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Arshi SS- Recalling love..Ch.4 & 5 Page 7 Updated (Page 7)

sarunsashasingh IF-Sizzlerz

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Very interesting story.

So basically aashi is Arnav n Khushis daughter.

And Khushi has lost her memory due to a horrifying incident which I think is RAPE or ATTEMPT TO RAPE BY SHYAM. Shocked

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kiara86 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by sondaryalakshmi

Very interesting story.

So basically aashi is Arnav n Khushis daughter.

And Khushi has lost her memory due to a horrifying incident which I think is RAPE or ATTEMPT TO RAPE BY SHYAM. Shocked

Thank you..

Oh no no.. Khushi has not been raped. I cannot make Khushi suffer so badly. I love Khushi...but her present condition is necessary for the story. 

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.aarnav IF-Rockerz

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so sad for khuhi yaar

grt update

looking forward to nxy chapter


update soon

thanks for pm

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kiara86 IF-Dazzler

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Sorry (to whoever is still reading this storyLOL) for the late updateTongue I got lazy

Chapter 4:  And it rains...



"Take care of my baby little Khushi"

"Mr Raizada. I think we found her"


Mr. Raizada. I think we found her.

Arnav ran like never before. He jumped into the police van and off they went to the location where they had seen her.

5 minutes later at the eatery.

Owner: She came here last night. We recognized her immediately.


"Arnav, do you know there is an eatery around here? Buy a dish and get a phone call free"

"You look like newly wed couple. I shall open the honeymoon suite for you"

"How dare you do this. Stoop so low. Before morning, get out of here. I don't care how you go, just go"

"I am sorry Khushi. I am so sorry"

End of flashback

The owner of the eatery took them to her. His Khushi.

Owner:  "What happened dear? She came to us yesterday night. Such a sweet girl she is. She is staying in the suite... Did you fight? She did not look well...

Arnav: What? She was not well? Did you call a doctor?

Owner: No. We did ask her though. She just said it is a slight headache.

Arnav: Just take me to her, please.

His voice held such anguish, there was no further room for any conversation.

And he saw her. Sprawled on the floor. Unconcious. His heart was beating. Fast,fast,fast. The worst thoughts clouded his mind that he did not care who was around him. And he shouted.


Ran to her.

"Call the doctor. NOW"

He took her in his arms and was patting her cheeks slightly.

"Khushi, please wake up. Khushi please wake up..." he kept on whispering.

The doctors arrived in less than ten minutes.

Arnav was still fixed on the same spot, refusing to let go. Tears marked his cheeks. He did not care. Today he only cared, for Khushi.

Doctor: Mr. Raizada, let me attend to her. Please move away.

Arnav: No. No. No. I am not going anywhere. Do you hear me? I am not going. She will stay here, in my arms.

Doctor: Stop wasting our time. You are putting her life in danger. Understand. Now move.

Arnav: Check her while she sleeps in my arms. See, she is so peaceful. She is fine here...just do it.

Arnav was not in his right mind after seeing her in this state. The doctors gave up. He was devastated. Broken completely.

Doctors: Stay still.

And they did their check up in that position.

Doctors:  She seems to be fine. Pulse normal. Temperature normal. She is unconscious. Will be up in some minutes. Everyone, clear the area and let some air in. Mr. Raizada, put her on the bed and let her rest. We are giving her a glucose drip. She is weak.

Arnav: Khushi...wake up...for me...for Aashi...

 Doctor: Mr. Raizada, why are you acting so selfishly? Your wife needs to rest. Put her on the bed right NOW!

Arnav: Oh oh oh..yes yes...I will carry know she is very light...She loved it when I carry her and spin her and...ok here, Khushi, sleep on the bed.

Arnav was not selfish. Arnav was not mad. Arnav was just a lover. A devastated lover.

The doctors gave her glucose drip.

Doctor: Ok Mr. Raizada, we are waiting outside. Call us immediately she wakes up. And make it immediately. Do I make myself clear?

Arnav: Yes. I will watch her only.

The doctors go out.  Arnav sits on the bed by her side.


Khushi has a fever due to sleeping out in the cold without a blanket. All because of Arnav.

Arnav was taking care of her.

Arnav gives her milk and medicine, puts her to sleep and is sitting by her side until she is fine.

