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warriorprincess IF-Dazzler

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warriorprincess IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 70

The gentle first rays of the rising sun woke Khushi. She yawned and tried to stretch but couldn't because his arm was curled around her waist and one heavy leg was thrown over hers. She felt Arnav's steady breathing on her neck indicating that he was still sound asleep. She slowly lifted his arm so she could turn over and face him. He shifted in his sleep, his legs moving as he stretched. Khushi turned over slowly.

Arnav was now lying on his stomach, his dark head resting on the pillow next to her pillow and his wide naked shoulders glowing in the soft morning light coming from the glass doors. He was still fast asleep and Khushi indulged herself as she shamelessly stared at him. Long, thick black eyelashes were resting peacefully against his high cheekbones and his mouth was the most relaxed she had seen it. His hair was completely dishevelled revealing a hint of a glossy black wave she hadn't ever noticed before as it flopped down on his forehead; she was to blame for its state of complete chaos.

(credit: to the original uploader)

The events of the previous night came rushing back to her and Khushi conceded that last night had been amazing, even better than the first time they'd made love which as far as Khushi was concerned was an unbeatable experience in itself. His tenderness yet indescribable hunger for her had completely blown her away. Held captive by a hypnotic sense of curiosity which Khushi gave into without any guilt, she let her eyes roam over Arnav's muscular arms which were thrown up against the pillow and the width of his shoulders. His muscular back was exposed because the duvet had slipped down so low against his bare hips that it was almost indecent. Suddenly the intimacy of the situation became apparent to Khushi and it struck her with wondrous amazement; she was well and truly married to this incredible, well unbelievably incredibly hot man!

'Morning...' a deep, sleep laden yet intensely husky voice murmured.

Khushi was startled, her eyes leaping up to his face. Devi Maiya, he was awake! Like a thief caught in the act, Khushi's gut reaction would been to dive right out of the bed however she was suddenly very aware that she was wearing a single stitch of clothing and she tensed, her fingers gripping the duvet in a death grip.

Stretching under the warm cocoon of duvet and then with a smooth shifting of his body, Arnav rolled onto his side and propped his head on the heel of his hand so he could look down at his wife. As she lay beside him, her long luscious black hair spread out on the pillow, her face slightly flushed yet slightly sleepy, there was sense of temptation yet purity about her. If anything she looked even more inviting than she had last night and Arnav decided that Khushi Kumari Gupta Arnav Singh Raizada was downright incredibly sexy.  He watched as she struggled to pull more of the duvet to her side as she crawled lower down into the bed. Clearly his unexpected waking had stunned her. Arnav smiled; there was something still inherently cute about the way Khushi still occasionally became nervous around him and it reminded him of the earlier days in their relationship and how he pursued her.

Clearing his throat, he ran one finger along one slightly exposed shoulder, 'Sleep well?' he inquired casually knowing full well just how deeply they both had slept in each others arms after making loving into the early hours of the morning. Khushi swallowed and nodded silently. How was she going to get out of the bed now that Arnav was wake? Glancing around discretely, she groaned inwardly as she realised that poor tweety bird must be lying abandoned on Arnav's side of the bed as she began shifting.

'Oh no you don't,' thought Arnav as he watched Khushi sliding a little further away from him. He swiftly placed one arm across her waist and stopped her in her tracks. Khushi swallowed as Arnav inched closer to her so and she felt the slight tickle of his chest hair against her shoulder. 'Going somewhere?' he prompted huskily.

Khushi gulped. If she thought he was gorgeous whilst asleep then his hotness factor had just overshot the Richter scale now that he was awake and looking at at her with those chocolate brown eyes. 'I'm...I mean, I was...just going,' she stammered. Raising one eyebrow Arnav looked at Khushi who was now looking at him the way captured prey looks at it hunter. 'And where might be you be going Khushi?' he drawled.

'I have to esc... I mean I have to go and umm  yes, I have to go get ready and uhh go downstairs because everyone is going to Lucknow... today, yes today morning,' Khushi said momentarily proud of herself for coming up with such a good excuse under the circumstances.  Just as she was mentally congratulating herself, she let out a stunned unsteady gasp when one of his legs arrived across both of hers effectively trapping her under him. 'W-what do you think you're doing Arnav?' she demanded as his bare skin made contact with her uncovered skin. Who would have thought that just brushing against naked skin could result in such delightful sensations of pleasure she thought distractedly until his voice broke into her thoughts.

'Getting comfortable with my wife,' came the response.

Khushi's fingers let go of the duvet so she could use them to push him back again, but it came as a tingling shock to her racing senses to feel the solid heat of his muscled body and the sensation of his chest hair prickle against her palms. The whole situation was curdling her brain, she decided, as she lay captured by the heat of his leg weighing heavy on hers and the expression in his eyes as he continued to look down at her, tender and soft and still sleepy enough to make those shadowing eyelashes diffuse the hunter-like gleam from the chocolate brown of his irises. Khushi gulped as she felt the steady beat of his heart where he pressed against her arm. She watched as Arnav slowly leaned down and kissed her, not passionately or anything, just light and gently, yet she still jerked her head back and sucked in a stunned breath suddenly feeling overwhelmed. They may be married now but his strength and his close proximity made Khushi feel little uncertain, slightly nervous and definitely stole her breath in the current situation. 

