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FF- I dream of you every night. part 8- page 11 (Page 3)

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welcome back 

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Very Nice :)

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Wow really great concept
Loved it

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Thanks aashi for pm.
Concept is good.Loved the parents affection .
Story is nice.Wtg for update.

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love your parts 1 and 2

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Hie amy.. welcome back dear... m glad u hace decided to complete ur ff..
i generally don't read on going ffs as many of my fav ffs had been discontinued n since den i have been reading less on going ffs...

m book marking this thread of urs... i'll read only if u r sure u'll not discontinue it.. it really disturbs me wen my ff ffs r discontinued.. hope u understand :))

thanks for d pm aashi..

and amy do continue soon :))

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amy00487 Goldie

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Hey friends,
I'm back with another updateTongue Well, am i doing good work.. ? You bet.. Coz this is very fast by MY standards Big smile.
So special thanks to Aashi for the PMs she sent and gave me some more readers... Aashi.. Love u sweetyEmbarrassed.
And then most of you ppl are wondering again, whether i'll continue this time or not. Well i promise you i wont leave again without completing this. and if i do , i will surely let you in my house and you can happily scratch LIAR on my forehead Wink.
So a huge thank you for all of you guys who have extended all their support and love to me..
Here goes the next part, Hope you enjoy it...
Part 3

Gunjan was randomly going through her stuff as she was unpacking her bag, when she found her diary. She wanted to stop everything and write the days entry, after all she wanted to tell her mom how hilarious her day was.

Well, it was a hilarious first day. She recounted all the events of the day, fondly caressing the diary and she let out a chuckle.

She called him A DRIVER.. Without even thinking.. Stupid she was.. to judge him by the looks.

"Should I apologize mom?", She asked the diary softly, and then nodded as if the diary had answered her with a 'Yes'. Instantly, she picked up a pen and jumped to the bed to write that day's entry:


5th august 2009

Dear mom, Ya I know It's not even the end of the day. But I can't keep all the things happened to me today to myself, so pouring out them for you. Jatin uncle and shilpa aunty are very nice, kind people. I never felt that I met them for the first time today, not even once. This house is soo big and beautiful. But more than the house, I liked the people living in it. They're all warm and welcoming, well except one' Jatin Uncle's Son, Samrat! I don't have any grudge or something against him. But it's like, his attitude.. He's just 'so.. Weird!!

Ya I know what you will say...I should not judge him so early. But it's just that.. So ridiculous that I fell for all his stupid lies about that driver-cleaner thing' As if I willingly let him fool me ..


Quirky!! Isn't he.. Gunjan huffed as she took a break from writing and thought about his mood swings from playful to cocky to completely ignorant. She remembered how he gave her a tour to the house, well not willingly, but on Shilpa auntie's insistence. She wondered why he was so completely quiet. One or two kind words wouldn't kill him' He seemed less friendly, uninterested and 'distant. He hurriedly walked her though the kitchen and the passage near it, the staircase going up to the bedrooms and guest rooms, before stopping near one room.

"So, Here's your room.." he said with fairly plain voice," And the one that's right opposite this one is mine. We can't simply avoid each other, even if we want to, and I'll have to see your face pretty much every day, even if I don't want to.." He let out a sigh, as she flinched at his words," So' I guess we should make sure we don't eat each other alive." He completed and grinned wickedly.

She stared at him in abhorrence, was that really necessary? And here I was thinking about apologizing!!! To hell with the apology. I don't want to deal with this weirdo. After all he had no reason to treat her like a kicked puppy that had followed him from streets.

Or had he..? Didn't she imagined him as a driver and showed him that he was no worthy of living in this palace like house? Oh, man! So it was this thing which was bothering him. Gunjan shut her diary and tossed it over the study table sitting on the right corner of the room.

So gunjan, I guess it's time for an apology' she muttered to herself and rose from the bed. Just then she heard a faint knock on the door of her room. She stretched her hands upward and opened the door.

"Dinner! Downstairs!" Samrat said curtly and turned back to go.

"Whats your problem" words fell her mouth before she could stop them. Afterall , why was he being so impossible and .. Lukewarm! If he had some issue with her, he better tell her on her face instead of saving it for latter.

"What?" He said raising an eyebrow as she narrowed her eyes.

"Well, If you have any problem with me or my stay here, let's just discuss it and get over it. Rather than.." She paused for an effect "Eating each other alive..." She stressed on each word as she threw his earlier words back on him.

