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FF- I dream of you every night. part 8- page 11 (Page 8)

SM_317 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2013 at 9:27am | IP Logged
Hey ur ff is  is very nice and i love ur writingBig smile..yaa though mjht is over bt sill sajan nd monaya will stay in our hearts forever..:)nd monaya toh already are 2gther...Embarrasseddo continue soon..eagerly waiting 2 read ahead..Big smile

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aashizin IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 May 2013 at 10:55am | IP Logged
hey amy Hugi know u since MJHT days n we met through ur FF Embarrassed i love ur writing skills n i seriously feel ur wonderful writing skills should reach to ppl i still feel more ppl should reach to u n ur wonderful writing ClapClap plz post ur ff's link in sajan/ monaya mantion 

u r taking so much efforts thank u so much for giving us this treat ClapClap SG will be always in our heart n u guys ( FF writers) r making them alive with ur wonderful writing on them thank u so much Big smile Hug

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sadffi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2013 at 11:13am | IP Logged
Awesome update AmyHug

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BabajiKaThullu IF-Addictz

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Posted: 06 May 2013 at 11:14am | IP Logged
welcome back darling...!!

superb FF re Clap

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aashizin IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 May 2013 at 11:38am | IP Logged
amy u hv maximum no of pms i m not able to reply u back 
.AngryBird. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 May 2013 at 11:39am | IP Logged
lovely update

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-CreativeSoul- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 May 2013 at 4:14pm | IP Logged
hey this is an awesome ff Heart 
l love their little tiffs and i also loved how samrat stood up for gunjan its truly awesome 
 do continue this soon and add me to your pm list
and thanks aashi for pming me the link to thisEmbarrassed


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amy00487 Goldie

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Posted: 09 May 2013 at 9:57pm | IP Logged


Part- 7


The bike came to halt in front of Shergill mansion and Gunjan let out a sigh. This was their routine. He always used to blabber all the way on bike and she mostly remained quiet, grabbing him tightly, not liking the speed he picked up when he saw clear roads. Today also, he talked about some random things – how the last day of this semester felt great, how he will take her to different places in diwali break, how rocking this diwali will be for her. But she was too busy (trying not to fall) to pay attention to him.

"You know what, the party that we host here is the coolest diwali party. I hope you will enjoy it here." He continued without noticing how flustered she was. "Haa! I'm so happy, finally got a break from all the studies." He took a breath of relief as she stared at him angrily.

"What?" He said in confusion.

"Samrat, you're so reckless.. can't you slow down a bit?" Gunjan said angrily while samrat stood there watching her face with a grin.

"And you're so panicky." He chuckled as they walked in,"I mean u travel on it every day, still you're not used to it! You know what? By My standards, it's slow."He added with a grin.

He had this adventurous side which sometimes sent her on the edge.

"Seriously? You will kill me one day.." her expressions made his grin wider.

"Relax Gunjan!" He said wrapping his arm around her shoulder casually, "My looks kill, I don't, And I won't..."

"Really? We'll see.." Gunjan said smacking his arm playfully as they entered the hall.

"Sure, We'll see.." Samrat replied and was going to add something more when he heard a familier voice.

"If you've seen enough of each other, then can you just look at me, dear?." He turned and was shocked to find..

"Suhani? When did you come?" Samrat gaped at suhani who was sitting comfortably on sofa.

"Hey, ur gunjan, right? How ru?" Suhani ignored his question and turned to gunjan.

"I'm fine.. Nice to see you.." Gunjan replied back with unease as she completely ignored her brother,"Surprise visit, huh?"

"Sure it is. But it's a pleasant surprise." He smiled and hugged suhani.

"Don't talk to me! If you would have given even a little bit of time to me, then this wouldn't have been a surprise visit." Suhani said with disappointment breaking the hug and sat on sofa. Samrat was surprised by her reaction.

" Sue, what was that.. I always have time for you"He said sitting beside her.

"So why didn't you call back?" Suhani fired a question and continued, "Don't tell me you didn't get my message. I trust Gunjan!" Suhani said firmly and took a glance at gunjan. Till now Gunjan was looking at these siblings with amusement. She was enjoying their cute conversation, and suddenly Suhani dragged her in. She looked bewildered, and suhani laughed watching her face.

"Ofcourse I told him!" Gunjan spoke defensively,"Samrat! I told you right.."

