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FF- I dream of you every night. part 8- page 11 (Page 9)

amy00487 Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2013 at 5:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SM_317

awesome update...samrat suhani scenes were so cuteeLOLreally well cont soon.waiting 2 knw he surprise..Embarrassedthanx 4 d pm..

Hehe.. will try to update soon.. Thanks dear!Embarrassed

aashizin IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 May 2013 at 11:36am | IP Logged
woww awesome upd once again amy i simply loved it ClapClap u penned down samrat n suhani's bond wonderfully it was really wonderful written EmbarrassedClapClap glad to know sajan 's friendship is growing and now they r comfortable with each other i loved last scene with shilpa sajan n sunahi can't wait for next part eagerly waiting to know what is surprise thanks for pm do continue soon Embarrassed
-CreativeSoul- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2013 at 11:53am | IP Logged
awesome part
love the family bonding 
and everyone teasing samrat and gunjan about them being  "just friends" LOL
continue soon 

amy00487 Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2013 at 11:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aashizin

woww awesome upd once again amy i simply loved it ClapClap u penned down samrat n suhani's bond wonderfully it was really wonderful written EmbarrassedClapClap glad to know sajan 's friendship is growing and now they r comfortable with each other i loved last scene with shilpa sajan n sunahi can't wait for next part eagerly waiting to know what is surprise thanks for pm do continue soon Embarrassed

Thanks dear!

Will contiue soonEmbarrassed

amy00487 Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2013 at 11:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -CreativeSoul-

awesome part
love the family bonding 
and everyone teasing samrat and gunjan about them being  "just friends" LOL
continue soon 


thank u so much tanzeelBig smile
amy00487 Goldie

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Posted: 14 May 2013 at 10:10pm | IP Logged
Part 8

It was already 9AM when gunjan got up, and it was too late for her. Normally she used to get up at 6. But because of Suhani's arrival at home, last night was a party time for shergill family. They had dinner outside in Jatin uncle's and Suhani's favorite restaurant. And then after coming home, they chatted for a long time. Gunjan came in her room at 1.30 AM, but it took much more time for her to go in her dreamland. Her dad's surprise kept her awake for a long time and now she was feeling much sleepy even after sleeping till 9 AM.


She got ready and came down. When she came to the dining area, the whole shergill family was present there, including Jatin. There were piles of photo albums kept on the dining table.


"Good morning everybody!! Jatin uncle.. u didn't go to office today..?" Asked Gunjan.


"Yepp! My angel's home. Today's holiday for me." Jatin said and caressed suhani's cheeks, who was sitting beside him.


"Wow! that's great! So doing what?" Gunjan asked looking at the photo albums scattered on the table.


"We were refreshing our old memories.", Samrat said with enthusiasm, "Hey Gunjan, look at this photo.."


It was a photo of a small girl, about 7 or 8 yrs old, she was cute, with big eyes full of tears, and behind her stood a boy, maybe 5 yrs old, with a naughty smile, he was holding a doll who's head was ripped of her body. Maybe it was his deed, and he seemed to be really proud of it.


 "Is this you?" Gunjan Asked Samrat.


"Yepp. N this is Sue... she was such a cry baby, when she was a child."


"Achha?", Suhani narrowed her eyes, "Gunjan, come here, you should see this one... " Suhani showed her another snap.


Samrat , aged 4, was dressed like Charlie Chaplin, and the cute little Chaplin-style moustache, drawn by kohl, was looking so cute on him. Gunjan couldn't stop her laughter after watching that photo, and samrat gave suhani a don't-you-dare-again look.


"This was his 1st stage performance.. When he was in senior KG. It was fancy dress competition. Now you got it, why I call him Charlie..?" Suhani said pulling samrat's cheek.


"Ahh, it pains!!" samrat said rubbing his cheek, "And you forgot to mention that I won the competition."


"Why wouldn't you? You were looking so funny..." suhani said and Gunjan and Suhani hi-fived...


Samrat opened his mouth to say something but their mother mediated between the siblings.