"Well I don't have a problem with you, but you yourself have many problems. I think you are a nasty, arrogant, judgy, tiny little girl" as he said all those words, he took one small step with each word towards her, his index finger pointed at her.

"Hey mister, don't say anything without a reason! You'll regret your judgment later!" She growled as her smiled sarcastically.

"And I have a fair reason to judge you judgy!!" He said with a huff and she rolled her eyes.

"See, just because I mistook you as a driver, you don't get the right to call me all those things alright?" she said screeching.

"Huh' that doesn't even matter to me" Samrat said apathetically.


"Oh yeah..It doesn't matter?" gunjan was confused now, "If it even doesn't matter then what's your problem with me?"


"You said I am Pervert!" Samrat complained seriously.

So this was his reason to act all weird? Seriously? She saw his pout and wondered if he knew how funny he was looking with that flared nose and those big brown eyes filled with accusation.

Gunjan stared at him for a minute before crackling into laughter.



"Why are you laughing'?" He narrowed his eyes. What was so funny about that? It was pretty serious. She HAD accused him of perversion!! That was serious, right? So damn serious!! And here she was, laughing like she just heard that 'Ramdev Baba' was going to participate in the next season of DID. Although that was not a bad idea, he thought, as then they could actually see some Yoga-Contemporary dance form, if it really existed.


"Oh.. no nothing'" her voice cracked as she tried to subside the laughter.


"It isn't funny, you see. Don't irritate me." Samrat ordered, furrowing his brows further.


Gunjan controlled herself looking at his expressions.

So Our Mr. Cocky ' with wicked grin hate it when someone bad mouths about his character, -Point noted.


"Sorry' I'm .. I just.." She said keeping her index finger on her lips, in an attempt to shush herself to silence "I'm just coming.."


" Coming where'" Gunjan couldn't help but giggle as she saw his puzzled face. He seemed to completely forget what he was doing there in her room.

"To dinner, Mr. Shergill, I suppose you are here to inform me about the same?" She said mocking politeness, and couldn't help but curve her lips into biggest grin as she saw realization hit his face as he remembered about the dinner.

Huff!! 'Lost cause!!

"Ofcourse.. Dinner is ready" He scoffed," And for god's sake, stop smiling like that."


"Ok' ok. You please leave now. "She tried to straighten her face and literally pushed him to the door, "I'll be downstairs".

And when he was out of the room, she remembered his childlike anger and burst into fits of laughter.


Gunjan liked Jatin Uncle very much. The moment she met him, she knew that why her dad was so fond of him. Initially, her dad was not ready to send her anywhere even for 15 days. But then, after talking to this man, he told her that she could complete her "Whatever 'stupid-graduation -couse 'you- want" only if she was ready to live with these guys. Dad had mentioned his name several times, but to meet him was a real pleasure for her. He had such a great sense of humor, a warm smile and a good heart.

All in all she loved the shergills.. Well except one! - gunjan thought looking at samrat and her lips curved in a grin automatically. Samrat saw this and frowned.


"So what brings you here, Gunjan? Jatin uncle asked.


"Music", she grumbled as a small bite of food rolled in her mouth.

,"Actually I wanted to pursue a career in singing and music. I have learned Indian classical for 8 years, and I was also undergoing piano classes..."

 "Wow! That's so nice, beta" Shilpa genuinely looked amused and Samrat rolled his eyes. Everything about this girl seemed to amuse his mother.

"Thanks aunty..", Gunjan smiled at her and continued, "There's a two-year Post-graduate Course in Vocal Music in Mumbai university that I wanted to do after my degree course. And I think if I want to take it as a profession, I might as well take music very seriously."

Yeah! Well' thank god there's atleast one thing that she takes seriously. Samrat thought. She still hadn't stopped that stupid Smile-and-irritate-till-death kind of grins she occasionally gave him.

"Well I agree... if you are really serious about something you better make it your profession. And,.." Jatin continued looking at Samrat who was staring at his plate so hard, as if to prepare himself for his father's next words, "If you know what your profession would be, you better be serious about that."

Gunjan saw a frown on his face, just for a moment as he lifted his face to look at his father and nod in agreement.


"So.."Gunjan tried to break the awkward silence, "I'm going to university tomorrow for all the admission formalities. I'm so nervous about it.."


