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Taarey & swaron ff 1st adventure-book of secrets (Page 16)

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Posted: 02 May 2013 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aditipandey.adi

srry 4 cmentng late .. 
bt i dnt think i wud b regular frm now .. so plz dnt stop 2 pm .. Cry
nw cmng 2 d update .. Smile

amzng prt .. Clap Thumbs Up
i luvd d update .. Heart
realy excytd 4 taani'z entry .. Big smile
update soon ... 
thank u 4 d pm ..  SmileSmile
1.hey pls no sorry n thanks 
n dont worry i wont stp pm ing u
thnx dear n glad u liked itSmile

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Originally posted by mehek_taareyluv

waiting for next update...
interesting huh!!
aapke paas to bohot gyaan hai kakkee...Tongue

thnx dear Smilen thoda gyaan h thoda google baba ki jaiBig smileLOL
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Originally posted by swatisingh2

omg,,,...bags if u have written it then  must sayy u deserve to be a writer it amazing yaar i knw romantic stories likhna is so easy but this mystery is lyke rocking its too difficult and i knw that since i hve wriiten many adventrous stories but ya bag ur starting was lyke wow...hats off. dear but me excited to see how u will mold the lovestory in a adventure

plz pm me aur plz jaldi update karna

aww thnx dear it really means a lot!!u have written advntrus stries ??awesm..pls send me those i would love to read them!!!thnx again...Smile
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Originally posted by vibhaaa

awesome update
really amazing
plz plz update soon
thnx dearSmile
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Posted: 02 May 2013 at 1:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Pari-luvstaarey was so amazing...its like a hollywud part plz
wow hollywood movie??Embarrassedm flattered..n thnx dearBig smile
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Posted: 02 May 2013 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by --coco--

Nice and different story ,wanna know what the govt. Is up to.
Swaron were cute and please continue soon.
Thank you for the pm.
thnx dear n in chap 3 u ll come to know wt govt is upto ...Smile
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Posted: 02 May 2013 at 1:04pm | IP Logged

Guys first of all m really very sorry for not updating n commenting on ur work as there was some prob with my net..

2.i m happy to inform you guys that i have got a job!!!Big smilemonday is my joining date!!!Big smileguess it ll become lil difficult for me to update from now..

and thank you for liking my workEmbarrassed

Chapter 2-unknown mystery & traitor!!


After two days..

Rey was walking towards the cave thinking about what  govt is hiding from them..n shareyam s convo with mr nair where he lied to their faces n denied the fact that the artifact is really very important then they tell it to be..he was lost in train of his thoughts ..he did not see a young beautiful girl standing there.(she was busy talking on phone).and he bumps into her..& is about to fall(well guys is baar kuch hatke hua..girl nahi giri) well rey is about to fall he  is looking down waiting to hit ground!!!

& b4 he could fall he felt a soft yet strong grip on his waist (I knw I  have gone bonkers !!!!)!!!he looks up to see a beautiful girl holding him safely..(you guys don't have to hit your head ..)he was lost in her beauty n innocence..she looked like some greek goddess straight out from some ancient painting standing in front of him to save him(yaaro rey ab archeologist hai kuch to aasar hoga hi na  history ka ) her pink lips had formed a smile..her eyes were hazel he felt like drowning in them ..she was saying something but to him her voice sounded like song of siren(aree!!! Aese mat dekho its not that bahada(horrible) sound wala siren!!siren frm mythical stories  & uff gussa mat ho I ment in a good way!! For those who don't know about sirens google baba ki jai!!).i.e irresistible  & attractive he cant hear anything apart from her voice..seeing rey lost like this girl shakes him..


Girl:hi!!!i know ki aap kuch deeply soch rhe ho but  do you mind??app bahut bhari ho!!!

Rey seeing in what position they are rey:ya ya!!! Stands straight..this whole scene is witnessed by swaron who are smirking naughtily..girl massages her aching arms..

Rey(nervously) sorry..hope its not paining much!!!

Girl(amiling at rey):hey don't be!!!ab itne handsome ladke ko baho mai lene ka chance kaise miss karti?(winking at him where in rey is shocked n looks at her with open mouth)

Girl:arey!!!!i was just kidding..chillax!!but abt that handsome wala part I was serious..(n smiles)

Rey hearing this compliment starts blushing like hell..when swaron comes n..

