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Vampire FF: Red drops on...[ Mystery Continues...] Page 53 (Page 18)

muskaan. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 April 2013 at 6:09am | IP Logged
Hey , i just loved it!

but please try to update fastLOL

m waiting for arjun and riya's angle ...i'm still not able to understand why he hates her?Confused and who is zeioe *i think i spelled it wrong*:p

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Hue.Splash IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 April 2013 at 6:29am | IP Logged
Thank u soo much fr liking it.
I will try to updt soon...
N yes u spelled it wrong..
Its zeieo..baki k log b galat likh te u mentioned..

Bt u can call her zeo..
He he
it will be short... Big smile

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muskaan. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 26 August 2010
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Posted: 27 April 2013 at 6:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Vampire-queen

Thank u soo much fr liking it.
I will try to updt soon...
N yes u spelled it wrong..
Its zeieo..baki k log b galat likh te u mentioned..

Bt u can call her zeo..
He he
it will be short... Big smile

zeo sounds coolTongue

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crazynanulims Senior Member

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Posted: 28 April 2013 at 4:48am | IP Logged
nice update continue soon n thanks for pms..

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Hue.Splash IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 April 2013 at 6:36am | IP Logged

PART - 4

Somewhere near a dark forest-

A beautiful lady comes out of her place , clad in a long black sleevless dress. Her long black hair slides over her bare shoulder upto her bare back.

Her dreamy blue   fascinating eyes,   any one would be easily lost   in the deeper corner of its.
But alas, she is not the angle,   someone else...

She roamed freely in the woods as if this is all her belongings.   Some of the old memories flashed in her mind, she hate those memories but she have also no power to erase it.

She remembered the last time when their eyes met. But she remember the last   , what those eyes had reflect for her. She remembers that she was not there in those blue eyes of his.

And the last thing she could have done... She left him... She left him forever... For his sake... But still remembers the taste of his blood, which made her throat always dry.

Keeping the memories aside she walked more and more deep to the forest.   But only stopped when she felt that someone is following her ... She sensed someones's presence   before her ... Oh.. Again a poor human soul.


The man was following her from the starting of the way to forest.
He was attracted by her beauty and charm.   But he have no idea what is going to happen with him   and his tiny life...

He seemed lost in the beauty and mesmerised by her charm... But where is she... She was there   before an instant of time... Well he have planned something to do with her...

He   turned and , suddenly found her standing infront of him masking a smile on her angelic face [ well u know its the evil face] ...

He looked at her from top to bottom with lusty eyes... He took small steps towards her... He can sense her fear and he is smirking...   He approached her.. She nodded no, then   he came more close to her and then ...

Her sharp razor teeth very sharply   gripping   the tender skin under his throat , sucking his blood   from his veins, making him scream s if   his life is out of his body... But still hanging some where to make her feel pleasure...

She was enjoying his screams as if someone it sounds like melody and feeling the fullest pleasure what she was doing... It   the act   something she have performed uncountable time...

She glides her tongue over his wound mady by her . And he took his last breath as the venom starts reaction in his body.    

She then kissed his wounds and disappeared in the fogs of the dark forest..


In the confrence room-

shree, chotu , ayesha and liza was there talking with each other...

Shree- yaar ye ladki   sham ko jungle mai gayi hi kyun ?? Aur uski wo majnu boyfriend...

Ayesha- kuch gadbad hai..

Chotu- matlab... Kya??

Ayesha- arre wo peter, salvia ka boyfirend... Uska reaction kuch ajeeb tha..

Liza- par ajib baat toh ye hai ki, ye dushra animal attack hai, isn't it so starnge.
Mai dobara check karti hoon.

By saying this she goes out to he lab.

Chotu- haan yaar, janwar bhi aisa kar sakte hai...

Shree- ya phir koi vampire,
he winked at ayesha.

Chotu- Kya?c
shree- matlab pisach, jo raat mai logon ka khun pine k liye jungle mai jate hain.

Chotu got scared and made weird faces...

Chotu- nn.. Nahi.. Ais ...aisa kuch nahi hai..
Wo..wo sab kuch nhi hota..

Shree- accha.. Socho..tum raste mai jaa rahi ho.. Aur tumhari gadi kharab ho jati hai...

Raste k dushre kinare se ek ladki kale kapde pehen k aati hai.. Aur tujhe help karti hai..

Another voice spoke..

'' phir wo tumhre karib aati hai..

It was riya.. She goes near a scared chotu making him even more scared...

Riya continues-
phir wo tumhre aankho mai dekhti hai... Phir tumhare aur jaa karib aa kar tumhara khoon pee jati hai...

Nnahiii, he screams and jumped form his seat .

Chotu- k..k..kaha..
Ye ye ..sach nahi hai..

Shree- kisne kaha ye jhut hai..

By time sam and arjun entered the room with sakshi.

They are shocked to heard what riya and shree are saying.

Chotu- no, ye kaha ho sakta hai?

Ayesha spoke- tumhare sapno mai chotu..

And thn the trio bursted out on laughing.

Sam was now relived by hearing her words.

Arjun was just glared at her.
Sakshi too joined them which irked arjun more.

Sakshi was also laughing like mad.

Sakshi- chotu ..jao na..

Chotu- kaha..

Shree- aam ka patta lane.
Chotu- mai tujhe nahi chodunga shree.. Tu bas ruk..

And then they all again burstedon laughing.

Sam signalled riya to meet him by his eyes which wan not gone unnoticed by ayesha...