Flashback ends.

Arnav holds her hand, the one without the drip.

My lovely angel, I recall our last time here

I was a beast then, you my beauty

I loved you then, I love you now

I wish I could reverse all the misdeeds

I wish you would remember me, your Arnav

Your Arnav, not the beast

My beauty, your beast has changed

For you, by you, with you

Come back Angel

He came close and placed a chaste kiss on her forehead. The closest he has gotten in the three nightmare bound months.

And Khushi opened her eyes.

Her eyes flicker open. She saw someone by her side. With tears in his eyes. His cheeks marked by dried up tears. She knew him. Has always known him.

Arnav was very nervous. He did not know of her reaction. What if she relapses? What if she fails to recognize him completely?

Khushi was numb. She kept on looking at him. His eyes. His eyes always mesmerized her. What did his eyes hold that had the power to pull her out of the worst nightmares?

Arnav kept on staring at his beauty who was looking at him without any expression on her face. His heart started beating very fast.

My angel, please don't do this

Look into my eyes.

Love it holds for you.

Only you.

One chance, I will correct everything.

Please look into my eyes.

As if on cue, Khushi's eyes blinked.

And Arnav broke from the stance.

Arnav: Doctor!!

The doctors were waiting patiently when they heard his voice.

They barged in immediately and Khushi broke the eyelock and looked at the doctors.

Doctor: Khushi, how are you feeling?

They asked as they checked her.

 Khushi: I am fine. Tired that's it.

Doctor: Do you remember what happened?


Doctor: Khushi, do you know who this man is?

They asked pointing at Arnav.


Doctor: Khushi dear, we don't want to pressure you. If you are well right now, we want you to rest for some time.

Khushi was not suffering from any physical ailment. Mental ailment she had. A memory loss she had. No medicine can cure that. A fickle mind needs love only. And care.

Doctor: Please take some rest. We will leave you with the nurse in case you need help.

Arnav's world was shattering. His heart was breaking again into a million pieces. It took him all the effort in the world to stand up and start leaving.

My angel, please look at me..

Its Arnav...your laad governer.

Our Aashi's papa...

Please don't forget me, again...

The doctors were at the door and Arnav was following them. A last glance he gave Khushi.

She looked at him.

He looked at her.

He was about to close the door when,

Khushi: Arnav...

The clouds that held back the rain for so many days finally poured.

And it rained.


Moments together with Arnav and Khushi.


Ok so I am not an expert when it comes to medical attention etc. This is the best I could get to.

So the suspense as to what happened is not yet out. It will be eventually but slowly. I don't want to break it out at once.

So yes Arnav and Khushi have a baby

They are married

And most of all, Khushi knows that she suffers from a memory loss, hence the dialogue at the start

What happens when all that you can remember is the bitter moments you have spent with someone you once loved?

This was for Khushi. She only remembers the bitter moments.

What happens when that someone is head over heels in love with you?

Arnav. Need I say more?

What happens when your heart wants to go to him, reciprocate his love but cannot?

Again for Khushi. As you must have read, her heart and mind are battling it out.

What happens when life takes you to a dark corner which you have never wanted to face in your life, Ever!

All the current incidents are taking Arnav back to the days when he mistreated Khushi. He likes it or not. He has to go back to redeem himself.

And the story is not all about Khushi suffering. Both are suffering but the journey has to be completed. Sacrifices are made. A baby is left alone. Redemption is never easy!

Part 5 will be updated today. 

Let me know if I need to continue.



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kiara86 IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 5: In your arms.



He was about to close the door when,

Khushi: Arnav...

The clouds that held back the rain for so many days finally poured.

And it rained.

Arnav froze on the spot. He did not believe his ears. He did not want to turn around. Lest his be a dream, he would die.

Khushi: Arnav...come here...

And Arnav turned.

Their eyes met.

His eyes held tears. Maybe tears of joy. And a smile adorned his lips. A small one. A hasty, unsure one.

Her eyes.




Arnav: me?

He whispered. And waited. He did not want to hear the answer. But he wanted to hear the answer.

Khushi: Yes Arnav. I remember you. Laad governor.

Khushi pouted. Yes she did. Sanka devi was resurfacing.