Sharon(wispers to rey n pinches him):ab aese hi blush karte rahoge ya kuch bologe bhi??

Rey:haan ya ya..then to girl:thnx btw I am reyaansh singhania

Girl:pleasure to meet you mr reyaansh singhania..heard a lot about you! Yess guys ur right girl is none other than taani..

Taani(extending her hand forward):BTW m taani taani desai..head of cryptography NSA.

Rey takes her hand ..the moment his hand touches her he feels a strong wave of chill pass thru his body..he feels electric  pulse pass thru his body..rey looking at her with a blank expression

Taani:um !aap ki madat karne ke liye mai yaha ayi hu…still rey s looking at her with a blank expression without blinking…

Taani:hello aap sun rahe hai??

Swayam shakes his head in disbelief n thinks "not again"

When mr arun khanna (in his 50 s)head of army enters n ..

So taani finally you're here!!

Taani(excited to see him):khanna uncle!!goes n hugs him!!kaise ho aap?

Arun:mai thik hu beta tum kaise ho kitni din baad dekh rha hu!!rishab (taani s dad) kaisa hai?aur kaha hai?

Here arun n rishab are good friends..

Taani:papa thik hai..wo peru gaye hai kaam se..

**************** ************** ********************* ***************

After some time taani s introduced to sharon n swayam..sharon n taani in few mins become best friends more like soul sisters..they feel like they know each other from so many years ..& trust other with their life..there is kind of invisible strange but strong bond..

Next day..taani s with rey swayam n sharon..

Taani:so kya hai is chest mai n aap log kuch specific artifact ko khoj rhe hai kya?

Sharon:yaar yahi to rona hai ki hume khud nahi pata ki hum kis cheez ke taalash mai hai..


Swayam:matlab ki inlogo ne hume bhi nahi batya ki kya hai is mai..govt is keeping it as secret..kisi ko yaha nhi pata ki kya hai ismai..sirf higher officials ko pata hai..infact yeh pura survey ek secret hai jiske bare mai sirf gine chune logo ko pata hai..

Taani:but aesa kya hai is  chest mai jo itna secretive tarike se kaam kar rhe hai ..ek artifact hi toh hai!!

Rey:nahi taani yeh koi mamuli artifact nahi hai..govt ke liye iska importance wo nahi hai joy eh hume baata rhe hai..they are hiding something from us(and rey explains her everything )

Taani:so hume is chest mai humare salwalo ka jawab milega?

Rey:I hope so ishi mai humare sawalo ka jawab ho!!

** ****** ******* *  ** **** *** * * * * * * * * *

Taani is working on the code on chest from past 4 days..when finally she decipher the code.

Taani(excitedly):rey!shar!swayam jaldi ao..

Shareyam rushes in taani s tent

Sharon:kya hua taanu!sab thik hai na?

Taani:guys maine code decode kar diya hai ..i gt how to unlock it!!

Rey:wt really ?

Taani:haan rey ..yaha aye yeh jo code diya hai yeh  sanskrit mai hai but inka meaning egyption langage mai nikalna hai..yani Sanskrit to ancitent egyption langauge

Sharon :matlab?

Rey:matlab Sanskrit ka vriksham(tree) banega  šnj ..aur in sab egyption words ke first letter ko ek saat jodu to milta hai ashtaavimshatihi yani 28 ,ekum(1),dasha(10),navadasha(19) ki sare sun ke  dates hai(according  to astrology ppl born on dates 1 10 19 & 28 ruled by sun ) oder mai jod do to ki

Taani:jo ki ek  circle form karta hai..

Rey:mandala(Sanskrit word for magical circle)taani you are genius (ok guys all these fact like sun ruling numbers are true!! They are kind of related to numerology astrology further details you know what to do!! & p.s 1101928 doenot form mandala or anything its just part of my imagination..)

Taani(pulling imaginary collar):janti hu!! Mai koi bhi code decrypt kar deti hu..after all m queen of cryptography!! And starts laughing while others join her

 After some time in mr nair s chamber …with some govt officials..

Rey observes the chest closely n notices craving forming a small faint circle..he slowly presses the circle..and the chest opens.

Rey is about to lift the lid when..

Mr Sharma(govt official in his 40 s):rey,taani,sharon,swayam we ll take care of this from here you may leave..

Rey:sir but! We..

