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Arshi SS- Recalling love..Ch.4 & 5 Page 7 Updated (Page 4)

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Wow.very interesting.waiting for the update

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sounds fab

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I made a new banner. 

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Chapter 2 below.

I don't know if you guys will like it really..

But thank you in advance if you reach to the end of it...

Sorry for the typos...

It is so difficult to weave a story I have just realized..

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"The couple takes the first step and promises that they will take care of each other and pray for abundant blessings and prosperity in their life..."


CH 2 - Deceptive eyes


My angel, I will wipe away all your tears.

I will give you all the happiness you have always deserved.

I will get in.


I hate you.

I will never let you in.

I will never give you the chance to repent.

A new day tomorrow, I shall try again, Khushi.

Try all that you can, Arnav.

The night sets in...the sky darkening ...all traces of chirping birds fade as the darkness takes over..

A lone tear escaped her eyes as she closed the door on him. She had to do this, not for her but for him.

Why do I feel pain as I do this to you?

Why can I not feel the satisfaction by hurting you?

Walking to the kitchen, she gets her dinner. She sits at the table and looks outside. The darkness has finally taken over. Just like it did to her. There is nothing as sad as the night she thinks.

There is nothing as sad as the night...or so she thinks...


Across her cottage stood a lonely and broken Arnav. Mind blank, eyes misty, looking at the stars he went back a few months ago...



" For when you will realise Devi Maya had destined all that has happened, I will not be there"

" I will slip away as the sand slips away..and you will never find me..ever"

"A gar aap nahi hote to humari zindagi me pyar kaise aata"

Flashback ends

He walks back inside. Walking to his kitchen. As he cooked his food, he wondered if Khushi  had taken her medicine. ...

I must ask her...

Khushi on the other hand kept on staring at the night, not realising that her food had gone cold...A knock on the door brought her back...

"Oh darn, the food is cold"


As she opens the door, she finds a pair of brown eyes looking at her with such care..

"Khushi, did you have your medicine"

"Not yet. I haven't had my dinner"

"Why are you here"

"What the! How can you be so.."

"Come in Arnav"


Khushi was surprised by her own words. Moments ago she had sworn to herself that she will not let him do what he wants to and now...she brushed her thoughts away. Asking him to come in means nothing. Being near him means nothing.

 "I said come in"


"Ok fine. Goodnight."

"No. No. I am coming"

He stepped in. A beautiful smile he held thus.

Her cottage was nothing like his. It felt felt like home. After all home is where the heart is. His heart is Khushi. That was a truth held by the stars and the sky.

"You have a beautiful home"

"I often wonder if you know what home means" she said. A sense of bitterness Arnav felt.

"I know"

"Let me remind you. Money cannot buy a home"

"I know"

"And I am not one of those girls you are fond of describing"

"I know"

"Then why did you do that? Think so lowly of me"


" You have no answer, do you"


She looked at him. He looked at her. She looked hurt. He looked broken.  Her eyes held questions. His eyes held answers.

Look not at me Arnav

Your gaze pierces my soul

No longer do I want to feel your love

No longer do I want to hear your answers

She kept on looking at him. Her eyes getting misty by the second.

He looked on, not blinking...

My angel, I can look at you forever and not get tired

For your eyes tell me that love you hold locked

Your unshed tears tell me of your pain

Your questions pierce my soul my angel

If only you would let me,

I would take away all your question

I would wipe away all your tears

If only...

A tear escapes her eyes.

Arnav breaks eye contact. His eyes follow her tear.

He raises his hand to her face...


"Stay away"

"Please...dont cry Khushi...waste not your tears on me"

"Dont give yourself that much of importance Arnav"

"Then why are you crying"


" I am hungry" She walks away to the kitchen and settles down on her chair.

"Come sit"

Arnav walks over and sits next to her.

She eats her food slowly. He looks at her.

My angel, you are so beautiful.

Think not my praise as outwardly

For I say you are beautiful

Your soul has touched me

Let go I shall not this soul yours

I be damned if I do so

For without your soul, love ceases

For without love, our existence ceases

Happen that I shall not allow

Something good must have I done

For I still have you close by me

"Did you have your food? And medicine?"

"Yes I did"


She finishes her food and walks over to the sink.