"Arey arey.. bas!  You two started again?  Suhani... don't!!" Shilpa Aunty said and Suhani stuck her tongue at Samrat, while he just gave her a winning smile.


"Hey Gunjan, This photo is a must watch.." Jatin said looking at a photo, "Samrat on the stage receiving prize for his performance.."


"Dad!! No'" Samrat tried to snatch the photo, but Gunjan took the photo from Jatin Uncle. Samrat, who was still in his Charlie Chaplin avatar, was crying badly while receiving the award. A broad smile formed on her lips.


"Haaha! N you know why he's crying.. He wanted to be with mom. Dad, you remember? I dont want prize...'" Suhani paused for her dad's reaction.

"I want mommy!!" Jatin and suhani said in unison.


Gunjan was laughing badly, she looked at Samrat, she thought he'll be angry after this teasing session. But she was surprised to see him smiling. He was rather embarrassed.


"Hey dont tease him. Its a good thing he loves me so much.." Shipla said taking samrat's side. Samrat wrapped his arm around shilpa's shoulders.


"Thanks mom, you always support me.. And dad! He always take suhani's side." He said pouting.


"That's because I'm always right'" Said suhani.


"Shut up you Daddy's girl!"


"And what are you, Momma's boy?"


"Yeah.. I'm definitely Momma's boy, but no one  can compete with your husband in that section.." samrat replied and almost immediately regretted on his own words. Suhani fell silent. The environment in the room was tensed. Shilpa and Jatin gave samrat a upset look, While Gunjan stood there , unsure of what to do.


"Samrat !! You are just too much.. " Suhani managed to curve her lips in a nervous smile, and shook her head." I'm sorry , gunjan. He just talks irrelevant sometimes.. He just loves Aadi, his Brother-in-law too much."


Jatin and Shilpa sighed as suhani handled the situation. Gunjan gave Suhani an understanding smile. Gunjan could understand how uncomfortable they were feeling. Though they treated her as a family, there were some things she didn't know, and it was better that those things remain in the family only. Thinking about all this, she remembered her own family, and she missed her only family member.. her dad.


"Sir, bahar koi aaya hain, ek bada sa box leke'" Abdul chacha entered in the room.


"Bada sa box..?" Gunjan jumped ,"It might be the surprise!!" and she ran outside.


Everyone looked at her reaction with puzzled faces, and followed her.


As gunjan came out, she saw a big rectangular box, wrapped in a red glossy gift paper, with purple ribbon on it. She ripped it off and saw her gift. Everyone looked at her excited face with amusement. It was The Yamaha CP1, an electronic piano she had set her eyes for long. And her father had remembered it. Gunjan jumped as her mobile started ringing.


"Hello Dad'" She picked up the phone.


"Gunjan! How's the gift?" Rajat's voice came from the other side.


"Awesome, mindblowing, fantastic dad!!  Thanks dad. It's really nice. It's the best Diwali gift I've ever got.." Gunjan said as she could feel a tear rolling down her cheek. "And like a fool, I've started crying now" she pouted.


"Well , I can see that." Rajat said with a goofy smile.


"See that? How can you see that ?" Gunjan said and Rajat chuckled.


 "Well, take a look around princess!!" and the call was disconnected.


"Dad! How could he hang up on me!.." She looked at samrat and said.


"I know i shouldn't have.." As she heard her father's voice she first looked at her mobile, but then she realized that it was coming from behind. She turned around only to find her dad standing behind her.


"Dad' u are here!! Wow'" she clung to him.


"Oh my princess.. How have you been?" Rajat was so happy to see his little angel.


"I'm fine dad. And very happy.."  She hugged him as he wiped her tears. "I missed you so much" she spoke softly, "Did you miss me, dad?"


"Missed? You have no idea how miserable i was when you left me.." Rajat said in a complaining voice.


"Sorry!" she said pouting and rajat kissed her forehead.


"If you have seen enough of your daughter, then take a look at us also.." Jatin said and Rajat turned to him.


"Jatin!" Rajat said affectionately, "I have missed you like anything man!" And the two men hugged each other, everyone saw them with amusement.


