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Arhi FF: The Trampled Butterfly #1 Check pg 153 (Page 48)

choochootrain Senior Member

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Posted: 14 April 2013 at 6:41pm | IP Logged
Stumbled on tis story n read all 3 chaps...muz say i got a bit teary reading it n kushi seemed dont really know what happend to arnav...really wonder wat made arnav tis way...poor kushi n rich arnav...n of course our La...alwaz the sweet girlfriend..

Welcome back n yes i do remember of my all time favs!!!

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Nichuss IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 April 2013 at 8:58pm | IP Logged
Confused f arnie behavior...

Y acting weird?

Khushi so smart...frm arnie's reply

she found he remembers her

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moomin4455 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 April 2013 at 9:27pm | IP Logged
I am soo glad you're back writing!

But my heart is breaking here...why is Arnav like this? What happened?

I feel so hurt for Khushi but I'm just waiting for the story to unravel...

Please update soon - this is wonderful!

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molten_lava Goldie

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Posted: 15 April 2013 at 12:24am | IP Logged
waitingDay Dreaming

P.S i love Kuku and Annyavv in the cute!!!!

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Nichuss IF-Addictz

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Posted: 15 April 2013 at 12:39am | IP Logged
waitingDay Dreaming

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molten_lava IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2013 at 12:41am | IP Logged


He knocked twice on the oak door and pushed it open only when the familiar 'Come in' was heard from the inside. Arnav used to frequently visit this bedroom in his childhood. It was his Dada's and Dadi's bedroom. He wondered why he had never called them 'Grandma' and 'Granddad'. Maybe it was the effect of having a completely Indian mother who had subconsciously encouraged him to be more inclined towards his Indian heritage than the British.

He remembered most of the days when he and Anjali used to snuggle between Dada and Dadi as they narrated a whole bunch of tales for the two.

But after his grandfather had passed away, the tale sessions had stopped. But his visits hadn't. There were many nights when he would stealthily sneak all alone into his grandmother's room and find her shedding silent tears most of the times. It was then that he would climb onto the bed beside her and instead narrate tales to her and hug her and sleep.

Arnav had always admired his Dadi. She was a woman of few words, whose actions spoke louder than her words. For most of her life, she had lived as a shadow of her husband, standing behind him through spring and storm. She preferred to remain in the background, obscured to the outside world.

She could best be described as a 'fuse' in the electrical circuit of her family. If the other members of her family were various brilliant and outstanding appliances, she was the fuse which protected them from the external fluctuating voltages of the outside world. She was the protector of every single Raizada and if threatened, she was ready to sacrifice her everything for their happiness, including herself. Such was the strength of her love towards her family.

But at the same time, she was an unbiased woman who always took side of the truth and when she made up her mind, even her husband couldn't influence her decisions.

However, the old woman had one weakness and that was her favourite grandchild, Arnav. Being her first grandchild ever, Arnav had always occupied an extra place in her heart. And deep inside, Arnav knew that his Dadi had always been partial towards him. He knew that if there would ever come a day when she would have to choose one Raizada to stand up for, it would always be him.

"Dadi?" he smiled, seeing the old woman who was now in her late seventies, sitting on her pristine white bed wearing her night gown ready to go to bed. Her white tresses were left open and flowed down on either sides of her shoulders.

Even at this age, she was one of the most beautiful women he had ever met.

"For Christ's sake, I'm your Grandmom. Stop ogling at me like that." She chuckled at her grandson and asked him to sit beside her.

"You know Dadi, I sometimes envy Dada. I really wish I would have been alive at your time." Arnav said, mesmerised with the old woman's beauty. If she was this beautiful now, he couldn't imagine how beautiful she would have been in her youth.

"Then, your Dada would have come after you with his rifle to shoot down his competitor. He was quite possessive about me, you know." She said, winking at him.

"You miss him a lot, don't you?" he asked, looking at his grandfather's portrait hung on the nearby wall. Lieutenant General Raizada was quite a stern man who looked intimidating and formidable on the outside, but when he was out of his uniform, he was a completely different person altogether, who would even sing lullabies to Arnav and Anjali when they were infants.

