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-:-Qubool Express #5 AsYa Behaal Pareshaan-:-

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{  Q u b o o l  E x p r e s s #5  }
AsYa Behaal Pareshaan


Banner : 18shabbo

Graphics : -.Preet.-, Baki & SilentPromises

(Summary of the Week) Khulasa-e-Hafta : tulipdaisy

(Funny Scene of the Week) Haftey ka Dilchasp Manzar : youth_showsfan

(Prediction of the week) Paishan Goi of the Week : _Oishi_

(Shocker of the Week) Hafte ka Hairat Angez Manzar : risingsea101

(Best Scene of Zoya) Allah Miyan Whats Wrong With You Scene of the Week : RiDz_rox

(Best Scene of Asad) Jahapanaah Six Packs Scene of the Week : --Kriti--

Blooper of the week - Hafte ki Ghaltiyan : crazy4KASH_AR

(Costume of the Week) Libhas-e-Hafta : -RD-

Dialogue/Shayari of the Week :  Keenal

Kodak Moment of the Week : GodhuliLogon

Avi of the Week : supriya.ipkknd

Song of the Week : -RD-

One Shot of the Week : Ankita.M

Fan Fiction of the Week : --Kriti--

Video Mix of the Week : -Deepali-

Rating of the Week : tulipdaisy

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The week started with Zoya finally getting the address of her father's residence but a cunning Tanveer who is accompanying her changes the address at the last moment & Zoya ends up not finding her abbu. Rasia compliments Tanveer and offers to pay her more if she ensures Zoya leaves India soon.

A dejected Zoya is consoled by Asad who offers her icecream to cheer her mood. Asad later finds out through the same photoframe shopkeeper that Zoya's father is dead. He doesnt break the news to Zoya but takes ehr with him to show her dad. An excited Zoya wonders how will she react,what will she speak when she finally meets her father but gets the shock of her life when Asad shows her her father's kabr. Zoya is unable to believe that her fatehr is no more whom she had come looking for all the way from America, she bursts into tears and is inconsolable, she cries her heart out holding Asad for support who is shattered to see her broken up.

Zoya decides to go back to America as her stay is now without any purpose & her Visa too is getting expired, Asad is shocked to know about her decision, he wants to stop her but couldnt bring himself to do it, Najma & Dilshad too ask her to stay back but Zoya waits for Asad to stop her which he doesnt.

Asad keeps beating about the bush and Zoya finally says he must be happy that she is finally going away which he wanted from day one.Asad is left stumped but he later offers her a job in his company using which she can apply for renewal of her Visa. Zoya is elated that Asad finally wants her to stay back while Tanveer is not happy as she wants Zoya to leave India so that she can set her eyes on Asad.Tanveer makes Asad believe that Zoya is very eager to return back to America to attend her sister's wedding anniversary while Asad is hurt at her decision of leaving India.

Rasia meanwhile continues to blackmail and put pressure on Ayan to announce his desire to marry Humeira or she will send Rashid behind bars. Rasia also tries to put fear in the mind of Shireen that someone is doing blackmagic against her.

Unlike previous week where we got numerous funny scenes, this week we hardly got any funny scene.Cry The entire week was filled with drama (of raziya and tanveerAngry) and emotional scenes between asad and zoya. Thus this week there is no funny scene of the week. CryHopefully this week we get some funny scenes. Smile

There were so many highlights and many scenes of asad this week.

out of all emotional scenes which were almost all between asad an zoya , the restlessness of ASAD at night when zoya told him that "she should go back" was the best scene of asad.
the way hje was not able to sleep for even a minute that night , and his expressions.
the pain was well potrayed by the actor. The way he came out of room and was about to knock it but he controlled his feelings and stop himself from meeting zoya at that late night , it was the best scene of ASAD AHMED KHAN.

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This week showed us an emotional journey of AsYa. We witnessed one of the most emotional performances of AsYa. Fandom cried with them but was super happy to see their outstanding acting . Hence the heart-wrenching Kodak moment of the week..
AsYa without any unspoken promises, they will be there for each other .. always

This week Asad will try to Stop Zoya from Going but Tanveer will create some misunderstanding and because of that Zoya will think that Asad wants her to leave..she will be upset..But later Zoya will stay back & they will decide it by tossing the Coin...But Soon Visa problem will arise & 2 new characters will enter in Qubool Hai..Lets see How Asad & Zoya Solve this problem .

Salawalekum QHians...this week we got the best of Zoya... innumerable emotions exploding in her...but the best among all of them has to be her reaction on seeing her Abbu's grave... the shock, the pain... the turmoil... the hurt.. her world crashed down altogether at that one moment...all her hopes.. her dreams to see her Abbu.. all seemed to be just washed away...her love for him... the clutching of the Holy cloth .. the Dua maangna scene... all was so beautifully done...bang on...and Surbhi just NAILED it

Well this week's blooper goes to our Miss Salwar Kameez.I know all of you want to throw her out of Asad's house. LOL Trust me I wish the same.
Well CVs made a big blooper this time.They stoned eye of Billo Rani suddenly changed from right to left as the characters of Tanveer changed from Nisha to Amarpali LOL
Cvs have a weak memory for sure.LOL
So, for this week's blooper credit goes to BCA ,that is,Billo Rani

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Shockers? Yes we've had plenty, more shockers than actual AsYa scenes. Remember when Asad told Zoya to not go back to NY? First of all, that was the biggest shocker, but then to find out it was just his imagination, was a bigger one?

