Junoon - Aisi Nafrat, toh Kaisa Ishq


Junoon - Aisi Nafrat, toh Kaisa Ishq
Junoon - Aisi Nafrat, toh Kaisa Ishq

||Happy Birthday To The Real Hero- Aditya Redij||

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An Actor Par Excellence Aditya Bipin Redij born on April 10th who after completing graduation at Symbiosis International University began his Career as a Model.He was the only Indian to walk the ramp in Dubai Fashion Week for two years in a row.
In the year 2009 he made his Acting debut in Television with Colors Channel daily soap Na Aana Iss Des Ladoo which focussed on female infanticide and the confining rules of the male-dominant society. Handsome Hunk Aditya gained immense popularity with his Performance in the show playing the lead role as Raghav by winning 4 Awards which is one of biggest achievement in his life. He was also the winner of Colors Kitchen Champion 2 finale with his impressive cooking skills. Aditya also worked in Marathi Film Zabardast and Telugu Film Jalsa and did grt job with his roles in both the Movies. Talented Actor of Indian Television proved himself Best yet again with his next daily soap Saaware Sabke Sapne Preeto were he played the lead role as Rajbeer Singh An Indian AirForceOfficer by profession. Dashing Aditya Redij with his deep intense expressive eyes and cutesmile has won lots of hearts as Rajbeer.
Not Only as an Actor Aditya Redij is talented in Photography too. Being fond of Photography heloves to click photos in his leisure time. Tall and Handsome Aditya is also known for his well built body and is one among the most Fittest Actors of Television. Extremly Passionate about his work Aditya Redij with amazing role selections is now currently seenwith different role as lead in LifeOk' s Unique Show Junoon Aisi Nafrat Toh Kaisi Ishq. Playing the role of a Village Guy The Rustic Rugged Son of the Soil Prithvi with Perfection Heartthrob Aditya Redij is doing full justice to the character and is being loved by all for his Rocking Performance in the show. 

One might think that his natural looks might be the reason for him to be selected to play Prithvi , all I want to say is this statement couldn't be more wrong.I agree that his natural height and astonishing intimidating physique must have definitely given him the edge but no body could argue the passion with which he has carried Prithvi all along.It is the one of the most difficult and challenging characters on screen today to be portrayed for any one of the actors, needless to say it was not only demanding but also totally out of comfort zone for any of the actors we have. Adi became real life hero when he decided to play the most difficult character of his life as the mighty Prithvi.He not only had to change his attire but also his language , his mannerism, his attitude, his looks and become the rough-tough and rustic Prithvi which he is so not.Full marks to Mr. Redij for giving life to Prithvi not only on screen but also in our hearts for life.Adi has tried to be Prithvi with all the honesty and sincerity by making him larger than life and has been the strong brave and bold Prithvi who is not scared of any thing, who stands up for the weak and fights for them.How difficult it must have been for Aditya to portray bad boy prithvi with a golden heart can be imagined with the immense efforts he has put in to adapt the minutest details of the dare devil prithvi who makes his own rules and lives by them and does not hesitate even for once to take responsibility of his actions. Aditya was given the task to make it believe that he has all the courage as well as strength to fight against the whole world and I must say he has done it flawlessly.Hats off to Adi for pulling it so effortlessly.
Prithvi has been an orphan all his life and so Aditya had to portray the pain, the hurt which Prithvi has gone through all his life , the harsh 
cruelty which every orphan has to suffer and I cannot applaud Adi enough for so wonderfully and truthfully displaying the unbearable agony of Prithvi. This is the reason Prithvi does not believe in relationships and love since he hasn't had any, life has made him a loner and he has built a wall around his heart so that he can save it from further heartbreak.The only savior in Prithvi's life is his Data thakur, who has brought him up and is the only one Prithvi looks upto,he is his god and he can do any thing for Data.Aditya has been beyond brilliant in being daata's Prithvi, he bows down in his presence , his facial expression changes when he is with daata , he becomes subservient in front of him.in fact looses all his prithvi characteristics in front of daata, wow .. Adi is powerhouse of talent for being able to portray both the personalities of Prithvi with so much conviction.Enter Meera in his life who not only challenges him at all levels but is also not scared to stand up against him and has a mind of his own, Meera arouses all the feelings he thinks he can never ever feel and makes him want to like her with immense hatred, again a must watch not only for Aditya's fans but also for every one to know how talented Aditya is. He is so passionate in all the hate scenes that you can feel the uncontrolled rage through the television screens.Mind-blowing is the only word that comes to my mind to describe Aditya.with all this hatred , Prithvi comes to know that he is married to the same meera and Meera is his daata's daughter, people have to see it to believe the confusion,the frustration of the forced marriage that Prithvi feels and how gradually he falls in love with the same girl.The intensity with which he has played the denial part where he refuses to confess his feelings for Meera to himself is undeniably the best denial I have ever seen on screen, his heart loves her and his mind refuses to accept, very very convincingly done by Adiyta were he makes you feel the pain he is going through in the fight between his heart and mind. He is a master to portray all the emotions with his deep, 
mesmerizing eyes which are capable of reflecting million emotions at the same time.Meera-Prithvi (Mithvi) chemistry is so refreshing and at the same time so convincing that it is impossible not to experience the passion, the heat, the immense emotional turmoil they are going through which is being generated as a result of their numerous confrontations.
It makes you fall in love with love all over again, they have redefined the meaning of passion filled romance which is untamed , unbound and
highly addictive.No matter what I say and no matter how much i write it is beyond my capabilities to describe the acting powerhouse that is
Aditya Redij, they say a star is born in million years , and I cant agree more when I see Adita Redij on screen as Prithvi.

