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Arhi FF#9: Mind Games *Ch 13 pg1, NOTE pg35!*

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TINA! IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2013 at 4:11pm | IP Logged


As Khushi first stepped out in Japan, her eyes rounded. The air was crisp and breezy. An assortment of people of all nationalities passed by. She looked with curiosity at a group of young women dressed in traditional Japanese attire.

Come on, said Arnav with a smile, pulling her toward the waiting limousine.

"Good afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Raizada," said the driver, holding the door open.

"Hello," they both answered, sitting together in the backseat.

It's afternoon here? asked Khushi.

He nodded, his arm encircling her waist. Time difference here, babe.

Right, said Khushi, gazing out the window at Tokyo's skyline.



I'm sorry.

She swiveled back to him, her eyebrows shooting up. Why are you saying sorry for?

He sighed, running a hand through his hair. I couldn't take you to some romantic place like Akash and Payal. And I have some meetings scheduled here.

Khushi shushed him with a kiss. First of all, Japan is wonderful. She kissed him again. Second, your meetings are not till next week--I saw the schedule Aman made for you. She leaned forward for another kiss. And most importantly, we can go somewhere different next year.

He grinned at her. Next year?

Yes.. I demand at least one honeymoon per year, husband.

Whatever my Princess wants, he said, pulling for a thorough kiss. So Bora Bora next year? Or maybe Mauritius or maybe Venice?

You decide, she said, looping her arms around his neck. I don't care as long as we're together.

They kissed again, not able to get close enough.

Taking a deep breath, she leaned her forehead against his, their eyes meeting. How far is this house, baby?

It's in a very secluded location, so it's a long drive, but it's well worth it. It has oceanfront views and our own private beach.

Really? asked Khushi with excitement, trying to imagine it.


The house was beyond anything she could have dreamt up. It's architecture was distinctly modern. Warm lights lit the pathway.

As they climbed out of the limo and Arnav waved the driver away, for a moment they stood silent, just staring at the mammoth structure.

Arnav smiled as he walked behind his wife, encircling her waist with his arms. How do you like it? he asked.

It's beautiful, she said. And then grabbing his hand, she ran toward the main door. Come on, baby, I want to see it from the inside.

The foyer was spacious and welcoming with blooming roses and lilies. Khushi though could barely look away from the translucent floor. It was unlike anything she'd ever seen. An odd glaze of blue and green it seemed to shimmer. And then she noticed a bit of movement.

OH MY GOD! she screamed, laying down on her stomach to get a closer look. Are there fishes underneath?

Arnav lay next to her, smiling at her. Yeah, see that one's swimming toward you.

Khushi was just as awestruck by the rest of the home. It was perfect, complete with a large pool, several Jacuzzis, and even a basketball court.

Racing through the house like two kids, they both skidded to a stop at the master bedroom. It was painted a soothing white, and the massive windows showed the beautiful beach and ocean beyond.  Their bags were placed in the closet, waiting to be unzipped.

But Khushi and Arnav couldn't seem to look away from the king-size bed in the center of the room: covered in rose petals.

A warmth shot through Khushi. She peeked out the corner of her eye at him. He gazed back at her. Through their bond, he could sense her every shifting emotion: her excitement, her love, her passion, her nervousness.

Without a word, he leaned forward, kissing her forehead gently. Get dressed, love. How about a game of basketball?

Khushi's mouth dropped open. Before she could argue, he was already gone. She stared after him, confused. Sitting down on the bed, she fingered a rose petal, nibbling on her bottom lip. Had she done something wrong? Why did he want to play basketball now?

But after all those years of being his best friend and later much more, she knew him well. He was trying to make her comfortable she knew.

Khushi, she told herself, It's up to you. You have to show him you're ready for this.

Working up her courage, she unzipped her bags. Instead of the salwar kameez he no doubt expected her to wear, she instead pulled on some racy lingerie.

The white slip was all silk and hit the tops of her thighs. Its sleeves were nonexistent, just thin straps and the neckline plunged low, highlighting her spilling curves. As she gazed at herself in the floor to ceiling mirror, Khushi flushed. Her bare toes curled on the carpet. Would he like it? she wondered

Before she could have any second thoughts, she pulled on the matching, lacy robe. It was about two inches longer than slip and hid very little.

Come on, Khushi, she told herself reassuringly, Go get your husband.
With a naughty smile, she hurried outside.


