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Devon ke Dev Mahadev

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Written update 7/4 - Danavo ka Danav - Jalandhar

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Please have patienceTongue Jalandhar is on his way...some trouble with the drought in the middle India, and hence 4 of his water horses are ill...will be back when they get wellTongue

Back EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Thank you...I am all wet with those water horses trying to drown me outOuch Anyways...with all the aaachhhooos begins the updateTongue


Parvati Mahadev and Ganesh without his trunk and tusksTongueTongue...gathered and PArvati as usual is mad at Mahadev ...Ganesh tries to diffuse by asking her whether she knows the Sadhu maharaj...Mahadev says that the one who doesnot know herself, how will she know him...Parvati gets more determined to go to KAshi to shut his mouth and walks away...Ganesh is sorry that he was not there to protect Parvati...but Mahadev says that he is more worried about Parvati ...that she is confident that she will learn about herself in Kashi (And haan, phir yaaddasht aa jayegi toh kitni pitaai hogi meriOuchLOLye soch ke mein ghabraata hoon..) he tells Ganesh to be with his mother always...(there is a remenescing moment when Ganesh calls out 'MA' and Parvati answers 'Haan Putra' ...Mahadev is all astonishment and the father and son exchange a glance...very cute...)

The Ghoonghraale balone wale Rakshas Vidal and Utpal are gathered and one of them boasts that they need to take revenge on Mahadev and since PArvati is shaktivihin, it will be easy for them (Looking to the conditioner you have used on your hair, it seems your conditioner alone is enough to create havoc in people's life..why to take more takleefTongue)

Jalandhar with his blue tatoos comes to Shukracharya who congratulates on this astonishing Victory...jalandhar talks about the total lack of confidence in Danavas (YEs yes, Shukracharya has requested Mallaya father and sons for their cheer leaders to cheer up the Danavas, since he believes that if Royal Challangers can win, then Daanavas can also with their cheerleading, instilling confidence in themTongue) Jalandhar asks for the name of the killer of his mother...Sukracharya after a l lot of deliberation says that it was "Indra"...(I kind of liked how they always instill a message...Jalandhar saying that no man who harms a woman can be called Strong!! True true!! he is the biggest cowards alive!!!Clap

Vishnu Laxmi Brahmaji and Narad are watching the live telecast of this wholesome bad news for Indra and Laxmiji says that everyone has to face the consequences of their deeds (Hmmm Women power Tongue)

Parvati and Ganesh enter Kashi...(Parvati is  actually shown to be very jauntily walking...seems like Sonarika is truly enjoying her avatar without the saree for few days nowLOL) the mother son duo cross the path of ...YIKESSS ...L ook who is here!! DAkshaDay Dreaming and Prasuti...Ganesh sees them and drags her mother to them...PRasuti and Daksha get happy to see Parvati but PArvati says that she doesnot recognize them...Daksh tells her that they are her parents but PArvati refutes saying that she is the daughter of Himalaya and Maina...she tells them that her guru has sent her over here to know her true identity,...

Ganesh comes forward lets both of them know the real truth and tells them to join the plan ...of helping her mother out...Whilst PArvati notices the Shivlinga and the Shakti peeth...she asks what temple is this...Prasuti cleverly answers that this is the mandir of Ma Aadishakti...PArvati goes over and touches the Shakti peeth and gets all kinds of Flashbacks of Sati Avatar and gets more confused...she thinks that she had come here for answers and now she has got more questions ...(She will ask her were supposed to give me the answersheet and you handed me the supplementary question bookOuchLOL This is OUT OF course!!!)

Jalandhar on the riverside having flashbacks of Indra and his mother's death...

Indra and his cronies moving around when Airavata starts panicking...Indra wonders what is Airavata telling him (He is telling him gadhe...teri band bajane wali hai ...Meri pith pe se niche utar!!!!)
Just then Jalandhar enters...and Indra's cronies start to back out/...(By the way who were they?? they certainly did not look like Devtas and APsaraasDead) Jalandhar closes in and Indra's cronies flee ROFL (what was that...and Indra was calling THEM cowards...saying that you should not leave your King like this...true are the KING OF COWARDSAngryAngry)

Jalandhar gets more blue and Indra recognizes him as the ansh of Mahadev and thinks of fleeing away himself...Dead

