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FF MG~Beautifully Flawed~#2...Part 37-56 updated on BLOG, 21,sep '15 (Page 12)

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update soon..

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Awesome updates
Loved it
Amazingly written...
Really interesting story... Can't wait to read more...!!!
Continue soon
Eagarly waiting...Day Dreaming

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hope that maan willl find the reason and plz update its long that you updated

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i think i missed the previous part... 

phew.. will read both together and comment

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Part 16

Just a customer? He repeated in a low voice. Even after all the efforts she thought of him as a customer. I hate when people lie or hide things. Her stomach twisted in an ugly knot. You could have at least told me that you were going out with him. Perhaps I' I wouldn't have been this mad. He tried to explain his voice broke a bit n no more he looked angry, in fact he looked vulnerable. Did she say too much? He left her hand n stood up without meeting her eyes because then she would know how broken he felt. I am going into the garden for a walk. He strolled out of the door n she gazed towards the window, it had already started raining.


As the first splatter of rain splashed when I walked into the garden the heat inside me intensified. Pain soured to new heights. Where I had been wrong?
I knew it was new to her, difficult even but I have been doing everything in my hand. I was not like this. But I had gone n done things that were rather not me, past my limits n nature. I gave her time, didn't push when she said no many a times, I didn't ask the reason. Because, I understood.
Not anymore.
Just when I thought that we were progressing. She stepped into that fragile glass of my hope n shattered it. It was beyond me to understand anymore.
Worrying myself pulling the threads randomly wouldn't solve a thing in fact would only tighten the knots but I didn't know any other way. It burned every ounce of me to just think of her with some other man. Thinking about what she had been doing when I was here waiting for her kills me. Weirdest of the man in the world I must say. I wanted to decrease the temperate of fire, knowing that it wasn't possible n in my daft attempts it would only turn me to ash. There was no other way though.
For a moment I thought of calling Nikki but then dropped the idea. She wasn't the ideal person to take advice right now and there weren't many friends I knew that could help me. To be honest I didn't had any friends. In the crowd of acquaintance, business associates, clients, competitors, enemies and admirers, I had no one. At times like this, I felt lonely. How more pitiable did Maan Singh Khurana could get? The press would be having a hell of a story to write if they discovered about this reality on mine.
Looking back at my house, I wondered if she gave a damn. There was only one way to know. If she came she did n if she didn't'. she didn't then. The low grounds I had fallen to. It was like plucking flower petals in a silly game of 'she does-she does not'. But I was desperate n I hated to say, I needed her. The end choice was in her hands.


