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Vampire FF: Red drops on...[ Mystery Continues...] Page 53 (Page 25)

Hue.Splash IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Craziestfan

nice update.. thanks for pms.. continue soon..


Hue.Splash IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by ll_piya_ll

Anyyy chance for next part...????????

haan di
aaj hi dungi..

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Originally posted by Vampire-queen

Originally posted by ll_piya_ll

Anyyy chance for next part...????????

haan di
aaj hi dungi..
Okkk dr me waiting

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Hue.Splash IF-Sizzlerz

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In the Jungle:

Both Arjun and Riya looked at eachother.. Arjun was intently looking in her eyes. Blank , he found nothing in those doe shaped structure. May be it is only blank for him .

To his surprise she didn't avoid his gaze on her nor his looks. May be she want this, but she have to control herself ... She have to show the hearted in her eyes for him. And he have to accept this harted.

She still can't believe destiny plays such worst game with her. And everyone knows , no one can change the destiny. She knows why she is here, why she came into this world and she knows she have to protect her from him.

Otherwise it would end up everything of this world.

the lady, entered in a large strog building with high grey walls. The whole place was decorated with candels. Some mans clad in black hood. They comes in her way and followed her, and greeted her. They can sense her anger and yes she is very angry. And they know that some one have become her prey this night. And they also know that there must be any reason.

She entered the hall and took her much deserved seat. A man comes there , clad in long black outfit and head covered with food.

He uncovered his hood and said, '' your highness, wo aapse milna chahate hain, usk bare mai kuch baat karni hai..''

hearing her name ,she looked murderously at him and he lowered his head.

The man- mafi chahata hoon, par ye bahaut jaruri hai, aur usse bhi aapki jarurat hai... Aur ye sandesha[msg] unhone bheja hai..

The lady in black just nodded and that means , its a order to leave now.


In the big hall:

A young man comes there to the middle aged man, and asked,'' uncle Ralff, are u sure about it.???''

Ralff- yes my dear. I am suer . This time we will be win. I won't waste yous father's sacrifice.

The young man hugged him and cried his heart out, remembering the cruelst death , he have seen ever and the person is none other than his father.

Ralff patted his back and saod , ' ' we won't spare those wolf and those sucker.''

the young man- But why that wolf saved that sucker??

Ralff- May be something very big is gona happen, otherwise why a wolf will save any vampire???

Ralff- one thing there is one wolf girl in a vampire clan..and its not so normal. There something and we have to findout that.

The young one- but uncle , are there actually human-vampires exist.
This question startled him.

Ralff just nodded and he left the place.

Ralff goes one corner of the room and opened the last and the most lowered drawer of the table and took out the one picture. He was mesmerised by the beauty lies behind the picture . The face and its purity and the truth reflecting in her eyes.

He told to himself holding the pic, '' I , don't know. If you have any existance or you are just a mirage, '' but still I have the dream to see you one day , zeieo..''

he placed that picture in the drawer in its usual place and then the room with his silver chain.

Ralff , the most dangerous vampire hunter , seeking for revenge of the murder of his friend and the young man's father..
Because he knows that its not just a mere wolf attack..

In another deep forest-

that creature was running and running , torning the spiny bushes and stopped at the top most rock of the mountain, where the moon is looking so fascinating.

After some time a lady in milky white dress, comes there. The four legged creature turned to a wolf man and he comes to the lady. The lady looked at him.

He acn see her fiery - orange eyes, which reflects only anger and the fier which can burn everything...

The man lowered his head.

The lady asked- '' kya usse tumne bachaya???''

man didn't answered..

Lady- maine pucha kya tumne usse bachaya???

The man nodded.

Lady- tum wahan kya karne gaye the.. Why the hell you were there damn it.. Answer me...

The man- sakshi, tum jante ho wo kaun hai..
Sakshi- haan.. Bahaut acchi tarah se.. But tumne usse kyun bachaya.. Ab wo , wo nahi hai jo , wo pehel tha..

The man againg silent.

Sakshi turned to go .

Lastly she spoke...
Sirf tum hi nahi , iski keemat hum sab ko chukani padegi... Hamare pure clan ko..

The man seemed confused..
Saksh- itna confuse mat ho, Ralff hamare piche hai..

He was shocked. Shakski jumped on over him. And then he let out a scream.. Her long black nail is now painted with blood...

And she instantly jumped down and now she is in the highway .


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Hue.Splash IF-Sizzlerz

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Back to jungle-

arjun was staring at her intently. Suddenly his eyes fell on her hands , where there is a small scratch mark and a little blood near the scratch..

She was staring at the moon. Arjun saw her blood. It is attractive. He took small steps towards her her. She was lost in her own thoughts . She could now feel him. And when she turned her face , she found him so clase to her and staring at her hand.

