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Happy Anniversary to RaghavSia # RaghavIans

Ramsha.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 April 2013 at 1:36pm | IP Logged


Happy First Anniversery to television's one of most stunning,sizzling,hot,cute,innocent,beautiful and most popular couple, from dil se di dua saubhagayavati bhav, Raghav and Sia played by Harshad Chopra and Sriti Jha.

Yes this was the day, April 9th when the entry of Harshad Chopra happened in life ok's show DSDSB as Jhanvi/Sia savior. This was the very day when raghav sia enter in millions of viewers life and amazed us with their spell bound magic and story. Each and every second was worth waiting because when they were seen in one frame, we were just left amazed and speechless. Today They are not on air but their memories are with us so to celebrate their memories and itself them. we are here to celebrate this day.

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Ramsha.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 10 November 2010
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Posted: 07 April 2013 at 1:36pm | IP Logged

Raghav Sia Chemistry

Chemistry of Harshad Sriti is Unmatchable, they are one of indian television's best couple. The magic they create onscreen is out of the world.

Raghav Sia , the names are synonymous to God Ram and Goddess Sita who are believed to be the most ideal couple and eternity of love amongst their believers. Similarly, Raghav Sia known as RaghavI for their fans were no less, neither it is possible to elaborate the depth of their relationship into mere words and nor it is possible to compare the bond they shared with each other. We have seen and heard of many great and epic love stories on TV, each of them had a prince charming and possible a princess too, but in case of RaghavI it is contrasting. He was a street boy, the ruthless, the rugged mechanic, fondly called as the ROWDY RAGHAV, who meets a runaway victim of an abused marriage and then the epic and unusual love saga of Raghav and Sia begins. All the men eyed on her beauty, but he was the only man who had seen the purity of her soul and fell for her, her pain, those haunted eyes of her, the vulnerability she had attracted him towards. For her, it was more interesting to know that the so called goon whom she had put behind the bars was the man in disguise who had managed down a shelter for her in the ladies ashram when she had no clue that where she will go, what is her destiny after being physically eyed on by her own uncle. Moreover, the story of RaghavI is not the ones we all normally absorb onscreen, not the ones filled with intimacy, filled with romance but yes it had the passion, the unbeatable passion he had for her, which made this simple story quite a memorable one. Starting with teaching her to laugh again, stand by herself for her own dignity, Raghav also made sure that the notions of fear, the black past she forgets doesn't hinder her present and she grows up to be a much more stronger lady than she was. They started as strangers, then as common known people, literally went on being friends while Raghav had deeply fallen in love with her, and consequently ended up at loving, living and yes dying for each other. Her past was something that would haunt her present, and it did, but this time she fought back, she followed the path to ask for justice, and the path was shown to her by her "friend" Raghav. Be it their fake marriage to save her from her abuser, be it his constant lies to manipulate evidences against her abuser, be it his silly jokes to bring a smile on her face or be it risking his own life to save hers, he did every possible thing selflessly, even after being rejected by her on their very engagement day only to ensure that she gets her piece of justice, her own choice for her life, her freedom to stay happy, her smile back. On the contrary, Sia was always in denial mode, denying about the love that had brewed in her heart for her selfless "Friend", pissed at her own self by seeing his gestures of never expecting anything from her, guilty at her own self for not being able to value his priceless love for her. But there is still a say that God isn't merciless, nor is he cruel to those who have never harmed anyone, and if Raghav was the guy who according to him was habituated to lead his life with pain then Sia was also always a damsel in distress, and both had to get their piece of happiness one day. Finally RaghavI's fightback concluded with Sia getting her much deserved divorce and also falling ill to tha pranks of Raghav's bhabhi and sister, but still not in a mood to listen to her heart, but the day she is all set to leave, she had no expectations but only one wish to get stopped by Raghav from going back to manali. However, Raghav bound to his inner battle, his family's safety and moreover, Sia's safety and her freedom, was virtually the only one who was telling her a good bye with no expectations of her return to his life, which literally shattered Sia internally, and once she left gurgaon, and as the mathematical distance between her and Raghav was increasing she could sense that how empty she feels, how restless she feels, how broken she feels to leave him alone and go back to her own place. She listened to her heart and returns to him only to find his life to be in danger for saving hers, but Raghav saves her back again from being abused and killed by her abuser to fall for him, and finally Sia confesses how much he loves her, how he was her love always, how a mere separation was also intolerable for her, and he with his million dollar smile accepts that he loved he rthen, he loves her now and will always love her. Raghav stood true to his words, after he loses Sia after she gets stabbed in his arms, after she was declared to be in coma. He goe slifeles, he changes his lifestyle completely to fulfill the wish Sia had to see him handling his business, he stops smiling but never stopped to go to her everyday and give her the updates of her surrounding, never forgets to put the sindoor in her forehead which he had promised to her while she was going to coma. His wait was worth as his love brought Sia back into life and forever into his life as his wedded wife, whom he gave all the happiness in the world, which she was deprived off. Since then both lived happily, for each other, standing by each other at every happiness and sadness, loving each other selflessly and at the end dying for each other and making this a not so usual, not so typical, not so bright, but one of the best love sagas ever.

