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Vampire FF: Red drops on...[ Mystery Continues...] Page 53 (Page 52)

Hue.Splash IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 November 2013 at 9:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kunchu

confused hu
still I love it.
more and more mysteries around esp Sakshi and her clan
why is Sakshi a werewolf protesting Arjun? interesting...

yup..there is a mystery btween her clan-maria-sakshi-werewolfs.
Will open up soon.
I will answer your question soon.

Hue.Splash IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 November 2013 at 9:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by khemanisarita

awesome ending

nope its continuous.. Lol
Hue.Splash IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 November 2013 at 9:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ll_megha_ll

awesome update vampy.
zeo is riya daughter.
she clearly sees arjun.
now what.
continue soon.
and thanx for the pm.

you wll know now wht? Lol
wait n read. Thanks for comment.
Hue.Splash IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 November 2013 at 9:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by srividhya68

awesome upt
continue soon
waiting 4 next update
and sorry 4 late comments

thanks for comment.
Its okay.

Originally posted by ShanayaShaleen

Awssuum Vampu...Jus luv d suspense setting,Vampires nd Dark Things! Loving it..Thanxx fr pms..Continuee Soon!

wow one more member in my list lol
i m glad u liked this.

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Hue.Splash IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Aisha.Vashishth

interesting update...but can u pls give a character sketch for all th charavters...or atleast for th main ones...or the new will b more gud if u give us faces for these new characters...its really hard to imagine these characters like maria lairra and peter...i knw they r very imp in th pls...provide us some faces...if we cant imagine th characters its difficult to connect with them...
btw...the update ws very awsm
continue soon


the old CS is on page one.
And the new ones i will post in next part for sure.
Sorry for troubling you.
I should do that before.
I am glad you liked this part.

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New Comers

Maria :

Queen of vampires..

Most dangerous vampire Hunter..

Student of Ralf, assisting him on his work. Best friend of Laaira

Laaira :
Daughter of Ralf. She joined him for hunting vampires. Curious about vampire-werewolves clashes..

PS :

I will post the final Character sketch soon as two more people will join soon.

I hope there is no problem if, I am using the characters of Pkyek lol..
If you have then please tell me. I will replace them ROFL

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Chapter Eleven

~One Hour Later~

Both were standing , hanging their heads down. She was behind him , pushing him to go ahead wishpering something behind his back but in no way he wanted to listen her..

He had had enough of their childishness and stomped his feet with irritation.

'' Peter, Laaira..stop it both of you''!! : Ralf barked on 'em. Then he asked her to come out behind his back.

Ralf : Laaira, Come out! This time he ain't gona save you!

Laaira : but dad!! She struggled to justify herself, but today he won't listen any!

Ralf : not a single word Laaira!

Laaira : Just listen to me dad!

Ralf : that was not your play ground Laaira, you just should not go there before asking me!
Ralf yelled on her..

Laaira : are saying as if you would have been let me go! Her voice was very low, only she could hear it..

Ralf : stop murmering things.. You are still not perfect Laaira..

Laaira : but.. Umm he is good with this all ? Isn't he? Laaura said looking at Peter devilishly! But Ralf back-fired her saying, '' Don't involve Peter .. I know its you, who might have asked for having fun in mid-night..laaira you are not a kid.. And she cleaverly changed the matter..

Laaira : exactly dad, I am not a kid. So I too can handle things..seems you don't trust me! She pouted.

Ralf : of laaira! Its not like that! Its that place you should not go!

Laaira : but why? Are you hiding something? Or you really don't want to disclose this to me!

He was silent. And she got her answer that he is hiding something. '' how, and what I will tell you Laaira..'' : thought Rafl.

Laaira : dad you didn't answered?

Ralf : Nothing Laaira. You will know everything, in right time. Now go and sleep a little . You will join Peter for classes, remember!

Laaira could understand the situation, so she did not stressed more. More to that, she do not want to argue again with her dad and also she can't bear his yelling all over again. She thought, better to skip the matter.

Ralf : You may go laaira..

Laaira : okay! Bye Peter..

When she left, Peter just came forward and told him , what he saw in the woods. Both are curious but they don't have answer.


This night was never so easy for her. Just being tired a little, she made her way towards the kitchen ulocked the firidge. The inner view was horrible.

'' Shit, how could I ,forget to fill his stuff'', : she felt a chilled shiver down her spine , when she predicted the consequences. What will she do ? She will have to pay this time. Hell she is ready everytime ..but she could not stop herself thinking about it.. She is insecure..

'' Who cares ; lets wait till he gain concious..I will talk to the Blood bank for some more packs tomorrow.. '' : she murmered and picked up the Red wine bottle, that was placed on the drinks side, grabbed a long classy wine glass and took a ship , feeling the full taste of taht wine.

