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FF: Sath din meim tum mera Khushi[COMPLETED] (Page 2)

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{SPOILOR:Khushi in arnavs arms dancing in a song and them with rythm of their heart beat lost in each other}.so friends which song do you need arshi to dance?

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Originally posted by babydevil

Loved it but tooo small :'(

so sorry don't worry actualy i had a bad fever and my hand got cut by a steel piece so it was difficult to write.i will pay it in next update
be happy
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awesome update
loved it
khushi is J
pm me when u update
get well soon dearSmile
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Thanks for all who have loved my works .Sorry for the mistakes. Due to fever last update was small i think this will pay for it.

Those who need PMs pls write in ur comment so i can make list. Happy reading



Anjali: ha khushi ji [ middle of eating]

khushi:do you think arnav ji was a lil more hurry than in usual?

Anjaly looked at khushi with a mischevious glint in eyes and a smile which went unnoticed by khushi but by others.

Anjaly: no i dont think so .what happened?(innocently)

nk:khushi ji yeh dekhiye apka favorite food jelebi. I think u didnt noticed it.

Anjali: ha ha khushiji eat it.

Nani:what happened bitiya is everything ok does chotte

khushi: no no nani ji he didnt actually i need to make a call to arnav ji.

By saying this she left the table

mami: anjali what is cooking in your mind?
Anjali gave a how do you know look.
Anjali:how do you know?
Payal: your smile says it all di.
Anjali: hmm so hear my plan
Payal: khushi
no reply
payal: khushi
khushi: ha ha jiji(wakes up from her chain of worries with a jerk)

payal: u have called arnav ji. What did he said.

Khushi with a worried face: he didnt take my phone in fact switched it of.

Anjali: are dont worry he is busy in his work new company new employs

nk: ha ha di. How lucky man. Hundreds and thousands of girls are behind nanav to impress the great ASR.(in a dreamy way).you dont mind na khushi ji.

Khushi have a faint smile but inside she was fuming with anger.

Mami: aur i think today is that PA selection .

Khushi was watching all this and fuming all can see smoke around her and continued with their plan supressing their laughter.

Anjali: ha mami.

Payal: so there will be ultramodern girls na di.

Nk: ha ha payal bhabhi.

Mami: you know phatti sadi

khushi shaked her head in no weakly.

Mami: your husband is so great.

Khushi gave a hundread doller smile which became dim in few seconds.
Mami: so all that girls will do ANYTHING to win him.

Nk: di i think boys of have little percentage chance.

Anjali: ha.

Khushi mind 1: hey devimaiyya where is my husband got stuck.

Mind 2: in the hell look khushi u will suffer. ur arnavji is inoccent but that churails(ghosts ).
Mind1: ha i should protect my inocent arnavji from that what should i do?

Mind2: go and get that pa's job.

Khushi lil loudly: ha i need that PA's job.

All had a victorious smile .

Khushi: i need to go di
anjali: where khushi ji?

Khushi: AR
and she left. All allowed her to go to ar without more questioning.


When khushi entered there all were staring at her like they had seen an alien.

When she was about to enter the waiting room she gave a glance to employs and her eyes poped out most of them were girls who were ultramodern.

Khushi:good khushi u have done good job by coming here for this job.

When she was about to enter she was blocked by a girl in a small skirt and tight shirt.

Shein: hai i am miss smalltown what are u doing here? There places are said for we not for u. U are gud for nothing.

Khushi who was in anger dropped a pen
khushi:would u pls take and give me that pen.

Shein was not able to to bend due to her dress.khushi easily took as she was wearing a saree.
Khushi: shein ji u do this simple thing .so bad. I think i am much better that u i mean urs like ultramodern girls.(she said mockingly).

Shein stromed from there. Khushi entered there and saw there was only some mens.
Khushi: uncleji who is taking the interview?

Man: aman sir was taking but now for our badluck now ASR is there.

Khushi:in mind are wah so arnav ji is there so you defenitly get it.

Now came khushis turn .Arnav could feel khushi and her heart started beating faster.she knocked the door and was about to open when arnav opened it and a crash .

When she opened her eyes she say her on arnavs top inside cabin . Her saree tangled around arnav in sach a way she cant get up.(RABBA VE...O RABBA VEY)
aman was hell shocked and he left from there leaving their love birds behind.
Arnav: khushi..
Khushi was lost in his eyes. Their eyes saying i love u to each other. Their lips half inches apart. Their body rubbing against each others.

