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#1 TaaRey: Love, Trust, Jealousy (Moved to thread 2) COMPLETED

2111_shweta IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 12:18am | IP Logged

Hey guys HugI'm Shweta. This is my first attempt to write a FF on our favorite TaaRey and D3 gang. I'm not a good writer but I kind of came up with this concept. Hope you all like it do tell me whether I should continue it or not.Embarrassed

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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Part 7

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Thread 2


It starts after the India Fest. All the core D3 team members are there in it except the new exchange students. (There is a new entrant that I have added.) Sharon doesn't have asthma and SwaRon are in a relationship.


This is a TaaRey FF but starting part revolves around the entire gang


Part 1

Rey was really disturbed since morning and he himself didn't know what was bothering him. He had no clue as to why he started arguing with the entire team.

Rey: *in boys locker room* (to himself) Why am I so disturbed today? I started a fight with Taani and Sharon for no reason. What's wrong with me? Why am I behaving this weird?Unhappy

Taani *in fire exit* & Sharon *on terrace* (thinking): Ye Rey ko kya hua hai hum sab toh mazak kar rahe the usse itna gussa kyun aaya?

*Swayam comes in locker room and sees that Rey is tensed*

Swayam: What happened Rey? Any problem?

Rey: Nothing, its just that I don't know but something is weird today. I can feel it.

Swayam: Ab tu apni girlfriend and apni best friend se ladega toh weird hi lagega na!

Rey was about to say something but his phone starts ringing.

*Taani calling*

Rey: Hello Taani.. I am really sorr..

Taani: (cutting him) VP sir ne hum sab ko unke cabin mein bulaya hai. Bhai aap ke saath honge unhe bhi bata dena. (Saying this she disconnects the call.)

Rey is even more upset. He informs Swayam that they have to go to VP sir's cabin. (They both leave.)

*Outside VP sir's cabin*

Everyone is wondering why VP sir has called them. (Rey and Swayam reach.)

*Taani looks at upset Rey and gives a smile. Rey is a bit relieved that Taani is not mad at him for his behavior.

Rey looks at Sharon but she is still avoiding him.*

(They all go in.)

Everyone: Good afternoon sir!

VP: Good afternoon all. You all might be wondering why have I  called you all here?

*Everyone nods*

VP: (continues) We have a new admission in our college she is a dancer..

*Everyone is confused*

VP: (continues) And its the order of the authorities that she should be included in your team.

Sharon: What? But sir how is that possible?

VP: You have to make it possible!

Rey: Sir, Sharon is right! How can we include her in our team?We don't even know her style of dancing.

VP: I don't want any excuses she has to be a part of the dance team! And that's an order.

Sharon: But sir this is a professional team. How can we add a member in our team just because of the order of authorities?

VP: (confused) Professional team? You are getting me wrong. I said she has to be the part of your college dance team. As for your professional team, that's completely your choice.

Sharon: Okay.

VP: Great then start your practice for NDC.

Rey: When will she join college?

VP:  She'll b here anytime.

*knock knock*

Girl: Excuse me sir may I come in?

(Rey feel butterflies in his stomach on hearing her voice. He turns back to see and is shocked.Shocked He can't believe what he is seeing.)

(Sharon is too staring at her.)

VP: There she is! Welcome your new team member.

Rey n Sharon: NIKI?


Hope you liked the concept..Thumbs Up orThumbs Down

Do tell me your views.

All criticism accepted.

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luvtaarey Groupbie

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 10:00am | IP Logged
Itz really good...jst wanna read further update soon...!!

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--Suhani-- Goldie

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 10:21am | IP Logged

Sounds Intresting...Continue Soon!!!

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2111_shweta IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 10:06pm | IP Logged

Part 2

VP: There she is. Welcome your new team member Ni..

Rey n Sharon: NIKI?

*Rey is awestruck to see Niki standing in front of him*

Sharon: (to Niki) Tum yahan? (Hugs her.)

Niki: Haan vo mein..

VP: So you already know each other?

Sharon n Niki: Yes sir.

VP: That sounds great.

*Taani is looking at Rey who is not ready to move his gaze from Niki*

Taani: (to herself) Rey usse aise kyun dekh rahe hai? Voh Niki ko kaise jaante hai? Rey ne kabhi Niki ke bare mein kuch bataya kyun nahi?

VP: You all may leave and ya get to know each other.Smile

*Everyone leaves and are going towards rehearsal hall. Rey is still quiet and is just looking at Niki. Taani is really confused because of Rey's behaviour*

Taani: (to Rey) Aap isse jaante ho?

Rey: Hmn..

Taani: Aapne kabhi bataya nahi Niki ke bare mein?

Rey: Hmn..

Taani: (to herself) Hmn? Rey kuch sunn bhi rahe hai?

*Everyone reaches rehersal hall*

Swayam (very curious): Sharon, Rey, how do you know Niki?

Niki: Why can't they know me? After all I'm NIKI! NIKI SINGH!

Sharon: Niki relax. He is just asking.

Swayam: Yeah, I was just asking..

Niki: Whatever!

Taani: (a bit hyper) Guys as Niki will also be a part of the dance team so you will need to change your routine...and since NDC is round the corner you all must really do it fast.

Everyone (except SwaRon n Rey): TAANI CALM DOWN! LOL

*Everyone is giggling but Rey is still lost...Sharon notices Rey and comes towards him*

Sharon (whispering to Rey): Rey tumhe Niki se nahi milna?

