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FF- I dream of you every night. part 8- page 11 (Page 4)

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thnks 4 d pm..

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nice ff
do pm me
thanx for the pm aashi di

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woww that was wonderful upd i loved gunjnan n shregill's bond loved it ClapClap oww sajan scenes were cute can't wait for next part do continue soon Embarrassed

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it is really awesome update

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Wow superb sajan cont soon..nd thanx 4 d pm..:)

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Awesome update.

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Thank you dear readers for your kind supports and appreciation.
you guys get me going.. Smile
Part 4


It was just another bright, sunny day in Mumbai, full of hustle and haste for all. But for Gunjan, it was a very special day, the beginning of a new journey. And she was sure this journey will be the most exciting one of her life.

 Gunjan was awake since 5AM today. She had dreamt of this day for so long. Music was her life. Music was solution to her every problem. And she was blessed with very melodious voice. It was really unfair to not use the god gifted talent. And she knew that she would not shine till she breaks all the barriers. Mumbai was known as the city of dreams. She had always dreamt of coming here to participate in some big singing reality show and get instant name and fame. But her Music teacher had suggested a 2 year post- graduation course in Mumbai University. And ever since she heard about the course she had set her eyes on the goal. She had always dreamt about how the course will be, the faculties, the friends she was going to make, her career n what not! Today it will all come to reality.

 Samrat also studies there. As her subconscious mind reminded her, she felt a little uncomfortable. Her brain scanned through all the events since she met him. She liked her new guardians in the very first meeting. But about samrat, she was not sure. It was really difficult to understand how he was. In one moment he would act like a complete jerk, in second moment he would be irritating, and a second later, he himself will get irritated and blow his nose till it explodes.

 It's really easy to irritate him, isn't it?  She chuckled as she remembered his face last night.

 But now Gunjan herself was getting irritated. It was 9:45 AM already and she was running late, actually they were! Gunjan was about to leave for the university earlier when Jatin uncle insisted her to go with samrat. But Samrat was still getting ready.

 What is he doing by the way? Even girls don't take this much time to get ready… I don't want to be late on first day itself - gunjan rolled her eyes looking at the watch again.

 "Uncle, It's too late. I think I'll leave now." She said impatiently.

 "Wait gunjan, He'll just come. Don't go alone beta.." Jatin said as gunjan sighed looking upstairs.

 "Don't worry uncle, I'll be fine. I don't want to be late on first day itself.  And all this admission formalities…'" She turned to face Jatin.

 "Chill yar! Why so serious? Nobody's going to reject you once you have your acceptance letter." Samrat said coming downstairs.

 Gunjan looked at him. He walked past her and sat on the sofa with no intentions to hurry up.

 "Mom,... My breakfast!" he demanded.

 "Samrat , we are getting late." Annoyance was evident on her face.

 "Hmmm'" he switched on the TV and sank into the sofa.

 "Samrat!" She said with exasperation.


 "Sam, Hurry up now. It's her first day and you shouldn't be late either." Jatin stepped in just in time.

 Samrat looked at his father helplessly, now he had no choice. He quickly finished the tea and doughnut Shilpa has brought for him and left. Gunjan gave a grateful smile to Jatin and walked outside.

 "Hey whats that?" he asked eyeing the big brown folder in her hands curiously.

 "My documents folder." She said nervously glancing at her watch.

 " Oh. Ok. So you are always so eager to go to college?" He said looking at her from head to toe.

She had worn a lemon yellow salwar kamiz with white dupatta, the kamiz was embellished with white thread embroidery. She had worn pearl drop earings and a simple chain. For the first time Samrat had cared to look at her so carefully. She looked beautiful, he couldn't deny that. But she was kind of different from other girls from university. She was simple, way too simple than all of them. And way too beautiful.. Well she certainly knows it, and that explains her attitude!- He thought.

 "I like to do everything on time. I hate to wait!" She said holding her head high. Samrat chuckled at her expressions and walked towards his Ducati Multistrada 1200. Gunjan looked at the vehicle, then at her attire, and then she gulped.

  "We are riding on thiiisss??" Gunjan exclaimed as samrat started the bike.

 "Yeah, Why? I don't own a chopper, which means we have no other option", samrat said ginning wickedly while pointing at his bike.

 "We can go by car.."