Suhani was amused by the expressions on their faces, but she suppressed her laughter and made a plain face.

"Oh... Yes!" Samrat recollected his conversation with gunjan one week back, "Sorry. I forgot." He shrugged and made a puppy face.

"No no.. i don't blame you.. still two timing, aren't you? " suhani enquired keeping her hands on her waist. Gunjan looked at suhani with a little surprise. So she knew about his bussy schedule of juggling between two courses.

"Hey, I am sorry. " he said apologetically, " So when did you come?"

"When nobody was there to welcome me."suhani said with a pout.

"She went to hospital.", Samrat said and watched worry on Suhani's face,"Dont worry, she might have gone for the new project of biogen. Oh by the way didn't you tell her you are coming for diwali this year?" he added quickly.

"No. Its actually a surprise meant for them. I was going to inform him, but you don't have time for me!" She frowned and continued as Samrat opened his mouth to defend,"And if you still don't remember let me remind you, it's our parent's 30th anniversary after three days" Samrat hit his head as he realized it.

"Oh yes! How can I forget? So this is their surprise?" he smiled pointing at suhani and she slapped his arm playfully.

"No I'm not. Something else is.. But why would i discuss that with you, considering you are busy with some other things nowadays, charlie?" Suhani said this looking at Gunjan. Gunjan smiled uncomfortably while samrat frowned at her comment.

"Sue! Don't call me that.." He huffed in a low tone.

"Don't call you what Charlie?" suhani said a little loudly, and took a glance at Gunjan, who was busy fighting with her smile.

" Sue,  don't say that I didn't give you warning.." samrat threatened her. She was enjoying every expression on her irritated brother's face. She liked to tease him a lot.

"Dear god.. I'm scared!" she mocked fear, and burst into chuckle," Charlie, do you think I'll give up calling you 'Charlieee'?" she emphasized the last word and gunjan chuckled. Samrat looked at her and shook his head.

"You are so dead now.." as he said this, suhani started moving away from him in anticipation.

"Charlie, no.." she screamed as he ran behind her.

Suhani ran towards garden and samrat followed her.


The two siblings played the 'tom n jerry' chase for a while before sitting on the bench, panting and laughing.

"Huh... Had a good time after sooo long!! You too missed it, isn't it Charlie?" suhani said after taking a deep breathe.

"Yeah.." samrat said with smile, but his smile vanished as he registered her last words. He frowned. "Hey, you again said that! Atleast not in front of Gunjan!!"

"Oh come on Charlie.. Its too cute!!" Samrat rolled his eyes at her statement, but she just ignored it,"You know what, I love this girl already! She should know everything about you, your likes, dislikes, your pet names.."

"Well she already knows too much about me", Samrat said with a hint of annoyance as he remembered how he always ended up confiding everything to her, "You don't have to help me out there."

"Really Charlie? So, don't you want to tell me what's going on between you two?" Suhani's grin irritated him. It always surprised him how his sister could turn every subject towards love and relationships. He sometimes doubted if she really shared his blood. Was she adopted? Or was he adopted?

"What are you trying to do here big bully sister?" He said narrowing his eyes with suspicion.

"Umm.. I don't know.. Match-making?" She suggested with a smug smile.

"You are horrible! And i know you take pleasure in messing up with me. But don't! Not when Gunjan is concerned."

"And why is Gunjan so special?"she poked him playfully.

Samrat hesitated for just a split second, "She is a good girl, and she's a really good friend." he said quickly.

"Okay! And you don't want to be with a good girl?" Suhani raised her eyebrow.

"Sue!! We are just friends! And I would like to keep it the way it is." Samrat said seriously, and Suhani kept quiet looking at his demeanour, much to his relief. "By the way, you are alone?" he said changing the topic.

Suhani's expressions changed suddenly. Samrat noticed it.

"Whats up Sue?" he asked with concern.

"No .. Its.. Nothing" She said hesitantly and gave him a tight smile.

"Dont want to tell me? Where's your lovey-dovey darling husband?" Samrat asked her gently. He knew there was some problem in his sister's marriage. Lately whenever he called her she sounded stressed, and sad. He could sense it in her voice. She would never agree but Samrat knew his bully sister better than herself, thanks to the 22 long years he had spent with her.

" He's in India too.", She said with apologetic smile.