"You don't have to do it alone,." Samrat heard his mother's voice, she's going to tell her , isn't it? ' He frowned as his mother continued excitedly, "Samrat is also studying there, and He's studying business management. He will guide you, right Samrat?"

"Yeah , right" , He said, totally lacking his mother's enthusiasm. Seriously?? She had to tell her that? Not that he could hide it for long from her once she had joined the university. But still he could have hoped! He might have got a false beard or a mustache or he could have used some kind of prosthetics to avoid her. But no, his mom had to tell her now!! I love you some much mom!!


"By the way uncle, thank you so much for choosing this city to settle down. Because'" Jatin looked at Gunjan curiously, as she continued, "today I'm here because of you.."


Jatin smiled wholeheartedly at this. "And how is that so?"

"You know what; I fought for dad for like a year before he gave me the permission to come here for study. He used to refuse to listen even if I said Mumbai. It was so hard to convince him and he was not at all happy even after he said yes. And then, one fine day, he talked to you, and suddenly he was far too normal about me leaving Jamnagar. Seriously, what did you say to him.."

"I threatened him to return my other daughter, who was 2 years old when I last saw her." He grinned fondly at her, "You know I was supposed to be your godfather. But after your mother's demise, he just took you away and settled in Jamnagar.", He sighed and stared at some random spot in his dish, his lips curved in a modest smile as he engulfed in some old memories, " You know I hate the fact that we almost lost touch over these years. Your Father, Mother and I'Our history goes way back to our college days. ", and then he gave the cutest smile of the evening. "And you know who helped your father in wooing your mom?" He added in a conspiratorial tone, "ME!!" He ginned in a victorious Smile as Gunjan popped her eyes and Samrat almost choked on his glass of water.

 Gunjan, for once, was very happy that this man sitting across her knew almost everything about her mom-dad. The things she knew, things she imagined about her mother, things her dad never shared with her for his own reasons. And she could see a possibility to know them better.

For Samrat it was just so hard to imagine his father in his college days in Bell bottoms and hippy haircut, hanging out with his friend. Ogling at girls, and helping him wooing the girl of his dreams. It was funny. And definitely SISSY!! How could Samrat Shergill's dad do something so sissy!! He was surely not like his dad. Otherwise he would have ended up helping Benji wooing Diya.


"Really uncle?"


"No way dad!!"


As the initial shock faded away, both the reactions came simultaneously. First one with excitement and second one with disbelief. Both of them looked at each other, and she chuckled again. And this time she gave him an extra broad smile which irked him beyond limits.

God ! if she wants to make it to the university tomorrow , she better stop that ridiculous chuckling when I'm around.. samrat thought as he excused himself and walked towards his room. Not to mention, planning some extravagant surprise for her.




Samrat was pacing up and down the bedroom when benji called.




"Hey dude! Wats up!"


"Yeh well .. not so well!"


"Why? The problem's still unsolved? Didn't you say sorry to her?"


"Benji..! Why would I say sorry?"


"Well you kept her in an illusion that you are a Driver.. and umm,' I don't know..." Samrat almost imagined his friend shrugging. Sometimes he didn't make sense. Well scratch that. He never made sense.


"Yeh, you know what? I have changed my mind to treat her well'"


"But what did she do by the way?"


"You won't believe it...I told her the reason behind my treatment towards her, and you know what? She laughed' laughed like mad. Dude! She was laughing like I have just told her that Ramdev baba won DID and was going to star in ABCD part 2."

"What?" Benji said, clearly not following him.

"Never mind!" Samrat shrugged it off, "But the bottom-line is, I told her the reason, and she laughed it off! As if it didn't matter."


"Really? But what did you tell her?"

"That she called me Pervert and it was not so true! It somehow hurt my dignity..." samrat said seriously.


"Dude! I can't believe it! She really said that?" Benji controlled his laughter.


"See!! I told you ' and now whenever she sees me she can't control her laughter."


"HAHA... I can imagine that dude'this can be a hilarious story!" benji finally burst into laughter.


"Benji'? U are laughing?" samrat shouted in disbelief.


"Relax dude! I think you need some rest. Just cool down." Benji managed to say this through his laugh.


"I can't believe you're making fun of me! I mean, you too?" He growled.


Benji understood that his friend will take time to cool down, and he prepared himself to do the needful.