Brahmadev telling Vishnu that Vishnu has taken avatars to destroy Aasuri Shaktis, but this time the leader of Asuri Shakti is the ansh of Mahadev whom neither Brahmadev nor Vishnu can destroy, so what is the optionShockedConfused(How difficult is that??? if it is neither of you, how many options you have left, Brahmadev?ConfusedLOL If 1,2,3 are the only suspects of a murder and if neither one has done is and niether two...then what is left ??*bangs her head*Ouch)
Indra and Jalandhar go on staring at each other for few more minutes...with Jalandhar's eyes turning blue and blue!! (Arrey bhai ye nain matakka bandha karo aur yuddha karoDeadLOL)

Indra's wifey is watching the whole drama from the window (Wondering who is so lovingly and adoringly having an eye lock with her hubby dearestShockedLOL)
Brahmadev, Vishnu Laxmi and Naradji ...watching the live telecast are happy that Airavat has not only recognized the shiv tatva in Jalandhar but also bowed down to it...

Jalandhar jumps on Airavat and catches Indra by throat...he strangles him (as his wifey dear watches the whole drama...without even shreiking Confused as if this whole drama was a daily routineLOL No wonder if Indra is your husband you must be used to random people coming and trying to throttle himLOL)
Jalandhar throws him down and says that he wants to kill Indra but he will do it where everybody will witness it...Laxmiji applauds this action and says that any Devta who has lost his Aishwarya cannot ride Airavata...

Parvati is running with Ganesh trying to catch up with her (Poor guy is almost trotting behind her...and she is running like a super fast Rajdhaani...) Himavan appears and tells her that she is in grave danger and that they need to get out of the place...Parvati follows him leaving a very worried Ganesh who gets petrified that he has again lost his mother...(pappa toh band bajaye!! Ganubhai must be scared ke what will happen when his pappa will come to know...)
He calls for his father who informs him that his mother is in grave danger...

Himavan takes PArvati to a cave and we come to know that he is no Himavan but Vidal along with Utpal and Parvati is again kidnapped...(Arrey bhai itni saare kidnapping toh CID mein bhi nahi hueyOuchLOL)

Jalandhar comes back with Airavata at his side and Shukracharya gets happy shappy and announces him to be the king and tells that he doesnot want to impose the decision and anyone who is not agreeable with his decision can get into a duel with Jalandhar (HAHAHAH that is one clever ploy...Maut ke muh mein kaun haath daalegaOuchLOL

UGrasur ( whose Cap designer cheated him and gave him the worst looking headgear ever!) comes forward and says that the one who is not even Asur how can he be Asur Raj...Another Danav (Whose hair dresser has toppled the bottle of straightener on his hair...) says that Ugrasur is very powerful...nobody can beat him...

Parvati is scared ...Vidal tells him that his  bro was also scared (he must have seen you first thing in the morning, Vidal!)  when he was thrown in the air like a ball because of you (hmmm so why did he enter the IPL cricket is a good thing that Chritian Gayle did not lay hands on him...Warna he would have been a meteor by nowTongue)

Ganesh comes and kills all the guards outside the cave...Mahadev comes and tells him that it has to be Parvati who can kill Vidal and Utpal as only a woman can kill he needs to help her...but he cannot use his powers for the same ...(Ganesh is like ...not use the powers?? then what will I do inside?? play dandiya with them?OuchLOL)

On this side...Ugrasura makes allegations on Jalandhar who gets angrier but then remembers Shukracharya's words about anger and its he keeps mum...Shukracharya asks Ugrasur whether he challenges Jalandhar (haan toh abhi tak wahi toh kar raha tha...Aap bhi na GurudevLOL) UgrasUR says yes and Jalandhar accepts the challenge...Shukracharya announces the duel!

At Udpal and Vidal's..Ganesh tries to fight them without his shakti and gets thrown off by Vidal...Parvati sees this and has flashbacks of Ganesh and his head being cut...she gets angry ...Utpal and Vidal know something is wrong so they panic...

On this side...Ugrasur tries to cheat in the duel...but Jalandhar heals himselfConfused and then throws Ugrasur off...he then questions the rest of the Asurs with they have any problem with a Mermaid's son being the king of Asurs...nobody has any objections (Kiski maut ayi hai jo aisa kaheTongue) they all hail him to be the king...

On the other side Parvati gets super duper angry and throws a stone at both the Asurs which splits into two bombs and kill both of the Asurs (This is called killing two birds...err I mean Asurs with one stoneROFL) Ganesh is happy shappy and calls out MA...Parvati looks at him and then suddenly faints and falls...