We all the fans of RaghavSia and ofcourse Harshad and Sriti, wants to give both of them a bow down for their amazing work, beautiful portrayal and some fresh and mesmerizing chemistry. Thank you both, it is not enough, but it is for the golden moments of RaghavSia we will always remember and smile and thus we celebrate today the first anniversary of our loved and memorable couple. RaghavIans party is on, lets rock it.

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Ramsha.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 April 2013 at 1:37pm | IP Logged

Some of very special moments of raghav sia

RaghavSia are just as special to us even now as they were a year before, and yes their special moments and scenes are our source of happiness and smile. Cherishing and reliving their some beautiful moments definitely delights up all the RaghavIans and no we do not get bored of them, but we reload the scenes and watch it from every possible angle , what to do it is tough to get rid off HarshSrilicious scenes. Who can forget that gulabchand theory, who can forget the chilla party, who can forget the "jhoot boile kawaa kaantey story", basically noone. We call the RaghavIans usually kept asking each other that how come in gurgaon no girl fell for Raghav, and the usual answers used to be that because " Hum jo Gurgaon mein paida nahi huye the".

Jokes apart, there had be countless drooling moments, countless fun moments and countless "Phangirling" moments for us, and thanks ofcourse not to RaghavI buit HarshSri also, because the way they were so jovial and bubbly in nature with great sense of humours, their characters were opposing and still they carried it so beautifully with what we call a mindblasting chemistry of theirs.

Punching Bag Scene

This was no doubt was one of most beautiful scene I ever witness in the history of television. I have less words to describe that scene. one of epic scene for sure. Harshad Sriti, you both just nailed that scene. The way Sia punch the punching bag and let all her frustration come out. Sriti did that in such real way. We all were crying while watching that scene. And then the way Raghav holded Sia hand and try to make her feel better. Harshad Sriti both just made that scene worth. It made us love them even more. it was one beautiful scene. less words to describe it. all we can, raghav sia rock no matter what. All credit goes to Harshad Sriti.

Madno sequence:

Hai Dil Ko teri arzoo, par mein tuje na paa sakhoon.This scene honestly had a very bad editing yet it manage to be one of very beautiful scenes of raghaVi. Credit goes to Harshad Sriti. this scene was so beautifully acted by them. it felt real. Both of them did it with such impact. it showed how selfless raghav love was for sia that he wanted to be with her but promise to not say anything since he does not want to force anything on sia. it was one beautiful scenes. And now whenever I heard Madno, I only imagine Harshad Sriti. Hats of to both of them.

RaghavI first hug

:-Undoubtedly this scene has to top the list irrespective of what we saw, only because of the patience we had all those months only to see once, atleast once Sia wrapping her arms around him and her being in his arms. He is tall, sexy and immensely hott whereas she was pretty, beautiful and delicate and when both collides there is a sense of passion, the electrifying chemistry, the silence of theirs but still their gestures could pour out their heart. But we want to thank komal and taashu ( Raghav's bhabhi nd sister), had it not been your prank, RaghavI wud never have the idea that fans have been waiting since so long. The feeling of losing each other had brought them in that situation and getting the relief of seeing each other sfae makes them hold each other in their arms and that passionate hug. Needless to say that HarshSri managed it so well, who wud say that after four months being a pair of the show that was their first hug onscreen and yet they were so convenient in their portrayal, hatts off.