And Dadi used to lovingly call him 'The Pineapple Man'. If you could get past the thorny exterior, you would find a sweet softie inside him.

"At times, I wish I could go to him sooner than having to wait for so long. The wait kills all the excitement you see." Dadi explained letting out a chuckle, lost in her own thoughts. "But then, I remember that I have my Arnav here and how can I leave without seeing your babies? They should also know about the greatness of their great grandmom, shouldn't they?"

"In that case Dadi, you would have to wait for a long time to see your great grand kids. However, your wait could be shortened since Anjali is soon going to be married." Arnav replied wittily to her.

"Then, I shall wait for that day. Anjali's kids will be hers. Yours will be yours. One cannot compensate for the other and hence, you won't be able to escape so easily from me. Raphael wouldn't mind his old lady delaying the trip for his grandson's sake. This old lady will only die peacefully after holding your first born in her arms and singing lullaby to the baby." She replied, not wanting to let him win. She was his Dadi afterall for a reason and when he rolled his eyes and snorted, she knew she had won.

"So Dadi, why did you call me at this time?"

"You see, the old woman here has been hearing lots of gossip about you these days, at the dining table and she heard you are seeing someone. And she thought it would be appropriate to separate the rumours from the facts. So, is it just casual dating or are you serious about her?"

"Looks like the Raizadas have decided to butcher me during my stay here." Arnav replied annoyingly.

"Not the Raizadas Arnav. The Pandits." Dadi replied, referring to his maternal side and laughed at them.

"Ofcourse, I should have known." Arnav said, thinking about his Nani, Mami and his mother, the dangerous trio who nearly suffocated him with all their care and pampering. "Dadi, you are older than my mom and yet much more modern than her. Why don't you try explaining to her that dating does not equate to marriage? And believe me Dadi, you really wouldn't approve Lavanya as my wife."

"Oh Her name is Lavanya, is it? And Arnav, my approval has got nothing to do with your life partner. You will be the one spending the rest of your life with her. Not me. And are you saying I wouldn't approve of her or that you wouldn't want me to approve of her? Pick one Arnav. Both are not the same."

"What if I can't choose one?" he asked curiously, looking at her.

"Then you must inform the girl about it. It is wrong to play with a girl's emotions and mislead her with false hopes. And I'm sure I've taught my grandson enough values to be a noble man than to be a ruthless manipulative heartbreaker." She warned him. "A woman's heart is very fragile Arnav. Don't even attempt to break it."

Arnav silently nodded, taking in his grandmother's words.

"That reminds me, I heard that you were having quite a fit of rage in the afternoon with the florists." She announced and honestly, he was quite taken aback at the news. How had she come to know about it? Was he that loud enough to hear for the entire Manor?

"No, they were just acting tough for some reason. Nothing to worry about." Arnav tried to chide away the matter.

"You know you can make your life a lot easier if you take someone's help. Sometimes, you need to stop being independent and depend on someone for a change." Dadi suggested to him. She still remembered how Khushi had come running to her and explained about his 'violent condition' to her. Afterall, the young girl had never experienced this side of Arnav and had been scared out of her wits at his reaction to such a simple thing.

"Dadi, everyone is busy with other things and I'm sure I can manage by myself. I'm no stranger to this place anyways." He said, getting up from the bed to make place for the old lady to lie down.

Dadi chuckled at his words. "Don't be too sure of yourself. You never know when you turn into strangers in your own home." She replied as she saw him walk towards the door to take leave of her.

"Goodnight Dadi." He saw her one last time and turned around to leave.

"Goodnight my baby." She replied only to stop him once more with her words. "By the way, I think that young girl Khushi would be of great benefit to you."

Arnav quickly turned around to face her but only found her closed eyes staring at him. What did she mean by that? But knowing that he would get no more answers from her, he walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.