Mr Sharma(angrily):no buts!!your work here is done you may leave..

Mr nair:jeeth(mr sharma s name) let them be here!!they have rights to know!!(taarey n swaron r shocked)

Mr sharma(angrily):their work is done !!and you know what orders we have got!!

Mr nair(yelling):I don't give a Damn about orders!yeh mera survey hai mai iska head hu jo mai bolunga wahi hoga!!

Mr sharma(in warning tone):higer officials ko yeh sab pasand nhi ayega..

Mr nair(dangerously):jeeth apni dhamki apne pass hi rakho!!i m not under you or your govt so mind it!!nahi to tum jante ho na ki kya hosaqta hai?so let these kids stay!!

Mr Sharma keeps quite n nods in approval.. he is angry & furious but he knows that he cant do any thing about it..

Mr nair:Good!!!rey pls open the chest..

Rey nods  all have gathered around rey ..& he open the lid of the soon as he opens the lid of chest a strange but sweet unknown fragrance fills the whole cabin its  sweetness kind of sooths every one s mind  body & soul they lost..except for taani & sharon..they are feeling restless as they feel like they know this fragrance ..they start seeing some kind of pictures(or clips) but very faint & hear some one laughing talking in strange language ..both clutch their heads when the  fragrance dissolves completely n air becomes clear..all come back to their senses..

Taani(confused her self):yeh mujhe ho kya rha tha.. aur khusboo kuch jani pechani lag rhi thi..aur wo kya dikh rha tha?wo awaz jani pehachni thi?? Kya sabhi ko aesa hi ho rha tha ya sirf mujhe?

Sharon(confused her self):wo khusboo kuch jani pehchani lag rhi tji..aur wo pictures wo kyat ha?yeh ho kya rha hai?

Both were lost in train of their thoughts when swayam:kaha khogayi tum dono?..

Both nods their head.. back to chest n rey..rey pulls out something wrapped in silk cloth carefully ..he slowly unwraps the cloth & finds a book..all are surprised to see the book it looked very ancient ..outer cover of book was clad in leather it had some symbols in golden paint on it..some thing was written on it.. rey blows the dust away and reads aloud.."panchabhuta"!?!? all are confused except mr Sharma who is look at rey with grim face!!..& rey sees chandrabhanu s sign  at a corner of the book

Thinking  jaha tak mai janta hu chanrabhanu ne toh kabhi is naam ki kitab nahi likhi toh yeh ??

He was about to open the book when some pages falls down from book

Mr nair:rey beta !!aj bahut  raat hogayi hai kal hum is book ko padhnge n waise bhi yeh book bahut care fully kholna padega pura book loose hogaya hai..kal dhyan se padenge

Rey:ok mr nair & care fully collects fallen pages & place them inside book & wraps it in silk cloth n keeps the book in camp s locker cabin!!(a huge cabin made as locker to keep their research work which is guarded by 50 commando s..the wall of cabin are made up of thick n strong iron wall..)

***  * *** ****************** ************* ******** ***** *****

Midnight when all are asleep..

A dark figure is talking on phone..his face is not visible as he is in pitch dark only outline of his body can be seen..

Man in dark :ab unko wo book mil gaya hai!!!jaldi unhe panchbhuta ka raaz pata chal jayega!!

Person from other side of phone:Boss to fir unhe mar de kya?

Man:nahi nahi abhi nahi wo charo muhje zinda cahiye..

Person:par kyun boss unka kaam hogaya na!!

Man:kyun ki abhi humari manzil bahut dur hai!!!hume unki zarurt hai us cheez ko hazil karne ke liye..jaise hi kaam khatam hum un charo ko mardenge..mai nahi cahta tha ki un charo ko is bare mai pata chale aur unko mar na pade..but becharo ki kismet hi kharab hai(and starts laughing evily)

After some time

Man:tum log ready raho jaldi hi tume waha jana padega hum loag jaldi hi waha ayenge!!jaise hi wo cheez hume milega ..hume  rey ,swayam,taani,sharon ko thikane lagana padega!!

Person:aur itne sare log n security unka kya?

Man:tum unlogo ka chinta mat karo mai wahi sirf in charo ko le kar aunga!!

**** *   **** **** **** *** *** ** ** ** * * * * * *********** ***

Next day..

Due to some technical problem rey was not able to read panchabhuta book!!! taani s tent

Taani was reading a book on astrology!! When shareyaam come n ..

