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Originally posted by fatima2603

Phew I've finally caught up with the chapters i missed...i love the way you have developed the story and the way younger portrayed the characters and their changing emotions and personalities.

I personally love the interactions between aman and arnav as they are funny and he notices more. and i adore the workplace stuff. looking forward to reading more.

thank you darling!!!


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warriorprincess IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by rehenuma

Ha ha..OMG!!!

i think this is the first time a chapter of MC starts and ends with the same sentence, still its a cliff hanger!! saluting you nainaSmile incredible imagination!!!  I have to keep you hooked don't I LOL

Akash is no less than arnav in intimidating his Ms.gupta
payal's thoughts were penned down absolutely brilliant...ClapClap  thank you very much !!!

wonder what made akash late! stay tuned... time will tell

that moment: our raged payal kumari gupta saw "the object of her wrath stepping out of SUV".Cool   ahhh.. love is crazy at times..  i love that you love itWink

Payal's wish.. no.. the need to travel  alone is totally justified, because the last thing one would ever wanted to do would be to be with people and i was totally glad that she was able convince others  by a valid reason to let her go alone!! solitude is the only way we can try n get some peace at that state of turmoil. i adore this PAYAL a lot Star

having said that, our Akash-ji was late; definitely... but am anticipating his reason... and am sure he should be having his big reason for his late arrival and finding payal somewhere in the midst way!!!Wink

The way you justify every single character of the FF is so FAB.Thumbs Up
right from HP, Nandini, auto ricksha man Dharmendar-ji...
and i wonder that they are so mature and sincere enough in their own way!

i am in awe at khushi's dad and arnav's Dadi... yipeee yup.. they are one-in-million kind...

thankkk you... for loving my characters so much!!
and you knw what.. besides all your schedule i demand update atleast twice a week Wink 

Hai Rabba!! Embarrassed

great going nainsssThumbs Up  thank youClap
warriorprincess IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by meem17

Wah payash are hot...
But I have a question..
If both sister studied together in delhi
Why are they sooo different
While payal seems like an outspoken modern girl..who is very smart
And at first the way u characterised khushi as a normal middle class girl
Who doesnt even know A to z of the world...weren't they given the same opportunities to discover themselves ...or past stories are about to unfold
Every human is different...that I know...but something does not add up here..
and I am having difficulty to point it out

hi there

well thats the point  - you can have the same upbringing but your individual personality and different worldviews will shape your actions and reactions which is why we are all different and our society has a range of opinions.

Our environment, or our upbrining is only responsible for the extent of the responses of our emotions to adapt to the choices made, the remainder I believe I due to our individual and unique personality.  
Hence the difference in Payal and Khushi.


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warriorprincess IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Omoraboti

Little something for you .. to make up for my lack of attention. Embarrassed






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warriorprincess IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 72

'No response?' he goaded, 'I'll you why. No response because up until now you were driving this...this thing between us. You felt confident and powerful because you were calling the shots. But here's a newsflash: I'm ready to play now so let's move this out of the childish kindergarten flirting it's been and do this like adults. So tell me Payal are you game or was all that bravado just that - an act?'

It didn't happen frequently. Hell, it was as rare as a thunderstorm in sub-Saharan Africa. But yes, today it had happened. Speechless. Payal Kumari Gupta was actually speechless.

Flabbergasted by that uncharacteristic declaration, Payal stared at Akash as he looked to road ahead. She frowned as her gaze ran over his face and she sat up slightly. There was something stern yet more masculine about his profile today. Was it the narrowing of his deep, dark brown eyes behind those glasses she wondered as her eyes wandered lower and lingered on the strong lines of his jaw which was normally clean shaven but today wore darkening stubble. Why was there something indecently handsome about him today?

Payal quickly realised that she had clearly been playing with fire and had completely misread Akash Singh Raizada. And now didn't have a clue what to do next. She took a calming deep breath and gathered her wits as she replayed his words back in her mind. Payal conceded that there was something deeply attractive about the way he had shattered her perception of him. There was a manly man underneath that quiet persona after all and it now begged the question; what else didn't she know about him?


