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Vampire FF: Red drops on...[ Mystery Continues...] Page 53 (Page 31)

Hue.Splash IF-Sizzlerz

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Ria hide herself in the dark branches of the tree so that he couldn't sense her presence around him. But from whom she is hiding, Its him for devils sake. And she thought its better to try once.
He was searching for her. His all concentration is now on her. The view of oozing red liquid comes in front of his eyes. And he don't know why he needs her? There is a fight between his mind a himself. His mind is stopping him to go forward while his body taking steps ahead.

He stood there , closed his eyes and clenched his fists. As if e could sense her around him. It not the first time happening with him. This thing is troubling him. He needs the answer of his question. But who will answer? Again he is confused... He just remembered a lovely blue pair of eyes and then nothing.

She could sense him near her and fear gripping her mind. Yes she is scared. She is scared of him.

She slowly made a move and jumped up to another branch and he was ignorant of this. But may be her devil stars aren't with her today. There was a cut on her hand due to the spiny buses and blood is coming out from the scratches.

he heard this sound and this sound have broke all his thoughts.
He turned his head only to found a drop of blood on the dry leaves of the tree near him and instantly looked up.

There she is, clenching tightly onto the branch of the tree, trembling in fear. He let out a evil smirk and placed his one hand on the lower most branch.

She closed her eyes in fear, and when she parted hr eyelids , she found he was no where..
And she sighed.
But it is a big trouble now, where is he. And she knows very well that he is not himself this time.

She turned her head sideways and .. He was there climbing the top branch above her. And smirking. She could sense what is in his mind this time.
Its only and only is the never ending thirst of him, which ended everything

she took a step back and he moved forward. And now she couldn't move. She knows very well that her one wrong move, and it will end her up. Because it was him, and her small action could make him horrible.
And she is not ready again to face this.

So she decidede to stood immobile there and he took steps towards   her. Her scared and shivering figure is giving him pleasure and he was enjoying it. His face is inches away from her. He hold her one hand tightened his grip. It is hurting her. Not because she is weak, because he is again the reason, and he is again hurting her.

He moved his face towards her neck and she closed her eyes. It was the same feeling and yes couldn't resist him also.

He touched his lushy lips on her neck making her shiver and tightened her girip on her hand.
He slowly gripped her pink strawberry flesh by his fangs..

His mind is in full of pleasure. He just want feel her and taste her salty liquid.

It is paining her but, she holds herself. Before he could do anything , she felt herself dragging away from him. He is also shocked but more angry. She felt someone holds her by her waist and her hands resting on his shoulder..

She opened her eyes and found herself at another branch of another tree. And there she found, Sam.
His eyes are blue and anger reflecting on his face. Before he could ask anything else, he jumped down. And she rested her back on the branch behind her.

Rj too jumped down, and now both sam and Rj are facing each other. The anger was visible in his eyes, while rj was frustrated.

They moved towards eachother. She was looking at them. And she was waiting for the storm to come. Rj took first step and raised his hand on sam to attack but sam twisted his hand and hold his hand tightly.. He touched his neck with his finger and now...

He is loosing hsi conciousness. He felt weak at his knees and then slumped on the ground.
Ria jumped down .

Sam looked at her and then at her less bleeding neck.

Sam- tum thick ho riya??
Ria- haan sam, pata nahi kaise mera haat kat gaya and ye..
Sam- kitni baar bola hai riya apna dhyaan rakha karo, kamse kan uske bare mai socho.

Ria- usi ke hi bare mai hamesha sochti hoon sam
sam- haan, aur agar aaj wo na hoti toh pata nahi tumhare saath kya hota.
Ria- what ye zeieo ne bataya??
Sam- haan ria, ab use visions bhi aane lage hain, hum jada din tak use control nahi kar sakte.
Ria- wait a minute, tum wahan kya kar rahe the sam..
Sam- wo mai milne gaya tha use..
Ria- milne ya, use ghumane..
Sam was silent.
Ria- sam ab tumhe bhi ye samjhana padega..uska bahar jana thick nahi hai.. Nahi control kar payegi wo..
Sam- par usne zid ki..
Ria- wo toh karegi hi..khair ab rj ko tum le jao..
Har baar ye aise harkat karta hai..
Sam- pata nahi ria iska kya hoga??
Ria- whatever !! I don't care !
Mujhe bas zeieo ke paas jana hai..

Sam- ok, take care of her.

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Hue.Splash IF-Sizzlerz

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Few minutes earlier-

sam looked at the scared expression on the face of his tiny devil princess.

Sam- zeieo, look kuch nahi hoga tumhare lady devil ko.. Trust me.
Zeieo- no, mujhe abhi milna hai..
Sam- zeieo, zid nahi karte.
Zeieo- aap jaoge, promise..
Sam nodded his head.

He have stop this to happen what he have seen in the vision.

He picked her up in his arms and trailed off towards her castle.
In the room-

sam- zeieo, look at me.. Nothing will happen to her okay..
She just nodded.
Sam handed her , her fav watermelon juice..
And said, '' she will br back soon.''
and he left the room, and ordered the guards ( they are also vampires) to keep eye on her.

He comes out of the castle and try to connect with both Rj and Ria , but no respond. And then he runs from there in the path of the jungle tearing the bushes...