He jogged down the winding roads of Mussoorie to catch some fresh air early morning before the sunrise, instead of working out in the gym for the day. On his way, his eyes suddenly recognised another familiar remnant of his previous life, a huge boulder beside the road and remembered those yesteryears when he would sit on the very same spot and catch the first rays of sunlight streaking the sky, playing hide and seek behind the Himalayan mountains.

Arnav Singh Raizada decided to take a pit stop for a few minutes and plopped himself down on the huge boulder.

Holding his breath, he waited for that absolutely magical moment and within seconds, he saw the dark blue of the night pave way for amber and the faint outline of the yellow disk appeared at the horizon between the mountains, as the first streaks of sunrise lit up the sky. Even though it was faint, he could feel the change around him as the temperature began to slowly ascend and warm him up.

He would have sat there for eternity, lost in that beauty of the moment if it hadn't been for the sound of footsteps passing by him.

As he opened his eyes to locate the source of his distraction, he was only left uttering a loud 'What the!' as he stared at the familiar girl once again climbing uphill with huge bags on her back and hands.

It looked like she had indeed heard his loud exclamation coz she immediately acknowledged his presence with a smile and a loud, "Chotey Saab!" in his direction.

What did she keep carrying in those bags and that too, this early at dawn?

"It's quite brave of you to venture out in the dark all by yourself." Arnav said observing her panting form. He didn't realise when he had spoken, taking him quite aback with surprise at himself. She looked tired but a huge smile on her face spoke a completely different story.

"Maybe you have forgotten, but it was you Chotey Saab who had inculcated that bravery in me." She replied and he couldn't stop a faint smile from curving his lips.

"Those bags look pretty heavy. How will you carry them all the way to the top? Why don't you use a car to transport it?" He asked, and saw her finally putting down the bags at her feet.

"Chotey Saab, I'm not that privileged like you to own a car. And the Rickshaw wallas refuse to drive all the way up here. Hence, I have no choice but to carry these up all by myself." Khushi replied, pointing at the bags.

Arnav tried to catch a glimpse of what was inside it, but the low light didn't help his cause. "What's inside it?" he asked curiously.

"Nothing much. Just some vegetables for my kitchen." She explained.

"You shop for groceries at five in the morning?" he asked completely astonished at the whole idea, but somehow ended up sounding patronising to her.

"The wholesale traders make a quick stop at the town before they leave to other towns for the day. And if you're lucky, you will get many vegetables for half of their market values. You see, we aren't rich enough to accommodate all our household needs in our limited income." Khushi replied, adding the latter part with an offended voice at his tone. "I must get going. Buaji will be waiting for me." She said, picking up all the bags once again.

Arnav this time, didn't miss out the hurt in her voice.

"You will get a hunch back carrying all that weight on top of you." He explained.

"And if I don't, I will have to sleep on empty stomach due to debts. Hunch back seems a much better option."

Shock was too small a word to describe his reaction at her words. Were her conditions so bad to reduce her to this level?

Arnav immediately got up from his place and walked towards her. His mind screamed at him that she was no longer his best friend. That she was just another ordinary girl working for the Raizada Manor. That fifteen years had been long enough to wipe away the bond between them.

That he no longer had to feel guilty for that one fateful day if she wasn't his best friend.

But the hippocampus and the amygdala in his brain were not at all helping him in his quest.

"You will still have to walk a kilometre to reach home. Why don't you give me some of those bags?" he said, offering his hand. However hard he tried, the best friend in him couldn't die.

"Don't bother Chotey Saab. I'm used to carrying these heavy bags my whole life. You should return back to watching the sun rise. The best part is yet to come." Khushi forced a smile for him and turning around, walked away in the opposite direction, leaving him stumped with her words.

Arnav continued to gaze at her back till she disappeared around the corner and turned around to catch a glimpse of the risen sun.

What hurt him the most was that she really did seem to remember everything about them.


And he knew exactly what she was thinking about.

