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#1 TaaRey: Love, Trust, Jealousy (Moved to thread 2) COMPLETED (Page 24)

2111_shweta IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 May 2013 at 6:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by taaRey_viNNy19

Shweta...all parts were really fab!!
Since chapter 1 was giggling so much!! N in now in ch-9 m in shock that what was it!! Aakhir yeh kya tha...boring nahi par thrilling aur suspense tha!! Okhh so waiting for the suspense to open plzz post soon

Thanx sweetySmile

2111_shweta IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 26 February 2013
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Posted: 26 May 2013 at 6:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mohit_monaya

amazingg chap shweta =)
it was really too good...
dying to know niki's plan...
and the taarey scene was really really adorable...loved it <3

Thanx a lot SnehaBig smile

Originally posted by Mohit_monaya

please update soon =(

Really sorry for the delayUnhappy
update on its wayWink
2111_shweta IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 26 February 2013
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Posted: 26 May 2013 at 6:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by soumiluvztaarey

Hey dear
Amazing ff
Luved every chapter of it n every bit too
I wannt. PM of this story
Plz PM me if possible
Sent buddy req. Accept it

Thanx a lot dearSmile
I hv accepted ur request...vil send u PMs frm d next updateSmile
2111_shweta IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 May 2013 at 6:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by disismeenu4u

i am so sorry shewta for being late **holding ears ** shoryyy.Disapprove.
just now read part 8..Smile it was so beautiful Smilen i was smiling all the while reading n then came the sentence finally completed n i was like HAWW!!!...Shocked n then nooo!!!..Ouch
 this chapter was really beautifulStarSmile, starting with a confused taani .. but rey gifted her a  dressStarStar.. n that too such a beautiful oneStar..n how he couldnt help but just stare at her like that when he saw her in that dress...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed she might have been looking  so pretty me was dreaming!!...Day DreamingDay Dreamingher hesitation in the start but she wore it finally n they went to party .. n nicky is so cool typesSmile .. after knowing she is his sister , i love her Smile.. but before that u knew how i used to hate herLOL

was waiting for ur reply di...n finally u didBig smileBig smileBig smile
Plz di no sorry...
I love reading ur comments...
Your hate towards Niki has turned to sweet...EmbarrassedBig smile
2111_shweta IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 26 February 2013
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Posted: 26 May 2013 at 6:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by disismeenu4u

just now finished with the last chapter..
 what is cooking in nicki's mind???whats her plan ?? i was thinking for sometime , trying to guess... but i am not getting LOL..poor taani was crying all the while for him...Disapprove..reveal fast what is the plan in niki's mindTongue
u wrote it beautifully shwetaThumbs Up.. i loved the chapterSmile

Niki ka mind read karna is difficult u seeTongueLOLLOL
Thanx a lot diHug
2111_shweta IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 May 2013 at 6:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Laila8875

awsome yr update soon n do pm me..!!

vil surely PMSmile
2111_shweta IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 May 2013 at 6:43am | IP Logged

Hi friends.Smile

Firstly, I'm really really sorry for updating late. I was out of town then after returning was stuck up. Anyways, sorry again.

Without further delay, here is the update.

Part 10


*Rey is driving the car*

Rey: (thinking) Yeh Nik plan ki next hint kyu nahi de rahi and Taani, I can't see her like this. Voh bohot darr gayi hai. Taani ke Krishna ji please hamari help karna.

Man 1: Aage se right lena. (Rey follows his instructions. Swayam hears it and keeps following them.)

Man 2: Yeh gaadi kabse humare piche hai. Kahin yeh humara peecha toh nahi kar rahi?

Taani: (to herself) Bhai aur puri gang peeche se aa rahi hai. Kahin inhe pata chal gaya toh?

Niki: Atcha? Hum bhi kabse uss white wali car ke piche hai. Hum bhi unhe follow kar rahe hai kyaShocked?

Rey: Aur kahin uss car mein se kisine yeh guns dekh li and police ko call kiya ho toh?

Niki: Nahi Rey. Agar call kiya hota toh police ab tak aa jati. NO CALLS TO POLICE AS OF NOW!

Sharon: Niki kyun itna drama kar rahi hai? Police ko bhi batane se mana kar diya.

