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FF- I dream of you every night. part 8- page 11 (Page 5)

SM_317 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 April 2013 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
awesome update..loved it..cont soon nd thanx 4 d pm..

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Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 April 2013 at 5:20pm | IP Logged
that is really amazing update

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.AngryBird. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 April 2013 at 10:30pm | IP Logged
Awesome update Thumbs Up
do cont...soon Smile

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SwaNia_2 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 April 2013 at 3:08am | IP Logged
Thanks for the PM. Loved the update, all SaJan moments. Please update soon. 

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aashizin IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 April 2013 at 11:02am | IP Logged
woww amy loved whole upd superb ClapClap loved sg's first bike ride it was cute the way samrat gv gunjan hard time on bike LOL i loved diya n sg scene it was wonderful now can't wait for next do upd soon Embarrassed
amy00487 Goldie

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Posted: 17 April 2013 at 11:55pm | IP Logged

Hi there!

Another update within two days. Isn't that good? Well then just go down and read the thing.. i hope you will enjoy it.


Part 5

7th October 2009

Hey Mom! How are you? So I'm sorry I was a busy lately and my 'hellos' here are becoming rare. But believe me, I miss you a lot.

Well except when I am in classes.  The course is great, they don't just teach the Suras and ragas and how to modulate your voice, but they are giving us the broad picture of how music has an effect on everything, and how everything has an effect on music; an individual, a community, a society, a religion. Oh, and I am really liking the methods of 'Raj veer Sir'  - He's deep down in sufi music. Really, it touches my heart!

Apart from that, life really isn't going anywhere. Don't get me wrong, I'm not whining. I have a great time in classes and the Shergill's are very good guardians. But ' I'm still confused over Samrat. And I can't help but keep thinking about why he acts the way he acts. I mean I have seen him roaming around my department frequently, I had tried to ask him one or two times, but he just shrugged it off.  I almost thought he was stalking me to freak me out, but then after today's incident...

Today he stood by me when I was not expecting. He guarded me when i was being ragged by some jerk. He was even ready to pick a fight for me. But afterwards as we came home, he went to his usual ways, completely ignoring me. I couldn't even thank him for what he did for me. Mom, can someone be so indifferent yet care so much? I don't get it. I guess I should talk to him.



She was sitting in the living room as she thought about the incidences from past few weeks. She had spotted him many times around the area of her department. Initially she assumed it was only a coincidence. But she grew suspicious when she noticed that he tried hard to sneak out past her one day, as if he didn't want to be spotted by her.  And it had become a daily routine.  At first she wanted to catch him off guard and ask him about it, and she tried to ask it indirectly one or two times. But then she thought of ignoring it.

But today's incident changed her perspective about the situation. Today when she was coming out of 'DOM' - department of music as they called it, she bumped into a guy and all her belongings scattered on ground.

"I'm sorry" She mumbled as she bent to gather everything without even looking at the guy.

"Tsch.. tsch.. Its My bad, You should not apologize, beautiful.." A hoarse voice came as she looked up, only to find a 6ft tall, dusky , guy staring at her intently. She didn't like the way he looked at her, his eyes checking her out from top to bottom.

"Its ok.." she said curtly and began to move, when he blocked her way.

"Hey, i guess you're new here. Dont you want to make some friends? I'm Ranvijay, you can call me RV." He said in a seductive voice. She furrowed her brows, panick rising inside her, but she tried to calm herself. She didn't like him, not one bit.

"I got to go." She said sternly.

"Decide it after we get to know each other, beautiful! Why such haste?" He said while snatching her bag from her hands as she stared at him with fury. They were crowded by many people now. "So, we want to get to know our miss newbie.. isn't it guys?" He shouted at his group of friends as they hooted affirmatively, all of them shared the rugged look he was wearing and the same arrogance. "So what do you study, darling?" he said as she looked around her frantically, worry etched on every inch of her face.

 "Oh.. music, isn't it?" he said looking at the board at the front entrance of the building. "So , Our newbie is going to sing for us today" he declared loudly as his friends cheered and snarled some lewd comments.

"Hey dear, you're breaking their heart.." he whispered in gunjan's ears, signalling at his friends,"Just one song .. " he said and brought his hands to her face to touch her as she closed her eyes in anticipation. But he never touched her.