All the warmness of her fluffy bed n covers couldn't make her sleep. The man was the limit. What did he think of himself? That he was her master? That she would have to take permission before taking a step out of his boundaries? So what if she went out with Shaan, not like she was rolling in sheets with him behind Maan's back. And if he thought she did-because she actually could-it was his bloody problem.
He should have thought about it before bringing her here. A man is not allowed to be possessive with a woman who sold her skin for money. They should enjoy the power they had over her body but at the same time they should be aware that there were others who held that some power on the same body some other time, some other place. All understood except for that one man who instead of ravishing her n throwing her had kept her into his house, expecting to be a tail wagging pet n be what? Faithful? Come on. Everyone knew it was impossible. He would be laughing stock if people in her world heard about that or in his world too.
Despite all this she was incredulous, surprised, astounded, shocked' all these words together couldn't sum up to what she felt. How could he have human expectations from her? She was as good as a thing, a use-and-throw thing. He must have lost his mind or there could be more to it'? That she couldn't understand. A game may be. But she had nothing to lose n she didn't cared for him either. So until she was getting good money out of it n he didn't throw her out of his house which seemed pretty near, she was fine with this arrangement.
She flung her legs over the bed to the ground. Having not yet changed she slipped her legs into the flip flops which looked awkward with her semi-formal attire but who cared. She was already going to get wet.
Now when she said she loved rain, it was as a spectator not as the bearer of the calamity.
She found him walking aimlessly in the garden, his steps heavy n shoulders stiff. She called after him but he didn't hear in the loud thumping of water drop.
Jogging closer she called, Maan' He turned tiredly but his face momentarily lit up. Sullen eyes going wide like he hadn't expected her to come. He looked liked a thoroughly scolded child sure that there was no hope for him.
Come on in. She said shouting over the rain. When he didn't make a move she held his hand to pull him with her.
He stopped her. Why does it matter whether I go inside or stay here? It's not like I am going to die in the acidic rain. The words weren't funny but profound n somewhat harsh. She walked closer to him.
It matters. Who is gonna pay me heaps if you died? Her try at lightening the atmosphere didn't work and she sighed. Maan, I did nothing with Shaan if that's what you think. We had had gone to the restaurant n ate. Nothing else.
She thought it would be fine now but it wasn't. Somehow the situation had gone beyond her evening out with Shaan. It had reached another notch way above her head and only Maan knew about it. Maan held her shoulder, his large hand gripping the part firmly while other one came up to trace the lines on her face. The tips of his fingers grazed the outline of her lips. Water slid down their bodies n she moved closer to him in the cold night.
His eyes stared deep into hers, searching and seeking. When he touched her lips with more fervor, applying more pressure, pressing the plump soft surface, she closed the windows to her soul. Don't close your eyes. He spoke softly yet persistently.
She opened them. Tell me what was there in the box?
He wanted to know if she was affected by him aside from the physical aspect of their twisted relationship. He wanted to assure himself that they had made a progress and she had that little trust on him in some small crevice of her heart.
Her eyes became hard. Which box? She asked knowing exactly which box he was talking about.
His grip loosened on her, the last shreds of hope crumpling down on the hard floor. The box you had brought from that building. He informed dejectedly already acknowledging his defeat n she felt something non-existent breaking inside her chest.
The box has nothing of your concern. She attempted to shield her only possession n in the process hurt him immensely. Thank god the pain wasn't physical because physical pain of same intensity would have killed him by now. She moved closer to him so that her body rubbed over against his. She had just one thing to give him, no bargains whatsoever. He dropped his hands that were holding her n moved back as if to prove a point. She remembered their initial meetings when he had done the same time n again.
She didn't feel rejected; closing the distance between she held his hand n pulled him to the house. Just as they entered he took his hand back.
Change your clothes before you sleep. She said not affected by his distancing or pretending the same before starting towards her room.
This would start the first week of the upcoming month. One team of engineers is already there preparing for the construction to start. Maan explained to a very pleased Mr. Rawat. His posture was straight, face perfect without a single odd line. Between the occasional smiles he passed to his client, nobody would know what happened or in what condition he was in last night. In short he was an out-and-out professional.
Geet had fully expected-when he hadn't showed any interest in her last night-to be kicked out and also she hadn't expected him to be this' managed. Both of her assumptions were proven wrong. At home there was tension between them almost palpable but he didn't say a word n the drive to the office was suffocating to a degree. Once they reached the office it was like she wasn't present anymore while he became the invincible king of business world that he was.
She couldn't even have avoided coming to office since Mr. Rawat was to visit today. The construction of his casino in Goa was almost on the mark to start n so her presence was expected by him at the same time she didn't wanted to show Maan that last night affected her in any possible way. If he was invincible she was also untouchable. And for a man it wasn't possible to dive under her skin.
Mr. Rawat satisfied with the arrangements of KC left n just as he walked out and the one person she had least desired to see entered Maan's cabin. Dev Khurana. His name rightly chosen, only 'il' was needed to be joined to it n his name would become the 'devil' he was.
Dev. Maan said delighted. What brings you here?
Bro, can't I come to see you? He pouted n Geet almost puked.
Maan opposite to her seemed to fall for his brother's acts. Of course you can. Guards had told me that you had come home. I am sorry I wasn't there.
Geet stiffened at that, Maan knew that Dev was there. Dev's eyes just for a mili second wondered to her n he smiled. Yes, bro I had come to meet you. But you weren't there. Busy like always.
Sir, the meeting will start in 5. Maan's secretary informed n Dev made a face. See. I was talking about this only.
Maan face was apologetic n Geet grimaced. He couldn't be that fool to believe that Dev was actually there to meet him without any ulterior selfish motive.
It's an important meeting. Maan said standing up. Do you have something important to tell me?
Nuh-ah. Bro, you go attend you meeting. I will wait here.
Maan smiled apologetically again and left.
There goes my goody, loving brother. Dev commented n turned to Geet.
She glared at him. He was reason of this all mess. The heartless bas***d, plotting against his own brother.
I need another favor from you.
And what would be that? She asked pointedly.
I need the file of that disputed land. It's not in the office. It's confidential so I am sure it would be in his room. You will bring that file to me.
Geet smiled at that. I thought I just had to spy on him. It had started with spying, now he wanted file, tomorrow he ask her to shoot Maan n the vicious circle will keep moving on. She wasn't going to surrender before him anymore. If you think I will do it. You are a f**king fool.
Just mind your tongue, you bitch. She had heard it thousands of times n to offend her he needed to do more than that.
Call me names. But that won't change anything. No more Dev. I am not going to do it anymore.
I had expected this. He was again calm as he rounded the table on sat on Maan's chair like he owned the whole place. She was furious at him but she tried to keep cool.
I have a surprise for you. Maan's meeting' wouldn't you want to know what is being projected there at the moment.
Her eyes widened n breathing stopped. No you wouldn't?
I don't see a reason why I wouldn't.
She gulped n next second ran out. Her chest tightened with the implication of what could happen if everyone came to know about her, she was not just worried about herself but Maan too, his reputation and business. So many things were on stake n would change if the veil would be pulled.
She pushed the door open frantically n stepped into the conference room. All heads turned towards her but her eyes moved to screen, animated slides of a construction were being projected there. She almost collapsed to the floor as momentary relief washed over her. Maan's eyes were questioning as he stared at her. She only said a sorry n walked back to the cabin with purpose.
With murderous look on her face she marched towards him where he was perched coolly on Maan's chair, holding his collar she pulled him to his feet. You son of a-
He was far stronger than her. Grabbing her hand he twisted it behind her back. His hold was painful n a little more force could have broken her limb. Lowering his head he bit into the skin of her neck. She swallowed the scream down her throat. A little respect is welcome here. Even his voice was so venomous that it stung.
He pushed her away and she turned around to take another go at him. Before that he took an envelope from his pocket. This is for you. He thrust it into her hand n Geet had a sinking feeling about it. She wasn't weak but her hand for some strange reason were shaking n her heart was thudding. She opened the envelop n pulled out the contents. Her vision blurred with tears. She wasn't weak just tired, she explained herself.
I want the file tomorrow.
She nodded n Dev patted her head like a good pet. Tell my sweet bro that I to had leave for an urgent work. Strolling out he left the cabin. She wished she could erase him out of her life just the same.


Update after a long time I am sorry but was busy. Now I will update faster though...Big smileBig smile Please do leave your comments n press like... Approve
Please LIKE n COMMENT, if you liked the update...Star

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yipeee me firstDancingPartyHug

maan wants to knw about that boxBig smile

dev is a b****Angry

y geet doing thsQuestion

wht is in the envelopeQuestion

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