We all had expected Asad to finally spill the beans and tell Zoya that he had feelings for her, but instead we find out it's just all in his head. He had proven to us that he wanted her to stay, but didn't to her. The viewers didn't really expect that, first, that he would actually stop her, then to face the fact that it was just a dream.

-Shayari -

Zoya: Kabhi shola kabhi shabnam kabhi real kabhi fake
kabhi hasaye kabhi rulae aur kabhi khilae yeh blueberry cheese cake

---> This should the be the shayri of the week because it is especially made by Mr. Khan Embarrassed and that also for Mrs. Farooqui Embarrassed ... and he was so sweet to make this cake for her, when she needed a smile on her face which Mr.Khan easily knows how to get that Embarrassed. Soon after eating the cake Zoya led out her dimples and smiled so beautifully that, it made her forget how sad she was.

-Dialogue -

Zoya: Mr. Khan kabhi sidhe sidhe nai batate ki unke dil mein kya chal raha hai, woh kya chate hai, ab dekho na, yeh letter de kar indirectly woh mujhe rokna hai toh chate hai; HAMESHA MUJHE APNI INTELLIGENCE USE KARNI PADTI HAI, tanveer.

---> So, this dialogue had so many elements in it, we see a comic side of Zoya when she says, "hamesha mujhe apni intelligence use karni padti hai..." LOL And there's still a little confusion on if she wants to go back to NY or not Confused, then her trying to figure out what Mr. Khan wants and finally thinking that by the letter he wants her to stay back Wink.

Once again it was that sort of a week where no particular outfit stood out yet everyone looked fabulous right through so once again the title goes to all the gorgeous outfits worn by the entire cast respectively .

Best Scene

This Week's best scene had to be Zoya finally coming to know her father's death, her heartbreak & her pain. Asad was with her in this tough times and consoled her.

The next scene was Zoya deciding to leave India and Asad feeling restless and wants to stop her but unable to muster the courage to directly talk to her and stop her.

Best Actor

Surbi as Zoya stole this week's episode with her amazing acting. First came the heartbreak when she found her father is no more, then her decision to go abck to US but hoping Asad would stop her, she kept trying to read Asad's mind and when he finally offered her a job as a means to extend her Visa and stay in India her joy was very well portrayed.

Surprisingly, this week I did not find any character irritating ! BUT that is, IF I look at it as a Qubool Hai fan..I'm sure all the Asad-Zoya fans have merrily cursed Tanveer / Billo Rani all week LOL As an AsYa fan, she was definitely the most irritating character of the week. Ans there's one more thing I can not refrain from mentioning - the new actor cast as Tanveer is mind blowing Clap No offence to Nisha, but experience shows. And a negative character I feels needs a LOT more expertise. QH is now FUN !

The Mitwa Scene of the Week is the one from Tuesday's Episode where Zoya was upset and he brought a cake for her and she laughs because of his dialogue "of course it will be.. I will come with you". Cool Not to forget.. the scene was a perfect AsYa Moment all thanks to Zoya's shayiari LOL: Kabhi sola, Kabhi sabnam, kabhi real, kabhi fake (sometimes real, sometimes fake)
kabhi hasaye, kabhi rualye, aur kabhi khilaye ye blueberry cheese cake. (sometimes make me smile, sometimes make me cry, and sometimes make me eat blueberry cheese cake)
Shukriya.. shukriya.. (thank you.. thank you). Approve

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By ssaba

Here's your gift


Here's your gift


Asad Zoya OS Baby Myra

By Fizzi

Your Gift :

AsYa FF Something Changed

By - vaishnavi31

VM made By : arnav4ever


This week the pace was good with zoya finding her father is no more,deciding to leave for USA and Asad trying to stop her while Tanveer aiming to send zoya to US at any cost
Ratings : 7/10

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Song of the Week

Siggy  of the Week

By Sano88

Active topic of the Week

AWESOME prediction on im. Offi. CAME TRUE! By LoveRosh

Helpless Character of the Week

This Week it has to be Ayaan ...bechara is caught in such a helpless situation ...is being forced to marry someone who he doesnt love but knows that she loves him and all this just in the name of saving his father from the evil clutches D'oh..upar se his dear bhaijaan is also busy with Zo troubles and has no time to solve his problemsLOL

Thanks to everyone for their timely contributions , few more sections will be updated soon.

Congrats to all the winners and the participants Clap Clap Clap

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Thanks dear

Wonderfull post

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Congo to winners ..

Great work NL team ..

No song ????

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