                                                 Sia makes Raghav wear his shirt:-

Two hoots for Raghav fore being the most sexy guy on earth struggling to wear his shirt being injured. Three hoots for Sia for being the kind enuff girl to help Raghav to wear that shirt but I will deduct one hoot as she chose to close her eyes, not her fault too no girl wud be able to resist in that situation.

Spare me for the gutter thoughts of mine' On a serious note, the scene was quite a romantic one, but still the simplicity overtook every other factor and maintained the essence of RagahvI's characters. HarshSri was brilliant and portrayed the scene with so much ease, and with great convenience. Ragahv feeling a bit awkward and emabarassed at his condition nd unknown of the fact that Sia is already closing her eyes, and later her messing up with the order of the buttons, everything was so fresh, relieving and ofcourse the hint towards the bond that was growing in between RaghavI.

Sia mata :-

This has to be one of the loved scenes of theirs. It was a very short scene, but still I think we all and laugh at it. The dar huyi si sehmi huyi si Sia who never argued with anyone was first time ever angry, angry at Raghav for calling her darpok read it a scary cat. Sia with all phoola hua mooh comes back to the jail to meet him, and he was all tensed that was she ok, and as soon as he asks her she replies " nahi main thik kaise ho sakti hoo, mujhe tou sirf darna ata hain ". Raghav had nothing to refute back but he actually was scared of her gussa, her anger, as if he had 4got a date with his girlfriend and now he is dead, the expression on his face. He holds his ears and instantly says sorry " Sia mataa".

That was so adorable and refreshing. It was a change for all tha fans to see Sia being the girl she was, who was spontaneous, who knew to be angry, who knew how to claim her rights, which she had never even dared to attempt in her married life with her abuser, but now she had started to smile, to become angry, to punish Raghav, to claim that she is not a darpok, she was a new Sia now and we call her Raghav's Sia since then. This scene was one of those few scenes, which defines that how pure was the relationship between Raghav Sia and it was more than what was only restricted to friendship, it was a relationship of love, relationship of hope, Sia's hope, her trust for a man again which was always unbroken.

RaghavI confession:-

Raghav:- "kyu aapko meri zarurat hain, kyu hai meri zarurat"
Sia:- "Pyaar mei zarurat ki gunjayish kaha hoti hain" 
Those were the words which still echoes, the simple words spoken by RaghavI during their confession. The wait was over for us, finally the day had come when Sia comes back to him and confesses about her love to him and then he replies her with only one line " main aapko kabhi mujhse doour janey nahi dunga" .. The confession was followed by a beautiful hug of them. This was an intense scene, and it was such a passionate one that it doesn't get out of my head. HarshSri were at their best, unbeatable, just truly some maginificent piece of acting by them.

Sia going to coma, Raghav sindooring her :-

This could be blindly said one of the most heartbreaking scenes of Raghav and Sia. People who were so selfless and honest did not deserve this. Raghav who loved her so much and never harmed anyone did not deserve this and nor did Sia deserved to fight with death after she had a miserable life already. Being broken and shattered still Raghav had the guts, he was condfident that his Sia will be fine and nothing can separate her from him, he goes there near her and just instantly bursts off, no matter how strong he is, the feeling of losing her killed him more which he tried hard enuff to hide. Sia all consoling a broken Raghav asks a only promise to him that he should be only her life partner in all her births. Raghav who has always did everything for her smile, ends up at putting sindoor on her forehead to ensure her nd give her peace that not in every afterbirth but in this birth also, he is only hers, and he loves her. The moment was so painful but yet so beautiful, words just cannot describe it. . HarshSri were out of the world in that scene, they made sure that they provide some epic scenes irrespective of the duration of the scenes. They made this scene so lively and real, that it was an awe that only for a mere scene of a show our heart felt so much, we felt it more like that in reality a couple was separating and how we wished to stop it from happening. In short it was simply a fantastic scene.


These were only few scenes of RaghavI just as examples that how they had made an impact in our lives with their scenes and that too within 7 months only. Now we all are suffering from RaghavI virus or to be precise HarshSri virus, with no effective antibiotics against this disease. We know it will be a dream coming true to get them back together onscreen, but still we will never lose the hope, and till then will keep reliving, cherishing, celebrating and drooling over the beautiful moments given to us by them, HarshSri we love you, love you, love you, and will always keep loving you both.