Watching her big brown eyes widen, 'stop panicking, I not going to hurt you Khushi,' Arnav scolded softly, 'but I was thinking we still have some time before we have to get up and we could put it to good use...' he said in a husky voice making sure the innuendo was clear in his voice. 'You are an evil, evil man' chided the angel from somewhere within earshot and Arnav couldn't help but smile as he watched Khushi decode the meaning behind his words and gasp as expected. 'Surely you, I mean...Surely you can't after last night Arnav?' he heard her ask in an incredulous voice. Leaning closer so that he was on eye level with her, Arnav brushed his lips against her cheek only stopping when he reached her ear, 'Khushi, surely you know better than to ask me that,' he murmured as he felt her pulse beginning to race. Raising himself, he looked into her eyes and saw her stunned reaction and he couldn't help but laugh. Spellbound Khushi stared at Arnav as a soft, deep seriously disturbing, huskily attractive sound came from somewhere low down in his chest and rumbled against her chest and try as she might, there was something primitively satisfying in hearing him laugh despite all the other emotions racing through her, one of which was irritation.

'Ouch, relax Khushi...he as groaned as Khushi whacked his bare shoulder. As Arnav pulled her into his arms, Khushi decided to relax and enjoy the moment. It was still very early and by her estimate they could still sneak in another hour of sleep she thought to herself as she snuggled deeper into Arnav's side. Her pleasure was short-lived as she heard Arnav announce it was time to get up. 'Get up now? Why?' she asked indignantly. Arnav smiled, 'Khushi, I normally wake up at this time,' he said, 'what time do you normally wake up?' he asked as it simultaneously dawned on them both that neither of them had any idea of what the other's normal routine was. Khushi looked at her husband, 'Uhh, I normally wake up after 7:30...' she said in surprise. One eyebrow went up as he heard her; by that time he had normally been awake for 2 and half hours he thought to himself.  'Ok Khushi, I guess this where we have to begin working out our daily routine. I normally wake up at about 5am, workout, shower by about 7am, take my insulin shots and then have breakfast by about 7:30, start catching up on emails during breakfast and then leave for work at 9am,' he said. Pulling back slightly Arnav looked down at her Khushi's face and almost laughed again when he saw her stunned expression. 'Relax Khushi, I don't expect you to wake up at the crack of dawn... especially if I've kept you up at night,' he said with a wink as he pulled back, 'there's no rush and we can work it out as we go.'

Khushi watched as Arnav swung his legs over the side of the bed and pulled his track pants without any sense of embarrassment of his nude state unlike her like. Falling back into the soft, fluffy pillows, a sleepy Khushi watched Arnav walk into the en-suite and she felt her toes curl in pleasure. Her husband was an insanely attractive man. Not just good-looking, but truly gorgeous in a deliciously sexy, powerful yet bad boyishly cute sort of way especially with those strands of dark hair flopping over his forehead and his jaw unshaven. Thank you Devi Maiya was her last thought as she fell asleep again.

An hour later sound of movement woke Khushi and as her eyes flickered open and wandered to the direction of the sound. She blinked as her gaze travelled up from his gleaming handmade leather shoes. He looked tall and impressive, the discreet yet expensive tailoring of the dark navy beautifully cut jacket emphasised the powerful breadth of his shoulders as it hung open revealing a crisp white shirt made of a fabric fine enough to show a faint shadow of the body hair on his chest as his knotted a grey tie into place.

Some men relied on power suits to give them presence. Arnav Singh Raizada didn't need to; he had more presence than should be legally allowed she thought as she looked at his handsome, chiselled face, the power in his body and the authority which he wore like a second skin.

A short while later Khushi emerged from the en-suite and was brushing her hair when she felt the warmth of his breath brush the side of her neck. A shiver of excitement ran down her spine as her eyes closed. A moment later, her eyelids lifted abruptly when Arnav took her by the shoulders and spun her around to face him, 'you're forgetting something Mrs Raizada,' she heard him whisper as he looked down at her lips expectantly and then locked his eyes with hers.


Speechless. Payal Kumari Gupta was speechless.

ello my lovelies!!

I have to say I was very reassured when I read all the responses to my last post. I love writing this story and will do my best to keep you enthralled.

Stay tuned. I think you guys w
ill enjoy the upcoming chapters!


chapter 71

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keep going enjoying it

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The way you described Arnav yummy! Embarrassed
When i read the word "devil", i almost let out a whoop of triumph. I enjoyed the advices/warnings /interruptions of both Angel and Devil to Arnav.I like to think them as cupids Big smile .
I can understand Khushi's plight. What does one do when one has Adonis himself as husband? Wink
Fantastic update.Hope to see the next update soon. Smile

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loved it. thank u for big update. will be waiting for the next update

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I missed last to updates yup I made it Dancing
Congratulations Naina 8th thread Party
Romantic update no its hot update Blushing
Sometimes Khushi is bold sometimes she is too shy...
She thanked her DM for giving such a wonderful husband loving caring handsome and hot too
He can understand her well may be more than make comfort with my wife 
Arnav still manged to wake up by 5 Shocked. And let her sleep Smile and the reason behind it Wink
Awesome updateClap.Thanks for pmTongue

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