*Finally Rey comes back to his senses and goes towards Niki*

Rey: Nik..

*Both look at each other and the next minute they are hugging each other*

Rey: (with teary eyes) I missed you so much.

Niki: Me too. (Her eyes start brimming as she tightens her grip on him.)

*All (except Sharon) start looking at each other with shocked expressions*

Not enough progress to the story, I know. But will try to write a bit better next time.Smile

Share your views on it.

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Mohit_monaya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 10:39pm | IP Logged
really like the track...update soon =)

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2111_shweta IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 5:19am | IP Logged

Part 3

Taani: Yeh ho kya raha hai?

Neha: Neha also wanting to know.

Simmi n Rinni: We too.

(Nil Vicky Amar Bharat come together.)

Vicky: Rey n Taani ki love story ka..

Nil: Intermission!

Amar: Pata lagana hoga..

Bharat: Ki yeh hai kon.

*Rey n Niki break d hug*

Rey: Tum yaha aane wali thi aur mujhe batana zaruri nhi samjha?Unhappy

Niki: Bata deti toh surprise thodi hota tumhare liye.Wink

Rey: Mujhe tumse baat nhi karni, samjhi tum? You said you'll return in 3 years and its 6 years now!

Niki: Awe, sorry. (Rey smiles but ignores.) Yansh, sorry na.

*Yansh sunte hi Rey melts and hugs Niki again*

Gang: YANSH?

Niki: Yeah. (Looking at Rey.) He is my darling Yanshu.Embarrassed

Taani: YANSHU?

Rey: Ya Nik calls me Yanshu. Mind it, only Nik!

Vicky: Waise Nik tumne bataya nahi tum Rey ko kaise jaanti ho?

Niki: Kya kaha? You have no rights to call me Nik. ONLY Yanshu can call me Nik!

Vicky: Ughhh okay, NikI!

Taani: Abh aap log batayenge ki aap ek dusre ko kaise jaante ho?

Sharon: We know each other since childhood.

*Rey and Niki nod*

Niki: TRIPLETS, as we were called back in Delhi.

Rey: Yeah..

Taani: So you three are besties?

Niki: No, Yansh and Di are besties.

Taani: And you and Rey?

Niki: Abh yeh bhi koi puchne wali baat hai? We are a COUPLE!

Everyone: WHAT?Shocked

Niki: Yeah, mein Yanshu ki girlfriend hoon.Embarrassed

Nil: Tum Rey ki girlfriend nahi ho sakti.

Niki: Kyun?

Vicky: Kyunki uski girlfriend koi aur hai.

*Rey is tensed hearing dis*

Niki: WHAT! (Looks at Rey with a questioning look.)

Rey: Nik you must be tired right. I guess you ned to rest. Kal baat karte hai. (Niki is about to cut him but Rey continues.) Please? (Makes a puppy dog face.)

*Niki agrees. Taani is angry on Rey as he didn't tell the truth to Niki. Taani is about to leave from there when*

Rey: Taani mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai.

Taani (controlling her anger): Haan boliye.

Rey: Yahan nahi. Akele mein.

*Taani agrees and they both leave rehearsal hall. Niki notices that something wrong between TaaRey. She follows them.*

*Rey and Taani in the fire exit and Niki outside.*

Rey: Taa..(gets cut)

Taani: Niki aapki kya lagti hai and aapne usse humare baare mein kyun nahi bataya?

Rey: Taani tum mujhe galat samajh rhi ho.

Taani: Toh samjhao mujhe.

Rey: Vo Taani.. Niki meri.. (Rey's phone starts ringing *Sharon calling* He ignores. She calls again and he picks up the call.)

Sharon (tensed): Rey, Niki yahan pe nahi hai. Pata nahi kahan chali gayi. Voh college mein nayi hai so she doesn't know the routes.

Rey: KYA? Niki vaha nhi hai? Kahan gayi?Shocked

*Niki hears this and immediately leaves from there and goes towards rehearsal hall*

Taani: Kya hua? Aap itne tensed kyun ho?

*Without answering Taani, Rey leaves the fire exit. Meanwhile Niki almost reaches rehearsal hall.*

Sharon: Tum kaha chali gayi thi?

Niki: Vo di bas college dekhne gayi thi and aap kyun itna tension le rhe ho. I'm not a kid to get lost.

Rey: You are still a kid. Why did you leave all of a sudden?

Niki: Voh.. ummm..

Rey: Forget it. Lets go home.

Niki: Yeah please. Di tum bhi chalo na. (Sharon agrees)

Swayam: Niki tum Mumbai mein abhi abhi aayi ho. Where are you going to stay?

Niki: Obviously with Yansh!

*Gang is shocked*

Niki: Aaj ke liye itna interrogation kafi hai? I'm really tired. Yansh, di can we all leave?

*Rey Sharon and Niki leave*

(Gang decides to find out the relation between Rey and Niki)



Hope you like the update.

Share your views on it.Smile

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Mohit_monaya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 5:29am | IP Logged
bachari taani...even im dying to knw akhir yeh niki hai kaun =( 
and rey ke ghar pe? u have gt to be kiddin me...taani usse nahi =D
thnx 4 the pm and update soon =)

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Lavender_Luna IF-Rockerz

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yaar... tu mujhe darra rahi hai...
pls jaldi sole kro mu... nd pm me...
btw... this is hima deepti...
ur twitter frnd!!!

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