Television is a writer's medium and a story is as good as the characters created by a writer. The more complex and multi-layered a character the more interesting the story.In Indian television one such character that we have seen has been that of Rajbeer ' an extremely complex and multi-layered character and one who the writer was true to through out the show.An actor's skill is always tested when he/she does complex and multi-layered characters and his/her prowess gets established when he/she owns the character to the extent that long after the show is over the audience continues to visualize the same actor in the role of that character. And Aditya's skill and prowess were both justified and established by the character of Rajbeer so much so that even today Rajbeer fans cannot visualize anyone other than Aditya in that role.
A special mention would be his ability to emote and express using his eyes and his face and the use of his voice modulation ability, which made Rajbeer a real and breathing character for all of us. Most of the viewers who came together to watch this show ' Preeto, were ones who never watched television and daily soaps for a very long time and in fact were either on television sabbatical or non-viewers. They all came on board to watch a daily soap due to Rajbeer and stayed glued on to the soap due to RajPreet. A magnificent achievement for any actor that!
Some of the epic scenes that stand out in the memories of Rajbeer and RajPreet lovers include the dhaba scene, the karvachauth sequence, the Manali episode, the Kitchen romance (we coined a new term to counter the useless kitchen politics of daily soaps thanks to RB!), the epic sequence when RB confronts Preeto after her sister's roka, the epic holi sequence (which was brilliant) and many more.The character of Rajbeer made many of us find our faith and the complexity of this character did full justice to Aditya's histrionic abilities. In fact after seeing his portrayal of Rajbeer, there is a long list of litrerary characters that I feel he has the potential to perform. 

Aditya Redij started his career in Tv Industry with Popular show Naa Ana Iss Desh Ladoo which aired on colors channel. The story was dealt with the social evil of Female infanticide, and concentrated on the problems faced by women in a male-dominant world.
Handsome Aditya Played the lead role Raghav Sangwan Ammaji' s younger and most loved Son. His character was with so many variations and was most challenging role..He Played a romantic boy which then turned matured with time..from being Ammaji' s obedient son..and also as being Sia's very dutiful husband..he did full justice to his role and was very well appreciated by his fans for his impressive acting skills and also for the chemistry with his costar. The Show was hugely successful and with his role as Raghav Rockstar Aditya proved himself as talented actor with superb performance which even won him with four prestigious Awards.

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On your birthday I want to thank you for giving us Prithvi and for all the dedication and hard work which you have put in.

May god bless with all the happiness in the world and you cherish every single day of your life.

Have a wonderful year ahead and I wish from bottom of my heart that you grow with every character and achieve the pinnacle of success in your life.

Happy Birthday.

Now party time , have a blast, enjoy and have fun with your dear ones and make it count.

Last but not the least don't forget to upload the pics on twitter (next day of course).

Wish you a very very happy Birthday Aditya . You're a fantastic actor and an amazing person..kind , sweet , suave . You deserve all the happiness and success in life and I'll pray so that you can reach the sky . Honored to be your fan .

 Adi - Wish you a very Happy, Wonderful,  Joyous, Amazing , Fantabulous birthday and may happiness come knocking on your door.

happy birthday

 Wish You A Very Happy Birthday My Dear Aditya Redij
Party PartyParty
Love you lots my darling Heart
God bless dearSmile


 Wishing u a very very
May u get all the happiness & success in ur life.Always be happy.Many many happy returns of the day. 

Heart Dearest...Heart Darling Heart AdityaHeart.. Jaannn...
Happy Birthday...to u... God Bless uuu...