Swayam: Tumhe kaise pata?

Sharon: Abhi toh usne kaha "no calls to police." This girl and her plans!

Man 1: Apni bakwas band karo aur tum(to Rey) gaadi roko.

Niki: Yeh konsi abandoned jagah hai?

Taani: Hum kaha hai?

Man 1: Tumhe bhoolne ki beemari hai kya? "Mein kaun hoon? Mein kaha hu?"

Rey:  Iski toh mein.Angry

Niki: Yansh, stay cool. (to the man) Aap kitne filmy ho. Filmo mein jao bohot aage badhoge.LOL

Man 2: Aye ladki tu bohot jyada bol rahi hai. Chup chaap ander chalo!

(The men take the Trio inside to some old warehouse. Three chairs are kept in the middle. They are made to sit on each chair. Their hands are tied with ropes. A middle aged man climbs down the stairs and come and stands in front of them. His face not visible earlier but as he comes closer, the dim light falls on his face.)

Rey: Kapoor uncle?Shocked

Mr. Kapoor: Oh pehchaan liya tune Jr. Singhania?

Rey: Aapne hume kidnap kyu kiya hai?

Mr. Kapoor: Mujhe toh sirf tumse matlab tha, par ye dono tumhare peeche peeche aa gayi.

Rey: Aapko mujhse kaam haina? Fine, mujhe yahan rakho aur inn dono ko chod do.

Mr. Kapoor: Mein inhe chodunga, lekin ek shart [condition] pe. Inn dono mein se koi bhi apna muh nahi kholega. (To Taani and Niki) Agar tum mese kisine bhi police ko bataya, toh Reyansh tumhe zinda nahi milega.Evil Smile

Taani: NAHI. Hum.. hum kisi ko.. ku.. kuch.. nahi.. kuch nahi bolenge.

(Niki signals Rey something. Goes towards Taani and starts moving towards the exit.)

Mr. Kapoor: (to his men) Take your positions.

Rey: Uncle, I can't believe ki aapne ye sab.. Aisa kyun kiya?

Mr. Kapoor: Yeh tum apne dad se puch lena. Agar vo deal ke liye maan jaate toh mujhe yeh sab nahi karna padta.

Rey: Ek stupid si deal ke liye aapne mujhe kidnap kiya?Unbelievable!

Mr. Kapoor: Deals kabhi stupid nahi hoti! Stupid toh vo do girls thi. Ek baar bol diya and maan gayi. Wow!

Rey: Never under-estimate anyone.Evil Smile

(Niki gets Taani towards the first exit door)

Niki: Listen abhi mein jaise bol rahi hu waise karo.

Taani: Niki tumne kaha tha Rey ko kuch nahi hoga and abh tum unhe aise akele chod ke aa gayi. Mujhe bohot darr lag raha hai.

Niki: Yeh waqt darne ka nahi darane ka hai! Vo saamne second exit door hai. Quietly get out from that door but make sure to leave a trail behind.

Taani: Trail? How and why?

Niki: Arre yaar lemme complete. Take my scarf. Floor pe bohot dirt hai. Drag the scarf while you walk out. Once you reach there tell all the boys to follow the trail quietly. Mind you no voice at all and meet me here.

Taani: Okay, I'll do that. But you have to promise me ki Rey ko kuch nahi hoga.

Niki: Arre buhba calm down, he is my brother. Yansh ko kuch nahi hoga and ha, you girls sit inside the car door lock karna please. As safety first. Tell Di to sit on the driver's seat, in case of emergency. And one more thing, Di ko police ko inform karne bolo. Police ka siren band rehna chahiye. Di ko bol dena, she'll handle that. Okay?

Taani: Atcha okay done. Make sure you all are safe here.

Niki: You don't worry about this, sab mujhpe chod de. You go and tell the guys no noise.

Taani: Fine.

(Taani goes out, informs the boys about the plan. All the girls lock themselves up in the car. Sharon calls the police and tells them about the kidnapping. The boys reach the place where Niki had asked them to come.)

Niki: Ok listen guys. There are only four people in with that Kapoor and Yansh and maine unki positions pata laga di hai.

