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lakraj80 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 May 2013 at 3:30pm | IP Logged
Amazing update! Loved it!

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AR-kash Goldie

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Posted: 04 May 2013 at 7:12am | IP Logged
just read the whole ff
loved it
arnav and khushi are soo good n cute couple
cont soon

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LoveYouChutki.. Goldie

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Posted: 04 May 2013 at 9:13am | IP Logged
Amazing update dear.. Loved it to the core.. :)

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warriorprincess IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2013 at 12:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Hetnjig

came across this story on Monday at work and you have me hooked...I just finished reading the last update and what an amazing story.

Love the concept, so interesting to see how their relationship has evolved...the best part is yet to come I can feel it now that will be rivals fighting for the same property.   cant wait to see what happens.

thank you for commenting and welcome to Masterclass Big smile


warriorprincess IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2013 at 12:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by dreamymaya

caught up with the last two chapters today...72 was hot and sizzling...

73--akash and payal, i love their challenge with words..lets wait and see how it will turn out..he he.. khushi vs arnav in business..i am waiting to see how he deals with it...

thank you Big smile
warriorprincess IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2013 at 12:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by esmeralda111

Awesome...just Awesome...ClapClapClap...I ve been reading FFs on this forum since April 2012...and encountered beautiful tales of Arhi...Smile...I ve been reading different recommendations on different sites for your FF but somehow I always selected some other FF...and now...I ve READ One GO...Smile...Loved it...Loved it...Tongue...U r one awesome splendid writer...n I love ur style...Keep Rocking Girl

first - welcome to Masterclass!! Great to have you on-board(better late than never like they say right LOL!)

I'm glad to hear you are enjoying the story, do keep in touch and don't become a stranger !

NainaBig smile

warriorprincess IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2013 at 12:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pixiegirl


Naina, you know I was getting bored a few days back & decided to read Masterclass all over again, just because I can never have enough of your amazing story... It is a guaranteed pick-me-up :) And it read it right from the start to about the chapter 68 or so, & didn't even bother checking the heading for your latest status... And that's when I sent you a scrap to update this story because it had been a while... And only a couple of days ago, I accidentally looked at the index for that thread & couldn't believe that you had added a new chapter and had also started a new thread & had updated 4/5 chapters without me knowing about it... Man, was I pissed at myself for having missed all the updates Cry So I am going to send you a buddy request, could you please PM your next updates, I really don't want to miss out on this amazing story yet again...

Hi Darling - thank you and I'm glad that you enjoy the story enough to want to re-read it. As for updates, I definitely have you on the PM list and you should be getting PM's from me when I update. I'm not sure what's going on with the system...Confused

What can I say, I was waiting to read how the newly wedded couple fared on their own, now that their family had made themselves scarce by taking off to Lukhnow & Sydney Wink I loved to see Khushi getting bolder, although, her "Cuter than cute" nightie really said otherwise... lol 
Btw, did she manage to buy more "grown-up" nighties or no?? Wink

I think Mrs Raizada is discovering that her husband wants her regardless of whether she's in a 'cuter than cute' tshirt or a salwaar kameez. Clothes are nothing but a technicality for our RAizada Sher LOLLOLLOL

Payal & Aakash are sizzling with so much sexual energy, they really need to do it or else they will be burning themselves up with all that heat they are generating... Wink
ha ha  - lets see how they handle this sizzling attraction... there's more to come. this is just the beginning! Embarrassed

Arnav & Khushi, man oh man, their office sexcapade was sizzling, it's a wonder that Mrs. J. didn't show up with a fire extinguisher... LOL I loved the way Arnav kept telling Khushi to stop looking at him "that way" while all the while he himself was doing the same Wink Those two can't have enough of one another... Embarrassed

You know, I've heard some people say that marriage is the end of attraction and romance for couple. That things get boring after you get married. That the magic disappears. I definitely didnt want this is to happen with Arnav-Khushi. This is the beginning for them and I want them to have the same pull for each other in 1 year, 10 years or 50 years. that magic should never disappear.