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Hue.Splash IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 April 2013 at 6:37am | IP Logged

Ria comes out to meet sam. But ayesha is confused that , she noticed something in between them and when she saw them to gether , she can't resist.

She have to accept that , she have started falling for his chief.
And she always trying to find herself in his eyes but the time she looked i those , she lost herself.

Sam and ria are in sam's cabin. She stood there...

Sam- tum ye kay kar rahi thi,

ria- fun..
Sam- what??

Ria- aur kya? Unhe iss case se distract karna hi tha so..

Sam- ok..
How is she??

Ria- hoon.. Fine.. But after some more time she would be surely out of my control. And ria told him about the incidents that happens with Zeieo.

Ria - now what sam?? There have a connection, and I don't know hot to stop her...

U know she almost have killed the cat if i would haven't been there in time.

Sam knows tht now its getting more serious and out of his hands.

Sam- we need to talk to Queen.
She is the only hope now.

Arjun entered the room without saying anything making bth riya and sam startled.

Sam- don't you have manners Rj. You should knock before you enter.

Rj- stop this lecture.. I need to discuss something very important.
He looked ar sam n riya n both nodded.

Rj- its him.

Sam- what??
He looked at riya.
An unknown fear is gripping in her eyes... Same..
Hope the history wouldn't repeat.

Rj can sense the rising tension between the themselves..

Then Ria spoke up.
And one more thing.
What about Ralff.

Sam- damn it !!! He was out of my mind.

Rj- yeah he is big troblue.
I can dealt with him.

Sam- no way.. You are not gona do any thing.. I know what you are upto.

Rj- oh really, then wee need to talk to Queen.

Sam- yeah we will.
Ok lets go.

They heard a knock on the door.

Sam- come in.

It was shree.
Shree- sir Forensic reports aa gaye.

Sam- ok. Chalo hum aate hain.

Ria- what ok? What willl we do?

Rj- don't worry ria.. I also can handle them.. He said as he is making her joke.

Ria- oh ya, last time you did, like that.
You will erase their memory...huh..

Rj- any other option.

Ria didn't say anything and just banged the door behind   them making sam smirk inwardly and RJ irritate.

In the conference room-

liza- sir victim ki body se kuch aur mila hai.

Ria- looked at both sam and Rj.
They just nodded.

Sakshi too understood about what is comimg up now. So she kept quiet.

Liza- sir, iski maut animal attack se hui hai, lekin isk body mai zeher mila hai jo kisi bhi animal venom se match mahi karta.
Matlab ki isse pehele hi zeher diya gaya tha.

Riya n Sam felt relieved that it was not the unmatchable vampire venom.

Ayesha- matlab usse marne ka plan kisine banaya tha.

Sam- peter ne.

Ayesha thought, how can he read what is in my mind. And she again looked at his face and found a little smirk across his lips.

Rj- ok, uss peter ko bulao.
Chotu- yes sir..


somewhere in a big room-

A man is standing there with a long silver chain and he was showing this to some peoples.

There was 9 young man sitting in three rows in the room. And very intently looking at the middle aged man.

He was telling them something and they guys are just nodding what is he saying.

The man- so this class is over.
One of the young guy stood up and asked in very excitedly.
Sir, have u ever met any vampire.

The man just nodded and left the place the room.


In ria's home-

zeieo have woke up and she is now searching fr her lady devil.

Zeieo- where is she??
Zeieo comes down from her bed and moved to the hall in searching for her...

She searched the whole house but there is no sign of her.

Zeieo- oh.. I have to wait for her.. Aaggrrr. .. I hate it..
Even in the age of supersonic jets i would have to wait...huh..
She said irritated...

It was her usual time pass ehen ria was not in home.

She took tiny steps to towards the refrigerator. And took out her fav juice and finished that in one go.

Then she goes to her bed again and sleep cover her.

in the conf room-

chotu brought peter to the conf room.

Sam- so she was ur girl friend.
Peter- yes.. I love her soo much..

Sam- toh usse mara kyun??
Peter- maine nahi mara..

Rj comes forward and gives his trademark murderous look.

Sam can sense his anger.

Suddenly chotu enters and said-
sir ek aur laas mili hai.

Sam thought-
i hope its not for us.

Sam- rj, ria u both are going to the crime scene...

Riya protested but arjun have already left.

So riya have to go with him and she also followed him.

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Hue.Splash IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 April 2013 at 6:37am | IP Logged

Riya along with arjun went to the jungle.
In the car they were quiet. Not because they have nothing to talk but they have that much stuff that they are confused what ro talk.

They entered the jungle and found that body... They can smell and sence and they defenately know who might have done this.

Ria- its her.
Rj- ya..its her..

We need to check the previous records of him..

Riya touched his body and closed her eyes..
She saw a glimpse , what have happened here.

She came back .
Rj- what?
Ria- its his fault...we need to check his records...

Suddenly she felt herself crash on hsi chest. And she looked into his eyes...

Some memories flashed in her mind but still his eyes are blank for her.

She said- what are u doing??
Rj left her and she fell down..

Rj- told her to look at the broken branch of tree and it could have hit her head...

She thanked him in her mind and said ok.

Rj shook his head unbelievably.


pre- some past to be revealed.

so how is this guys??
Its ok r not ??

If you enjoyed the thrill then don't forget to his the like button.
And those who want pms and not in my buddy list must hit the like button.

Do comments and share your views.

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Hue.Splash IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 April 2013 at 6:39am | IP Logged

thank you so much guys...


sorry if i miss any name .
Those are in my permanent pm list.
If i missed anyone do let me know.
And any one want pms mention that or hit the like button must.

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