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Vampire FF: Red drops on...[ Mystery Continues...] Page 53 (Page 35)

Wj.mad Senior Member

Joined: 26 December 2012
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Posted: 23 May 2013 at 4:03am | IP Logged
amazing update.
super zeioe
bacha liya apni lady devil ko
luv u sam.
Kya timing hai.
yar ye sakshi ka kya fanda hai.
Is she wolf.
Why is arjun behaving sooo strangly.
Confusion clear karne ke liya padhte rahiya vff-red drops on black heart.

Milte hai next update mai

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kurkuresandwich Senior Member

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Posted: 23 May 2013 at 5:07am | IP Logged
1993.ssg Goldie

Joined: 24 May 2013
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Posted: 24 May 2013 at 8:18am | IP Logged
Wonderful updates.
continue soon
Aks13 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 28 December 2012
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Posted: 25 May 2013 at 4:59am | IP Logged
sorry for late comments dr.

all last three updates r really mindblowing.

read thm in one go.

I loved th fun time btwn Ay-choree-li.

Awww Zeieo is so cute.

What is th connection btwn Arjun n Riya?

There is lot of confusion n its also mysterious which I liked about ths.

Thanks for pm dr.

Hug Hug for u.

Truly a amazing work dr.

continue soon. 

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Hue.Splash IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 May 2013 at 4:15am | IP Logged


He was lying on the bed, just lying. Sleep this word giving him a alien feeling. He eyed the blank space beside , on his bed.

by day and night
i walk alone
As you are not with me
By night
I no longer stalk my prey
As I'm empty without your love
By day,
I wish I could burn in sunlight
As you have left me
My heart is dead
without your love
My arms are no longer strong,
as you are not in them
My eyes are can no longer see
As i am blind without you
I am no longer complete
As my life
my love
my heart
my soul my mate is gone...

Only a thirsty soul
and a blank space..
And you..
Fading away ..
I am no longer complete without you
without you..

He could still hear her screams, just only to be with him..
But , he also could see her snatched away from her brutally.. And he is helpless..the worst thing is he couldn't do anything.
These memories, would never fade from his mind.
Her angelic face comes infront of his face, she was the sign of life. But it was her destiny, and she was destined to kill. And she is no more. May this was the best thing, that happened with her, but that was not in a right way...
And he could see the history repeating.

A sudden telepathy broke his all thoughts and now Sam is back to action.
He need to go there. And he also need to be there.


          He could see the fear gripping in the eyes of this 17 year old lovely teen. He took steps towards her, and she moved back.
'' wrong move'', he said and in the next instant she found him standing at her back side wall smirking evily. She knew once anyone entered in his territory, that person never returned, and she felt herself in the same condition.

She heard a tearing sound she could feel her back bare, as the cold thunder air hitting her. Then she looked at his smirking face and her torn dress. She is helpless, and she knows her future...

He stepped forward, and she decided not to move backward. She thought, may it would be a easier one to die without struggle. Because, she knows stuggle with him means pain will be more greater than death.

'' come near my lady'', he said in nasty voice, and she trembled.
He shook his head as she stood there still.
He again took step forward, and this time his act made her cry out.
He harshly clung on her and penetrate his fangs on her neck, hurting her more. She screamed, but that fell on deafs ear. His long nails hurting her as he fingers her bosom. It is a torture more that death and hell that anyone cane bear. Her body was burning inside.
He layed her down on the bed as he removed her gown. Then he again sucked her blood. He lost completely himself in this pleasure, and in her pain. He always enjoyed the scream of these teen age girls...
After filling his desires, he left her almost dead body .

She slowly raised her hand and touched her her neck, and looked at her torso... And fell on the ground...

And smiled nastily as he wiped the last drop of blood that was flowing through her bosom.

He wraped her in a long black sheet, and left her heart blank.

Miles away in a castle , she jerked off from her thoughts, as she could hear the scream of a thirsty soul's prey. And again she cursed the destiny to give this role to play after life.