How come they were all alone in the house that day, (not that I am complaining mind you) where was HP??
Given that the entire family is away bechara HP decided to have a break too. Also dont forget that poor HP was sooo stressed out after Arnav had been looking for Khushi and kept hounding the Shantivan landline... bechara needs a night off to recover from Raizada's temper! LOL
Sexy ASR cooking shirtless wearing a low slung track pant is definitely a feast for the eyes any day Embarrassed I was waiting to see tham have another first on the kitchen counter top, not to say in the car itself... I thought ASR would pull up somewhere & have a round in the car itself... That way we could have covered two more firsts, no? Wink

many many MANYYY readers want a car first. Ok I take this point on board. Leave it with me and I will see what I can do for you guysEmbarrassed

One another thing, what happened to all the media hoopla of the day before, can't believe that the media wasn't camping outside AR & Shantivan anymore, just because Arnav threatened them?? Aren't they supposed to be rabid?? Was surprised to see Khushi traipsing all across town the very next day in an auto, that was really naive of her wasn't it?? Arnav has every right to mad at her for being so careless, right?? I thought he would let her know how worried he was about her safety & forbid her categorically to stop traveling by autos anymore... I was surprised to see him backdown so easily... Khushi needs to learn to listen to him sometimes also, she is too independent IMO, she has to learn to take Arnav's wishes & concerns more into consideration now that she is married... All couples have to compromise, or else it is a rough journey... :(

media is definitely rapid but don't forget khushi is incredibly stubborn, so perhaps a disguise was employed to get out of there...Wink   as for the tempers and compromising, well thats the journey that they are on. They both need to learn about compromise and consideration...

Okay, so now Khushi & Arnav are going to fight it out over a property deal?? But AR Copr is huge, why would they be interested in a property small enough for JJ?? Will Khushi find out & relinquish or will Arnav back-out to give Khushi her much needed break?? It would be really funny if they pulled out to give the property to the other & neither gets it... I hope a third party doesn't snatch it from under their very noses, that would be really funny & painful...

ahhhaaa questions questions... well stay tuned and all shall be revealed in due course.

Great to see you updating frequently again, was definitely missing this FF very much Big smile Please PM your next update :)

thank you for your awesome post and comments. Don't be a stranger nowLOL

p.s. you are on the PM list and you should get a pm for the next update...

Big hugs

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warriorprincess IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2013 at 1:10am | IP Logged
Chapter 74

'Don't worry about me Mr Raizada, I'm a big girl and I know what I'm getting myself into,' he heard her retort. Keeping his eyes trained on the road ahead, Akash smiled but in that smile Payal saw arrogance and confidence. She swallowed. Dragging her gaze away from his, she looked out of the window and tried to concentrate on the scenery speeding past when she noticed him turning this car onto a road she knew didn't lead to Lucknow. She turned to face him, 'where are you going? Lucknow isn't this way,' she pointed out.

'I know that Ms Gupta. I think we need to go somewhere that we can be completely alone and undisturbed.' His voice was a soft, 'and I know the perfect place where you and will get the privacy to get to know each other better,' he said.

They sat quietly as he drove down the steep, winding road away from the main road. An expectant tension thrummed between them, heavy with meaning, with possibility. Payal stared out at the countryside, completely oblivious to its beauty now. Instead her mind was racing with a million thoughts. What was she getting herself into? She had brazenly agreed to the challenge he had issued but this man seated beside her was shattering all the opinions she had made about him. What if this all blew up in her face?

Casting her fears aside with an extra dose of fake bravado injected into her voice, she turned to Akash Singh Raizada, 'Privacy to get to know each other better? Really?' What makes you think that I might be interested in being alone with you? In any case, I know what 'get to know each other better' means for some people and I'm not interested,' she said with the last part dripping with that baiting tone.

Akash kept his eyes trained on the road. He knew that Payal Kumari Gupta was deliberately trying to bait him. He kept his expression bland, but inside tried to suppress a snort.