This lady , Sakshi; never believed in waiting for the things which would come up in front of her. You must say, she lives in present. This lady always wanted to do things in present. But she could not deny the destiny, as every happenings of her present is for some closed pages of past.

Here he opened his eyes slowly, he felt his eyeslids heavy ..tried to remember past happeneings..NOTHING! Its always again. Getting frustrated with the same things he banged his hand on the bed..'' Aaahh''..that hurted a little.

''what the hell was wrong with him'',at a time such forceces were neglisible for him..but today its different.

Well he didn't want to waste more time thinking about it ..'' Time filling my Tummy'': he stired on the bed and stretched his body a little.. Got down the bed, and the scene in front of him again made him think out of the blue but at this time his thirst is the most important thing.. He wanted to scream, but felt his throat dry..

Without thinking twice he marched towards the kitchen , ulocked the fridge..once again the sight just made him breatheless. All packets of the liquid, on which he is surviving ; are empty??

'' Saakshii'', he voiced her with a dried throat angrily..

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She could feel him calling her.. She was ready what is coming for her. She never knows why, but she tried to play a little with him, tried as much possible to hide herself. Don't she know, she is HIS THIRST. She better knows...

Just behind the kitchen counter, she felt being dragged away .. She could feel the touch. This touch expressing his thirst and his desperiateness ..

She knows she have to struggle a bit. Just then he clamped her mouth covering his hand, later pinned to the near by wall. She was trying hard to control herself.. Not to show her actual self in front of him. All she could see is his raging dark eyes and his thirsty lips.. Both were panting heavily. She was out of showing him the fear, and he was out of thirst. His other hand pinned her right hand on the wall , and his other hand caressed her cheeks, removing it from her mouth. She sighed a breathe of relief, expecting if he would stop. But what she did next, she was unknown to her.. Once again let herself being traped in his dark blue eyes..

He very slowly pecked her cheeks, follwoed by down to her neck. He placed some more wet kisses on her neck. Could she resist him? No way! She could not!!! And she gave up!

She entwined her right hand with his, which was pressed against the wall, while he leaned more deep into her neck. The moment was only of lust, deisre and his thirst.

He felt the tender skin under his lushy lips, and the tenderness of her skin, her infectious smell made his throat even more dry. She knows every damn thing about why he needs her.. Yes!! He just needs her very badly. And she have give to this into him.

Right then, his long razor sharp fangs penetrated with a rush.. As if a need for life... While she could just moaned a bit.. A little with pain, and a little more with pleasure. She let him suck her without any protest. Everytime he felt the same thing, as why she never protested while drinking her blood. But that thought get ride out of his mind, and he lost himself in this thirst everytime.

Here, all she could do is to wait, to wait for him to STOP!!! Don't he know, when to stop! Yess!! He knows , when to stop. On this thin matter she have complete trust on him.

His hands are sofly caressing the skin under her top . And she let herself drown with this pleasure..

He stopped when he needed to be. There was something in her blood that always intoxicate his senses. Then he thought, '' was it all for Blood''?? Guiltily , he couldn't answer his own question. Again this thing took him to the world of full of confusion. How her blood made him learn , when to stop, while it is impossible for any vampire to resist on someones blood, without killing that person.

He felt his body getting his courage back, his strength back, he is no more feeling restless, no more helplessness... And finally he stopped after gulping the last drop from her artery. Thenk kissed her neck, on the spot where his bite mark was there, just relieve her from the pain he just gave.

But there was no moment from her side. As if she was lifeless. A little line of tension rised on his forehead. But it is in his hand..

Her chin was resting on his shoulder, while he picked up in his arms and lead the way towards the bed room. He very carefully laid her down on the bed. His act again made him feel guilty but he have no other choice. He bend down, kissed her forhead, and her eyes, showing extreme care for the lady laying in front of him. Thanks to his almighty,her eyes are closed. Otherwise, he could not even matched with her. He could never forget her unconditional love for him accepting his every condition.

He just covered her with the sheet laying beside her and left the room guiltyly.

Just few minutes later she got up, sensing that he is out of her vision, and sat strait on the bed. She felt a little pain on neck, but she have the enough strenght to handle this. She have the power of healing. She knows he was feeling guilty. But she never wanted that he will feel guilty. Because she was ready everytime for the eternity and for her 'love'.

She got up, as she heard the song of the chirping birds. The darkness of the long frightful night is ending she welcomed the sunshine with open arms, standing on the balcony of her room. Though she is a creature of darkness, she loves the sunshine. Anticipating, may be some day, she would be able to erase the darkness from her destiny.. Could she do this ?

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