She looked at her own hand and then at arjun and then th blood on her scratches.
She looked at him again.. And she can clearly see the thirst in his eyes...

''oh , NO.. What will she do now??'' she thought.

She looked at his face and his fangs are coming out . She took back step. Arjun moved forward . She again took back step untill she hits the tree, behing her.
No way to escape now.

Arjun moved his face close to her..
Some memories flashed in her mind..

'' John leave, john..plss..
John..plss I beg u john..

Tumhe ho kya gaya hai..
You are not my john..

I was ready to do everything for u john but you..

You ended up everything..

John- oh just stop this ur bullshit Maria...
You know what i need and you , you have to follow me..

Maria- no... This would never happen John.. I won't let u harm her..
She is my blood John.. And she is a part of urs also..

John didn't listened her and iserted his fangs on her gripping her flesh.. Sucking her blood..

It was not the first time for her but its hurting more from before...

She screamed ...Nooo..

Fb ends-

Ria screamed , Nooo..

Ria- Rj stop.. What the hell are you doing???

No response from his side .

Ria was scared... Not for the first time.. Yes she was scared..
And its nt the first time he is reacting like this..

But this time she won't let any damn thing happen to her...

But he follwed her.. His thirst is rising, and now this thirst is impossible to control...

She climbed up to a branch of near by tree...


Sam was in the conf. Room...he was thinking about the conversation between her and ria...

Suddenly a thought came into his mind and he rushed out of the conf. Room..

Shree is about to ask , that where he is going but .. But before he could ask , wo ja chuka tha.

Shree- strange..

Ayesha- kya??
Shree- ye dono itne strange kyun behave karte hain, and kabhi kabhi ria bhi...sakshi bhi thodi ajeeb batein karti hai kabhi kabgi..

Ayesha- nahi toh rathod sir kabhi aise nahi hai..

Liza too joined them..
Liza- ayesha shre ne baki tino ka naam bhi liya tha..
Unhe ignore kyun kar rahi ho..

Ayesha- blushed..
Sree- ab ye blush karna band kar..
Toofan abhi aata hi hoga..
Liza - tofan..
Sree- ria and arjun sir ek saath..
Ab samjhi ya samjhaun..and he winked ..

Liza- oh..wo toh hai bt , ye ek dushre ko itna hate kyun karte hain..


Sam entered the house .
She was roaming around the hall humming a song.

He heard the song..
Sam told to himself mother like daughter ...

Suddenly a tiny thing hits his foot and fells down ..

Its so soft ..
He looked at that thing and there his little devil princess was lying on the floor..

Sam bent down...

Sam - hey princess, need my help.

She didn't answered..

Sam- zeieo.. Princess..

Sam thought - oh naraj hai , ab wo toh hona hi chahiye..

Sam- zeieo..and he lift his hands to her help..

Zeieo- mai apni help khud kar sakti hoon..

Sam- oh..phir bhi..
Zeieo- angry man mujhe gussa mat dilao..

Sam- i so sorry princess , wo kuch kaam tha na..

Zeieo- its been a month, and aap ab milne aa rahe ho..and where is lady devil..

Sam- what ?? Ye new trend kab se..lady devil...she is ur mom..

Zeieo- no way.. I m nt gona call her mom..
She is looking so beautiful and devilish..

Sam- wo toh hai..
Ab toh aap naraz nahi ho na mujh se..

Zeieo- sochna padega..
Sam- in his mind- bilkul wahi gussa..

Zeieo- ok.. But aapko ek kaam karna padega..
Sam- yes..bolo..

Zeieo- first promise..
Sam- promise ab kya karwaegi ye..

Sam- ok..
Zeieo- mujhe bahar leke chalo..

Sam- lady devil naraz ho jayengi..

Zeieo- unhe pata chalega tab na..
Sam chuckeld..

But he can't take her out..
He don't want to take the risk..
But promise kiya hai toh..kaam karna padega..
Warna ye tiny devil will not spare him..

Zeieo- toh kya socha, nahi le jaoge toh katti.. Kabhi baat nahi karungi..

Sam- ok chalo..

-+- --

they are out in the jungle. Sam holding her tiny hand and she was walking, nt jumping.. To match with his pace..

Suddenly she stopped..
Sam- zeieo, kya hua??
He found her closing he eyes..
Sam- zeieo , baccha sab thick toh hai na..

She opened her eyes..
It was blue..
Her body temp is rising and her body is shivering..

Sam- zeieo...
Zeieo- she is in danger..
Sam- what??
Kaun hai..

Zeieo- he will kill her..
Pls save her..
Lady devil..

Sam he applied more force on his brain and found arjun is gona bite ria...



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Hue.Splash IF-Sizzlerz

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this is zeieo..
Pasand aayi ya nahi jaroor batana..
And do leave ur feedback and hit the like button.

Thank u Smile

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It becomes more mysterious !!
Awesome update

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