Many many happy returns of the day.Clap

 Dear.u Love Sweet & cake so plz...
take...& some Lovely Gift for u...
Hug Hug Hug

The leaves may 4get da tree, the waves may 4get da sea, the flowers may 4get da bee, or even U may 4get me, BUT I will NEVER 4 get you


                   Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day AdiParty
Wish You Lots Of Success..Big smile
Wish All Your Dreams Come True Hug
May Your Life Filled With Lots Of LoveHeart

I know how much you love Sweets...Big smileWink
here u go Sweets and Bday Cake for You Adi my Sweetheart Heart
Spread Sweetness and EnjoyParty
Wish You Life full of Happiness AdityaBig smile  
A Bunch of Roses for You just wanna say may ur day be 
  Bright and Beautiful as these Roses are..Have A Blast

 Happyyy Birthdayyy dearest Aditya!!!! Big smile Many many happy returns of the dayyy!!! May you have a great year ahead...enjoyyy to the fullest!!! God bless... love you loads, tons and jillions!!! Always keep smiling.. you rock big time!!!! May success and happiness always follow you!!! Heart Hug Here is a birthday cake,tea and some assorted snacks for you!!! Hope you like them! Embarrassed PartyParty

As King David said, May you prosper wherever you go and in whatever you do. Happy Birth day.Aditya..wishing u more n more success in coming days..Keep rocking..Heart



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 Happy Birthday Aditya, you are the bestThumbs Up. There are no words to express how special you are, you are super talented and handsome, the way you are playing the character of Prithvi is just mind blowing. May you have all the happiness in life and may life give you all that you wished for.

Aditya ' you shone bright as a towering sun in Junoon as Prithvi and you charmed your way as Rajveer. Drawn to your work , I found myself pulled into the whirlpool of Junoon. After a long time a tall, not a pretty hero (but handsome)who could do it all, with a touch of humility who stood by his convictions was what hooked me to Junoon. Your chemistry with Mouni was the icing on the cake and soon found I'd wait for 9.30pm every single day and if possible catch the episode earlier in the day. Love your work especially the fights'

I have dedicated a small VM on you (yeah it features your fight scene 'but of course, right!!) Hope you enjoy it.

Wishing you a great day with your family and friends and lots of joy and success in life.

Anupama aka Prem_Diwani

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. May Almighty bless ya with love, happiness, peace, lots of success, everything you desire for and fulfil all your dreams.

You are the perfectionist and an amazing human being.You do each n every scene so flawlessly.your charm is really so irresistible.
You are the king of expressions.Proud of you to be your fan.
You're truly an inspiration for me.
Love you , your acts , your editing ..photography.

Thanks a ton for giving me Raghav, Rajbeer and Prithvi.

 Keep Smiling and Shining.







 Hi.. Aditya... Happy Birthday to u... Many many
Returns of the day...God Bless u...Heart


Being young is a privilege. Being attractive a genetic gift. Being cool, that is all you. Happy wala Birthday Aditya Party Dancing Don't count the years, count the wishes and all our lubh EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

This is for the Dharti putra Prithvi who keeps our Junoon high everyday Wink

 I wish you to celebrate all the wonderful things that make you so special, not just on your special day,
but on every day of the year!




Wishing you Happy Birthday
May your all wishes comes true!
May god bless you with happiness, health, success!

happy birthday photo: Happy Birthday16 strawberry-cake_zps22b72444.gif

Happy Birthday Aditya Party

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I had never seen you before Junoon.. but some glimpses of Prithvi in the promos and I got hooked to the show. And then you impressed me more and more with your amazing acting prowess. Prithvi is one of the fictional characters that will be etched in my mind and heart forever. You are doing an absolutely marvellous job as Prithvi.  

Thanks for choosing to play the role of Prithvi and doing it so flawlessly.

You are responsible for making all of us fall in love with rustic and innocent prithvi who has a heart of gold.

It is so very different from the other conventional roles and 
I am more than glad that you took the challenge and are doing it with so much credibility.

It must be really hard and you must have really put on lot of hard work
in picking up the mannerism of the character.

Adi you are one of the finest actor in tellywood. Miss you leaps and bounds as my Rajbeer but equally elated that you are rocking as Prithvi.

You are my inspiration Adi. You are Perfectionist, your crying scenes make me cry & your smile happy wala scenes make me happy Embarrassed you have adorable eyes Blushing king of expressions.Day Dreaming
love you , your acts.

Aditya for the first time i saw u was in sssp show..in the entry scene itself fell in love with your awsomee acting..Clapyour the king of expressions Adi jus loved each n every scene of u as Rajbeer. have been ur fan from sssp days and now just loving you as Prithvi in Junoon the 
role which is jus made for you and i feel proud being huge fan of you..ur killer looks with perfect expressions..dabang attitude while doing action scenes at its best..ur sweet marjawa smile can go on n on..Embarrassedjus cant stop drooling while watching you onscreen..Day Dreaminglove everything about you here u go can say totally crazyyy over you and love calling u as sweetheart always..Big smile Ur The Best forever Aditya and the Most Talented Actor..Clapi always love ur selection of roles each role different from other may it be raghaClapv/rajbeer or now Prithvi dont think anyone can portray ur role too well as much as you..Thumbs Upkeep up the grttt job as always...Big smile

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credit for banner & header : Nikki  , music: -RD- 
special thanks to sneha di , saba, adiana, sue  Hug
& thanks to all Adi fans who contributed with their wishes, siggs & vm's 

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Many Many Happy Returns of The Day Adi My Jaan:):)

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