"How are you, Rajat? Its been years since you left mumbai. And never turned back." Said jatin.


"I know, but after Indu's death.. I never felt like coming back.." Rajat said staring the sky blankly.


"But you had to come back, because of Gunjan.." Jatin smiled..


"Ya, daughters do that to you, isn't it? They are simply awesome.." Rajat  said looking at Gunjan and then at Suhani.


"Not fair uncle! Its like i don't even exist here!" Samrat complained and rajan pulled him in a hug patting his back heavily," You were so small when i last saw you, and see now, you have become a man!" Rajat said looking at him.


"Yes he is!" Shilpa said proudly, "And will soon join Jatin at work also."


Gunjan noticed his mother's comment has made him uncomfortable and she pulled her dad towards the house.


"Come dad! You might be tired.. get freshen up." She said.


"Oh yes. I need to look fresh for the party." Rajat started but stopped as samrat and suhani pleaded him with eyes.


"Party..? which party?" Jatin asked with confusion.


"Oh dad!.. your friend is visiting you after years.. you might umm.. want to give him party right?" Suhani stammered.


"Yeah, right. You are talking about that party, isn't it uncle..?" Samrat covered up for suhani.


"Yes yes.. we are meeting after so long. This calls for a celebration!" Rajat played along and both of them sighed with relief.


"Of course, we will have a party.. but.." Jatin looked at them suspiciously. He wanted to say something to samrat and suhani but Rajat diverted his attention.


"Hey i'm standing here for so long, lets get inside.." And he took Jatin with him. Shilpa followed them in leaving the youngsters behind.


"So you called dad for the party?" Gunjan turned towards the siblings, her hands on her waist," Didnt even care to tell me?"


"It was supposed to be a surprise for you gunjan.." Samrat said softly, "didn't you like it?"


"Ya , I like it. But.. You could have told me" Gunjan pouted.


"Then it wouldn't be a surprise..!" Suhani said.


"And we couldn't see the sweetest of your smile, when you saw your dad!" said samrat and suhani gaped at him. She could not believe that this sentence was said by her brother.


"Gunjan, are you mad at me?" samrat asked her, and she smiled.


"Of course not idiot! And thanks! This surprise was really beautiful." Gunjan said and ruffled his hairs.


"You're welcome, but don't do that again." He said arranging his hairs.


"I'll do that'" and she again did it'


"Gunjan !! don't!!" He warned her and she ran. He started chasing her, leaving Suhani behind in an amused state.


'I wonder if they know how much they mean to each other.." she said to herself and started walking towards the house.





Shergill mansion was decorated like a wedding hall. Everything was so perfect, so beautiful. The lights, the decor, the food, everything. Of course, because the arrangements were done by two beautiful ladies- Suhani, and Gunjan.  Samrat also helped them, if splashing the water on floor and falling on the same water or mixing red roses with pink, by mistake, can be called help.

As the sky became darker, guests started showing. But the main attraction of the party, Jatin and Shilpa, were not there. They were out with Rajat, since morning. Why? Should I really tell you? This was their 'Surprise party'. So rajat had taken them out in morning, to buy time for the arrangements.

Samrat stood in his sky blue sherwani at the entrance of the hall, greeting guests. His nervousness grew with every new entrant to the party. Gunjan was taking the final look at the arrangements when her eyes fell on samrat. She sensed his discomfort.


"Whats up?" she said placing her hand on his shoulder.


"Oh Gunjan!!" Samrat sighed with relief as he saw her, "Nothing. Mom n dad are yet to arrive. I feel nervous.."


"Hey! Dont worry they'll come.."And she turned to leave as he held her hand. She looked at him and then at her hand as he slowly let go of her hand.


"Please stay with me. Its kinda weird. I've never played host to any party at home before this. Generally this is mom-dad's responsibility.."


"Okay! And what are you responsible for?" Gunjan asked him ironically.


"Me? I enjoy myself ..!" samrat said with a grin.