Rey(mockingly):astrology?huh???tumhe kabse jootish vidhya par itna intrest agya ?

Taani(teasing):jab se rey naam ki musibat mere pale padi tabse!!

 & starts laughing..rey chases her around..while chasing her rey by mistake pushes sharon (who was standing)..sharon looses balance & falls on swayam who is standing next to her he catches her by her waist ..swayam also looses balance n both fall s down sharon on top of swayam ..a lock of hair keeps on falling on her face he brushes it from her face n tucks it behind her ears & rubs her cheek gently by his thumb  she shivers by his touch ..both are lost in each other eyes ..mean while with taarey..

Taani is running n rey holds her wrist n  pulls her back with such a force that she comes crashing to his chest..he holds her by her waist(taani feels ticklish but good ) and pulls her closer both are lost in each other..

Swaron are first to come out of their trance..n when they see taarey like this they go to them n coughs loudly..but still taarey are lost in each other..

Then swayam waves his hand infront of taarey..but still no response!!swaron are shocked n starts giggling..

Then sharon goes behind taani n swayam behind rey n they call their names still no response..swaron looks at each other n  winks..then they push taani & rey at same time..resulting taani & rey coming close n taani s lips accidently touch reys cheek ..both come out of their HHLL moment..swaron are giggling !!they see swaron their n breaks apart & looks some where else..taani is blushing like hell..rey still feels electric waves thru his body..when taani not able to control her growing & new developed feelings..goes away from there saying goto go!!n blushing..

While rey places his hand on his cheek n starts dreaming!!(sorry this is all I can write  in romantic scenes )

Swaron(starts singing):sparks fly when we are together n you cant deny the facts of life..u don't have to act like star ..u don't have to go back to your car..u know that we wont go far..coz tonight you got your kiss kiss!!!(kiss kiss song by holly valance but wit some diff)

Rey starts chasing them….

** ** ** ** ** *** ** * ** 

After the dinner.shani & reyaam(taarey are back to normal after a lil avoiding avoiding game..they are coping up with their new feelings)

Taani:gosh guys you know this book is awesm!!i didn't know astrology is so interesting..

Sharon:kaha se milla yeh book?

Taani:mr nair ne diya mujhe padne ko!!!pata hai yeh baki astrology ke books se alag hai!! All look at het with confused expression..

Taani:arey yah ape aese facts bole hai na  haar rashi n date of birth ke is book ke hisab se haar rashi day aur DOB ke hisab se haar insane mai koi na koi positive energy & power hoti hai..


Taani:itna hi nahi ismai yeh bhi kaha hai ki jo insaan full moon day ya no moon (amavas & poornima) ke din paida hota hai unmai bahut power hota hai n saat hi mai positive energy bhi..


Taani:haan !but tum bono aese kyun pooch rhe ho?

Rey:kyun ki mai poornima (full moon night ke din paida hua tha)

Shani are shocked

Swayam:aur mai amavas ke din!!but aj tak to mujhe koi power nhi mehsus huyi!!

Rey:mujhe bhi!!

Taani:aarey budhu is book mai power matlab purity of soul..yani ki tumhara tumhare evil side (jaise greed,lust,jealousy etc)ko apne ap pe havi nahi hone dena hai!!jaise ki tumhara body mind n soul tumhare dil ke control mai hai!!

*** ******* ******** ******  *            ***** * ** * * * ** * * * *  **


Panchabhuta s stry..govt s partial secret reveled(artifact reveled)..journey to a new place..

Ok guys m done with chapter 2 now hope it was not boring  & agar kisi ko koi bhi doubt ho ya confusion ho to pls feel free to ask(you can even pm me )..many of  u will be having so many questions in ur minds..

1.    taani n sharon s connection?abt fragrance & pictures?

Its kind of flash back!!ab kiska flash back hai n all That will be reveled in the next adventure ff if I dnt break your heads for this.. in dark ?

 Well he s the villan of our stry..who it is will be reveled in keep on guessing till then!!

3.astrology kaha se beech mai agayi?n amavas & poornima ka reyam se kya lena dena?

Bahut bada lena dena hai.. jo Jaldi hi pata chal jayega..

4.why is man in dark after taarey & swaron only??

Well a hint they are the keys to the artifact..kaise? wo jaldi hi pata chalega.










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