Arnav was cranky. He had spent most of the day trying to unravel the millions of problems that seem to have developed and mutated over a twenty four period. Leaning back into back into his leather chair, Arnav mentally reviewed the past few weeks. Personally, he was on nothing but a winning streak with his relationship with Khushi and professionally he was on the verge of closing another major deal. Arnav leaned back in his chair and frowned in frustration; his senior executives were in a state of high tension because negotiations in relation to a high stake project were proving to be particularly challenging this time. 

His expression grim, Arnav stared moodily into his coffee mug, the swirling black liquid reflecting his turbulent emotions.  Arnav's gaze fell on the piles of paper on his desk. They were all in relation to the land the AR Corp was trying to purchase. Ordinarily, this would have been a simple process but not this time. As luck would have it, the land and building were owned by an elderly Parsi gentleman whose family had owned it for multiple generations and were now hesitant to let it go. As far as Arnav was concerned it was a simple process; the man had land and AR Corp wanted that land and was willing to pay above market rates for it.

After letting out a string of expletives, Arnav pulled out his cell phone from his discarded jacket and hit speed-dial one. More cursing followed when there was no answer on the other side as expected. He then dialed number. He knew he was being irrational, but his frustration level in this case grew by the second and it was a really good thing that his office was empty because the profanities that followed would have put any pirate worth his loot to absolute shame.

A knock on his door alerted him to the presence of his lawyer. One look at his face was enough to advise Arnav that the news was not favourable.

'We have a situation Mr Raizada,' his legal eagle announced, his expression grim.

'Make that we have two situations,' Arnav announced, his voice was thick with barely restrained anger. The normally unflappable lawyer took a slight step back as he watched his boss pick up his cell phone and issue a set of instructions with clinical precision.

Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada exhaled in frustration for the hundredth odd time in the last hour. She muttered an incoherent complaint to Devi Maiya as she leaned her head against the auto's window. The vibration of the motor brought her back to present and forced her gaze out to the Delhi vista zooming by, the slice of heaven on earth that was the sprawling pavements and central divider of the spectacular city she now called home. It wasn't as if Khushi was seeing all this for the first time but in order to distract herself she forced herself to concentrate on the scenery. It didn't work. Not even the breathtaking sights of the lush palms, immaculate lawns and explosions of flowers on the Rajpath with India Gate on the horizon could improve her frustration at having to succumb to this roadblock.

When Khushi finally arrived back to her office she was confronted by a clearly panicked Hari-Prakashji waiting in her office. She didn't have a chance to ask him why he was there as he launched into deploying his rather garbled message in the very instant he saw her. As she listened, Khushi pulled her phone from her bag. She groaned as she realized that she had forgotten to deactivate silent mode after her meeting and as a result there were fourteen missed calls in the last hour; two from her husband and the remaining twelve from Hari-Prakashji. Great. Could this day get any worse Devi Maiya, wondered Khushi silently as she picked her bag up and commenced her journey with a sense of dread in her tummy.

An hour later Khushi arrived at AR Corp just as the last rays of the sun were disappearing from the horizon. She quickly walked to the elevator and soon she heard the chime announcing that she had arrived at the executive floor. The doors slid open to reveal Mrs Jagtiani sitting at her desk furiously typing away. Distracted by the sound of the elevator bell, the older woman looked up and a smile broke out on her face as she saw her young boss's new bride approaching. Returning Mrs J's greeting, Khushi began walking towards Arnav's office.

She paused at the door as her gaze located her husband. Arnav Singh Raizada was perched on the edge of his desk cradling the telephone between his shoulder and his ear as he flipped through stacks of printed reports. He was in the middle of what was clearly a heated exchange.

The perfect white of his rolled-up shirtsleeves contrasted with the tanned skin of his muscular forearms. Khushi watched as the fluid, demonstrative gestures he made with his hand indicated his growing frustration at the direction of the conversation. Khushi paused in the doorway, captivated by the command in his voice as he issued a string of complex instructions down the phone. The stern look on his face, the brutal bite of his voice, even the way he flipped through paper was sharper and Khushi held her breath, she was clearly in the presence of a grimly focused, fully charged, alpha tycoon, no, alpha male business tycoon.