Arnav:(in husky voice ) what are u doing here?
Khushi came

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Hai,friends thanks for loving my works. If u like the update then pls do hit the like button. Sorry for the mistakes and hope i had reached ur expectations


chapter 1:80123837

chapter 2: 80235563



Arnav:(in husky voice)khushi what are u doing here?
Khushi: woh i i
and tried to get up but get pulled back because of her tangled pallu which led to a small kiss of lips.HeartRABBA VEY...O RABBA VEHeart
khushi's eye widened and started blushing and arnav smirked at her antics.
Arnav: u look like a tomato.
Khushi again blushed and tried to get up.
Arnav:khushi stop otherwise ur pallu will get torn.
Khushi stoped moving and arnav turned to bring khushi under him so the pallu will be free.
There was an eyelock when aman knocked the door.
They stand up .
Arnav: u didn't answer me khushi why are u here?
Khushi back to tigress:why why i can't come here?
Arnav: i don't mean that khushi and came hugged her .
Khushi: i need that job(she wispered)
arnav(in husky voice):which job khushi?
Khushi: ur PA's job.
khushi(with a puppy dog face): yes.
Arnav in his mind: wow arnav it will be easy for me to show her how much i luv her.
Arnav: ok.
Khushi: i luv u i luv u so much arnav ji.(and make a serious face)but dont forget 7 days ha and hugged him.
Again aman knocks.
Arnav: yah aman come.
Aman: sir u have a employs meeting and model selection today. Sheetal is ready.
Khushi: sheetal who is she?
Arnav: head of designing section khushi.
Khushi: so can i start work today?
Aman:what work babhi?
Arnav: ya i forget she is my Pa.
Khushi:ha amanji and arnav ji dont tell anyone i m his wife.
Aman arnav: but why?
Khushi: actualy wo i dont need any special concideration. I need to work freely. Pls arnav ji.
Arnav:ok as ur wish.khushi u can start ur work tomorrow and select a PA for u so u can do ur work easily.
Khushi: ji(and give a sweet smile)
arnav kiss on her cheecks and left with aman leaving a happy khushi behind.
Khushi to herself:wow khushi good job u have done by not letting the employs know that u are ASR's wife otherwise how will u know what is in the mind of that churails.
Anjaly opens the door and khushi jumbs and hugs her.
Khushi: di i am so so so happy.
Although she knows but by making an exited expression.
Anjali: why my dear babhi.
By this sound all came there.
Khushi: di u know i got PA's job in ar
nk:wow thats great. If i too got a job there then i will.
Payal:wow khushi congrats.
All congrats her
khushi: di i need a you know any qualified person.
Anjali: no khushi ji. Tell me when u are joining.
Khushi: tomorrow di.
Nk: khushi ji actualy i know a qualified person.
All looks at him exitedly.
Khushi: who nanhe ji.
Nk: he is near u(proudly)
khushi: who?
Nk: i khushi ji i
khushi: wow i didnt think about it,thats so great.
Khushi was so exited to tell arnav and nk exited to go to ar.
Arnav:khushi have u finished ur works.
Khushi: ha arnav ji.
Arnav:so come.
Khushi: but dinner.
Nk: ha nanav what about dinner?
Arnav gave an angry glare which made all silent.
When he reached in front of room.
Arnav: khushi close ur eyes pls.
She closed her eye and caught arnavs hands.
When she steped in she could feel her foot on some smooth substance.
Arnav:now open ur eyes.
When she opened her eyes she become drumstuck.poolside looked like heaven with fairy lighs and room was dimly lighted and there was a table with their favorite foods in poolside and floor covered with rosepetal.
Arnav:khushi come
they reached poolside.
Khushi: arnav ji this all(with tear filled eyes)
arnav: i need u back khushi.ok let have a dance.
They danced to the light music played in background.(RABBA VEY...O RABBA VE)
then arnav sat on his knee then took a diamnd rind from pocket and put it in her finger and kissed it.
Khushis eyes was getting wet due to happiness.
Arnav:i promise u khushi with god as our guide,let ur take first step to live with honor and respect. Let us walk to together so we get food.I LOVE U
Khushi with a surprised face: this is the first vachan of sathfera. How do you?
Arnav:from net. Ok lets have dinner come.
Khushi stops him.
Khushi: I LOVE U TOO. And kisses on his forhead.
Khushi: this is a seal that says u passed ur first day test.
Arnav: so everyday i will get it.
Khushi: ya one this cheek,that cheek,nose chin, and lips.
Arnav:it is only for 6 days .what about 7th?
Khushi: that day i will be completly urs.
She blurted out and arnav smirked.
Khushi:i mean i
arnav: ok ok i am hungry lets eat.

So friends how was it?
If u liked pls pls hit the like button.
And pls comment either good or bad no probm
luv abi

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sry for small pm as i am busy with bro's marriage. Thanks for loving my work. Those who like this update pls do hit the like button and also comment ur views either good or bad no prblm.