It was the first day of his two month long summer vacation and with the excitement of the holidays, the nine year old Arnav hadn't been able to sleep, thus waking up much earlier than his usual time. With the outside world still enveloped with darkness of the night, he had stealthily slipped out his bed, wearing his sweater and muffler and ventured out into the darkness, to her cottage, not knowing what else to do.

By now, he had been to her house atleast a hundred times and he could find his way comfortably even in the darkness. He had walked up to the main door of her cottage, deciding to wake her up. But fearing that her Buaji would also wake up in the process, he had gone to the window and pushed it open to find Khushi and the elder woman sleeping on the floor.

However, his eyes had widened with surprise, finding Khushi already awake and staring at the bare ceiling above her.

"Kukku!" Arnav had whispered, fearing that Buaji would wake up while at the same time, hoping that his best friend would hear him. At first, she hadn't heard and he had nearly climbed half way through the window. But then, she had suddenly turned around with surprise and realising who it was, she had slowly sat up and come rushing to the window.

"Annyav? What are you doing here? It's still sleep time." The six year old Khushi had exclaimed in her tiny squeaky voice.

"I am not able to sleep and looks like, you aren't able to sleep too. So let's go outside. I want to show you something." Arnav had said excitedly, an idea forming in his mind.

"Buaji will scold me if I go out." Khushi had explained, pointing at the woman sleeping on the floor.

"She won't come to know. We will be back before she wakes up." Arnav had replied, holding Khushi's hand determinedly.

"It's still dark outside and I'm scared." Khushi had once again refused, the fear clearly visible in her voice.

"Don't you trust me? And even if ghosts come to eat us up, I will protect you from them by fighting against them like this." He had said and kicked his feet and arm in the air, making the little Khushi laugh at his antics and she had finally agreed, climbing out of the house using the window.

And wearing her sweater and scarf, the two kids had stepped out into the darkness, holding each other's hand, the strong trust of their friendship eradicating all fears around them.

"Annyav, where are we going?" she had asked, walking nearly for ten minutes in the dark.

"To see the sun." Arnav had  smiled back mischievously at her.

"But we always see the sun." Khushi had frowned with confusion.

"Kukku, have you seen the sun rise?" And Khushi had shook her head. "Then, we will see it today." He had winked at her.

Finally after few more minutes, they had stopped somewhere in the middle of the road and Arnav had walked to a huge boulder beside the road and climbed it. Khushi had followed him to climb it, only to shriek out with fear when her foot had slipped.

"Annyav, I'm going to fall." She had cried with fear midway during their climb.

"Kukku, hold my hand." He had immediately reached out to hold his best friend and pulled her up along with him. And together they had sat in the darkness, cuddled against each other to shield themselves from the biting cold weather, waiting eagerly for that one moment.

And after few minutes, Arnav had suddenly stood up with excitement, sensing the first hue of amber lightening up the dark sky.

"It's rising. It's rising." He had screamed with excitement, pointing at the horizon.

"Where?" Khushi had asked in confusion. "I can't see anything." The little girl who was a few inches shorter to him had exclaimed with disappointment.

And realising her problem, he had excitedly lifted Khushi  from the back, so that his best friend could also see what he was seeing.

And together they had seen the sun rise for the first time, awe written all over their face at that one magical moment.

"It's so beautiful." Khushi had looked back at Arnav. "The sky is blue, red, yellow, orange all at the same time." Her surprised hazel doe eyes had exclaimed.

"How was my discovery?" he had asked winking at her.

"Mast!" Khushi had replied, circling her thumb and index finger, outstretching the other three fingers and smiled sheepishly at him at their morning mischief. And for the next many more mornings to come in their five years of friendship, they had together walked in the dark, hand in hand and seen the sun rise in their lives.

At the exact same spot where he was standing today.


He had changed a lot. Arnav, her best friend was no more that same boy in his checked shorts and white shirt who would hold her hand as they together watched the sun rise at the dawn.

This Arnav Singh Raizada didn't even smile or crack jokes like before. Atleast not with her. It was as if the old Arnav had disappeared when he had stepped out of the Raizada Manor fifteen years ago.