And then his eyes lifted and he saw her. 'I'll call you back,' he said crisply as he replaced the phone down on its cradle cutting the connection without apology or any visible sign of regret. His eyes were hard, his expression businesslike as he focused on her. Khushi saw the tousled state of his hair and knew that that only happened when he kept running his hands through it in frustration. Or anger.

Arnav narrowed his eyes as he saw his wife appear in his doorway. He was pretty sure his expression wasn't pleasant, but he didn't care. Fury raced through him. It was about bloody time she made an appearance.

One black eyebrow slowly inched upwards and Khushi cringed as Arnav gestured for her to enter his office with a curt 'come in', his voice deep, abrupt and cold. Khushi slowly walked in. Trying not to be discouraged by his businesslike tone, she reminded herself that he hadn't been expecting to see her, and probably still had his mind on his phone call. But truth be told, Khushi had heard the expression 'you could have cut the air with a knife', and while there was no shortage of tense moments between her and him, her skin suddenly felt too tight and it was getting harder to breathe. She knew this was going to get messy.

Clearing her throat, Khushi tried to keep her voice calm and casual, 'You called Arnav? Did you need me for something?' she asked quietly as she came to a stop in the middle of the room.

Arnav's eyes narrowed as he actively tried to quash the acrid burn of anger his in his gut. 'I did call Khushi. But there was no answer. So you can imagine my surprise when I called home only for HP to tell me that Khushi-bhabi has gone out. In a ricksha. Alone.' His voice dropped in pitch. 'This morning you agreed that it would be a good idea for you to work from Shantivan today because of everything that happened yesterday. So tell me Khushi, what emergency occurred that you felt the need to leave the house. Alone. Without telling me. And switching your phone off in the process?' he asked. His voice was supremely controlled when he spoke, but it wasn't fooling Khushi for a second. She could see a muscle twitching in his hard jaw.

Realizing that Mrs J could probably hear every word, Khushi glanced over her shoulder. 'Can we close the door?' she asked.

Like a panther on the prowl, Khushi watched as her husband slowly straightened his six foot plus frame. He then casually strolled along the length of his office and slammed the door shut with the flat of his hand. 'We have privacy,' he announced in a silky tone. 'I am looking forward to hearing what it is that you have to tell me Khushi,' he announced as he walked back to his desk and resumed his position on its edge as he folded his arms across his broad chest. He wanted answers. Now.

'Ok Arnav, I can see that you are ahh... upset, and I can explain.' Khushi's voice cracked and she took a deep breath to steady herself. 'I was working from home as we agreed but then I had a call and I think I've found the perfect place for Jaleebi Junction, so I decided to go and quickly see it. But I didn't think it would take so long or be so complicated. And I didn't realise my phone was on silent,' she said softly as she watched for signs of his anger either dissipating or worsening.

'You didn't think it might be a good idea to let me know that you are going out?'

'Well, things kind of happened quickly and I had to make decision and get there quickly.'

'In a ricksha?'

Khushi raised an eyebrow, 'I always travel in a ricksha.'

Arnav crossed his arms across his chest as his cocked his head to the left. 'No Khushi, you travelled in a ricksha. Now you don't do that anymore,' he said with an edge of finality in his voice.

Khushi instantly saw red and she crossed her arms as she mirrored his stance, 'Arnav, we had this conversation multiple times yesterday. You know I won't do anything silly,' her hands clenched as she visibly struggled to contain her anger, her cheeks were red with the effort as her temper began rising at the implication behind his words and the resentment of being treated like a child. 'And just because I have Singh-Raizada attached to my name doesn't mean that I've given up my right to make my own decisions, and that includes choosing my own mode of transport,' she bit out incredulously as her eyes began flashing.

'No, but it does mean that you now have someone who is interested in your whereabouts. Interested in your safety. It also means that you have access to your own car and driver thereby ensuring that safety. Your independence has never been questioned and you know that,' came a coldly diplomatic answer.

Something in the way he delivered those words increased her tension, and she remembered that one of Arnav's most deadly skills was his ability to think with a cool, clear head even when he was livid with anger.