CHAPTER 1:80123837

CHAPTER 2:80235563

CHAPTER 3:80315841



Khushi:arnav ji i need to say smthg.
Arnav(in b/w eating):ha what khushi?
Khushi: i have found my PA{exitedly)
arnav: wow thats great. Who is that?
Khushi: nanhe ji(with a broad smile).
Arnav: what the. nk?( in a puzzled expr)
khushi: ha what is the problem after al he is my PA.(lil angry)
Arnav: ok ok u can( gave up expre)
then they went to sleep.


Arnav: khushi pls come fast to office early with nk. Today is urs first day.
Khushi brought arnavs waist coat and was making him wear.
Khushi: ji we will.
And was trying to tie his tie.
Arnav: khushi...(in lovely husky voice)what are u doing. Why this new things?
Khushi: what i need to do this so i did ur forgiveness seeking will go in one way and i will do whatever i like in u. Dont question me.
Arnav: ok ok tie it.
Then he slid his hand through her bare waist and snaked his hand through her waist which send shivers down her spine.
Heartdhak dhak dhak with RABBA VeyHeart
khushi: arnav ji what are u doing i need to come to office na.(blushing)
arnav: what i am seeking forgiveness from my wife.
With trademark smirk.
Then his hand moved up to her dori and untied it. She was going week as seconds passed and she got trapped in the Great ASR's trap.HeartRABBA VEY.,Heart
He roamed his hands through her back and was about to capture her lips .knok knok.
Khushi pushed him aside and was adjusting her saree and arnav was sure this was one of interpretation gang member.
Nk:khushi ji open the door i need to talk to u.
Arnav: go khushi otherwise he will break the door.
Khushi smiled at his flustrating and gave a sudden peck.
Nk: khushiji you can go with nanav i will come later.
Khushi: but why?
Anjali: because he need to go to spa.
Nk: ha ha khushiji my 1st day i need to impress girls na.
Anjali took arati of both and left with nk.
Arnav: khushi where is my blue file?
Khushi: ha it in my drawer.
She went to poolside.
While arnav was serching he got her dairy as she entered he put it in his laptop bag.
Khushi: lets go?
Arnav: ha.
Was about to leave.
Arnav: khushi stop . And he brought her before mirror.
Arnav:is there smthg less.
Khushi gave him a questioning luk.
Arnav took a pinch of sindoor and filled her maang and said this.
And they smiled and he gave her a backhug.HeartRABBA VEY ..Heart

sorry for wrong precap for today

If u liked the update
then pls hit like butn

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Thanks for love and support. Those who like pls hit the like button. And pls do comment how was it.


HeartCHAPTER 1: 80123837

HeartCHAPTER 2: 80235563

HeartCHAPTER 3: 80315841

HeartCHAPTER 4: 80405344



They reached new AR.
Khushi: arnav ji i will come with nanhe ji.

Arnav: ok and left.

Nk: khushi jii
she got frightened by his scream.
Nk:khushi ji how do i look.[exitdly].
Khushi: u look like salman khan nanhe ji. Ok ok now lets go.
Nk: ya ya come.
As they entered their eyes flew open by seeing the girls.
Nk:khushi ji wow look at that girls.
Khushi[in anger]: nanhe ji u have come here as my PA not for dating girls.
Nk: ok ok lets go.
Shein noticed this and to sheetal.
Shein: sheetal mam luk a hotty with that smalltown.he is not less than our hotty.
Khushi heard this[in mind hey DM now i need to protect my devar and my pati.]
shein: hai mr?
Nk: hai i an nk.
Sheetal: ok nk then why r u here?
Khushi came in b/w them and then.
Khushi: he is my PA.
Sheetal: oh urs.[in mocking tone] so what r u doing here.
Khushi: i am ASR's the way who r u ha?
Sheetal: i am sheetal head of designing department. Oh so u r MY HOTTIS PA.
By hearing this both nk and khushi's eyes poped out.
[[khushi lost control and in anger]
khushi: ur hotty ha. He is my hotty.
Nk was trying to control her but not.
By hearing her shein and sheetals eye poped out.
Sheetal: oh so here comes ur intention. Bv so sorry he is mine.
Khushi: did he said that to u?
Sheetal: no but i know. I thought u are pativrata patni but. What will ur hus think.
Khushi: u dont want to worry about that. My hus has no problm with that then what is ur prblm. Instead he will be happy if i love him.
Nk in mind: ya he will be the most happiest man.
Sheetal: ok . Listen listen friends i am making a challenge with mrs khushi that if she got a call first from mr hotty then i will give an ice cream party or she will.
Khushi: ok deal.
All employes cheered them. Sheetal and khushi have cabin next to each other. And both was sitting infront of phnes.
Nk: khushi ji how long we want to wait.this nanav whenever we didnt want he calls and when we want he didnt.
arnav: aman where is sinhanias file.
Aman: oh asr it is with khushi babhi and asr if u call her then speak officialy u know na.
Then he thought.
[ when he was going to arnavs room he heard their chalenge he hate sheetal so]
arnav: ok i will call her u go and make conferance hall ready.
Arnav called her. When her phone rang all employs arived there. Khushi put the phone in loud speaker.
Arnav: khushi pls bring that singhanias file pls.
Employs: pls aur ASR .
Khushi gave a victorious smile to sheetal.
Khushi: so icecream party?
Employs: ya ya.
Khushi send file to arnav.
khushi: nanhe ji somebody has said that i can win ars but now .
Nk and other employs laughed at sheetal.sheetal become angry and throwed her icecream on khushi's face. Khushi become as she spoiled her saree and throwed her icecream on shetal.she throwed back but sheetal bend and icecream went to sheins face. Shein throwed back but khushi moved so it fall on nk. After sometime whole canteen got covered with icecream.
Whole employs got covered with icecream in such a way they can't be identified .
Khushi: u are a looser
sheetal : asr will be mine.
In b/w Arnav entered there in search of all and khushi and sheetals fight.
Arnav[screamed]:what the hell is happening here?
All employs got afraid.