She heard foot steps and comes out of her trance. A man in black hood, enters in her room, and she looked at him with blue eyes.

The man - your highness, '' wo aagye hain!''
and she nodded. The man left .
The lady goes near the big black wall and eyed at the portrait of her beautiful princess. And the anger and revenge back on her face.

She walked out of her dark room, and headed towards the hall.
He was there waiting for her.
He stood up as she entered in the hall.
He bent down and greeted her.
She- kaise ho??
He- waise hi jaise tha!!

[ Info- she is the same lady from the old castle which i have mention in previous parts.. ]

she- toh phir..
He- undono ko sambhalna muskil hota jaa raha hai..
She- apne pyaas ko mitana itna aasan nahi hai Sam.
Sam- janta hoon..par iss pyaas mai kahi wo usse hi na mita de..
She- usse madat ki jarurat hai Sam, saath ki jarurat hai..
Sam- par kya aapko lagta hai, ki wo apne pyaas pe a kabu kar payega.. Aur jab wo ladki khud Ria ho.
She- muskil toh..
Humare liye, apna pyaas sabse jada maine rakhta hain..
Par kabhi kabhi ..
Sam- pyaar.. Usse toh ye takh yaad nahi ki wo hai kaun??
She- aur yaad hona bhi nahi chahiye..
Issliye humne wo sab kiya..
Aur aap keh rahe ho, jante ho is chahat ke junoon ki wajah se kya kya hua hai??
Peheli galati ki humne khud, dushri galati ki aapne, aur tisri galati ki arjun ne..
Aur ek hi galati.. Pyaar...

Riya aur arjun kabhi ek nahi ho sakte, aur riya bhi yahi chahati hain..
Aur yahi sabse accha hai..

She- aur wo hain na '' sakshi''..

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Hue.Splash IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 May 2013 at 4:17am | IP Logged
Sam- haan, achha kahyal rakh rahi hain Arjun ka..
Aur kafi khus bahi hain..
She- aur wo kaise hain?
Sam- hmm, acchi hain..aap toh sab jante hain, aur ab tak toh sambhala jaa sakta hain..
Par aage ..
She- iss liye toh hum keh rahe hain!! Par hume aisa kyun lag raha hai ki kuch hone wala hai..
Bahaut bada..
Ya phir..
Sam - nahi waisa kuch nahi hone wala..
She- par mujhe aisa kyun lag raha hai ki itiihaas phir se dohrane( repeat) wala hai..
Sam- in his mind- ye khayal toh mujhe bhi ho raha hai..
She- aap bhi yahi soch rahe hain sam.
Sam - mai bhi bhul gaya tha , mai kisse baat kar raha hoon..
She smiled faintly..
And she told him to go.
And one last time he thought to ask her..

Sam- wo.. Mai.. Woh .
She- nahii, she said gritting her teeth...
Sam knows that she would never tell him about her. And he lefy the place.


he stared at the person lying next to him, keeping her head on his bare chest . Her heavy hot breathes hitting his chest and he smiled at her. She was looking like an angel and he pecked her forhead, and she woke up. She looked up at him, and the last night events flashed in front of her eyes, which made her skin colour change to crimson red.

And he smirked inwardly.
It was not the first time she was looking at him like this shyness in her eyes and. But when ever this happens it felt every time new.

She rested her torso on his chest and nuzzles his neck. And then slowly pecked his lips and gave a passionate kiss.

And sat on the bed wrapping the black bed shteer around her bare body and moved towards the bathroom, before flashing her sweet smile. And he too smiled..

And he thought may be she is right. Sakshi is meant for me.. May be..but..em err something is wrong..
No not with her.. May be..or with me. Or what happend between us, or whatever!!

He kept such confusing things aside and sat on the bed as he picked up his shirt..

He was outside her house waiting for. And as usual the rays of sun always hurting him though he was used to this. But he stays always inside the car.