PS:- For all RaghavI/Raghav scenes this is the thread:-

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Ramsha.. IF-Stunnerz

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Harshad Sriti Special segments.

OMG whenever an segment of harshad sriti use to come, I use to be like today will be sooo much fun. cant wait to watch the segment. Each and Every SBS/SBB/UM aur hum/TT segment of them is total worth watching and total worth drooling. And when it comes to segments, It is so hard to pick the onces which we adore the most. As each and every segment rocked and roll. no doubt, best friendship they have. God bless their friendship. Love you Harshad Sriti.

Like I said all segments are so special but here are top 5 which we couldn't at all control our laugh at.

9th April 2012, Harshad entry one

First segment of Harshad Sriti: What should I say, their first segment was itself the best. who can say that these two met for first time. The way they were confortable with each other. The way they were laughing,smiling,making faces,teasing each other. imaaao rofffll that was epic. we were totally drooling at that segment. it was so special. First Segment was a big big big big big big hit for us. My fav part was when they clap and touched each other nose. they were looking so cute. we were going like awww, these two are fantastic together. it was one of our most fav seggys. 

HarshSri in E24, Water melon segment

Epic one, for real this was epic one. Funniest segment ever. Sriti was on roll, she was having so much fun. The way she said that HC is watermelon rofl. And HC cutted the water melon in such a cute way. it was really really good segment. And love when Sriti, Harshad, and water melon were shown in one frame. All fans were laughing so hard. it was really good. lovely segment it was and Harshad Sriti were sooo cute with their water melon

HarshSri sangeet segment

OMG what a segment it was. it was beautiful. we loved when sriti said how harshad cheeks turn red at everything. rofl it was worth watching. it made us laugh so much. And Harshad face was worth watching. Loved how he was all getting shy. it was really good segment. it was very cute and entertaining. And last but not the least harshad sriti were looking awesome in their sangeet outfits.

HarshSri In Sas Bahu Sazzish: 11th September *RaghavI First Hug*:

How cutee this segment was. rofl rofl. I still remember the part where, HC and SJ both were walking in large steps in different ways. totally in flim way, in slow motion. how cute it was and then Harshad turned around with a big and cute smile and open his arms for hug. imaaao. totally flim style but epic segment. it was really cute. This segment was personally my fav, Because I laughed so much, almost fell into the floor by laughing. I just love this segment of theirs. it was epically funny. total dhamkedar. 

HarshSri in E24,diwali segment

: Last segment of Harshad Sriti till now. That phase of time was so emotional since raghav sia went off air but this segment made us so happyy. It was such a good segment. totally adorable segment. I love how Harshad Sriti share their diwali plans and then reporter said, harshad toh bahot ash karenge, app kya karengi. And Sriti said mein bhi bahot ash karongi, bahot ash karongi and harshad was like ha bahot ash bahot ash. And then sriti hit him on his stomach. rofl how cutee it was. it was really really funny. And then reporter asked, Sriti app harshad ko kya dengi, sriti said kuch bhi nahi. and harshad said mein mathai de raha hoon. And sriti said hum gift de te nahi, le te hain. roffll it was most funniest segment. we were laughing a lot. it was damn funny segment. HC SJ were totally on roll.

And...there are so many awesome segments. Itsss sooo hard to chose the special onces but these are few of those which were totally epic. love these segments.

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Ramsha.. IF-Stunnerz

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Fans Messages

SaraluvRaghaVi aka Sara Rafeek's message: I dont know how to start and what to say. I am speechless. its exactly one year, time pass so fast. April 9th was one really special day. The day we got the jodi of raghav sia. The day I saw them on screen, I was speechless. these both were so special. the day I saw them, I knew these two will make one of the best pair ever and what I thought came true. actually these two were above my expectations. raghav sia were the best. And we all miss them a lot. I wish Harshad Sriti come back together in a show because there were many things which were never show about raghav sia. I am sure if harshad sriti come back together again then they will create 5 more times fan following than they have right now as a jodi. And Sriti and Harshad if you both are reading my message right now then I will say I love you both, you both are the best actors in the television industry we have right now. I wish both of you best of luck for your show and I will support you both always no matter what. love you both. And very very happy anniversary to raghav sia aka our harshsri as raghaVi :)))

Sundas's message9th april 2012, one of the most memorable days of our lives, as d wait was over nd the most wanted man entered as RAGHAV in the show.
That night was slepless, the day was filled with excitement and adrenaline rush, and the episode timing was filled with pagalpaan.
What and entry, what and entry, and what a beautiful chemistry with Sia in the first shot itself *DD*.. The day was very special as HC as Raghav entered the show, and that was when i started following the show, and ended up falling for HarshSri chemistry also. They had a very unusual and unique chemistry, which won over hearts and i will always cherish their memories.