'I admit I'm pretty impressed with your acting skills, Miss Gupta and for a moment you almost had me convinced but you know what - you're telling lies Miss Gupta because if you didn't want to be alone with me, then you wouldn't have agreed to travel all the way to Lucknow. Alone. With only me,' he said with a soft chuckle, his own tone mocking her in return.

Payal glared at him, How much more arrogant could this man possibly get?!  She felt anger beginning to course through her veins even though she knew she didn't have the right to let it. How dare he? 'If you honestly think that I...!'

With a spin of the wheel Akash sent the car sweeping around so that they were now facing in the direction they had come from. And then he hit the brakes and the car screeched to a complete stop on the deserted road.

The huge four wheel drive car suddenly felt too small. Unexpectedly everything was overwhelming, the powerful car, the arrogance of the man next to her and the adrenalin racing through her blood. Payal tried to breathe slowly and lost it completely as a smile appeared on his face and she watched as Akash reached across to her and gently ran one finger down her cheek leaving a burning feeling in its path. She turned her head and their eyes clashed.

His smile had gone and the atmosphere inside the car had heightened beyond anything real. Payal couldn't tear her eyes away from him. 'Changing your mind about hitting on me Miss Gupta?' he taunted softly his eyes gleaming behind his glasses. 'Are you wondering if you might have bitten off more than you can chew with me?' he asked in a silky tone. Payal's eyes widened. He could see that she was trying her hardest to remain cool and unaffected and he might have even bought her act if he hadn't caught the tiny faint sound of her swiftly indrawn breath as he stared into her eyes deliberately. Her eyes widened just a little bit more but she stayed where she was, though the pink tip of her tongue slid out and slicked over her lower lip in an uneasy, betraying gesture.

Akash Singh Raizada smiled and Payal saw something shifting in his dark eyes. 'Well, let me confirm that you have done exactly that Miss Gupta.' His voice hardened. 'You made the first pitch. I bought it. Now you are going to play with me Miss Gupta and we are going to see where this thing between us goes, but with a twist.' Payal swallowed nervously, 'What?' she asked, the word slipping out of her mouth even before she had a chance to think about it.

Akash leaned forward and gently wound a stray strand of hair around his finger. Payal watched as his thick dark lashes lowered slightly and then he moved back into his seat, the expression in his eyes was impossible to read as he assessed her. 'You like being in charge don't you Miss Gupta?' he asked softly. 'Well we are going to take a step back. You started this and you are going to get to drive it. You can be in charge of deciding if and when you want to get to know me,' he said as he carefully watched her reaction, 'and then when you do, you can also decide to officially ask me out and arrange what you'd like us to do. And you can spend the next six hours to Lucknow deciding what you want,' he said as he turned back to the road and restarted the car and drove on with a sudden grim concentration.

Payal shifted uncomfortably in her seat as she stole a glance at the man seated next to her. The sharp, clean line of his stubbled jaw, his broad shoulders still encased in the sexy jacket, the way his hands easily gripped the steering wheel all radiated powerful confidence and control.  It only took one glance into those disturbing deep eyes and she knew she was in trouble. Big Trouble.

As if sensing her scrutiny, Akash Singh Raizada turned towards her, his eyes locked onto hers and a muscle twitched in his jaw as he tried to contain the urge to smile. Clearly Ms Gupta hadn't been expecting a change in plans along the way.


'Damn it' Arnav swore under his breath, his reaction was instant and savage, his face hardening he looked out towards the garden and his mind computed what this meant. That his own mentee, his wife was now his arch-rival in a business deal; a deal that would either make or break one of them. This time he swore out aloud and more savagely.

Khushi dropped her fork and it hit the counter with a loud clang as she jumped off and ran towards Arnav. 'Arnav, what's wrong are you okay?' he heard her ask as she came to his side, her tone was filled with concern as she searched his face. His pulse reacted to the concern he saw in her eyes and he nodded reluctantly. Khushi became more worried as he lifted a hand and rubbed the tips of his fingers over his forehead as if to ease a nagging pain. Maybe it was his blood sugar she thought in slight alarm. They had been home for a few hours but had been indulging in 'other' activities so Khushi knew Arnav had not eaten anything. She grabbed his bare arm as she pulled him towards the food and handed him a fork. 'Eat' she commanded. Arnav's stomach churned. His appetite was now non-existent but he knew that Khushi would definitely suspect something was wrong if he didn't eat so he forced a few spoonfuls down his throat with some apple juice. Satisfied that Arnav was eating, Khushi continued chattering as she ate her share of the meal not realising that Arnav wasn't really eating.