"Listen you … now I'm going to be late because of you " Samrat chewed the words as he saw her surprised expressions at his sudden change of demeanor and softened his voice a bit.." you don't know about Mumbai's traffic, if we start by car now, it will take 2 hrs to reach. And this babe.." He looked at his monstrous vehicle admiringly," .. will take us there within minutes. So if you want you can come, otherwise you can happily take a cab." Samrat said with attitude.

Gunjan looked at her watch nervously. I should have already taken a cab! Stupid me.. she cursed herself and stared at the bike, then at samrat.

 "I thought you are running late?" He said, mocking her "Hurry up miss, I hate to wait!"

 Gunjan hesitantly sat on the back seat and grabbed the handle at the back of the seat. Samrat was looking at her through the mirror, enjoying the awe on her face.

 "did you ever had a chance to ride on such a bike?" He said grinning, watching her expressions.

 "Nope..." She said flinching, as she saw his grin widened by her reply.


"Ohho' so this is ur first time. And that too with me? Don't worry dear; I'll make sure you'll enjoy your first ride. Just make sure you manage your dupatta" He said with a broad grin," I don't want you to choke yourself to death if it gets stuck in the tires…"He shouted and vroomed the bike on the road as Gunjan let out a small scream.

 This is going to be the scariest ride in your life, Gunjan!!' he thought.


Gunjan was sure she'll die by the time they reach the university campus, either by heart attack or by falling from the bike. But to her surprise, she was still alive when the bike came to a halt. She opened her eyes slowly, just to find a smiling Samrat curiously waiting for her reaction.

 "If you want to go for another round, I don't have a problem. But I thought you were getting late!"

 Gunjan just stared at him. What is that supposed to mean?

 "We're here. Now you can stop crushing my arm." He said looking at her hand still squeezing his arm. Only then she realized what she was doing.

 "Sorry" she said as she moved her hand away from his and stepped away from the bike. After she felt her heartbeats come to their normal rhythm, she took a look at her surroundings. There were many black stone buildings. On the right of the parking lot, there was a gothic style stone building. A board read 'Department of music'.  They started walking towards the two storied building.

 "So, How was the ride?" he asked with an amused smile.

 "Wonderful."Gunjan said mockingly, "I'm glad I'm alive" she scowled.

 "Hey did I scare you there little angel??!!" Samrat feigned innocence.

 "Don't tell me you always ride your bike like that. Scary!! I won't ever sit on your bike!!"

 "Please don't say that angel.. You are breaking my heart!" samrat said dramatically, pressing one hand on his chest.

  Gunjan opened her mouth to say something, but was interrupted by a voice.

 "Hi sammy!!" a girl called him and waved at their direction and walked towards them as they exited the parking lot.

"Diya..!" Samrat smiled back, "How are you?"

 "I am allright, but look at you! Feigning a heartbreak n all huh?" she said eyeing Gunjan curiously, and Samrat laughed wholeheartedly.

 "Well, meet Gunjan Bhushan, the girl who broke my heart." He let out a sigh as gunjan rolled her eyes, "She's a family friend and is going to join the department of music from today. And Gunjan,  She's the one and only – Diya the queen of university!"


"Sammy!!" Diya blushed slightly, "Gunjan, Please ignore him. He just flirts with every other girl in the university." She smacked on his arm playfully with a broad smile as samrat stared at her pretending a shock.

 As Gunjan observed Diya, she couldn't help but notice how pretty she was. She had worn a deep blue cotton Knee length dress and off-white gladiator sandals, and she was carrying a black and white sling bag. She had tied her hair in a high pony.  Her body language and mannerism were so graceful that she could easily match a queen.

 "Candy, why do you think you are included in all those girls?" samrat gave voice to gunjan's thoughts.

 She envied Diya. She could see many girls in modern attire in that campus, but no one matched Diya's grace. It was not the case that Gunjan never wore western outfits but she felt more comfortable in salwar kamiz.  But Diya carried that look so well. And Samrat! He obviously was so fond of her. At one point of time Gunjan had thought that he was ignorant about everyone around him, but it seemed that was not the case. He clearly liked her. Maybe Diya was his type, maybe she was not. But that doesn't mean he can treat me like a refuge.. gunjan thought

"Sammy! Enough for today!" Diya chuckled as he joined her,"Anyways, so gunjan.." She turned her attention to Gunjan who was busy in observing their interaction, "What's your subject of interest?"