Arnav was dribbling a basketball when she entered. He'd changed out of his casual clothes into a pair of black shorts and blue sneakers. His upper half was completely bare.

Khushi's felt breathless as she watched the play of muscles on his arms and chest. His skin looked smooth to the touch and she ached to go to him. He seemed to hear her unspoken plea.

As he sensed her, he whipped around. His eyes widened as they moved over her, taking in her long, bare legs, her shapely curves, and her heaving chest.

Khushi could not stay another second away from him. Saying his name, she ran to him, throwing herself into his arms.

He groaned, pulling her so tight against him both gasped out loud. Her lips pressed urgent, loving kisses across his face and neck. Please.. I don't want to play basketball.. I just want you..

He picked her up in his arms. Are you sure, Princess?

More sure than I've ever been. I need you so much.

He kissed her hungrily. We've been waiting so long for this. I love you so much.

Love you too, she said, fisting her hands in his wavy hair. Take me to bed, Arnav..

He growled at that, taking the stairs two at a time to the white bedroom. Khushi had lit several candles. The room glowed in the dim light.

Arnav placed Khushi carefully atop the rose-adorned white silk sheets. His eyes sizzled to midnight black as he watched her stretch on them. Khushi.. he traced her plump lips with his fingers.

She kissed his fingers, arching her back and offering him everything in all her innocence. Baby, please.

His jaw clenched. He could not keep away. He had planned to be utterly gentle and slow with her tonight. But as soon as she pulled him down on top of her and their lips met, all his good intentions went up in smoke. Fire ignited as they kissed. It was like they were starving for the other, as if they could not get close enough.

Arnav.. she thrashed on the sheets, her hands moving restlessly across his bare back. Come closer..

I'm heavy, he replied, dropping kisses down the column of her throat.

I don't care, she said pulling him for another kiss. As he listened to her and set his full weight across her, she moaned with approval. His chest abraded her aching peaks, chafing slightly.

Arnav tilted her head up, angling her so he could plunge his tongue deeper into her warm mouth. They kissed feverishly, their tongues mating. Khushi forgot everything, her arms curling around him in fierce abandon.

I love you, she kept moaning as his hot mouth trailed down her body, a devastating combination of teeth and tongue. She braced her hands on his shoulders as he dropped kisses over her stomach, his touch warming her through the silk slip.

She suddenly had to touch him. Pushing against his chest, she murmured, her eyes darkened with passion: Flip over, baby.

He did as she commanded, growling as she straddled him. Leaning down, Khushi stroked his bristly cheeks, meeting his lips for kiss after kiss. And then she let her hands travel over him, as she had ached for so long to do.
Ever since they'd declared their love for the other, there had been a fine line between them--one that neither had crossed. Khushi crossed it now, her hand pulling at his waistband.

He lifted up, watching her curious face. Khushi turned bright red as she gazed down at him.

Oh my goodness, she murmured innocently.

He smirked, pulling her down for a kiss as she explored him. He couldn't stand her touch for too long. Flipping her over so she was beneath him, he kissed her heatedly, letting her set the pace.

Khushi whimpered, arching up and moving restlessly. His eyes closed at the sweet, tantalizing friction.  Trying to restrain his wild desires, he reached for the hem of the silky slip.

Her eyes blinked open. Color spread across her cheeks. But she nodded at him.

He kissed her and then without delay, drew the slip and robe over her head in a single move. He froze as he stared down at her.

You're beautiful, he said huskily, his eyes devouring her.

Khushi thrust her hands into his thick strands, drawing his head down for a kiss. They both moaned at the new sensation. And just like that, passion unfurled like wildfire.

Their hands and lips were everywhere: tasting, caressing, pushing and pulling.

As his mouth closed over her sensitive skin, Khushi gasped, arching closer.

Baby, please..

Look at me, Khushi, he bid. She stared down her bare body at him: his head was pillowed on her stomach, his eyes were hooded with desire.

I love you, he told her as he crawled back up.

She smiled, wrapping her arm and legs around him. I love you, baby.

And then they were one in all the ways that mattered: their minds and bodies entwined.

Arnav groaned at the heady feeling. He could feel her every emotion, sense her every thought.

Princess, are you okay? he murmured.