And in months, Arnav laughed. Laughed really hard.  Held his stomach. Laughed until he started crying. How he missed this name.

Khushi looked on. To the man who looked like a child when he laughed. And yet the man who was a monster . The man who hurt her. Insulted her. Doubted her.  Above all the man her heart loved. Despite all his flaws.


Why does my heart love you?

All I remember is the deceit,

All I remember is the pain you gave me

All I remember is your bitter words

Then why does my heart still feel for you?

My heart, please answer me...

Dear Khushi, I am Arnav. Your heart.

He was still standing there. Happy, laughing and yet crying.

Khushi smiled. Tears started forming in her eyes.

And she cried. For the first time in three months, she let her tears out in front of him. And she no longer cared. She did not want to hold back today. Only wanted to do what her heart told her to.

It was raining heavily outside. The nurse looked on with a smile on her face. She had never heard of such a love before. Forget having to witness it. She left the room quietly. Confident that the man in love will take care of his lady. Better than a doctor could ever do.

Khushi held out her hand. Beckoning him to come near.

He took slow steps.  Happy but afraid. His eyes never left hers.

Her hand was still held out to him.

He stood near her bed. Held out his hand slowly, shakily. Fingers touching fingers. His palm meeting hers. And finally fingers intertwined.

He crashed himself on her and hugged her tight. And cried. Cried on her shoulder.

Arnav: I thought I lost you. I was so scared.

Khushi hugged him back slowly comforting him.

How ironic it was. Comfort from someone who needed help. Strength from someone who was still weak.

Love it is.

Khushi:  I am fine Arnav...I am fine...

Arnav was still hugging her. Nodding his head against the crook of her neck.

Arnav: I was so scared...

Khushi: Shh...stop crying please...please Arnav.

Arnav: You are also crying.

Khushi left out a chuckle.

Khushi: Ok now I am not crying ok? Please stop crying and look at me.

Arnav slowly broke the hug and faced Khushi. Head still lowered.

They were still holding hands.

Khushi looked at Arnav. He was so vulnerable. So broken. A man always in charge, totally shattered.

Khushi: Arnav...look at me.

She whispered.

Arnav shook his head in the negative.

Khushi brought her free hand to his face and lifted it with her nimble fingers by his stubborn chin.

Khushi: Look at me and tell me what you see...

He stared on. Arnav always had a tendency to fall short of words especially when he was looking at Khushi. It was a norm and he promised not to break it.

She spoke again.

K: Look at me and tell me if I am ok...

A: Khushi...I...I...Sorry, so so sorry...

Khushi was silent.

He hugged her again. Lightly this time. She brought her hand to his hair and stroked his hair lightly. All the while their eyes closed.

They stayed like that for what seemed like ages.

Phone call.

It broke the silence.

Arnav did not respond.

Khushi opened her eyes.

K: Arnav, your phone...

A: I don't care...

K: Take it please.

Arnav never ignored what Khushi told him. He was an obedient husband. Not henpecked. But for a wife so lovely and caring as Khushi, he was the Arnav no one ever saw. Not even his sister.

Arnav answered the call.

A: Yes Di. Found her...hmm...I will talk to you later...take care of Aashi...bye...


K: How is she?

A: Fine...

How he wished to hear the baby voice of his kid...but he had to refrain...not now he told himself...

He was avoiding her gaze. Fearing some questions now that she was responding well.

K: Arnav, Di was expecting wasn't she? Did she...I mean is there a little one? I heard you say Aashi. Is that her daughter? How old is she?

Arnav did not know what to say. He had to tell her about Aashi. But tremendous shocks would hamper her health. The doctors did not give a nod to this. Yet.

A: Khushi, yes Di is fine. She lost the baby...Aashi is not hers.

K: What?? How?

She was shocked. Life indeed was cruel. Khushi had to go through the shock again. Only if she knew Aashi is hers and Arnav's...Only if she remembered what she had been through...

And he answered.

A: Shyam.

And Khushi did not ask any further questions. She averted her gaze from Arnav and looked at the door.

Arnav was observing her. He never wanted to mention his name. But...His thoughts were interrupted as Khushi spoke.

K: Arnav...hug me please...

She was crying.

Arnav could not bear to see Khushi this broken again. So insecure. Moments ago she was at least smiling. Mentioning his name made the situation dense.