Sharing the cleaning up of the kitchen, Arnav watched as Khushi stifled a yawn. He could see the exhaustion setting in as she rinsed the final dishes and put them away. She had had little sleep the night before and obviously their recent activities had clearly drained her remaining energy.

Back inside their bedroom, Arnav walked to the left side of the bed and slid into the bed as Khushi did the same. He pulled the duvet over himself as he stretched his long limbs out and then turned over to switch off the lamp. Arnav turned to face Khushi as she slid into his arms and laid her head on his chest. Eventually her breathing stabilised to deep and regular intervals indicating she was fast asleep.

The room flickered with the light from the poolside along with some moonlight shimmering through the parting clouds. Arnav tried to lie still in the darkness. He was exhausted, but he couldn't sleep. Not after what had happened. Khushi shifted in her sleep and Arnav turned his head to the left and stared at the woman curled up next to him. As Arnav shifted slightly, Khushi moved even closer in her sleep as she curled into his side, her soft breath warm on his neck and a her hand settling lightly on his chest just above his heart. He could barely make out the shape of her body in the darkness but her scent filled his senses. Sighing softly in frustration, Arnav slowly moved himself from under Khushi and pushed himself into a sitting position, turning until his feet rested on the floor. He lingered for a moment and stared at his sleeping wife. Even in sleep her beautiful features were so soft and vulnerable. Instantly tension stiffened Arnav's shoulders as something cold and dark took residence in his chest. He hated feeling the way he did. Khushi had fought so hard to make her dream a reality and now he, her husband, was in the unenviable possible of being the one who might crush all her hopes but on the other hand AR Corp needed that property and as CEO he had to do what he had to secure it.

Arnav stood up and quietly walked to the poolside. His haven. The quiet uncomplicated place where he did his thinking. Arnav shivered slightly, the Delhi night air was cool, and his simple white cotton t-shirt didn't give him much warmth or protection. He took a deep breath and set about to try and assemble his thoughts. He dragged his hands through his hair as he looked into the inky black sky. What were the chances that he and his wife would zero in on the same property, on the same day for their respective businesses? Arnav felt as though his head was going to explode. Logic told him to do one thing, his heart another; he could quietly back out and let her have the property, but that would mean that AR would suffer and God help him if Khushi ever found out the truth.  He was completely torn.

'God damn it!' Arnav bit the words out, as he dragged a frustrated hand through his hair as he sat down heavily on the pool lounger. Shaking his head as if to clear it, he began doing what he was a master of - methodically working out a problem. Twenty minutes later he was still where he started - with no mutually beneficial solution.  Arnav stood up and walked to the pool and looked into it as if to search for an answer in its watery depths. He had never been in this situation before. Business had always been clear cut for him and was always about profit and loss. Never had a variable called love ever featured in his balance sheets.

Khushi awoke to an empty bed. For a moment she felt a strange sense of fear as if to warn her that something was wrong. Telling herself it was because Arnav wasn't next to her; Khushi forced herself to shrug it off as she slid off bed. The gentle movement of the curtains billowing in the breeze from the open door caught her attention and she walked towards the poolside. She caught sight of her husband staring into the water. It was as if he was staring into a dark tunnel with little prospect of ever finding a source of light at the end. Khushi walked out, her barefoot silent on the sandstone paving.


Arnav looked up as he heard his name. 

Khushi stood still for a moment, her lip caught between her teeth, her eyes on husband.

'Why aren't you asleep Khushi?' he asked deliberately trying to keep his voice casual.

'Why are you out here so late?' she asked in response as she sat down and slid her hand into his.

