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MG FF My Perfect Bride Thread 1 (Page 100)

dazzlingdivz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 May 2013 at 12:54am | IP Logged
@Laks...hehehehehe LOL
sahi hai ji ab itne cutieee faces bnaaoge to kissie dene ka mann kalega na budhu raam Wink

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maaniqra IF-Sizzlerz

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Remya_Pillai IF-Sizzlerz

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@divzi: tumhe update chahiye ya nahi dramaqueen? LOL
@laks: fever ab teekh hain.. but  i m not able to open my mouth now..

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dazzlingdivz IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 April 2011
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Posted: 01 May 2013 at 1:01am | IP Logged
hehehe yaha earthquake aaya :P i need shut lapy off now...bade papa calling LOL

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Remya_Pillai IF-Sizzlerz

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Pls add "Remyapms' to ur buddylist

Karma finally came to collect

I was riding the car and along with me sat wild ass in a pretty bad mood. She was glaring so angrily that I felt like my side of the face will have a large hole.

U r trying to get into my pants, rt?

Whoa young lady.. !! Think before accusing..

I noe u r the only reason.. otherwise dad won't do this to me.

First of all ur dad is not a kid to make him do things. He noes wat to do at the rt tym. Second, hw can I get into ur pants when u r wearing a skirt?


Anyways u look sexy in that skirt and blouse.

She smacked my shoulder hard and turned her head to other side muttering curses. She was wearing a white blouse and a black pencil skirt looking utterly professional. Her hair was curly at the ends and it looked wavy too. She wore a small pendant.

Finally we reached office and like a true gentle man I decided to open the door for her, but before that she stormed into office like a Tsunami. I think its going to be a long day.
I tried to catch up with her and saw all the male species eyes set on her. One of them stopped her holding her wrist. I stopped to see her reaction and felt sympathy towards that man. Seems like he is a new employee.

Hey Sexy.. Ur place or mine?

She gave him a tight smile.

How about u urs and my mine's.. ?

Then she stomped on his foot and walked towards my.. oops our cabin. I patted the guy in his shoulders.

Better luck next tym..

I went straight towards Shraddha's cabin to collect files after knocking the door.

Gudmorning Shraddha

Gudmorning Maan..

She looked disturbed.

Any problem?

Nah. Nothing. Just a headache. How is Geet?

Oh don't remind me. She is furious due to this setup.

Ya. But she handles business much better.. more than me..

More than me!!
what did she meant. I observed her keenly. Her smile was fake.
I dunno abt geet, but u handle business very well.

Thanx maan. if that's the case dad would have given that govt project to me. Anyways these are some of the related files, and I have mailed other documents.

I exited from her cabin mumbling a thanx and grabbing the files. One thing is for sure. Both the handa daughters are not happy due to new arrangement.

When I entered my cabin I saw geet concentrating on her laptop but her eyes spoke some mischief. The thing geet doesn't noe is that when I come to office I vl be in strict MSK mode. I won't tolerate any kind of mischief in my work.

I took my place and decided to download all the documents in my mail. Since the project is govt related one, I will do all my work personally. I grabbed the mouse and clicked on my browser icon but it was not working. What the hell!! I tried many times but it was not working. Each second my frustration increased.

Kya hua maan?

She asked super sweetly.

Don't Geet. I m not in a mood to enjoy some pranks. Get ur butt here and repair ur doings.

She shivered at my tone. But composed immediately.

Mr. Khurrana. I m not ur secretary. System admin ko bulao.

I m not going to call anyone. U will correct it rt now..

Oh really? Agar nahi kiya toh.. ?

I vl be glad to inform ur dad that ur sweet daughter is roaming around with a revolver.

Her eyes widened and I knew I hit the rt nerve.

U r not going to do anything like that

I gave her an intimidated look.

Try me

She glared at me giving up. She came and corrected it soon. Oh god!! she took the screen shot of my desktop and then saved it as image. After hiding all the icons she set the screenshot as my desktop pic!! Wat a prank sirjee!!

The project is based on building a warehouse where all their weapons can be kept. Clients are coming to see the presentation within a week and we were preparing for it. Geet is such an asset to the company. Her ideas looked like that of experienced. She talked like an army person. I wonder if she is doing such sort of thing behind her dad's back.
We were super exhausted at the end of the day and I just wanted to relax. After reaching house, I went straight to the swimming pool. I untied my robe, but there was boxers underneath. I took few laps and felt my body relaxing.

