, Maan didn't reject her. And she didn't cry over something this small. Yes, this was small. She wasn't that affected. It had to be the dream she had earlier. Maan wasn't that important to make her feel like this.
He didn't know she was crying. Still felt remorse sweep over him but it wasn't his fault actually; he was a human being after all. Giving his back to her, same as she did, he tried to sleep.
Maan didn't yet knew that the particular file had been stolen from his room because if he did Geet was sure she wouldn't be here in KC. May be kicked out of his life or given to police, no he wouldn't do that, it would arouse questions, maybe he would find some other unique way of punishing her. Who knew?  But she was sure after witnessing his anger that whatever method he chose it would be pretty.
A hushed voice broke her not so pleasant train of thoughts; she stopped in her tracks before rounding the corner. She knew when people made these kinds of noises. She peeked from behind the wall to see who was having an official romantic escapade. The girl was covering the man's body. A look at the lithe body n Geet knew she was Deepika. Her heart for some unknown reason started beating fast. When Deepika bent to kiss the guy's neck, he was none other than Maan.
Geet didn't wait n turned over on her heels. She shouldn't have stopped to see them it was better when she hadn't seen them together. Why it mattered n' stung her? They were perfect for each other anyways. She wiped her tears when she realized why Maan had so rudely shoved her away. All men were the same; a woman had to be idiot to let one under their skin. Thank god she wasn't one of those women.


I am very sad with the response on previous part. May be due to xams n ol u guys are busy or I am lacking somewhere still please friends press like n if u have any suggestion or complaints let me know through comments... your feedback is what keeps me going n pays of for the hard work...
Please LIKE n COMMENT, if you liked the update...Star

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nice dearSmile

geet remembering hr parents n diClap

maan is mad at hrDead

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queenbee001 Senior Member

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Cry Geet's past... Maan's reaction is so naturally.. she only made him single fault of hers...

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Shalinaparbin Senior Member

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Me 2nd in like n 3rd in comment 8-)
yippee 1st time in life got this position...
I m reading this story for the 1st time... So cant say much about this part...
Ok lemme read first :p

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preeti.1 IF-Rockerz

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what the hell ...deepika kissing maan infront of geet how can maan let her do that ...disgusting ...
geet is heart broken maan beahaving rudely with geet ...
ohh god i hope maan have seen geet ...
deepika and maan ? i dont think maan will do this ..plz next part soon whant to know deepika khud ko forse kar rahi he maan pe ya maan and deepika r upto something ...

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sdlife19 IF-Sizzlerz

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harsh reality of life

she was all alone with no one for her

and we say when a girl is alone she needs to save herself to fetch livelihood  and geet came into this flesh trade

but is she wrong is showing her rude side to maan

she fears the pain

and now wat will he do when he will come to know tat she had given the file away to dev

and now deepika ..gosh was will happen

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Maan is hurt by Geet
But he wants her with full heart
GEet sole the file n gave to dev
MAan must be surely knowing about it
why he is not saying anything
Geet saw maan n deepika n she mu his denial

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