And she didn't like it when he spoke like a complete stranger to her.

How she wished she could turn the clock back to fifteen years where no society, no financial status discriminated the friendship between them. They were just two innocent kids who were each other's best friends, who shared every single thing right from the ice candy to their silly jokes.

Khushi felt a tear drop roll down her cheek as she sat in the confines of her small bedroom and looked upwards through her window at the Raizada Manor perched above her. How strange it was that it symbolised perfectly the difference of status between the two of them.

She, a worker in their Manor would always be below them, wouldn't she?

She could see his room clearly from here and still remembered the day when Arnav had moved in to his room, just for her.

It was Arnav's first day in his fifth grade at school. It was the day when he first wore trousers to his school rather than his shorts, signifying that he was now a big boy and not a kid.

Till that day, he used to share his bedroom with Anjali. But using the excuse that he was a big boy now, he had pestered his parents to allot him a separate bedroom. And he had chosen the one room at the other end of the manor just so that he could see her house from the balcony.

After the bedroom was painted and furnished to his requirements, he had invited Khushi for a special tour to his room.

"How is my new bedroom?" Arnav had asked, grinning at her with a thousand watt smile.

"Wow! It's so nice and big." Khushi had exclaimed in her squeaky voice, amazed at the size of the room. It was even bigger than the entire cottage that she lived in.

"Do you know why I selected this room?"

"Because it's big?" Khushi couldn't even blink her eyes with the awe of seeing his room.

"No, Kukku. Because I can see your house directly from here. And whenever you want to go out with me for playing, you can stand outside your house and call out my name loudly. I will come down immediately." Arnav had explained to her.

"Is it so?" Khushi had asked with her eyes widened with surprise.

"Want to try?" And Khushi had nodded enthusiastically and ran back all the way down the valley to her house.

The little seven year old girl had never been this excited before. She had gone and stood right outside her house and with the loudest voice she could summon, she had called out his name...


And she had seen him waving his hand back at her from his balcony, causing her to jump with excitement as if she had just been crowned as the Queen of her entire universe.

Khushi couldn't even imagine calling out his name so loudly at present. Only childhood gave you that freedom and courage to live your heart out. And now, that childhood was long past gone.

And it hurt her so much...

So much to know that her 'Annyavv'  who was not only her best friend,

But the only best friend she ever had,

Was now, gone.

And the tears simply couldn't be held back by her eyes anymore, as she broke down and wept at her loss, the extent of which she hadn't estimated until now and kept delaying it all throughout these fifteen years away from him.



1) If you have read Mirage, you ought to know that I never reveal the past easily. So don't waste your time and energy waiting for what happened in the past to be revealed. You will be consumed with your own curiousity and chances are you will lose interest in this FF. So instead, focus on the story between Arnav and Khushi at present. WHAT HAPPENED IN THE PAST ON THAT ONE DAY THAT CHANGED ARNAV'S AND KHUSHI'S LIFE WILL ONLY BE REVEALED AT THE CLIMAX OF THE STORY. (I'm not shouting here.LOL I just thought that Caps would grab your attention)

2)This FF doesn't contain cliched romance and I'm not a fan of it either. This is an attempt from me to portray love in a completely different angle. So the story will be subtle. Pardon me if it doesn't suit your taste.

3)Next update will be on thursday 18th around 1:00 pm IST.

4)Thank you for all your comments and for liking the banner.

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-chamkilli- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 April 2013 at 12:41am | IP Logged
Res me first
Yay me first wow phenomenal and well written update rae and damn that was long :D
Glad you are back

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molten_lava Goldie

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Posted: 15 April 2013 at 12:44am | IP Logged
res! stalker alert!!!!


Already loving dadi!!! she is beautiful, bold, wise and cute!!!! please let her wishes come true...please let her stay alive to see his kids!!

I want to be there at that point now!!! watching the beautifully described...

omg these 2 have  some great childhood wonder Khushi is crying over the loss of her only best friend...

and when he told her why he chose that room, i was just as excited as Khushi was...

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