As she watched his demeanor a realisation hit her. This was not about her going out alone but about something else. He was pulling rank, Khushi recognised, her lips parting to say something then snapping shut again when it suddenly struck her that he was burning for a fight. Taking a deep breath, Khushi knew that she didn't have the skills to remain completely cool and not engage in an argument with him and win. 'You know what Arnav, I'm going to go home and we can finish this conversation when you come home and are thinking more rationally,' she said as she picked her bag and began walking towards the door.

'Damn it Khushi, don't you dare walk out on me!' she heard him thunder behind her as he slammed his open palm against his desk. Clearly the time for keeping the temper in check was now up. Khushi knew that in her current frame of mind words would evade her. She didn't dare to answer for a minute but simply turned and flashed a furious glare in his direction. She took a deep breath as she composed her thoughts and her temper.

'Why Arnav? Why shouldn't I go? Clearly you are in a mood for an argument and the fact that I've answered your question and voided that reason - you're mad again. Secondly, you know full well just how intimidating you get when you get angry and I'm not going to stand her and become a quivering mess. I'll see you later,' she said calmly as she placed her hand on the doorknob.

He moved so quickly that she didn't see it coming. One minute he was lounging on his desk at a safe distance and in the next, his dangerously handsome face was close to hers as one arm snaked around her waist and held her captive against him. Khushi stared at Arnav, unable to move, hypnotised by the fury in his eyes. Her heart began pounding as and she struggled against being detained by him. And then simultaneously struggled against an almost irresistible urge to kiss him. She became still and for a moment as he stared down at her in brooding silence, and she wondered whether he was feeling the same inexplicable urge as she was.

She watched as he rolled his shoulders to ease the tension and despite all her determined resolutions, Khushi's eyes were drawn to the swell of muscle visible beneath the fabric of his shirt. Instantly the images of the previous night flashed before her eyes and her hands itched to touch his incredible body; his powerful body which was capable of encouraging an unbelievable response from hers.

Arnav caught the look and his eyes darkened. 'Don't,' he warned and his eyes seemed to deepen in colour to a dangerous, stormy shade of intense brown. Khushi narrowed her eyes, 'like what?' she asked. His dark stormy eyes narrowed. He knew instantly what was going through her mind because he was guilty of the same thoughts.

Arnav tried not to stare, he really did, but it was like telling a hungry lion not to stalk its prey. 'Don't look at me like that and don't bring sex into this or so help me I'll...' He broke off, his emotions so close to the surface that he clearly didn't trust himself to finish the sentence. Khushi swallowed. She tried to move away from him, but his powerful arms held her fast. Her body began betraying her. As did his. 'Let me go Arnav,' she said as a low humming began vibrating through. A vibration of intense desire despite conflict. Struggle as she might, Khushi she couldn't tear her gaze free from the burning brown of his deep-set eyes as they devoured her. A tremor rippled through her body as his fingertips grazed the side of her waist. She closed her eyes and shook her head, desperately trying to cling to some semblance of self-control and sanity.

Arnav knew that fighting with the woman you love and the touching her was a bad idea but for the life of him right now he couldn't think straight. 'We can't...' His voice cracked and he cleared his throat. 'I don't think...' struggling to compose a coherent sentence, he gave up on words and hauled her against his chest. His mouth came down on hers with determined force and excitement exploded inside her. Khushi felt the rough slide of his hands into her hair, felt his fingers dig into her scalp as he held her head to allow himself full access to her mouth. The kiss went on and on as her hands wander across his chest and then across the wide expanse of his broad shoulders. Khushi felt as though her world was spinning and her body was throbbing with desperation. She forgot where they were and why they were arguing in the first place. Khushi held on just as tightly as Arnav as they feasted on each other. Then she heard his hoarse groan against her lips as she felt his hands drop from her head to grasp his hips and pull her closer to him. They spiralled out of control as his hands eradicated annoying bits of clothing and positioned her to his satisfaction. Khushi gasped, his touch was so infuriatingly good that she couldn't hold back a gasp as their mouths remained locked in a fierce kiss, his body pumped up and hard against hers as they drove each other frantic.  Khushi forgot that they were in his office and perhaps Mrs J might still be outside. Everything was focused on the extreme emotion combined with the physical demands of their bodies, and suddenly Khushi felt a desperate need for satisfaction. Driven by a force beyond them, they both raced toward a desperately needed release.