Ria reached in the castle.
And goes directly to zeieos room. She was lying on the bed and looking outside through the window.

She got up startled..
Zeieo looked at her. Ria could clearly see the fear on her face. And she knows that after this, her visions would never be wrong.

Zeieo took little steps towards her and holds her by her waist.
She ruffeled her hair and picked her up, and layed down on the bed.
She pecked her forhead and left her room.


In the conference room-

sakshi entered and everyone looked at her. She seems disturbed and angry too. So they didn't asked her any question. Because they know her anger.

She comes towards them.
Ans asked , '' arjun kahan hai?

Shree answered- wo toh riya ke saath gaye the..
Abhi tak nahi aaye.

Sakshi- aur sam!
This time ayesha answered,'' wo bhi bahar gaye hain''
everyone looked at her, and she lowered her head.

Liza - damn it!! Ayesha kuch toh chut raha hai..
Her face colour changed and she said, ' no kuch bhi toh nahi'

shree - toh hum kuch kahan keh rahe hain!
And the truo shree, chotu, liza hified..

Sakshi is angry and she knows that she need to leave , other wise nobody could control her.

So she left the confrence room without informing anyone.
In the middle of the parking she got a phone call.

She- yeah !! What?? I am coming right now..
The phone call disturbed her much more than before and she left.


she was lying on the bed. Looking at the seiling of the roof. And the past things flashed infront of her eyes. And then she closed her eyes. Not to sleep , just remove the flashes comes infront of her eyes. Sleep is far away from them. There is nothing same in the life after death.

She felt a soft hand touching her hand. And she knows that it was her.
So she didn't opened her eyes.
Zeieo climbed up on the bed. The she touched her moms face. And then her eyes fell on the bite marks on her neck. She touched her neck as this wound making her curious.

Her hot touch on her clod body giving her peace, and she felt her pain is erasing.

Zeieo kissed her moms forehead and comes down and left the room.
After that, ria opened her eyes and she felt relieved . She looked she touched her neck. No bite marks are there.
She thanked zeieo. And she knew she is gifted and most important she is her blood. She have the power that can create a life or destroy a life.


Across decades I have searched
For a love so ture and pure
Bound in blood and sacrifice
yet my yearning must endure
war a strife I have seen
Men have come to blows...

But its beauty that i seek
my heart for love to flood...

[~ poem credit- google ]

she looked at his pale lifeless face, shining in the light of moon which was touching his face through the window.

she was there in his room..she moved forward and pecked his forehead.
Sat on his bed beside him, and ruffeled his hair.

He slowly opened his eyes, and found her in front of his eyes. He felt his head is very heavy and he winced in pain as he tried to move his hand.

She- arjun ye kya kar rahe ho, tumhe aur dard hoga.
Arjun- sakshi tum yaha..
Aur mai, yahan kaise pahuncha..
Mai toh ria...
Ah.. Mujhe kuch yaad nahi aa raha hai..

Sakshi- arjun don't stress on yourself. You need rest.
He looked at her, and then her eyes. He could see the concern and care in those and it was purely for him. He smiled and, she took his head on hee lap, and closed his eyes by her palm.
And she rested her her head on the head rest.

Sam was outside the room looking at them.
And he was amazed how this girl can handle him.
And then he told himself,
'' haan yahi sahi hai, tumhare liye arjun aur...
Ria ke liye bhi''...

Pre- some more mystery
and sams life story.
Case solved.

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Hue.Splash IF-Sizzlerz

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guys please don't ask any question that its ariya or arakshi.
Now I am not confused regarding cuoples, so please trust me, jo hoga wo accha hi hoga.

If you have still any problem do let me know.
And i won't force anyone to hook up this story.

And i have decided to pm those who liked/commented. So if u want pms then hit the like button and comment .

I am trying to hold the mystery and its very difficult. So i need your support.

updated the next part.
Pls leave ur feedback, and if thr is any gramatical error then i m sorry.
And if there is anything wrong pls tell me , i will try to improve..

Do hit the like button, if you enjoyed the thrill.

Thank you


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Payal_156 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Vampire-queen

Originally posted by Payal_156

anki check life sign lol
her name is neeraja

thanks didu Hug
aaj toh aapke exams hai right!
Best of luck Thumbs Up

Thank u re
yup me leaving fr exam
love u
tc Hug

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unishaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 May 2013 at 3:57am | IP Logged
nice one.. thanks for pms..
mishree IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 May 2013 at 4:05am | IP Logged
Love it
Thanx vq
Update to maa kasam awesome,brilliant ,stunning ,superb ,mind blowing
And so on
Sam save Riya  suker hai Allah ka vo thik hai
Yr u don't confuse kisi pairing Kro bt tere ff bindas hai boss
Bt I love Ariya 
Yr ik doubt clear Kro zeo Riya or kis ki beti hai?
Precap fascinating 
Update soon
Bach gae Aaj vq
Love u
wildire IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 May 2013 at 4:06am | IP Logged
Awesome update...

Do continue soon!!!
kunchu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 May 2013 at 4:07am | IP Logged
superb plot...
Zieo is a mystery girl... 
poor Riya was so frightened...
And hope Arjun and Sakshi get well soon...
liked the pairing ...

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