The living room of Shergil Mansion was full of laughter, joy and a lot of sweet memoirs today. Gunjan thought that someone has opened the most precious treasure box, her parent's life in front of her. And she was very thankful to that someone. She knew very little about her parent's love story. Her mother passed away when she was 2. For Rajat it was very painful. He didn't talk much about her as it always brought back those horrible memories of his wife dying in a road mishap in front of his eyes. But Gunjan always had that curiosity about her mother, how she was, how did they fell in love. And today her wish was coming true, thanks to Jatin uncle.


"Thanks uncle for sharing such sweet memories. I felt like I just met my mother. I don't even remember mom's face. "She shifted on her sofa chair uncomfortably, "We don't talk about it .. Much! I have only seen her in some old photo albums." She said as she felt tears gathering in her eyes.


"No need to look into albums, Gunjan", Jatin smiled affectionately,"you should see a mirror. You're just like Indu."


"Really?..." Gunjan smiled through her tears'


"Yes beta", Shilpa joined them and said, "I've just met your mother a couple of times. But she was so generous, affectionate.. And gorgeous, just like you."


Tears continued flowing from her eyes as she hugged shilpa aunty.

"Gunjan , don't cry honey! And don't ever think you are without a mother. You heard your uncle when he said he was your godfather right? Well can I be your godmother now?" shilpa said rubbing her back. And Gunjan actually felt that she was in her mother's arms.  She broke the hug and nodded to shilpa's question.


"Now wipe your tears. And promise me , whenever you feel alone you will come to me." Shilpa said with a wet voice.


"Promise.." gunjan was smiling again. She felt much secured in this home. "Aunty Thanks!"


"Now you are offending your godmother!" She said with false anger as gunjan bit her lip. "Anyways.. It's too late now. Go get some sleep. Tomorrow is a big day for you. "She said patting her back.


"Yes. Good night Aunty, good night uncle" Gunjan rose from the chair and started towards the room.


"I wonder how samrat called the night so early" She heard jatin talk to shilpa and sighed.

SAMRAT!! Maybe I should make peace with him- she thought as her legs already took her to his room.





"Haha' Sam, Its official now. This girl's into your brain and dissecting it to find out what irks you the most! It seems she's the only thing that's running into your mind"


"Don't talk crap dude.. if you can't make me feel better at least don't make me feel worse." Samrat was still irritated, but the degree was low.


"Am I talking crap now? You are the one who's talking about her and her smiles since past 30 minutes my friend" Benji said lightheartedly.


"First thing, she's not running into my mind, she never will. Second thing- The girl in question is a psycho, and third, we are talking about Laughter, monstrous-menacing-crackling-laughter, not smiles.." He said animatedly, and just then he heard someone chuckle. "And fourth- don't chuckle like a girl now."


"What? When did I chuckle like a girl" benji said and samrat heard it again' as her realized it was coming  from his back, he turned to find Gunjan standing just 5 feet away from him, *Smiling*.


"Dude! Talk to u later" He said as he cut the call.


"Why are you here?" he demanded.


"I thought we need to talk" She said making a plain face.


"About what?" He glared at her.

"About your.."


She couldn't help but notice his flared nose, as if it was about to explode. Gawd! How awful that pretty face will look without that nose. She thought, a grin automatically forming on her face.


" Why are you smiling now'?" His question distracted her from her crazy idea.


"Isnt it good to smile at someone?" She said making an innocent face.


Samrat narrowed his eyes and mocked her smile " I am sure you're not smiling at someone," And he put his finger on her specs and straightened them ," I know you are laughing at someone. But you'll have to pay for that soon."


Gunjan smiled at his gesture," Really? I'll prepare for that." And left the room.


Samrat looked at her direction for a brief moment and was about to turn; just then she again peeped in to the room.


"Samrat'.I was thinking whether to tell you or not'"


"What?" He said attentively.


"That your nose looks so funny when you are sulking' Please don't let it explode for the sake of all the girls in Mumbai..!" she chuckled and ran downstairs, leaving a fuming Samrat behind.


"You!!! I'll see you!" He muttered rubbing his palms on each other in fury.


Well, of course. He had no choice. Now he had to see her day and night.

Hey guys, hows it going so far..?
You will be getting a peek into gunjan's back story in coming parts.
Also Diya will be introduced in next part.
If any of you wondering about samrats little panic attack when his mom tell gunjan where he studies, you will get the answers in next part.
Please hit the like button and forgive me for not replying to all of your posts separatelyShocked Seriously, i wish to .. but time constraint... huff... Have a nice time... Big smile

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