"So start taking responsibilities from today onwards. I'm sure you will enjoy that too!" She said seriously. If it was any other person in his circle, he would have snapped him.  But somehow he couldn't get angry at her. In fact he liked when she got into her 'Preacher' mode.


"Okay, Deviji!" He said grinning widely," Just explain me my responsibilities properly and I will not be a trouble."


"No! I got to go.. " And she was about to leave , jut then benji came in.


"Hey guys!! Wats up?" benji said enthusiastically.


"Hi benji! " samrat and gunjan said in unison.

"Hey gunjan! Looking great today. You are going to give many people a hard time.." Benji said looking at gunjan from head to toe, and she felt a little shy at his comments. Samrat also looked at her , and realized that he hadn't looked at her carefully before, maybe because his nervousness.


But now, as he looked at her, he too agreed that she looked stunning in her royal blue salwar, which had silver beads all over. She had accessorized it with matching danglers, and the color contrasted with her ivory complexion very well. She looked heavenly..


"Sam!! Sam' " Benji's voice brought him back on earth.


"Yeah.." he said nervously.


"Where were you lost?" Benji asked.


"Uhmm .. nothing.." Samrat shrugged.


"Anyways, have you seen Diya?" Benji scanned the crowd for diya.


"Oh heck! I didn't invite her.." Samrat mocked and gunjan controlled her laughter.


"What? You didn't? She'll feel so bad Sam!'" Benji was almost heartbroken at the fact that Diya was not coming to the party.


"Okay, but hwy are you so SAD!!" Samrat said with a smug smile.


"Hey guys!!" Benji turned around, to find Diya, walking towards them. He sighed with relief, and realizing that samrat was playing around with him, he smacked Samrat.


"Hi Diya, how are you?" Said gunjan.


"I am fine dear, and you are looking awesome.." Diya complemented her.


Benji was about to say something when Gunjan interrupted him, "Hey samrat, now you have benji to keep company. Can we go now?" She tilted her head and looked at him, to which he nodded his head absently. She smiled and took Diya with her leaving the boys behind.





"Hello, Rajat uncle..? kahan hain aap?"Suhani said nervously.


"We are just reaching." Rajat whispered from the other side of the line.


"All guests has arrived." Suhani said.


"I'm just entering , and your mom dad are 10 feets behind me. Everything's set then?" He said as he entered the hall.


"Yes.."she squealed with excitement,"I'll turn the lights off." She cut the phone and signalled Samrat to turn off the lights.


When Jatin and shilpa reached there, the hall was completely dark, there was no sign of movement.


" Why is it so dark?" Jatin said and shilpa held his hand for support.


"Shilpa, after all these years also, when you hold my hand for support, i feel like a newly wed.."


And just then lights came, and everyone in the hall shouted, "Happy Anniversary"


Jatin and shilpa stood there, surprised and embarrassed. They glanced around them and found their little angels, suhani and samrat, smiling at them. Shilpa called them and they ran to hug their parents.


"Happy anniversary you guys!!" samrat and suhani greeted them.


"Thank you  beta..We are so surprised.. love you.." Jatin said hugging them. Shilpa was so overwhelmed by everything that words left her mouth. Tears of joy flowed from her eyes as she looked at her kids with love.


"Happy anniversary Uncle, happy anniversary Aunty!!" Gunjan came there and greeted them.


"Thank you beta. So I guess you are a co-conspirer?" Jatin asked curiously.


"Ya and me too.. But .. you were saying something to Shilpa bhabhi when you entered.. What was that?" Rajat joined them.


"You traitor! You didn't even let us know what we are walking into.." Jatin said smacking him playfully and hugged Rajat as he wished them.


Samrat escaped from there as the teasing session between those two men started, and went to the stage.


"Hello, everybody."  The voice immediately sought everyone's attention. Samrat was standing on the stage , holding a mike, Smiling.


"Today's a very special day for two very special people in my life. Mom and Dad. Today's their .. umm.. suhani..?" he leaned towards her as suhani prompted him, and continued, "so , today's their 30th anniversary and still as we saw some time back, that their chemistry still works.." many people laughed at this point and samrat paused, joining them, "So , I wish  a very happy anniversary to mom-dad. Hey guys, we love you..!" and he threw a kiss at them. Jatin caught the kiss and shilpa just blushed.