Just as she starts washing the plates, he gets up and rushes to her.

"Let me"

"What for"

He speaks not a word. Holding her hand firm in his, he directs her to the couch by the window.

"Sit. And take your medicine"

"You like forcing me don't you?"

Arnav sensed her sarcasm. Nothing he said.

"Just sit and let me help you"

His unspoken hidden words did not go un noticed by Khushi.

He walks back to the sink and starts washing the plates. Washing plates seemed like an interesting job after all. Well by looking at Arnav staring at the plates so intently, it is only safe to say that washing plates must be interesting.

Khushi on the other had got her medicine and took it. She kept on looking at the man in front of her.

What are you?

Why do you not listen?

Why do you want to help me?

Why can I not stop you from doing all this?

Are you my savior?

Are you my fallen angel?

Can you get me out of my misery?

For caged I feel suffocated.

Oh Arnav, why is it hard to hate you!

But I hate you.  I do.

Yes I do.

In the mean time, Arnav has done the dishes and sat down on the floor just beside her feet.

"Why did you let me in"

"It was cold outside"

"It is cold everyday Khushi"

"Yes. I know that Arnav"

"You did not answer my question"

"You are not in a position to ask questions Arnav"

"I don't care"

"I don't care either"

"What about? The question,"

Khushi looked at him again. His eyes...

Why do your eyes hold power over me

Why do your eyes tell me what you don't

Why do I get carried away...almost..

Carried away I must not.

For answers I seek for my broken soul

Answers I seek for my broken trust

Answers I seek for lost love...

"Its late. You should leave"

"Not before I get my answer"

"There is nothing I have to say"

"So can I say you care...about me"

"Go Arnav"


"I said leave"

As she tries to get up, he holds her by the shoulder and forces her to sit, though gently.

"Look at me"


"Just once"

His voice held such vulnerability that she could not stop herself from looking at him.

And she regretted it immediately.

His eyes were moist...and hopeful.

Arnav looked at her. Her eyes...she had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.

They stared at each other intently. He broke the eye lock...As he found his answer.

 "I will leave now"

"Huh?" She kept on looking at him

"I will leave now Khushi"

She broke from her trance.

"Ok Good night"


As he stepped out, he turned, had a look at her and said

"Thank you. For letting me in"


"In your house"

"Oh. Its ok..."

Just as she was about to lock the door, she remembered something.

She called out


He turns.


"Did you really have your dinner? And medicine?"

Arnav started looking sheepishly at all the places, save her.

"You did not!"

"Sorry" he piped.

"Have you cooked anything?"

" I have"

"Make sure you eat"

" I am not hungry , really Khushi"

Khushi gets irritated, for lies she dislikes. Excuses she loathes. But all along care she holds. For him. Convincing herself of her hatred of lies and excuses and ignoring the care her heart holds, she walks out, locks her cottage and walks to Arnav. In two large steps. Angry. Nose red. Eyes fiesty.

She drags him by the hand, enters his cottage, takes him to the kitchen and forces him to sit down.

Getting his plate out and a spoon. The utensils spoke of her anger.



Fine. Now eat.


Arnav smiles at her and eats his food.

"So you do care"

"I am just but human, unlike you!" she spat out

Arnav stopped eating.

"You are hurting me Khushi" he said, pain written all over his face.

Khushi felt her heart beating faster...she composed herself on time and looked on, not saying a word anymore. Arnav finished his dinner and she gave him his medicines.

Her fingers brushed his and they both looked up at the same time.

"Thank you Khushi"

"I must leave now."

As Khushi turned around, Arnav held her hand slowly and she turned back to see him looking downwards. Just holding her hand and looking downwards, nothing else...

They stood like that for a while...until...

"I am really really sorry Khushi..."

"Let me go"

"I cannot let you are all that I need"

"Knowing hate I cannot stop feeling for you?"


"Ok good night Khushi"

"Good night Arnav"

Khushi left. Gone back to her cottage. Arnav went to sit on his couch when his phone rang.