Shreya's message: Hello Harshad and Sriti,

Main aap se sirf itna kehna chahti hoon ke main aap dono ko bahut admire aur pyaar karti hoon. Maine aap dono ko alag alag shows main dekha hai aur hamasa se aap dono ki bahut bari fan rahi hoon. Jab maine suna ke aap dono ek saath aane wale hain Dil Se Di Dua Saubhagavyati Bhava, main toh khushi ke maare uchalne lag gayi thi. Aur aap dono ne ek aise couple ko janam diya jo Indian television industry main first tha. Raghav aur Jhanvi ko aapne sirf act nahi kiya balki usse aapni zindagi bhi bana li aur hamari bhi. Main sirf itna kehna chahti hoon ke main aap ka intezaar karongi ke aap jald hi naye show main aayenge ek saath!

Wishing you all the best!


Ramsha Essa's message: The symbol of innocence were raghav sia. Dey were my fav couple, n credit goes to Harshad Chopra and Sriti Jha for bringing out that innocence and that cute charm. U both r the best couple in recent television time. Wat angers me is ur potential as a couple was never shown on screen. I hope to see u two back together again. Happy anniversary to Raghav Sia and to Harshad Sriti friendship. God bless u both

Proma Roy's message:  i love u HARSHAD n SRITI u too very much...i want u together in u soo much..come back ...

Pooja Singh's message:  Miss u raghav siya missing so much

urooj's message: Best wishes to you both on ur anniversary, May the love that you share Last your lifetime through, As you make a wonderful pair!!!
May all the precious moments
That set this day apart,

Stay with you long after
As keepsakes of the heart

And often through the future
May you relive in thought,

The very many pleasures
This happy day has brought!!!

Anniversary Wishes
May your special day
Be a celebrating
Of where you have been
Where you are, &
How you are growing
Together in the lord.'

No one can know what the outcome
Of spending years together will be.
Being happy together is a gift,
And enduring love is the key.
So here's to a favored couple;
Everything has worked right for you.
May your future bring more of the same,
And your love remain strong and true.

Mr. Harshad Chopda And Mrs. Sriti Jha!!!

All of my heart, I send to you.
All of my life, I'll spend with you.
I love you!
Celebrating us!
I love every moment with you. Happy Anniversary!
There are many fish in the sea'
but I've already caught the love of my life.
You're the twinkle in my eye,
you're the song in my laugh,
you're the light in my smile.
you're my everything.

May love continuously rule your relationship, as you rule each other with patience and care. Wishing you a lifetime of wonderful years together.

Come everyone let's give a cheer,
In celebration of a couple dear.
A couple who in love unite,
And are seldom cross and hardly fight.
To a couple who bring joy to all,
May you laugh and sing and have a ball.
May happiness surround you two,
That is what I wish for you

Congratulations on your 1st Anniversary Raghavendra Pratap Singh-Sia Raghavendra Pratap Singh
May you always be warmed by each other's smile,
Always take time to walk and talk a while,
Always know deep down you're each other's best friend,
And enjoy the kind of love that grows and knows no end.
Wishing you an 'always' kind of love Harshad-Sriti!
I"m sending this bouquet of love To say that I love you so much Raghavendra Pratap Singh-Sia Raghavendra Pratap Singh I hope I say it often enough I want you to know it"s true,On this special occasion I want to remind you That you are my everything And my love is true,Happy Anniversary Lovely Harshad-Sriti May God Bless Him Stay ALways Be Happy !