Without a second thought, he rushed to her side and hugged her. This time her head held close to his chest as she cried on. Clutching his shirt so tight, crumpling it.

A:'s ok. I am don't have to be scared.

He was stroking her hair lovingly as she cried on. He let her cry. Sometimes the only medicine is tears. Cry it all away.

Moments passed and when Arnav looked at Khushi, she had fallen asleep.

He slowly brought his hand to her face and stroked her cheeks. Tenderly. Lovingly. He held her sleeping face and kissed her red nose. How he loved teasing her about her red nose. He smiled slightly as he remembered the red nose moments.

Putting her to bed and covering her with a blanket he slowly got up and went out. The doctors were still there standing in the veranda. He told them everything.

Doctor: Mr. Raizada, that is very good. She has not relapsed. We can all heave a sigh of relief. Do not push her. Let her talk to you but you should not ask her questions. Let her get it out of her. Her hatred and bitterness. Her feelings. And she will be on the path of fast recovery.

A: Thank you doctor. I have a question...when she wakes up, can I take her out for a walk?

Doctor: Yes you can. She is weak but not so weak. A walk of twenty minutes or so will be ok. And make sure she has her medicines.

A: Thank you doctor.

And he smiled. The doctors never saw a smiling Arnav. And it was indeed a delight for them.

Doctor: Ok go back to her and give us a call in case of anything.

A: Sure. Bye.

Arnav went back to Khushi's room. The eatery owner saw all this and was a bit emotional. He missed his wife. The last time this couple came here, his wife was with him until he lost her in an accident. He loved this young couple.

Knock knock.

A: Come in.

The owner steps in (addressed, kaka henceforth).

A: Kaka, you? You should have called me, I would have come up to you. Why did you have to walk so much?

Kaka: My dear son, need you not worry. I love the rain. Walking as it rains... I am fine. How is she now?

A: Better. She just went to sleep.

Kaka: Can I bring some food to you? It is almost lunch time now.

A: Not now kaka, when Khushi wakes up, I shall bring her there. We will feast then.

He said smilingly.

Kaka: Ok as you say. Take care of her and God bless you.

He left the young couple alone.

Arnav was still sitting by Khushi's side. Khushi's pillow was not comfortable. Khushi never used pillows. She liked sleeping in his arms. Hence she was frowning in her sleep.

Arnav was contemplating whether to take her in his arms so she can sleep well. But fear gripped him. What if she does not like it?

He was still thinking when Khushi turned and put her head on his chest. Arnav was shocked. He did not move. She held him by his waist as she slept on, smilingly.


K: Arnav stop reading already. Sleep now. My pillow is not nice.

She loved pouting. The sweet drama queen that she always was.

Arnav was smiling, still reading.

And the next thing he knows, Khushi has brought her head on his chest and hugged him by the waist.

K: Good night Arnav.

A: Good night Khushi.

And kissed her hair.

And this became a routine in their lives.

Flashback ends

Arnav smiled looking at his cute wife. He missed her antics. Today was a good day. His wife was resurfacing. But for how long? Maybe this was an emotional moment for her. What if she is cold towards him again?

Arnav pushed these thoughts aside and decided to live the moment.

He kissed her hair as he always used to and hugged her back. He did not know when he drifted to sleep.

And they slept peacefully after months.

At shantivan.

Aashi had started teething and was cranky. Anjali was trying her best to take care of her.

Anjali: Aashi dear, see bua is here..

Aashi is still cranky and in need of her mothers' lap and warmth.

Anjali : Beta, your mumma will be with you soon. Papa will bring her...

A lone tear escapes her eyes as she remembers the cruel incident.

Precap: Arnav and Khushi at the eatery and more of Arnav and Khushi...A glimpse into the past. 



Ok here goes chapter 5. Let me know how you liked it/ did not like it.

I will be busy preparing for exams so my update will be on this weekend. (Probably). Will update after 12 June 2013 (If anyone is interested that isWink)

Ok thank you everyone for liking this story and for commenting and the views too...

Silent readers- please drop a commentEmbarrassed It surely encourages...



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i always want this concept

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ameena671 IF-Sizzlerz

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wow amazing updates loved them thank you for pm.
Downhill IF-Addictz

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simply fabulous.loved it

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