Swayam: Niki yeh thoda risky hai. I guess hume police aane tak wait karni chahiye.

Niki: Listen if you don't wanna help in this plan then please bahar jao and wait for the police. We'll handle everything here.Angry

Vicky: Guys don't fight. Please Swayam, we need your help.

Nil: Yaa Swayam we need a fighter like you. For your best friend Rey.

Swayam: I'm in!

Niki: Chalo mere peeche.

(Mr. Kapoor with one of the other four men was with Rey. The others were guarding the place. The guys tie the three men's hands legs and cover their mouths. Vicky Nil and Bharat take their positions.)

Man 4: Kapoor sahib, humne bohot try kiya but inke papa toh phone utha hi nahi rahe hai.

(Amar and Swayam wait near the entrance, while Niki enters)

Niki: Aur uthayenge bhi nahi!

Mr. Kapoor: Tum wapas kyun aayi ho? Marne ka itna shauk hai kya?

Niki: Voh kya haina uncle ji, last time aap bach gaye the but iss baar nahi.

Mr. Kapoor: Last time? Kab last time?

Rey: Lagta hai badhti umar ke saath aapko memory loss ho raha hai. Aap isse bhool gaye? The Nikita Singhania, jisko 12 years pehle aaphi ne kidnap kiya tha. Remember?

Mr. Kapoor: Nii.. Nikita.. mat.. matlab yeh tumhari.. be.. behen ?

Niki: Yes mein Nik, Yansh ki behen!

Mr. Kapoor: Last time toh tum bach gayi thi, not this time. Tumne mujhe jail bheja tha na, abh mein tumhe dekhta hoon. Guards shoot them.

Rey: Guards? Hai kahan yeh guards?

(Vicky Nil and Bharat come out from their hiding positions. Man 4 starts running towards the exit.)

Swayam: (catches him) Itni bhi kya jaldi hai? Apne saathiyon ke saath hi chale jana jail.

(Amar and Niki untie the ropes and free Rey.)

Mr. Kapoor: Rey aur Nikita, tum dono apne aap ko bohot smart samajhte ho naAngry?

Nikansh: Samajhte nahi, hume pata hai ki hum smart hai!Cool

Mr. Kapoor: Abhi tumhari smartness bahar nikalta hun.(removes his knife)

(Rey is standing in front of him and Swayam behind him. Rey signals Swayam to come forward. Swayam starts running towards Rey while Rey positions himself. Mr. Kapoor is trying to figure out whats going on when he receives a hard kick on his hand and his knife falls. [Swayam has done a back flip where Rey supports him by becoming the wall] Till this time the police has arrived. They arrest the other four men and come forward to arrest Mr. Kapoor, when he grabs his fallen knife, runs to Rey, holds his knife near Rey's neck and threatens to cut his neck if anyone moved.)

Taani: NO! Chod do unhe.CryCry

Mr. Kapoor: Bahut yaarana lag raha hai tum dono ka. Chakkar kya hai.?


Niki: Oye Gabbar,LOL teri knife toh yahan mere paas hai. Whats in your handEvil Smile?

(Mr. Kapoor loosens his grip on Rey as he feels the knife isn't his own. Rey takes in the opportunity and moves it away from his neck. But Gaabar ji ko pata chal jata hai ki Niki fooled him and he tries to stab Rey. The police come ahead and pull them apart. But because of Mr. Kapoor's constant attempts, Rey gets a deep cut on his arm.)

Rey: Aaahhh..

Taani:Shocked Rey.. Cry(Goes and hugs him.)

(Police arrest all 5 of them and leave. The gang is relieved that Rey is safe now, but are hurt seeing his wound.)

Rey: (breaking the hug) Taani please rona band karo. Mujhe kuch nahi hua hai. I am totally fine. Please stop crying.

*Taani again hugs him. This time tighter than before.*

Swayam: (Feels a bit awkward seeing TaaRey hugging each other) Guys hume yaha se chalna chahiye. Let's leave.

*All depart*

Part 10 done.

This idea had popped in my head from nowhere so wrote it. Sorry if it was boring.Unhappy

Do gimme feedback about it.Smile

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i am firstParty
awsum ideaClapClap
lvd nikansh and taareyEmbarrassed

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