"I'm here to study Music." Gunjan said.

"Wow. That's cool. I loveee music" Diya said enthusiastically, before bombarding gunjan with questions,"Hey do you sing or play instruments? What do you play? You know you should really the FM channel they run in the campus..."

"Whoo… hey  candy! Enough for today" Samrat breaked her chain of question , much to Gunjan's relief,"Our little friend here wants to get admission here," Samrat said. For the first time he had mentined her as his friend, well even if it was a pretence..

 "yepp, and I'm awfully late" Gunjan said apologetically to Diya, "Will catch up with you later?"

"Oh , yes ! sure babe. Nice to meet you Gunjan!" Diya said beamingly as she pulled gunjan in a teddy- hug, a gesture which initially startled gunjan. But she recovered in a fraction of second and hugged her warmly.

"Glad to meet you too, Diya!"  and gunjan genuinely meant it.

"You want me to come with you?" Said samrat.

"No I can manage on my own." He shrugged as she said this and walked towards the department of music.

"So?" Diya turned to samrat with a cupid smile.

"So?" Samrat asked casually.

"So this is the girl who's giving you a hard time?" Diya grinned widely now, "Sammy, I must say she's very beautiful, and very genuine. Not like the bitches who surround you in campus all the time"

"Whoa… Diya! Hold on!" Samrat almost squealed as it was the only thing that could stop diya from her spontaneous overflow of blabbering. "She's just a guest in my house. Nothing like that."

"Sure? Nothing like that?" said diya raising an eyebrow.

"Ofcourse! And who told you she is giving me a hard time?..."

"Ofcourse Benji!" Diya rolled her eyes trying hard to hold a 'Duh'  back on her toungue.

"Ofcourse!! How predictable" How could Samrat forget that telling a thing to Benji was equivalent to telling it to Diya. "Where is Benji?" He demanded.

"Tumne pukara aur ham chale aaye'" Benji sang the lines, but stopped in the middle after seeing a sulking samrat, "Dude! Wrong timing, I have some work to do."

 "Wait Dude!" samrat held the collar of his Shirt and said as he dragged him a little away from Diya, "I've heard that you are talking way too much about me and  'Gunjan'  lately..."

 " No dude! Only Diya knows .."

 "Diya!" Samrat turned to diya who looked at them with confusion. He lowered his voice so that only Benji could hear him," Dude! If Diya knows, everyone knows! You know how she spread words like virus!"

"But she doesn't know much", Said benji much too loudly.

"What?" Diya asked curiously.

"Nothing Diya, he's just being a paranoid.." benji tried to cover up.

 "Diya, did Benji mentioned a girl called Pamela to you?" Samrat said smiling wickedly.

"You don't try to distract me Sammy!" She said frowning, and turned her attention to Benji,"And you…"

 Diya could never bear two things unfinished : one, Makeup. The other one was gossip. Samrat knew he had trapped benji.

 "Diya, Gunjan said Sam is a pervert!" Benji blurted out as samrat literally gave him death – threat with his eyes. Benji shrugged helplessly.

"What?" She was clearly baffled with this new information as she was expecting some info regarding this 'Pamela' girl. But as she processed the information, she couldn't help but laugh, and soon Benji also joined her. Samrat looked at them with disbelief. So, these are his best friends!! Wow!!

"Guys, it's not funny" He said not sure to know what to say.

"Ohk, sorry.." they said in unison and again exploded the laughter.  


Miss Gunjan, I won't leave you for this! I'll get back to you. Samrat thought. Diya saw his face and realized that he was about to burst in anger.

 "Relax sammy. I'm sorry." Diya said,"But she's such a sweet girl. What did you do to make her say those words?"

 "What did I do? How are you so sure that I did something?" He said angrily as diya gave him an apolpgetic smile,"I was just saving her from falling down, and your best friend also know rest of the things" She pouted as he said this and gave him a side hug.

"Aw samrat, you're my best friend too!"

"And our best friend needs to cool down a bit!"Benji joined them hugging samrat's other side," So let's chill out in gazebo guys."

And they literally pulled him to gazebo.



Another update… Well I managed to write it down some how. I had to break this part into two as I felt it might get lengthy and boring.  And honestly I haven't completed the last part of it yet. So here it is..  Please press the like button if you enjoy reading it.

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