Heart abiHeart

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For previous chapters]
My intex



Arnav: what the hell are u doing here?[in ASR mode] its not a play school.
Nk hid behind khushi.aman was laughing at the state of the canteen and all others were shivering.
Arnav: i will give u half hour. Within this time u all should be present in conference hall. And neat and clean understand.
All left there as fast as possible exept one.
Arnav: what the hell are u doing here?
Khushi: arnav ji its me khushi.
She removed icecream from face. Arnav supressed his laughter.
Khushi: how will i go out in this state[and started weeping like has done nothing]
arnav cupped her face and wiped her tears.
Arnav: ok ok dont cry.come with me.
Khushi: but
arnav:khushi here is no one.
arnav brought a beautiful red designer saree for khushi .
Arnav: come with me.
Khushi: arnav ji where.
They reached washroom .
Arnav change and come.
Khushi: ji[she smiled at his care]
After some time she came out wraping saree like a shawl.
Arnav was memerized by her beauty.
Arnav:[in husky voice]khushi ... What is this? Are u going to wear saree like this.
Khushi[embrassed]: no no woh actually there was water in washroom so i.
Arnav came towards her and again she lost in his eyes.
he came forward and as always khushi moved back until her back hit the dressing table.
Khushi: arnav ji woh woh.
Arnav kept his fingure on her lips: shh this also includes in my forgiveness seeking.
And he removed the saree for better access
and began nibling her earlobe and then he slid his hand through her waist which sent shivers through her spine and then he slid his hand through her stomach .she held his shoulders for support and closed her eyes. He turned her to face her. She has become a red tomato. Arnav smirked at her.
Arnav: tomato pls open ur eyes.
When she opened her eyes her eyes poped out .she was wrapped in her saree in such a perfection the she too cant.
Khushi: arnav ji aap..
She hugged him with all happiness arnav too hugged her.
Arnav: if u like my work very much then i will do it for u everyday.
Khushi hit him playfully.then they heard someones footsteps.
Khushi: arnav ji someones is coming .
Arnav: sh sh come with me.
They hid in small place behind almirah. Khushi was in arnavs lap.she was hugging him tightly.then sheetal entered.
Sheetal looking at mirror: wow sheetal you are so gorgious.
Hearing this khushis eyes poped out. She looked at arnav and to remove arnavs attention she suddenly kissed arnav on his lips .arnav was shocked by khushi's sudden attack then he took leadership of the kiss. He made her hand roam over her back enjoying her taste .they tasted each and every corner of their mouth.
When arnav was about to check weather sheetal have left khushi bit his lips to gain attention.
Arnav: khushi ouch
khushi: sh sheetal ji
arnav: she have left
khushi: what?
Arnav:ya look my lips is bleading[making a puppy dogs face]
khushi: sorry i will bring medicine.
Arnav pulled her back
arnav: my medicine is with me and smirked.
Khushi sucked the oozing blood.HeartRABBA VEHeart
They heard nk sound.
Nk: khushi ji where are u?
Khushi came back to senses and got from arnavs lap and left smiling.arnav smirked at her.


if u like the update then pls hit the like button.
And also do comment either gud or bad no problm

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