"And he'she didn't come to meet us?"It was more of a statement than question,"Let me guess, He's in Patna?" Samrat frowned as she nodded in confirmation,"Did you guys fight?" He asked, truely concerned.

"No!" Suhani said nervously,"He wanted to visit his parents first. And it's fair also na Charlie.. I've also come here to meet you guys.." Suhani explained hastily. She hated to keep things from Samrat, but she had to. As it is she had made his life a little difficult already. She didn't want to upset him on the first day of visit, not until their parents anniversary! She will tell him later anyway, when right time comes. Right now she had to solve her problems on her own.

Samrat's expressions changed, realising she was hiding something from her. He smiled ironically.

"Love is blind, isn't it?" He said plainly.

"Samrat, Please don't start again. We will never be on the same page on this topic." Suhani said in a low voice. Samrat watched her face.

He was not very fond of Adhiraj. But this was not the case always. He remembered they got along well, they even used to hang out together, when He was dating Suhani. Adhiraj and Suhani studied in same college , same class. They were madly in love with each other and decided to marry just after they finished studying.  It was during their last year of college when Suhani had introduced Adhiraj to Samrat. Being a teenager that time, Samrat had immediately idolised Adhiraj, for his cool personality.

 But this equation changed slowly as he witnessed he wasn't that cool afterall. They had hurt his parents, both Adhiraj and his sister, by deciding to be so far away from them. He didn't know the exact reason, but one thing led to another and he started despising Adhiraj. But he and Suhani had an argument over this every time she visited india.

"okay!" samrat sighed, "Even I don't like to argue. But don't think this conversation is over. I will come after you for this later. And i swear if he has done something, I won't leave him." He warned her.

"Samrat!! Will u stop it?" said suhani. She was disconcerted. She had called him 'Samrat' and she used this name only when she's really not in good mood. Samrat caught this sign.

"I'm sorry" samrat said after a minute of silence. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and rubbed it gently. "I am really sorry Sue, I spoilt your mood." He apologized.

"Its ok." She said in a low voice, putting her head to rest on his shoulder. She was having hard time controlling herself. She didn't want to cry in front of him. He wouldn't leave her without getting everything out then.

Samrat felt very bad that she was so upset. He loved his sister deeply and couldn't see her upset or sad. She was perfectly normal, well atleast on the outside, before he barged her with this topic. Crap! She even said he had a great time after so long. And he spoilt the moment. He would have to make it up for it.

"Hey sue, Wanna see a movie?" He whispered in her ears.

"Which one?" she looked at him in surprise. He was really asking it to her? Their choice of movies never matched.

"Umm.. I don't know.. The story based on your favourite novel? What's the name.." He said as if he was trying to remember.

"Oh The Notebook??" Her eyes grew wider, "I am touched by your gesture, but no thanks Charlie!" She was amused to see her brother suggesting that.

"I know its a big sacrifice on my part but... just for your happiness" He sighed dramatically.

"No need. I am sure u'll doze off in first ten minutes. I don't wanna miss any dialogue between your snores." She said smiling.

"Hey I'm not that bad at it okay!! I watched 2 such movies in past few days, without dozing off. You can confirm the fact." He said proudly.

"Dear God!! With whom?", suhani exclaimed, "Aha.. with Gunjan, right? Good improvement, Charlie..."

"Thanks" Samrat nodded with smug smile.

"And you told me you were just friends.." added suhani.

"Now how is it related to me not snoring, huh?" samrat replied on her teasing.

"Well, your tolerance levels has gone up while watching sassy movies! There must be something which keeps you awake, right?" Suhani said poking his stomach with her elbow.

"Stop amusing yourself on my expense! Its is not what you think is. We are just friends." Samrat said firmly.

"Uh-Huh! Keep saying that until I believe it.." suhani laughed.

"But we are friends!!"

"One more time.."

"Sue, you are misinterpreting it!!"


"There's nothing like that dad!! We are just friends. And don't keep me asking that always." Gunjan shouted on phone.

"Ok. Ok.. why are you getting so hyper. I just asked how much do you like samrat." Rajat voice cracked as he suppressed his smile.

"See, your voice, your tone says it all. You .. you just.. why did you ask me that?" gunjan was pissed off by her dad's teasing.

"Hey princess. Relax. Its just that nowadays all your calls includes his mention. So i was just wondering.. "

"Obviously dad. We study in same campus and we live in same house. We are bound to spend time together."