She comes out of her house and took the front seat.
And again he started . '' sakshi, please batao mujhe , kal kya hua tha..
Aur mai tumhare ghar kaise''..

Sakshi- arjun tum samajh kyun nahi rahe ho..main tumhe kal bhi keh chuki hoon..
Arjun- phir bhi..
Sakshi - in her mind- ab tumhe kaise bataun arjun, tumne kya kiya tha.. Aur wo bhi uske saath.. Nahi arjun nahi..
Kitni kosish ki tumhara dhyaan hatane ki..
Yaha tak ki maine khud ko..

Nahi tum ye baat kabhi nahi jaan sakte. Yahi tumhare liye accha hai..

Arjun- kya hua??
Sakshi- in a seductive tone- baby tumhe mujh par bharosa nahi hain..
Arjun looked at her. She is not a open book and he couldn't read.

Sakshi - okay.. Wo kal tum aur riya..
Her name came infront of him, and its hard for him to control.
Sakshi- jungle mai gaye the.. And tumhe chakkar aa gaya.. Toh wo tumhe yaha le aayi, as you know usse hamare bare mai pata hai so..

Arjun- aur kuch hai sakshi, jo mujhe pata hona chahiye..
Sakshi- kitna shak karte ho arjun..

Arjun - okay , ab chale..
And she nodded.

Arjun- nahi , kuch toh chut raha hai.. Mujhe riya se baat karni hogi..par riyyaa se..
Nahi.. Magar koi choice bhi nahi hai..
Kuch toh hai usmai..

Sakshi- kahan kho gaye arjun..
Arjun- tumhare khaualon mai..
Sakshi- oh accha.. Ab chalo..
She knows that , what exactly he was thinking. And she need to stop him. And also she need to talk to sam.
And they wheeled towards ETF office.


In the office-

there was general case discussion .
The murderer was Peter as he was only with savia for money. And when she get to know about him , she left him. Before she left Peter have mixed something in her drink, as that was a slow poison she was still active. So she left towards Jungle. And there that sucker found her and he killed her.
But when liza tested , she found poison. And peter told the whole matter to them.
And they arrested him.

Sam was very angry at him, and it was hard to contol. He would have killed peter if Riya wouldn't have reached there in time.

She dragged him out of the conference room. And arjun was not so surprise to see him like this. But the team was shocked.

In Sams cabin-

ria- sam, ye kya karne wale the tum..
Sam- i don't know.. Par wo aisa kaise kar sakta hai..
Ria- sayad tum bhul rahe ho sam k mere saath kya hua tha!! Aur zeieo ke saath bhi!!
Sam- nahi bhul sakta..
Ria- toh phir, khud ko takleef mat do, aur mai pata lagane ki kosish kar rahi hoon, uske bare main..
Sam- nahi riya, agar unhe pata chal jayega, toh sab kuch khatam..
Ria- unhe nahi pata chalega..

She could see the same fear in his eyes, that she saw before 4 decades ago and this fear is still fresh.
May be something in this world would never change.

Sam- in his mind-
pata nahi tum kahan chali gayi roshni..
Kho diya maine tumhe..
Riya heard his mind voice, and kept a hand on his shoulder to console him.
Yes, Roshni the only name that could bent his knee.

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Hue.Splash IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 May 2013 at 4:19am | IP Logged
So ladies again a shock.
I think you guys are enjoying the mystery.
Ha ha
i know , pls don't throw chappals, as I couldn't eat them.

And shock..
Ye arjun and sakshi ke bich sab kuch jaldi nahi ho raha hai Wink ROFL
200 yrs ke vampire ke saath jadi kya hosakta hai.. LOL

so if you enjoyed the thrill then please hit the like button.

And as I told before, there is violent contents in some parts. So its handle that in your own way.
I have warned it before Wink

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Payal_156 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 May 2013 at 4:28am | IP Logged
My vampu in action Hug

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