Precap : Jalandhar being crowned the King...on this side Mahadev has Parvati unconscious in his arms and is telling Ganesh that his mother will get her powers with Yoga Shakti and for this they need to take her to Rishi Dadhichi's Ashram...

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 Mahadev is Mahadev foreverStar

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Uhm! He should have borrowed one Submarine then..ROFL Anyway, SrushtiG Thanks In Advance for The WUBig smile


Ohh, It was Drought then.. How about AeroPlaneCool.
DKDM is on Gaming Fever, isliye Toh one by one Team Match ho raha hain.. See even Devi Parvati too By those two Stones.. Have them Bold out!..Ipl feverROFL and Regarding the Running behind Devi, it was one Marathone you KnowLOL. And In Indra Lok That was one WWE match with Under-Taker V/S ..emm kisiko choose karlo to Resemble indradev! Last mein Grand title toh UT ko hi Denge..ROFL
We Got our DakshaJi Back.. Here Just Imagine what will happen, If by hearing her Amnesia Daksha was shown Planning to Plot something against MahaDev to get revenge upon That Goat Head!Evil Smile ..God save them, I was Kidding..ROFL
Okay, Enough of Joking-ShockingLOL Toh back To the Topic.. I know to Make we viewers happy with Adi-Shakti's strong potray, They've again Showed her Motherly instinct for The Reason of Her Power! But, Atleast they've Showed her PowerFul side again. And i think That was one Good Thing about This MahaEpisode. And Jalandhar.. This one Truly Rocked! (Mostly Because, DevRaj ke Throne se kar diya unhe Banbas karne pe Majboor!Cool) And MahaDev was Toh as usual Great plus Don't Forget about Ganesha.. Bappa Just Fantabulous! Where at ME everything was almost Perfect there, I've Missed Karthikeya.. As Truly he was One Rockstar along With Whole Shiva-Family member.
Now.. Overall as I've said, Yeah It was one Almost Perfect Epi. And If we cut down That scene where Devi was Shown to regain her power to save her son, then It's The Perfect Epi. Well, about regaining power to save her scene.. That one Though Justified Her Jagat Mata potrayal and That one Was Good.. But, showing her Constantly Only doing Asura sanhar for her childs.. That seriously is Not really Good.
Anyway, This ME surely was a Great one!Thumbs Up
also Again Thanks for the WUBig smile

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thanx in advance shrushti..looking forward to ur humorous take on the episode..

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Srushti I love your humorous comment, looking forward to your write up.

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Three new characters - Vidal, Utpal and Ugrasura?  Yippeee - more members for the LPL. Dancing  Ugrasura looked like some Norse god who somehow lost his way out of Scandinavia and somehow landed on a beach where the asuras were camping.

I'll first get the Parvati part out of the way.  Honestly, I'm sick of their trying to drag back Daksha & Prashuti - honestly, we've seen enough of them - their story is OVER!!!  Then, bringing in Utpal and Vidal - and stating that only a woman can kill them.  Since they didn't stipulate that it had to be Adi Shakti, Mahadev could have even borrowed Asokasundari from her sasural, had her kill them and save Parvati.  Instead, the ridiculous image of Parvati gaining her power only when she sees her sons in danger Confused

Now, to the Jalandhar track, I was disappointed - I had hoped to see him take full revenge on Indra, instead of deferring it for a full house.  Also, they showed Sachi, and I was thinking - this is who Nahusha went after, forgetting about his beautiful wife Asokasundari?  Asokasundari looks really beautiful, whereas Sachi looked like a mortician.

And the conference b/w Brahma, Vishnu, Lakshmi & Narada is getting boring, particularly given that Vishnu & Narada always acquiesced in the evil deeds of the devas.  In this story too, there was no reason for Narada to instigate Jalandhar to stalk Parvati - although Jalandhar too should have had the sense not to do it.

So the first negative trait of Jalandhar was shown today - he's reasonably power hungry, or else, in the interests of asura unity, he may just as well have offered Ugrasura or anyone else who wanted it the asura throne.  Oh, well, I don't mind seeing him rise to power.

Anyway, can't wait to see how Jalandhar's track unfolds.

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Thanks for the update

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Shrushti i just love love ur wu
i wait for me coz of u:-)
omg ur cheer leader ,conditionar wala joke and airvat voice over was too good!
I bow down to ur talent.
Kash tum har show ka har din wu likh pati
than i would never ever watch tv!

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