"Can I sing a song for you, RV?" She opened her eyes to find samrat , holding RV's hand in the air.

"Well well, guess who's here. " RV said mocking surprise, "Hey Sam, what are you doing here? Go protect your darling friend Diya. Its none of your business, unless you want to impress this little damsel in distress here.." RV said touching Gunjans hair gingerly, as samrat snapped his hands away from her.

"Dont you dare touch her, RV" he said as he pushed her behind him to face RV.

"I told you Samrat, its none of your business.." RV yelled as he threw a punch at him, which he blocked in midway.

"Listen , if you try to hurt any of my friend, i won't leave you this time"

"Samrat! Please lets go.." Gunjan said tightening her grip on his forearm. RV stared at her and then at samrat as he tried to comprehend it.

"Oh.. wow.. So our newbie is Samrat's new friend." RV said smiling sadistically, "Listen friends, and he's too selfish to introduce her to us .. tsch tsch" he clicked his tongue and said, "Isn't it too bad, friends?" His friends yelled a 'Yes' in unison.

"Samrat!" Diya came running towards them, As she came closer she saw RV and flinched.

"Oh, here comes my princess... " RV gazed at her smirking shamelessly and she felt disgusted.,"How have you been Diya? Havent seen much of you lately.." He said as his eyes wandered over her body.

"It's because you were spending your precious time in god knows which jail, isn't it, RV?" Samrat growled as his fists were tightened, "When did they release you, i thought you will never come out this time". RV's face clouded with anger as he clenched his jaw line and threw a punch at him. Not to mention Samrat promptly returned the favour. They were engaged in a fist fight as they heard a sharp voice of siren. Someone had called the police.

"Enough..Let's go RV.." One of his friends dragged him and they rode on their bike and fled.

"Haa! I should have known that this trick works in real life too." Benji chuckled as he joined them, flashing his mobile screen in front of them.

"Don't tell me you actually played the siren on your mobile!" Samrat said with disbelief.

"No, ofcourse not, someone had actually called police." He said as a police van approached the scene,"I was just trying to lighten up the mood." He said gesturing towards Gunjan who bewildered and Diya, who was rubbing gunjans back to console her. Samrat looked at her and at the same time she looked up and their eyes met. The panic faded away in those eyes as samrat nodded at her reassuringly.

"Relax, He's gone now." He said softly,"Are you feeling ok?"

She nodded and gave him a week smile. Today he stood for her. For her pride. He was still concerned about how she felt, if she was comfortable. This was not the cold samrat she has seen in past few days. It was his caring side. Gunjan wondered how many more layers were there to uncover.

"Candy? " he looked at Diya. Her face was clouded with worries. When samrat called her once again she straightened her face and gave him a halfhearted smile. "I'm ok Sammy. "she said hurriedly.

"Can we go home now?" Gunjan said timidly to which samrat nodded and looked at Diya.

"I'm ok Sammy, and Benji will be with me. I think we should all head to home now." She said , still looking concerned.

"Ok.." He said and waked gunjan to parking lot.


He didn't say a single word while returning home and gunjan was thankful for that. She was shaken by the incident and she didn't wish to talk either. Well, Maybe not now. But she had many questions about this thing. And as she settled on her bed that night and wrote in her diary, all those questions rushed to her head again. She had to talk to Samrat about it, but she could have waited till morning. But as she peeped through her half open door, she could see the light of his room was on as it spilled out of the room from under the small creek of the door.

She looked back at the watch on her writing desk, 12.30 AM. She was pondering whether to disturb him or not when the door to his room fell open. She froze in her doorway like a deer caught in headlights.

"What are you doing?" he whispered.

"I'm .. umm.. just.." she struggled for words.

"Forget it! Do you want ice-cream?" He said in the same conspiring whisper.

"What?" she said staring at him blankly.

"Follow me if you wish to .. because I'm craving it so badly", and headed to kitchen. Gunjan shook her head and followed her. He sneaked past the hallway and entered the kitchen, as gunjan watched his every move. He was acting like a 10 year old sneaking into the kitchen to have the treat his mom told him not to eat.

"So you always sneak out of room to eat icecream?" She asked curiously as he took the icecream pot out of freezer.

"Nopes! Do you think only girls are conscious about watching-the-calories?" He said as he flexed the muscles of his forearms, "like 'em?"