Khushi's legs felt like jelly but Arnav anchored her with the weight of his body and continued to kiss her until her world slowly came back into focus.  Khushi kept her eyes closed as she felt the intimate place of where his body joined with hers.  She had no idea how to behave after such an unexpected tryst with him. Had it affected him the same way she wondered? 'Arnav?' she whispered slowly.

For a moment he didn't respond. His eyes were closed, his thick, black eye lashes rested against his cheeks, his jaw darkened by evening stubble. Finally he slowly lifted his head and controlled his breathing sufficiently to speak 'I was rough.' His voice was low and very male. 'Did I hurt you Khushi?' She felt her stomach shift, 'no' she whispered softly. 'It was... wow.'  Amazed at her response Arnav closed his eyes briefly and then opened them. Khushi looked exactly how he felt. Stunned. 'I can't believe we just did that,' he said as they both began replacing their displaced clothing. Khushi watched as Arnav dragged one hand through his hair as he took a deep breath and she cocked her head, 'I can't remember why we were fighting' she muttered. Arnav's head swung up, his eyes clashing with hers, 'me neither,' he whispered huskily. Eyes locked, they stared at each briefly before bursting out with laughter.

Helooo my darlings!

I'm so sorry I couldn't update last week. My boss (the real life CEO) decided to add a major project to my worklist and there was no way I could pull that off along with an update. I know you will understand.

Ok, so the general prognosis was that the Akash-Payal story was largely appreciated but everyone wants regular doses of Arnav-Khushi. Not to worry, our main love-birds will always be the central focus of Masterclass.

I cant wait to read your reactions on this extra-longggg chapter but before I let you go, I had to share this (I have no idea who owns it, but God bless you!!!)


chapter 73:

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Nidsubh007 IF-Sizzlerz

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Stalking your thread finally paid off!!  LOL

Loved the update. The energy that Khushi and Arnav create by just being in a single room together can launch a hundred missiles!

I loved how you described in detail Arnav's anger, I could completely picture him the way Khushi say him.

I also love the fact that you constantly tell us how attracted Khushi is to Arnav, I feel like she portrays all of our fangirl feelings!!  Wink

Hot office romance was sizzling...

Thanks for the update!

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2nd Ouch ... I shud b happy actually!

@ur reaction: ROFL
@the pic to close the chapter: Day Dreaming

Will be back! Hug
Back Smile
Indecently Handsome??!!! I am sorry but I am stealing that from you to apply on someone else .. Akasah will have to spare me of his charm. LOLLOL But I like this Akash .. that hidden roughness beyond the soft lines of his demeanour .. that indeed sounds utterly, butterly sexy! Good Luck, Payal!
A cranky Arnav. I sure do love that. Cranky, frustrated, mad, grumpy .. ufff! He is hotter that way. And the outcome of his such mood is always something worthy. You definitely did not disappoint me. Big smile No wonder all Khushi could think of was Alpha .. ahem .. male business tycoon.
Ah! I totally got Arnav's anger. Or was it concern? Wink I loved Arnav here .. and I was totally cheering for him! LOL
"Damn it Khushi, don't you dare walk out on me!" Ahhh! That's my man! When he barks like that my knees go weak!! Embarrassed Can't blame Khushi if all she could think of is .. ahem stuff .. when his hubby holds her in mad red anger.
"I cant remember why we were fighting:" ROFL May they always forget what they were fighting for! LOL But this one experience must have changed Arnav's perception of his wife forever! Women also like it rough. Wink Period.
PS: The pic you closed the chapter with .. I am dead. I did tell you that that was perhaps the one scene I have watched most in my phone. I am head over heals of his expression here .. that pull, that smirk, that stare .. that voice .. and the light playing on his bare torso and ... to finish off, buttoning his shirt in the sexiest manner ever possible ... Day Dreaming .. I better shut up now.
*running to login to youtube again*

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That was brilliant

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