Her eyes were closed tightly, but as she adjusted, she nodded. Pleasure was threatening to overwhelm her. As Arnav kissed away the small tear at the corner of her eye, her eyes blinked open. She found his mouth with hers, holding nothing back. She gave and took, moaned and panted. Nothing mattered.. except them: warm and together on this bed, as they had always meant to be.

And then as passion overwhelmed them, crashing like a storm, all they could do was hold each other tightly, shouting out loud.


That night they were insatiable, waking each other up again and again. Their passion seemed endless.

As the rays of dawn crept into the room, Khushi blinked awake. A wide smile crossed her face as she felt Arnav holding her securely in his arms, his body spooning hers. Slowly turning in his embrace, she traced over his sleeping face with adoring eyes.

It was easily one of the most beautiful moments in her life, alongside the time he'd first told her 'I love you' and when he'd placed sindoor in her parting.

She kissed his lips softly, cuddling into their warm, loving cocoon.

A blush tinged her cheeks as she remembered their passionate night. How had they stayed apart for so long? she wondered.

They had a lot of making up to do, but the lazy days and long nights of their honeymoon stretched out before them, promising everything. Khushi nestled closer to her husband, listening to the soothing lull of his heartbeat. She'd let him sleep for five minutes more, she decided with an impish smile, kissing his chest.

How much she loved him..

Surprises and Precap below!Big smile Note: alternative version of this chapter on my blog now (check my profile page for link if interested)! I hope this was okay for IFEmbarrassed PMs will be sent later tonight!

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TINA! IF-Rockerz

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Thanks to those who followed this story for so long. No worries there will be Vol 3, in which you will get all the honeymoon scenes. I will try to take just a brief hiatusEmbarrassed

Anywho, here's ur surprise present from Taffy and me:

First time I'm making a VM. Goodness, never expected it to take so long. I tried to put all the important scenes from MG into it. See if you can spot themBig smile

Dedicated to all the Mind Gamers and especially those who keep reading this story (the record that i know of is 7 timesShockedEmbarrassed) This is for those who pick up on the small details and have loved this story for so long!

See you soon with MG 3Wink 

ps. for English translations search 'Jab Tak Hain Jaan title song' I thought it was a good song to end this vol with

Edited by TINA! - 07 April 2013 at 10:16pm

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TINA! IF-Rockerz

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Mind Games Vol III by TINA!
100 things to do on your honeymoon..

Precap belowBig smile

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Chapter 1: Bubble Bath

Edited by TINA! - 07 April 2013 at 4:51pm

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MissNadia Goldie

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Yayyy ur gonna update
Party time Lol

heyyy amm first again yayyy guess stalking helps LOL
beautifull update love it to the core 
loved how both of them was very eager to get the honeymoon started Embarrassed
amazing plane scene love the under blanket very cute and sooo romantic EmbarrassedLOL
awesome house sooo coool
it was nice to see arnav making her comfortable 
so they finally become one yayyy Big smile
cant wait for the honeymoon games to beginning 
very eager for volume 3 Tongue
plz dont take a long break  Cry
amazing vm and looking forward to the blog update EmbarrassedClap

Edited by MissNadia - 08 April 2013 at 1:22pm

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ayshaomar IF-Rockerz

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Finally the chapter is hereDancingthe spamming paid off and thanks for the mentionHug
Update was ofcourse amazing like usual
i loved how both were so restless, and Arnav wanting to just take Khushi upstairs right then 
the flight was cute, Khushi got her Salman Khan, and her alone time under the blanket with Arnav
the house looks AMAZING, so beautiful, i want to go to a place like that!!!!
even now, that they are married and there's no holding him back he cares for her comfort more than his desires 
Khushi wears some racy lingerie for him, bless her, to show him that she is more than ready and wants him in all ways as much as he wants her
and then well the rest is justEmbarrassed

the vm was beautiful and very sweet of you to make
and looking forward to the blog update xoxo

Edited by ayshaomar - 07 April 2013 at 6:11pm

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nikita_88 IF-Stunnerz

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Congrats on the new thread! 

 I loved the VM told the story perfectly... I loved it reminded me of the whole story and all the scenes... 

Last chapter of this volume be back soon with the new volume... Shall miss Taffy! 

Can't wait for the final chapter... 

Edited: chapter 13

I loved it... Finally they are married and the honeymoon has began... 

 I can not wait for Volume 3... 

Edited by nikita_88 - 07 April 2013 at 5:08pm

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