"Arghhh..." she rolled her eyes, but smiled anyways as she observed they were comfortable around each other today, "So wats the occasion today?"

"I generally eat Icecream when I'm restless, you see" He said in a matter-of-factly tone, "It cools me down."

"And why are you restless today?" she said raising an eyebrow, though she had a rough idea about what he will answer.

"Are you generally so nosy or today's something special?" He said as he served her a scoop of butterscotch. 

She knew he was dodging the question by being all cold again. But she had seen the warmth in his eyes today and she was clinging to that thread as she spoke, "It's about RV, isn't it?"

He sighed and nodded silently. She saw creases form on his forehead as if he was thinking about some really bad memories.

"Gunjan, Stay away from that guy... as far as you can."

"I know. I didn't.."

"I know, you didn't initiate the convo today. But he's really sleazy. We have had our issues with him in past, and i don't want him to .." he stopped abruptly.

"You don't what?" Gunjan asked curiously.

"He might hurt you, now that he knows you are my friend. And I don't want that to happen." He said with genuine concern.

"Am I really your friend , Samrat?", Her question startled him.  He pondered over her question. Maybe he didn't treat her like a friend, being cold with her all the time. But he was concerned about her safety, and he knew it wasn't only because she was his guest.

"Samrat?"Gunjan's voice brought him back to earth.

"Well don't you consider me as your friend?" He questioned her back and made a mumbling noise as he scooped a spoonful of ice cream in his mouth.

"I try to imagine it, but the way you act when I'm around, it's just don't feel like we're friends. In fact I get a feeling that you hate me..." She said and looked at him. A smile formed on his lips as he shook his head and rose from the chair.

"Of course I hate you gunjan." He said as her watched her flinch a bit, "But it's not Hate Hate... You know what? You are perfect. All sorted out! You know what you want in life. You're not confused over what you want to do in life. And clearly, my dad loves that. He sees all those qualities in you, which he wished I could acquire. My mom loves you because you're all neat and clean, organised. My parents love you because they see you as an ideal child. My friends love you because you're very sweet and caring. And you have managed to impress them in a couple of months. It's like they are with me for years now and suddenly you came and shared the attention I used to get. I obviously hate you for that. But that doesn't mean I will let someone hurt you. " He finished and saw her looking at him with surprise, "And please don't give me that look now."

"I'm sorry, but this was your reason to act weirdly with me?" she said in disbelief, "Seriously?"

"Well, I know!" he said defensively, "I know I can act weird for no reason, but the way things started.. You know, at airport and then on the way back home.. My first impression about you wasn't that great." He said as she watched him amusedly, "And it changed as I got to know you. But I was stubborn to admit that."

She looked at for one long moment. He had admitted all of it so honestly. He had opened himself to her so easily. And now, it was her turn.

"Speaking of.." She said looking at him who was busy licking the leftover ice-cream in his bowl like a child," Even my first impression about was not that cool. I thought you're arrogant, grumpy, careless.."He paused and stared at her angrily before she continued," But that was clearly wrong. And I'm sorry about that."

"You are?" he asked in a low voice.

"Yes. And I'm sorry I called you Pervert, Samrat. After meeting RV, I know what real pervert looks like." She said and they broke in to laughter.

"So, On that note..", He said digging the ice-cream pot, "I'm gonna have another scoop. Do you want some?" he asked looking at her bowl, "Or.. you want to finish the butterscotch milkshake.." He finished as she looked down at her bowl to find the molten ice-cream.

"Jeez..I almost forgot. It's completely.."

"Are you always this slow?"He cut her in between.

"What do you mean slow..It's very hot over here.." she retorted.

"Don't make excuses! I saw you were stirring it by the spoon.." he said accusingly.

"No i didn't.."

"Yes you did!"

And the bickering about the ice-cream went on and on. Maybe they were more comfortable fighting with each other.


Thanks for all wonderful people who leave their lovely comments..
Press like if you enjoy the part...

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Amazing update
very cute :D
update soon

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hey amy once again superb upd  i truly enjoyed reading whole upd ClapClapClap so glad to see growing friendship of sajan loved how they communicate n sorted out things , loved when samrat stood for gunjan. do continue soon n thanks for pm Embarrassed

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