"Well the party is on guys, to celebrate the big day of the greatest couple i've ever seen.. My hero, my dad! And My guardian angel, my mom!"  He said looking at them affectionately.


"And now, may I take the pleasure to present before you, a great artist, who'll show her skills to all of us." As samrat continued, everyone looked at him with curiosity, Suhani, with a smile and Gunjan with confusion.


"Artist.. who? We didn't discuss it while making arrangements.." she said to suhani.


"Shhh.. listen to him.." Suhani made a serious face and looked at samrat.


"This artist is a fresh talent. This is the first time she'll perform publically.  So I request Miss Gunjan bhushan to come on stage, please give her a big hand.." As samrat said this , gunjan shook her head with disbelief.


"Oh! no.. I cant.." she said to samrat who came down from the stage to her.


"Of course you can , and you have to." Samrat insisted. Gunjan's nervousness grew as she saw two boys placing her new Yamaha keyboard on stage.


"I don't remember anything.."She said hesitatingly.


"Close your eyes and concentrate! You'll remember."  Samrat said with a smile and took gunjan's hand into his. He took her on the stage and gave the mike, and came down.


Gunjan looked at her audience, they were watching her expectantly, and her nervousness increased. Her eyes soon found her dad smiling at her; she smiled back, took a deep breath, closed her eyes and remembered her mother. Her heart was filled by the tune she loved the most, mostly because it always reminded her about her mother.  And she started playing the song.


Silence took over the hall as Gunjan's finger started dancing on the keys. Everyone was mesmerized as she started singing.


When I was just a little girl
I asked my mother, what will I be
Will I be pretty, will I be rich
Here's what she said to me.

Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours, to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be.

[Gunjan almost had tears as she sang these lines, occasionally looking at her dad. Suhani looked at her mom and hugged her while her mom caressed her.  Samrat walked to his mom and hugged her.

When I was young, I fell in love
I asked my sweetheart what lies ahead
Will we have rainbows, day after day
Here's what my sweetheart said.

A smile played on her lips as she sang these lines dreamily, maybe thinking about her dream man. Just like her mother got her father.

Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours, to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be.


As gunjan played the ending notes, the hall was filled with applaud. Gunjan smiled with moist eyes and looked at her dad. Rajat had tears in his eyes; he missed his wife so much. This was her favorite song and she used to sing this when gunjan was very small, to make her sleep. This was gunjan's favorite too.


She came down from the stage and ran into her father's arms, who kissed her forehead lovingly.


"Magical!!" Gunjan turned around as she heard Samrat's voice. He looked at her in awe, "I have no words. It was simply' Magical!!" He said.


"Thank you." Gunjan blushed at his praise.


"By the way, whats the meaning of 'Que sera sera?'", Asked samrat.


"Whatever will be, will be. We can't predict the future, so let's live in the moment!" Gunjan explained and soon was surrounded by people who were praising her.


Samrat thought about the line' whatever will be.. will be!.. He looked at Gunjan, and at the same moment , she also looked at him. They exchanged smile.


"Que.. sera .. sera.." Suhani's voice broke his eye contact with Gunjan.


"Hey sue, nice performance na.." Samrat asked her enthusiastically.


"Yeah well, everything related to gunjan is nice for you Charlie.." she said grinning. Samrat knew where it was going.


"Sue, you started it again.. I'm outta here.." samrat said and walked away..


"Are listen baba!" suhani smiled at herself, "Whatever! But Charlie.. you cant escape love.. " She smiled and hummed the song for the rest of the evening.


So guys, this is it... Press like if you enjoy reading :)



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Luv-In-Mist IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2013 at 1:20am | IP Logged
Great part..Loved it.<3
Album part was hilarious ROFL
liked Sam-Suhani bonding..
Awesome!!do continue soon n thanx 4 d pm:)

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lovely part..
cont soon..

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