It took just one look into her deep brown eyes and Arnav knew there was no way he could tell her the truth. Clearing his throat, 'I was feeling hot and couldn't sleep so I thought I'd come out here so that I wouldn't disturb your sleep,' he lied as he deliberately kept his eyes trained on the water.

Khushi watched her husband closely and quietly for a minute and then spoke softly, 'Arnav remember you told me once that I shouldn't ever lie to you because I'm so lousy at it? Well you are too.' Khushi placed her hand on his forearm, 'Arnav something is bothering you. You were angry when I came to the office, and then you became quiet during dinner and now this. Talk to me please?' she pleaded.

Arnav closed his eyes as he tried to steel his nerves against the concern in Khushi's voice. 'Nothing is the matter Khushi, go back to bed,' he said quietly.

He was lying. She could see it in his posture, in the way he was closing his body language and in the way he wouldn't meet her eyes. 

Arnav felt Khushi forcing him to turn and face her and she was looking straight at him, her big brown eyes wide and intelligent. 'Talk to me, Arnav,' she urged softly, 'something is not right. I can feel it,' she whispered.

The silence between vibrated with tension.

Khushi took a deep breath, 'Arnav you made a promise to me, you promised that in you, I will always have someone I can talk to...about anything, at anytime. The same goes for you. I know you're hiding something from me...' her voice trailed off as trepidation became evident in her voice.

Arnav felt completely defenceless as Khushi stood directly in front of him. There was no way out. She was right. He had made a promise to her and now she was rightly calling him up on it. He was trapped and there was no easy way to do this. Inhaling and exhaling deeply, he spoke.

'Khushi, that property you want for Jaleebi Junction, you said that there's another interested party?' he asked quietly, Khushi frowned, what did that have to do with Arnav's bad mood she wondered as she nodded hesitantly.

'Khushi, the other interested party is me. I want that property for AR Corp,' he said, his voice so low that Khushi had to strain against him to hear it.

Khushi gasped as her brain processed this information. His confession was such a shock that for a moment Khushi couldn't respond and held hand fell from his hand breaking her contact with him. Of all the scenarios she had imagined, this hadn't been one of them. Arnav Singh Raizada. Her husband. Her Mentor. And now her nemesis in the business arena. Pinned to the spot by shock, Khushi stared at Arnav in disbelief. Oh Devi Maiya, how could this be happening?

Arnav wasn't surprised by her inability to speak and he grimaced as he turned face to Khushi.  He wasn't sure of what to say to her. Long quiet minutes dragged past and neither Khushi nor Arnav said a word.

Finally, Khushi spoke, 'I think I might go back inside, it's getting cold here,' she said in a voice that was deadly in its quiet calm. Arnav watched as she retreated into their bedroom and while he wasn't sure of what reaction he was expecting from her, this certainly wasn't it.

Khushi's mind was racing a million miles per hour. Devi Maiya wasn't Jaleebi Junction challenging enough without throwing Arnav Singh Raizada, business tycoon extraordinaire into the mix as well? Groaned into the pillow, Khushi suppressed the overwhelming need to scream. She heard his soft footsteps and then felt the mattress dip as he stretched out next to her.

Every nerve in Arnav's body screamed to pull her to him and ask her to talk to him, but he lay still.

Eventually Khushi turned over. Arnav was asleep. Sleep was the last thing on her mind. She took a deep breath and got out of bed and walked to her side of the cupboard and pulled on her favourite old faded pink salwar kameez. Instantly there was a sense of comfort in something old and familiar. She walked to the side table where Arnav's laptop lay. She quietly picked it up and walked downstairs to the dining table. Bathed in the soft light from the kitchen, Khushi logged onto the laptop using the passwords Arnav had given her when they were in Srinagar. She took a deep breath as she opened a blank word document and stared at it. Devi Maiya, what was she going to do know? She mentally reviewed all the other property options but her mind kept coming back to the one she wanted. The one they both wanted. Khushi stared at the blank screen and then eventually her fingers began wandering across the keyboard as thoughts raced through her mind.

Marriage is the only war where one sleeps with the enemy.

Enough said.

credit - to the original uploader.

chapter 75:

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