"Its ok, you needn't explain me that, hon. And you know, i would be glad to know if there's something.."


"Ok, topic closed! Let's move to the important thing..  About your surpise.."

"What is it? " gunjan asked with excitement.

"Its Surprise! If i tell what is it then will it be surprise?" Rajat said mischievously.

"Ohho dad!! I cant bear suspense. At least a hint.." she requested with her special sweeter than honey voice.

"Ok. But just one hint. Ok?" Rajat gave in finally.

"Umm.. ok." Gunjan said after thinking for a while.

"You've been working hard to get there, Gemini! The planetary condition suggests now is the time for payback. You might get the things you've set your eyes on long before. A romantic evening with your sweetheart in a sumptuous surrounding is likely.."

"Dad! What are you talking about?" She said flinching, remembering she was going out with Samrat to a dinner party at Diya's.

"Hey, I was just reading your horoscope for this week." Rajat said chuckling, "So you might get something.. you know, this week. "

"Really dad?" gunjan exclaimed," but what it could be?.." she said thinking about it.

"Keep waiting. " said rajat." Now i'm hanging up, otherwise you'll not leave me until I tell you all about the surprise."

"but dad..!" and she heard a beep. Rajat had disconnected the call.

She knew now, her dad has given her a tiresome task. She knew she'll keep thinking about the surprise until she gets it..


The sun was going to set in west by the time shilpa got home. She was looking really tired and distressed. As she entered the hall, she wondered why the lights of the room are off. There was very little light in the room.

"Abdul chacha, Remia..?.." she called out for the house staff, but got no response.  "Samrat?..Gunjan beta..?" She tried again.. But no reply.

"Where's everyone..." she was about to switch on the lights when she felt two hands covering her eyes from behind. She was taken aback at this at first. "Samrat?"

"Yes mom.." she heard samrat's voice which was coming from a distance. As she heard him, a smile formed on her lips. She touched the hands which were holding her eyes, and said " Of course, its not you, these hands are so soft.." Then she touched the fingers, "And its not even Gunjan, Cause i still can remember how my little angel feel like.."

"Mom!! How do you guess every time..."suhani pouted as she let go of her mother. Shilpa took her in her arms and caressed her.

"I am mom, right? Mom is supposed to know everything." She kissed suhani's forehead, "you don't have any idea how happy I am to see you.." Shilpa said with moist eyes.

"Yepp me too...", suhani said while looking at shilpa carefully,"but not so much."

"why?" Said shilpa with surprise.

"You are obviously not taking care of yourself.", suhani said while walking around shilpa, "u are looking so weak, and so.. pale!!" suhani pouted.

"Oh sue , don't you know! Half of the city has lost weight in your absence. You know, we miss you that much..!" samrat sighed dramatically and suhani smacked him.

"You two can never stop, right..? Gunjan beta, don't mind them. They are crazy when they are around." Shilpa told gunjan , who was looking at this family scene from some distance.

"But you light to watch us like that, isn't it mom?" Suhani said cuddling her mother. Shilpa looked at gunjan, she was looking at them with a smile. But her smile was forced. Shilpa noticed her moist eyes, they were yearning for mothers love.

"Gunjan, I'm your mother too. Dont you wanna hug your mother? Come here. Give me a hug." As shilpa said this gunjan came forward and hugged her with a smile.

Suhani watched them with a smile and eyed samrat. She came besides him and whispered, "Charlie, mom ne to ise beti bana diya yaar!! Now she's our sister."

"Shut up sue!! She not my sister!!" samrat said quickly, slightly agitated.

" Ohho... I got it now.." Suhani poked him," not my sister!! Then who's she to you?" she said with a grin and samrat realized how quickly he responded suhani's silly joke.

"For god's sake!! How many times you want to hear it? We are just friends!!" He murmured in her ears.

Oblivious to this discussion, gunjan stood there in shilpa's arms. This was the most beautiful bond in the world for her. She could feel how warm a mother's womb could be. Samrat and Suhani watched them with smile. Gunjan was a part of the family now.




Hi, so how did you like the family bonding? The siblings will always be pulling each other's legs. Raise your hands if you have any sibling who likes to mess up with you. I have one!

Gunjan and Samrat are spending so much time lately that everybody suspects them to fall in love. But they are not in love- at least not yet. Or if they are, they are completely oblivious.

Next part will contain the surprise... so keep reading and commenting!. Happy weekend J




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