"Yes Di...I know I know...what can I do...hmm...yes, I am trying...dont worry about her, I am taking care of her...Di...I told you, I cannot tell Khushi about her...yes di, you too...tell her I love her and take care of her..ok bye Di..." as Arnav was talking to Anjali, he felt a lump in his throat...his life was a mess and he messed  up others as well "yeah di I am not crying ok...ok bye...take care of her...I will tell Khushi about her soon. I cannot risk it right now. No I cannot come back right now...Ok good night"

Arnav looked outside at the night..the darkness...the chilling cold...thinking of Khushi, darkness enveloped him. He fainted. On his couch. Alone, no one to take care of him.

On the other side, Khushi was feeling uneasy. First Arnav behaves all good to her. He says he loves her. She does not. She tries to hate him. She cannot. But she cannot also love him. After what she has gone through...

My heart, why do you let me not rest in peace

Dear heart, let me not think of Arnav...

Oh Khushi, how can you not think of Arnav,

Arnav is your heart and your heart is Arnav.

Getting confused by the minute, Khushi decided it is time. To talk to Arnav and get her peace of mind.

She went back to his cottage. Knocked. No response. She gave a small push to the door and was a bit surprised to find it open.





She saw him. Sleeping. Or so she thought.

She went over and shook him by the shoulders.

No response.

"Wake up. I want to talk to you".

No response.

Arnav was a light sleeper and Khushi knew this too well. She panicked. 

She felt his forehead. It was burning.

"Oh God. Arnav...Arnav..." Khushi started rubbing his hands frantically. Tears brimming in her eyes on their own accord.

She ran over to the kitchen. Got water. Went back. Sprinkled on his face all the time uttering his name and rubbing his hands.

"Hhhuhh..." finally Arnav opened his eyes.

Without a second thought, she hugged him tight. And cried.

"I got so scared"

"Khushi...I am fine.." he thus spoke with his husky and a tad bit hoarse voice. He lifted his hand and stroked her hair. That is when Khushi realised what she has just done.

She plunged herself out of his embrace and without looking at him again, ran as fast as she could. From him.  From his love. From her deceptive heart.  

Arnav stood up slowly. Still in shock over what happened. After a while, a small smile crept up his face. His head hurt, but that would not help him from not smiling.

My angel, looking into your eyes I got my answer.

Care you do.

In your tears, love I saw.

Arnav had his confidence multiplied. Winning her back seemed no longer least that is what he thought.

Khushi ran inside her cottage. Plunged herself on her bed and cried her heart out. Sleep took over.

_------------------------------------a a a a a a a a a a a a a a-----------------------------------------------------_


He cares for her, for he proved it

By his show of concern

She cares for him, for she proved it

By her deceptive tears from the heart

A heart made a promise to itself

Forget it cannot him,

Hate it cannot him,

For it cannot hate itself.



"The couple takes the first step and promises that they will take care of each other and pray for abundant blessings and prosperity in their life..."


This is the first phera in a wedding...


They say destiny is undestined. What we do out of compulsions and norms set by the society is sometimes done by the heart when the feelings are true, be it all unknowingly. But the sky is the witness to it. The winds are the messengers and the trees stand strong come what may.




Is this the calm before the storm? For sometimes good times are indications of an impending disaster.


Or is this the onset of a new chapter in their lives? For bad times are the indications of onset of good times.

Was this a good time? Or a bad time?


Mean while at Shantivan


Anjali spoke.

He loves you.

He will come back.


Note to my few readers

If you are still reading this, you may have a few questions.

Why is khushi on medication.

Why are they in Nainital.

Who was Arnav talking about to Anjali.

How is Khushi's life going to get affected when she finds out about the other person.

What did Arnav do to push Khushi away.

All this will be revealed soon

The dialogues Arnav remembered are very important for understanding the plot.

" For when you will realise Devi Maya had destined all that has happened, I will not be there"

" I will slip away as the sand slips away..and you will never find me..ever"

"A gar aap nahi hote to humari zindagi me pyar kaise aata"






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Now unresing like Ron and with RontitudeWink, and read like sukhiBig smile

It was fantastic kiara buddy as I said earlier, it is poetic, so beautifully written. i am just loving it. Waiting eagerly for the update.

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I loved the update Kiara.  HeartYour style of writing is unique. Clap Poetry interspersed into the story.Star  Just wonderful.Thumbs Up  I had all those questions to ask you. Big smile.  Now that you've mentioned, I shall wait for the answers!!Smile

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