How was ur day boy?

I saw uncle standing in 3/4th and shirt.

Quite tiring.

Even with my daughter?

Oh god! don't remind me. she is such a prankster.

I swam out of the pool and then I narrated wat all happened in our little cabin excluding the revolver part. I can't teel him before noeing all the truth, rt? At the end of the story he was laughing his heart out.

She makes me proud

I shook my head slightly. Jaisa baap waisa beti.

That means u dint spend ur tym together?

We spent, but on professional note.

Oh god!! now I have to think something.

He was squealing like a little child.

An hour later..

Mom, I m a grown up girl. I can buy u that.

I noe honey. But I want u to go with maan. u noe its not safe there.

But I have gone there before.. all alone.

Ya.. but now the world is getting dirtier day by day.. I don't want to take any risks.


U r going with maan and that's final..

She muttered something like today is not my day and walked out and I followed her silently. The thing is her mom told that she wanted to eat Beef steak of some particular restaurant. Its like one hour drive from here. I m glad that geet dint suspect anything. Its
all uncle's plan. Stupid one though!!

Bike? Seriously?

Ya. And I vl be riding it.

Geet.. that's so ridiculous.. I vl ride.

If u want u can come with me. otherwise backoff..

Clenching my fist I followed her, but then an idea popped up. She wore the helmet and we settled.

I don't want u to touch me, k?

That's what I m going to do my wild ass.

The moment the bike's engine sprung to life, I gave a smirk and grabbed her waist tightly, engulfing her in a back hug. I felt her stiffening and then shivering a bit. Its glad to noe that my effect is still there.

I said don't touch me.

I m not going to change my mind real soon, babe

But she dint stop the bike as expected and I dint want too, b/c I was actually enjoying the ride back. Her vanilla scent shampoo hit my nostrils making me more relaxed and contented. I even felt the ride short, when we reached the destination.
She jumped off the bike and kicked me not-so-hard in my stomach.

Ouch! What was that for.?

For touching and doing not so innocent acts jackass. If u touch me once more I m going to break ur knuckle bones.

I gave her a crooked grin before rushing towards her and tossing her over my shoulders. She was kicking with her fists and it damn hurt but I was not going to back off. People were looking at us amused.
I put her down when we reached the counter and ordered beef steaks.

What was that for?

For challenging me.. I love challenges u noe.

Y r u behind me? if u r doing these all for stupid swayamvar thing, then u better stop.

And y ?

Y can't u date Shraddha? She is ur type.

And hw u noe that?

We paid for the parcel and began to walk out.

U dint answer my question geet.

B/c she is beautiful, smart and she can handle business stuffs and commitments good.

U too geet..

I think I saw her blushed, but before I could understand the expression was gone. We took the seat in beach nearby restaurant since it was less crowded.

Listen geet.. I did not talk to u just b/c of the bride thing. Actually I don't have any friends here except Nandu. She is more like a sister to me. Shraddha and I are poles apart. She is concentrated only in business. I want someone who understand me and vice versa. When I met u, I felt more curious to noe u more. You were like mystery to me and we do have the same wavelength. I really found a friend in u whom I can share my secrets.

But I don't want a friend like u

And y is that so?

U r always flirting with me. I don't want a flirty friend.

Wrong. U r afraid

Afraid of?

Afraid to noe me. afraid of unable to resist me. afraid of falling in love with me.

I saw her lips where in thin line. She is trying hard not to kick me.

That's not true.

Then spend the whole Saturday with me and prove it.

Hello Guys.. I think ds s long enough, rt? This update is dedicated especially to Sarah.. (princesssarah). it was nice talking to u after a very long tym my pondicherry express. All the best for the exam and i vl ring u after that. my fever is fine now, but mouth ulcer is taking my life.

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dazzlingdivz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 May 2013 at 1:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Remya_Pillai

@divzi: tumhe update chahiye ya nahi dramaqueen? LOL
@laks: fever ab teekh hain.. but  i m not able to open my mouth now..

agar tabiyat abhi b theek nahi to pehle rest karo...update konsa bhaagi jaa ri hai Smile we can surely wait Heart

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-lakshmi- IF-Stunnerz

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dazzlingdivz IF-Dazzler

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me frst... LOL
tukke se...!!!!!!!!!!!
chalo...ab reading kalo Wink

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