Love Urooj!!!

sheetal verma message: my massage ... in 2009 star parivar awards I saw Sriti and Harshad dancing along with their costars on the song "hum hai rahi pyar ke fir milenge chalte chalte" I never thought when you both met you made the most beautifull couple RaghaVi Raghavi is like magic, the awesomest couple. love you Harshad and Sriti for give us RaghaVi. love you both :-*:D

pankaj mate's message: Miss u lot hc and sj onscreen as well as offscreen.i hope ther r come back again

Radhika Chawala's message: love harshad sriti a lot.

vandy's message: this is that day which brought raghav in our lives...a character of hc which was the most intriguing...and definitely his best work till date

raghavii...the name itself is beautiful...and makes my heart go umm...frankly...i had till date never looked forward to any pairing...for me it was harshad and only harshad...but today i would like to confess that this is that one pairing which just blew me away...they both look so beautiful together...not only complementing each other in looks...but at par in acting too...first time in years i was forced to acknowledge the other face present in the same frame as hc...
i will had looked forward to seeing this pair together...but sadly...they were never explored...nonetheless watever little we have of a treat to watch

Kiran says: Raghav & Siya were awesome couple. I loved that entry scene of Raghav and Raghav Siyas first intraction throug their eyes. That was epic. No one can ply better Raghav then Harshad. He was bang on, & no one can ply better Siya or Jahnvi then Sriti. Sriti you luked so beautifull in every expression. Raghavi rocks. Love you [:*]..." 

Dhruti's message: Happy anniversry to Raghavi, love them a lot.

shanu says: Love you the awesome couple Raghav Siya. You are just amazing, superb, outstanding together. Love you and miss you.

Tweetie's message:- Happy first anniversary to RaghaVi  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Party

RaghaVi are the best and the most unique couple on them sooo muuchhh...

Miss u Harshad n Sriti...u rule our hearts forever...

Fan made videomixes:-

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Ramsha.. IF-Stunnerz

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Fan's Creations for Raghav Sia Anniversary 


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Ramsha.. IF-Stunnerz

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Thanking HarshSri

Harshad Chopda

It is impossible to describe him in a single paragraph, but still he deserves the applauad and all the love we fans shower over him . Already  being an established actor he chose to step into Raghav's shoes, which not only gave his existing fans the opportunity to see him in a completely new avatar but also brought him a totally new fanbase, who now go ga ga over Raghavendra Pratap Singh and moreover over him. Be it his chemistry with the lead actress Sriti jha, that appealed to a huge number of viewers, his chemistry with the little kid Yash ( krrish) who played his nephew became the soul of the show. He breathed life into the character of Raghav, in every scene he rejoiced his fans with his performances. His style  statement as Raghav ( The mechanic) blew over his female fans and was highly appreciated, be it his stubble or his checked shirts, or his metal piece on his wrist, everything was carried perfectly by him. Also when the show took a leap, everything was disappointing for us in terms of content but his look as the Raghav( The businessman) was once again very well appreciated by his viewers. 
Lastly, we all fans want to say that, we love you Harshad, we respect for your acting capability, for your humbleness, had it not been you playing Raghavendra Pratap Singh, then today the scenario would not be the same, nor would we consider Raghav to be a part of our life and nor we would get the eternal couple of RaghavSia. Thank you for doing the show and giving us some great memories to cherish for.

Sriti Jha

Already known for quality acting more than being a glam doll, she has given a new face to the women of our society. Her role was one of the toughest of indian television, and how well she carried it is proven by the love and wishes of her fans . This pretty actress not only had a great screen presence but also managed to have a sizzling chemistry with her costar Harshad Chopda. Raghav Sia went on to rule the hearts of their fans. She gave her 100% to all her scenes, and with every character onscreen she had managed to build up convenient chemistry. Her style statement as the pretty and simple Sia before marrying Raghav was perfectly carried by her, and appreciated by her fans. Moreover her look after her marriage with Raghav was highly loved by her fans, she personified beauty with the silk sarees and light makeup.  
We all fans want to say that Sriti as an actress you are someone we love and respect a lot, and thank you for being our Sia and giving us the opportunity to explore Raghav and Sia.

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Ramsha.. IF-Stunnerz

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Sundas (Harshu.Sundas)

Sara: now comes a small post by me, I want to give credit to each and every fan of raghav sia if they were not there then we would never be able to make this topic. thank you so much guys and my special credit goes to Sundas and Sri aka shreya. You guys motivated me to do this post. you guys contribute so much. Thank you so much both of you.

And I hope people will like this post and as well as I hope Harshad Sriti will like this post. I would eagerly wait to hear their views.

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